Players: 1-2
Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 15+ hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: Yes
Missable Trophies: No
Glitched Trophies: No


This game is essentially 2 games in 1 - story mode campaign, and Toy Box mode. You can switch between the two at any time, but the Toy Box is where you're going to be spending most of your time. The campaign can be completed in 3-4 hours, and also rewards you with a new item towards Toy Box mode upon completion (Cow Launcher), so I'd advise making that your starting point. The Cow Launcher costs 2,500 coins and also contributes toward Toy Collector, so don't forget to purchase it afterward. If you missed any collectibles from the levels, you can always replay them from the game board. Once you've finished the campaign, and before heading to the Toy Box, select Al's Toy Barn from the game board and choose the chicken egg dispensing machine. All those coins you collected in the levels go towards purchasing new prizes for the Toy Box, so now's the time to buy them all. You'll know you've purchased every prize once you start receiving coins instead of items.

Now for the Toy Box. Once you learn the lay of the land and the fastest way to get from point A to point B (don't forget about the wells!), start choosing missions from the townsfolk. A good rule of thumb to follow is to complete a majority of the missions from the main characters first (i.e. Hamm, Slinky, Bo-Peep, Wheezy, Stinky Pete). This avoids having missions from any of the extra characters overlap each other and potentially glitch the game. There are a lot of prize capsules scattered around that you have to collect. Many of them contribute toward completing the Pict-O-Matic missions, which is why I advised leaving those particular missions until later on in the guide below. Most of the prize capsules are in plain sight, but there are a few that appear out of reach or are just cleverly hidden. I've outlined a few specific ones below:
  • On the very top of Town Hall. I used the green grow goo on the Dragon to reach it.
  • In Bo-Peep's area high above the well. Buy the Hotel, hit the switch on it to lower the mattress, and then jump on it to retrieve the capsule.
  • After you purchase the Candy Shop, throw your stash of balls at the switch near the roof of the shop. Doing so will dispense prize capsules. There are actually a lot to get here, so keep chucking balls at the switch until you've got everything.
  • After you purchase Sid's Haunted House and are playing the main mission there, grab the 3 keys to open the door. As soon as you jump over the first gap, stop and look to your right. There's a hidden passage on the wall that you can push, revealing a prize capsule.
  • There are also 2 others in the Haunted House location. One is in a crypt off to the side of the house. There's a wood plank covering the entrance, so use your shoulder charge attack to break it down. The other is the tombstone on the lawn that has a patch of exposed dirt behind it. Double-jump and ground smash the dirt and a ghost will appear, flying to the grave behind you. Follow it to get the prize capsule.
  • When you enter the Stunt Track, look at the path directly in front of you with the ramp and set of stacked boxes. Drive over the ramp slowly and you'll drop to a small ledge below. There's a couple prize capsules there.
  • After getting the above 2 capsules, drop down to the ground below. If you look to your left and right you'll see two arched entrances under the base of the ramps. You can't drive straight in though, as they are blocked by a small wall at the bottom. Gather a bit of speed and press and hold and down on the left stick just before hitting the wall and you'll clear it. Use this method for both entrances to get the capsules.
  • The last one in the Stunt Park is extremely well hidden. When you're at the very bottom where the soccer balls are, drive up the dirt road to the right of the warp location that teleports you back to the start. After driving up the second hill, steer to the left and drive up the cliff-side (look for where the dirt is slightly darker). Once you're at the top, look to your right and the capsule is on the ledge.

[top]Tips and Strategies

  • All levels from the story mode can be replayed via the game board. Useful in case you missed any collectibles.
  • If you're replaying a level to gather missed collectibles, you don't have to complete the entire level once you've acquired the missing collectible(s). Pause the game and choose "exit to game board". The game will save upon exiting, including the collectibles gathered.
  • Have a surplus of balls in the Toy Box? Want some quick cash/coins? Press to equip a ball and then hold down to cash them in.
  • There are several Gargoyle statues, rainbow treasure chests, and purple Buzz boxes scattered across the Toy Box. Use the lightning rod on the statues, the fairy wand on the chests, and the blaster on the Buzz boxes. All will reveal prize capsules.
  • Are you finding the environment in the Toy Box too dark or too bright? Purchase either Enchanted Glen, Zurg's Spaceport, or Sid's Haunted House and "time of day" statues will appear throughout the land. They are distinguished by an arrow with 4 colors. Press the switch on them to change the time of day.


Toy Story 3 Champion
Congratulations - you've earned all the trophies for Toy Story 3!

Not necessarily a hard platinum to obtain, just time consuming thanks to Pict-O-Master and Gold Super Star.

Train Catcher
Finished "Loco Motives"

This is the very first mission and will start as soon you boot up the game. There are 2 sections to this level - one with Woody riding Bullseye, and one with Woody on-foot aboard a train. The part with Bullseye is simply jumping over the obstacles and gaps along the path. When on the train, it's your standard platform fare, jumping from car to car and taking out the Squeeze Toy Aliens (press to attack them). During the couple encounters with Hamm the pig, hold to aim and to fire. Aim at the large bullseye target directly beneath him. The trophy will unlock after you take him out for good.

Collectibles Tip: You will have to replay this level 2-3 times to get every collectible, due to the couple of branching paths while riding Bullseye. One of the first routes is right at the beginning; you will see a long stone archway above that you can ride up by jumping over to the left and following it around. The next part is after you make the long jump from the collapsing rocks down toward the cave. Here, there are 2 paths - one on the left and one on the right - and both contain collectibles. The remaining collectibles aboard the train are all easy to spot, just don't forget about the ones you receive for rescuing the orphans.

Off the Hook
Finished "Hold the Phone"

Selectable from the "Andy's House" location on the game board.

During the first part of this level, you will need to switch between the 3 characters to reach various areas of Andy's room. The ultimate goal is the uppermost shelf where Andy's cell phone is located, however make a point of traversing the other areas too to gather the prize bubbles. After you get the cell phone, you'll make your way to the basement to get the cordless phone. Here you need to switch between the characters again to reach the 4 army men scattered across the room. Tip: Talk to Sarge again after he debriefs you and the 4 army men will call out their positions, making them easier to find. Once you reach them, you have to grab them and throw them towards the phone. The key to a successful landing is to gauge your shadow below, and then pressing to cut the parachute. Do this for all 4 army men and the level will end, rewarding you with the trophy.

Collectibles Tip: There are 3 collectibles in Andy's room that aren't out in plain sight. One is under Andy's bed, and the other two are in the taller cardboard boxes filled with Styrofoam padding (double-jump and press to break through them). In the basement, there is one right underneath the staircase leading upstairs, another at the very top of the stairs, and another on the ironing board which you can reach after sliding down the railing. When you grab the army man atop the washer/dryer, look to the right of the cordless phone and there's another collectible beside the pumpkin on the shelf against the wall. Throw the army man and land on it to retrieve it.

Defeat Zurg
Finished "To Infinity and Beyond"

Selectable from the "Buzz Video Game" location on the game board.

This level's actually quite long, but pretty straight-forward. The first part of the level is the only flying you'll be doing; the rest is all platforming. None of it is hard, really, but if you find yourself getting stuck remember to press when prompted to get a hint as to what to do and how to do it.

Zurg will appear at the end of the level, and you will have to do battle with him. Fortunately he is quite easy to defeat, as he remains stationary atop his platform the entire team. Lock-on to him with your laser and hold down while strafing around him to fire a continuous laser beam at him. You simply have to repeat this process several times to defeat him, although random enemies will spawn after each phase. Focus the majority of your attacks on Zurg, and only worry about the other enemies if they start getting too close or are overwhelming you.

Collectibles Tip: There are 2 collectibles in tricky locations to make note of. The first is located near the end of the flying portion, where you are constantly having to dodge in every direction to avoid hitting the walls and ground. Try and fly relatively in the center of the screen and you should get it while dodging. Fly too high or too low and you'll miss it. The second one is after the flying segment, when you are jumping across the floating ground pieces. You'll come to a part where you have to use your laser to blow up one of the crystals, which will then send a couple larger pieces your way to navigate across. The collectible, which is sitting on a smaller piece in the distance, can only be obtained while the pieces are still in motion, so you have to be fast.

Carnival Conqueror
Finished "Fair Play"

Selectable from the "Sunnyside Daycare" location on the game board.

This level is comprised of 3 carnival mini-games, all available after talking to the toys with the "!" above them. One has you racing a mini toy car and smashing it through blocks, one riding Bullseye and popping balloons, and one similar to dodgeball where you have to hit the aliens before they cross the line. Prior to each event, you are given qualifying markers to meet and exceed. After each game has been finished, return and talk to Lotso the bear to finish the level. Note that there are 3 collectibles that can only be obtained by meeting each games' bonus objective.

Refer to True Carny for tips on beating the carnival games.

Collectibles Tip: There are 3 that are out of the way. One is along the right-side when you're on top of the entrance hut. Use Woody, double-jump off, and start pressing to trigger his special move to swing across and reach it. The next one is also up high - on the far sets of hanging ceiling lights. Once you're up there, if you look around, you'll see 2 vents on the wall. The collectible is in the vent with no cover on it. You need to double-team to reach it, so get Buzz up there and have him throw the other character into the vent. The last one is a couple ceiling lights away from the previous collectible, on the far wall above the window. Double-team again to reach it.

Rocket Launcher
Finished "Witch Way Out"

Selectable from the "Bonnie's House" location on the game board.

Similar to "To Infinity and Beyond", this level is quite long but pretty straight-forward. From the start, jump aboard each floating item that presents itself to you, making your way over to the far wall. From here, you simply have to climb your way up and across. Be careful once you reach the moving items that you have to jump on to. Which direction you jump is relative to how the camera is fixed, so if you want to jump straight up but the camera has spun to the side, you'll need to move either left or right and then jump.

Once you've made your way outside, you'll soon come to a room with a battery, a bunch of capsules, and a lift. Put the battery in the capsule closest to the lift and ride it up to where the rail is. Jump on the rail. From here, ride it out to where you will see another set of rails on your right. Jump across to them and follow the direct path to your destination - another battery. Return to the main room and insert the battery in another capsule. Repeat this process twice more and this section is done. When you reach the final area - a large room with more batteries and capsules - treat it the same way as the section just finished, only there are no rails to ride, just platforming. Make your way to each battery, pick them up, and carry them back to their capsules. Once the last battery has been inserted the level will finish and the trophy will unlock.

Collectibles Tip: There are 2 to look out for here. The first is when you're still in the house, climbing up along the walls. When you reach a part where there are 3 hooks to your left that Woody can use his special move on, swing across them to grab the collectible, and then swing back fast. The other is when you are riding the rails for the first time grabbing the batteries to place in the room. One rail will drop you off in a floating cave. Once you land, look around and you'll see a glowing green light coming from beneath a spot on the ground. Double-jump and smash through it to get the collectible.

Making a break for it
Finished "Hide-N-Sneak"

Selectable from the "Prison Break" location on the game board.

This level requires you to make your way around the room and rescue your friends, avoiding the spotlights from the patrolling cars and beacons. Buzz is also strolling around with a flashlight that you have to avoid, but he follows a circular pattern that is easy to avoid. While not controllable, you can switch to him at any time to see where exactly he is. Also note that you can jump over all the spotlights while on foot; you will only be detected if you are on the ground when they pass over you.

The only tricky area is Slinky's. There are a group of 4 spotlights on the top shelf that you have to cross to reach the button on the other side. They randomly turn on and off, but I noticed a pattern that will get you safely across. Wait for the first 3 to turn off and then run over and stand under the third light. It will remain off when the others come back on. Once the second light turns off, run and stand under it. Now, wait for the next change, where the last 3 lights all turn off. Quickly run across and hit the switch. The lights will now be disabled, so you can return without worry. The other areas are rather easy, and once you have freed all your friends, the level will end and the trophy will unlock.

Collectibles Tip: There are 3 hidden out sight. If you look straight up you'll see some hanging ceiling lights in the middle of the room. Two collectibles are on each of the middle lights, which you can reach by climbing along the shelves on the right side of the room. The remaining collectible is in the area where Hamm is being held captive. Look to the left of the shelf he is on, along the ground. There's one tucked away in the corner, hiding in the shadows.

Mashing the Masher
Finished "Trash Thrash"

Selectable from the "Junkyard" location on the game board.

The hardest part of this level is the beginning, where you have to protect the 3 aliens from getting shredded. Sometimes they like to wander off and hide behind the other objects, making them hard to spot, and sometimes the camera decides to zoom in on you so you can't see anything in the distance. Once the conveyor belt starts picking up speed, make sure you're fast in grabbing or ramming the aliens and moving them to safety. Once Jessie says she's "almost got it", you've only got a few more seconds of babysitting to do, and then the door will open so you can throw the aliens into it and out of harms way.

The next section looks quite busy and daunting, but looks can be deceiving. You have to switch between all 3 characters to complete this part. The key is moving each character as far as they can go, and then switching to the next character, doing the same thing. Keep repeating this process the whole way, helping the other characters out by activating switches and such, until you reach the crusher at the end. Here, make sure Buzz has one of those square bails in hand, and position him at the edge of the platform opposite the crusher. Switch to Woody and have him swing and maneuver across to the large lever which activates the hood. Grapple it, and then immediately switch to Jessie and have her jump and land on the lever, which will open the other part of the hood. Finally, switch back to Buzz and throw the bail into the compactor, jamming it. Level complete.

Collectibles Tip: The only one that is somewhat hidden is when you first switch to Jessie. Instead of proceeding forward, turn around and head back to grab the collectible in the corner. Everything else in the level can be seen as you're progressing, and is pretty obvious in obtaining.

Muffin Massacre
Finished "Muffin to Fear"

Selectable from the "Haunted Bakery" location on the game board.

There are 3 different phases to this level - one on foot blasting all the evil muffins, one manning the space station laser to shoot down the witch and her multiple selves, and one manning the giant cow launcher to blast the witch when she increases in physical size. Try to enter each of the large guns with full ammo (400), and remember to exit them to replenish your ammo if you run out. Don't worry too much about the muffins when you're manning the guns, as they don't cause too much damage to you, but don't let them overwhelm you either. Remember there are just as many health power-ups as there are ammo power-ups, so don't be afraid to stop whatever you're doing to recharge. It beats dying and restarting. Once all her life bars are gone, the narrative will interrupt and bring a rather abrupt end to the level.

Collectibles Tip: The only collectible that was a pain to find was the alien. He's absolutely nowhere to be found if you start wandering around at the beginning. Wait until the space station laser spawns for the first time, and now go back to the middle of the road where you began. The alien will have magically appeared there now. The remaining items are all either in the houses and shops, or on top of them. You can either destroy the buildings yourself, or wait until the witch grows in size and have her zap them all while you lead her by running around each location. The latter is the preferred method.

The Collector
Gather every collectible in the game

There are a set amount of collectibles in each level. You can review them before starting a level to get an idea of what to look out for. Every level can be replayed from the game board, so don't worry if you missed any during your first attempt. Refer to each specific level in the trophy descriptions above for tips on finding some of the more well hidden ones. Just remember to look anywhere and everywhere, and they shouldn't give you too much trouble in finding.

Once every collectible from every level has been obtained, the trophy will unlock.

Explored all the objects on the map

The map is the game board. Aside from locations you can go to, there are also several objects you can interact with by highlighting them and then pressing . Interact with the below items and the trophy will unlock:

  • Checkers pieces
  • Dice
  • Submarine
  • Fish in pond
  • Cannon
  • Treasure chest
  • Chess piece

Sneaky Sneaky
Finished the Prison Break without ever tripping an alarm

Refer to Making a break for it for tips.

Space Ranger Elite
Reach Zurg's base without losing all your health

Trying to grab every collectible and reach Zurg's base without dying can be challenging, so I'd advise choosing one then the other. The hardest parts are the platforming bits where you're jumping across the floating debris. Take your time and don't rush your jumps. Zurg's base is located after the longest platforming section; Buzz will jump down onto the snow-covered circular entrance and face-off against one lowly wall laser. Blast it and the ground will open, revealing Zurg's base. As long as you made it all the way in one piece, the trophy will now unlock.

Tip: Grab any health power-ups if you need them. So long as you reach Zurg's base without dying, you can grab as many health power-ups as necessary.

True Carny
Achieve gold on all carnival games

Of the 3 carnival games, the only one that offers any sort of challenge is the one where you have to shoot the aliens before they cross the line. The problem is with your aiming reticule - unless you're aiming dead-center, it's not even close to accurate. If you're aiming to hit anything on the right side, your balls will actually shoot farther right than intended. So to hit something on the right, you have to adjust your aim and move it slightly to the left. The same is true for aiming at stuff on the left side, only this time adjust your aim slightly to the right. The jumping aliens are the hardest to hit, so try and take them out before they all group at the bottom.

Bullseye's game is rather simple - just jump up on each box you see and follow the path to the balloons. The R/C car game might take a couple tries to get used to the steering, as it's very touchy. You generally want to just tap in the direction you want to turn, otherwise the car will go completely spastic.

To achieve gold, aim for the bonus objective in each game.

No Toy Left Behind
Rescue all the orphans on the Train

Level: Loco Motives

There are only 5 orphans you have to rescue. The first one is introduced via a tutorial shortly after you board the train. The remaining 4 are all in plain sight and will appear as you progress through the level. Simply walk up to them and press to rescue them. The trophy will unlock immediately after rescuing the fifth, and final, orphan.

We can rebuild him
Collect all of Zurg's Parts

All 4 of Zurg's parts are located in the Fair Play level at Sunnyside Daycare. Read below for their specific locations.

  • Head - Right at the base of the ramp below your starting point.
  • Gun - Underneath the easel on the far side of the room.
  • Body - On the opposite side of the dollhouse, on the lower bookshelf.
  • Cape - At the back of the room underneath a desk.

Collect all of Andy's Memorabilia

Refer to The Collector for tips.

Townspeople Hunter
Find all the hidden townspeople

Refer to The Collector for tips.

No Claw Required
Find all the hidden aliens

Refer to The Collector for tips.

Really holding all the cards
Find all the Special Cards

Refer to The Collector for tips.

Holding all the Cards
Find all the Regular Cards

Refer to The Collector for tips.

Welcome to Town
Finish the Woody's Roundup tutorials

From the Toy Box menu, select the "Woody's Roundup" location. To complete the tutorial, simply perform the few tasks that Hamm has for you, along with some of the optional side-quests from the townsfolk and Prospector. Anyone that has a "!" over their head has an available mission, so be sure to talk to them. Do enough of them and the trophy will unlock.

No Swimming
Blow up the dam and expand your town

"Blow Up the Dam" is a mission you receive from Mayor Hamm at the Woody's Roundup location. This is your typical run-and-jump platforming-fare, with no enemies to worry about. Once you reach the large stone column at the end, throw a ball at it to trigger the explosives and destroy the dam. Doing so will reward you with 1,000 coins, expand your town, and, of course, the trophy.

Rescue Space Ranger
Save Mayor Hamm from the bandits

The hardest part with saving Mayor Hamm is actually finding him. The compass doesn't really help much, and can actually point you in a few areas of no real importance. Where you want to go is over to Slinky's area, just to the right of the barn where the race gate is. Just to the right of the gate is an ascending wood ramp - this is where you want to go. Follow it across and climb up the cliffs at the end (if you've purchased the Army Men, one be will be at the very top where you want to go, so you can use him as a marker).

Now you have to blow up the shacks in the area. There is one below, but the remaining ones are all up top. There will be a few bandits to deal with, but they're nothing to worry about. Once every shack is demolished, Mayor Hamm will be free.

Give Me My Gold Back
Defeat Mayor Hamm in the Woody's Roundup boss battle

This mission will trigger shortly after getting Rescue Space Ranger. When Hamm is flying above town in his spaceship, head over to the nearest TNT station (the closest one is across from Zurg's area). Grab a TNT barrel and wait for the ship to open its belly (you will see a white beam of light emitting from it). Now, simply throw the barrel at it and it will get sucked up into the ship, damaging it. Repeat this a few more times and Hamm will be defeated.

Gold Super Star
Collect all the Gold Stars

Not necessarily hard to do, just really time consuming. There are 103 Gold Stars to collect, each one representing specific tasks to do in the game. The best way to go about this is to simply play through normally, not worrying about them at all. Focus on doing all the missions and getting as many prize capsules as you can. Doing this will earn you more than half of the Gold Stars. Leave any remaining ones until last, when you don't have to focus on the missions anymore. You can view the list of Gold Stars at anytime by selecting the option from the pause menu.

Click the spoiler box below for a complete list of every Gold Star, including the description once they're completed. I will add further explanation to those that require it.

Toggle Spoiler

First Sale
Buy a toy from the Toy Store

Toys are available to purchase from the Al's Toy Barn kiosks. The first one you will encounter is during the Woody's Roundup stage immediately after completing Loco Motive. Walk up to one and press to access the menu. Choose an item that isn't locked and press to buy it.

Note: You need coins to purchase items, so make sure you're smashing every crate and other breakable items you encounter.

Toy Collector
Purchase every item in the Toy Store

To purchase every single item, you have to complete missions from various townsfolk. Doing so will unlock new items in the Toy Store that contribute toward future objectives to complete. Also note that the items you initially see in the Toy Store are not all that is available - more will unlock once you've completed the "Blow Up the Dam" mission and Bo-Peep's area becomes available. Once you purchase every item, the trophy will unlock.

Note: There is one item that won't be available in the Toy Store until after you complete the story mode - the Cow Launcher. It will be available to purchase once you complete a few missions for Slinky in his area.

Complete 1 disc of Pict-O-Matic missions

Each Pict-O-Matic disc has its own set of missions to complete. Finish an entire disc to unlock the trophy. More will become available as you collect them from different areas around the Toy Box. For further tips on these missions, refer to Pict-O-Master.

Find all 6 discs of Pict-O-Matic missions

All 6 discs are located in various areas of the Toy Box (i.e. Enchanted Glen, Zurg's Spaceport). Each time you enter a new area, wander around and you'll find it while collecting the prize capsules. The only disc that is cleverly hidden is the one in Bo-Peep's area. It won't appear until after you unlock and purchase the Hotel. Once construction is done, climb the stairs of the Hotel as high as you can go. Now, double-jump and grab the lip of the roof, climb up, and you'll find the disc on the balcony.

Complete all Pict-O-Matic missions

There are a total of 40 Pict-O-Matic missions to complete. All of them are pretty straight-forward, and involve you simply playing dress-up with the townsfolk to match the picture. A lot of the items required are located in prize capsules, so your best bet is to leave most of these missions until you've either gathered every capsule, or most of them. A couple things to note - for many of the missions where the townsfolk are wearing hats, you can complete the mission by simply matching the hat and not the rest of the attire. If matching only the hat doesn't work, then you have to match everything. Pictures with arrows on them means you have to throw the particular townsfolk into the specified location.

There are only 3 missions that can be a bit confusing. I've listed them below, along with how to complete them.
  • "Hair Do from Outer Space" - match both the outfit and hair in the barber shop location.
  • "Giant Dragon Attack" - get some green goo and throw it at the dragon. Now, ride it to Enchanted Glen and up to the long rope bridge.
  • "Deadly Squash" - first you need to imprison a ghost with the lightning rod. Now head over to Slinky's area and throw the ghost at someone. Get some green goo and throw it at the pumpkin in the garden. Now retrieve the ghost and throw it at the pumpkin.

Spooky Town
Purchase Sid's Haunted House

Sid's Haunted House can be purchased from the Al's Toy Barn kiosk, and becomes available after completing enough missions and purchasing any previous items/toys. The cost to buy is 5,000 coins.

Cuddly Town
Purchase Lotso's Enchanted Glen

Lotso's Enchanted Glen can be purchased from the Al's Toy Barn kiosk, and becomes available after completing enough missions and purchasing any previous items/toys. The cost to buy is 5,000 coins.

To Infinity...
Purchase Zurg's Spaceport

Zurg's Spaceport can be purchased from the Al's Toy Barn kiosk, and becomes available after completing enough missions and purchasing any previous items/toys. The cost to buy is 5,000 coins.

Airborn Ranger
Hit 15 Paratrooper targets

Once the Army men are available to purchase, spend the 1,500 coins to activate them. With the exception of Sid's Haunted House, Zurg's Spaceport, and Enchanted Glen, you'll see them scattered across different areas of the Toy Box. They're easy to spot - look for the large green star icon above them. Grab one and a bunch of targets will light up in the surrounding area. Some can be hard to spot, so look for the green flares next to them. Glide the paratrooper to each target with the left stick, pressing up to speed up and down to slow down. The best way to nail each landing is to tilt the camera up and watch the shadow below. Once the shadow is in line with the target, press to cut the line and drop on the target. Repeat this process for 15 different targets and the trophy will unlock.

First Bronze
Earn a bronze medal in a vehicle challenge

Refer to First Gold for tips.

First Silver
Earn a silver medal in a vehicle challenge

Refer to First Gold for tips.

First Gold
Earn a gold medal in a vehicle challenge

Vehicle challenges are any race-type challenges, so you can earn these trophies with Bullseye and Dragon too, not just the race-cars. Bullseye races will probably be the first ones available to you, so you can get these trophies there. Note: these trophies do not stack, so you have to earn bronze, silver, and gold individually. None of the times are that hard to beat, but if you are having trouble with them, wait until you unlock the Dragon from Enchanted Glen. Those races are ridiculously easy, and all medals can be earned there with no trouble whatsoever.

Complete all Toy Camera missions

Toy Camera missions are given by Wheezy the penguin. In the very last mission you have to take a picture of the crashed UFO on the outskirts of town. Complete this and the trophy will unlock.

There are 2 missions that seem to give people trouble. One where you have to take a picture of Mayor Hamm in front of Town Hall, and one where you have to take a picture of an Abominable Snowman. For the first one, get close and physically push Hamm towards the front of Town Hall, and then take the picture. With the Snowman, he appears randomly in different locations, so you have to be in the right place at the right time. I found he appeared on the hill to the left of the crashed UFO where the Army man is quite regularly, so you could always just hang around there until he appears.

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