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Online Trophies: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No Cheats Available
Estimated Time to Platinum: 3-5 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None
Important Note: Two Controllers Required


"Reach for the sky!" Kidding, partner. Welcome to Toy Story Mania! This is a PS3 port of the 2009 Wii game developed by Papaya Studio and published by Disney Interactive Studios. The game itself is a carnival-style shooting gallery acting as a companion piece to the excellent Toy Story Midway Mania! ride at several Disney parks across the globe which involves a host of characters from Disney/Pixar's Toy Story trilogy. Unlike the ride, you won't be breaking your wrists pulling on a string and can kick back with either a regular PS3 controller or a Move controller, either alone or with a friend, but be sure that you have at least two working controllers before you start the game. If you're looking for an easy way to pass time with young kids, have a love for anything Disney or simply want an easy Platinum requiring only a few hours of effort, this is the game for you. With all that said, just remember: "Before your space journey, re-energize yourself with a slice of pepperoni... now boarding at counter three."

[top]Tips & Strategies


There are only three things you need to know in regards to your controller as you are playing:
  • The button is your firing button for shooting, hooking sheep, etc.
  • The stick moves your reticule around the screen.
  • The stick allows you to "dodge" left or right during pie throwing sections.
Aside from pausing the game, that's all you need to know. It's very basic and there's a tutorial at the start of Adventure Mode to allow a youngster to quickly grasp the set-up before scoring rounds start.


When playing, it's recommended to just maintain a hold on the R2 button. Whether you're going for a high score or a trophy, there's no reason to not hold it down, as it doubles not only as a constant "target hitter" but as an insurance policy in case you miss a trophy-related target due to the breaks caused by tapping it instead. As indicated in several trophy descriptions, "sweeping" horizontally or vertically by holding R2 and dragging your reticule across the screen can really help, as the flurry of shots you're firing will invariably take out targets or groups of targets faster than trying to aim at each one at a time.

This game only requires the most fundamental hand-eye coordination, so there's no need to worry about pulling your hair out over a ridiculous or unfair trophy objective. No amount of description can replace simply "jumping into it," as chances are you'll immediately get the hang of it after the first five seconds.

If you're a FPS fanatic, well... as Buzz Lightyear once said: "Years of Academy training wasted."

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

There are no known cheats, glitches or exploits for this game.


These two steps can be done interchangeably.

Step 1: Adventure Mode

Might as well get this out of the way first. Make sure you have your second controller handy and enter Adventure Mode. From here, you'll be able to choose one of five booths to play, each with eight stages/galleries within them that last anywhere from a minute and a half to three minutes. There is one trophy for every single booth, as well as five trophies for using power ups and two relating to "pie sections" during shooting gallery stages.

In Adventure Mode, you'll want to make sure Player 2 is activated, regardless of whether someone is actually playing with you or not. Focus on the various stage-related trophies. Some will only be earned at the end of a stage while others can be earned within the first few seconds, but note that you MUST actually finish a stage for you to be able to move on to the next, even if your score is 0 or you've decided to stop playing the rest of the stage after you've earned your trophy. This rule also applies for playing booths in Free Play.

In this Step, you'll want to focus on the eight stage-related trophies as well as the power up and pie trophies. Because of the potential a second player's inactivity can have on a few trophies, such as One and Done, it's recommended to play the Balloon Garden booth as this is the "easiest" booth to avoid that kind of interference. Once you've gotten through all eight stages, Adventure Mode will conclude with a score and your Partner Up trophy will pop.

Step 2: Free Play

In this Step, make sure to watch the Credits in the Options menu and focus on moving through the other four booths you didn't play in Adventure Mode, taking care of any power up trophies or pie trophies you missed, too. Remember that you need to finish a stage before the next one unlocks, so simply make your way through the trophy goals. Each booth should only last 25-30 minutes. Each stage-related trophy is marked in the guide as to which booth it applies to for easy reference. If you miss a trophy in a stage, replay it immediately until you get the trophy so as to not have to backtrack later on. The trophies are fairly simple and understandable enough, however, to get them in your first go so long as you know what to look out for.

Once you've wrangled up all these trophies, then that Platinum is all yours!


Perfect Aim
Earn all Trophies

Son of a building block, you did it! Congratulations. If you got this, then you've earned every other trophy in the game.

Clean as a Whistle
Successfully dodge all the pies in a single shooting gallery.

In every gallery where you are tasked with shooting targets, there will be a "pie throwing section" about halfway through. To dodge an incoming pie, you'll need to move the R3 stick in the correct direction. If the pie is being thrown from the left, dodge to the right with R3; if being thrown from the center, dodge left or right; if being thrown from the right, dodge left. Hold it there until the pie has passed and quickly dodge the next one. You'll know you've done it right when a jingle plays and the outline of your character is outlined in white. Dodge all the pies in a single section of this to get your trophy.

There's Pie in Your Face
Complete all of the Objectives in a shooting gallery without dodging a pie.

In every shooting gallery stage, there is a list of secret Objectives (i.e. "Pop 3 hot air balloons," "Pop a whole flock of sheep," etc.). At any time during a stage, you can pause and see the Objectives you've completed but not ones you need to do. Even though you are flying blind, the objectives are almost always simple to figure out as they come in obvious sets like the above examples, so focus on completing things that are obvious to you, such as taking down all the raindrops on a set of clouds or wiping out a set of pigs. Most of the time, if you're going crazy shooting everything, you'll get every objective without even trying for them.

To get this trophy, however, you'll have to allow every pie to hit you. Despite your vision being obscured due to this, just keep firing away at everything. If you don't get it on your first try, there's really no need to replay a stage. Just keep playing through and you're bound to inevitably get this so long as you're trying.

Laser Blaster
Destroy 20 targets with the Laser power up in a single shooting gallery.

This power up will appear in random stages and looks like the trophy icon. Your weapon will turn into a laser beam that you can drag around, destroying anything and everything in its path. Hit 20 targets before it wears off for the trophy.

Spread the Love
Destroy 20 targets with the Spread Shot power up in a single shooting gallery.

This power up will appear in random stages and looks like the trophy icon. Your single shot will turn into a multi-shot, allowing you to take out several targets at a time. Just hold down R2 and move around the screen hitting as many targets as you can.

Destroy 20 targets with the Dynamite power up in a single shooting gallery.

This power up will appear in random stages and looks like the trophy icon. It's a one-time use power-up, so wait until you know you've got at least 20 targets on screen, hit it and every target on screen will explode. If you managed to get 20, your trophy will pop immediately.

Slow Mo Joe
Destroy 20 targets while using the Slow motion power up in a single shooting gallery.

This power up will appear in random stages and looks like the trophy icon. Hit it and you'll know it's been activated when you hear a clock ticking and time slows down. Simply go to town hitting 20 targets before time runs out and you're golden! (Or bronze, actually.)

Double Up
Destroy 20 targets with the Double Points power up in a single shooting gallery.

You'll see a 2x power up in random stages that matches the trophy icon. Hit it to activate it, make sure you're not drifting off into nowhere with your aiming, hold down R2 and take down as many targets as fast as you can. Pull it off and the trophy is yours.

Partner Up
Play through any booth with a friend in Adventure Mode.

Two controllers required! Head into Adventure Mode and play any booth with a second controller. Player 2 doesn't even need to play. Just make sure to hit during the pie tutorial to turn Player 2 "on." Play normally and once you've gotten through all the stages in the booth you chose, the trophy will pop. You can still obtain the booth-specific trophies as you play, but be mindful that the presence of a second controller may inadvertently hinder your progress. For instance, the One and Done trophy can be screwed up because, although you may hit a ball with your paddle and fulfill the trophy requirement, if the second paddle also hits at least one ball, you don't get the trophy. Because of this, it's recommended to just play through Balloon Garden unless you mind having to replay one or two stages in another booth just in case (which will still only take a matter of minutes to do). It all boils down to your preference of what you want to do.

Earning Credit
Watch the credits to completion.

At some point, head to Options from the Main Menu. In there, you'll find the Credits. Let them roll and take a quick break. Once they're done, you've nabbed yourself the trophy.

Ticket to Ride
Get the train to come through town in Rootin’ Tootin’ Shootin’.

Wild West. Shortly after the pie section, a target will pop up in the opening of the slim, brown building on the right with the train sign. Hit it and the train sign will flip up to reveal another target. Hit that target and a train will come rolling along. After it's disappeared, your trophy will pop.

Fly Me to the Moon
Earn 200,000 points during the UFO event in Rootin’ Tootin’ Targetin’.

Wild West. In the closing moments of the stage, a UFO will begin sucking up animals in the center of the screen. Each animal will have a score that is larger than the next, all the way up to 5000. Spam R2, repeatedly hitting the first target (it'll be 100 points) and the moment you see the next target, start spamming that one. Keep repeating this process until the final one shows up and don't let up. If you hit 200,000 points, your trophy will pop right before the stage officially ends.

Throw 20 balls in the distant holes in Wild West Alley Ball Challenge.

Wild West. Shoot your ball into either the upper right or upper left holes. The balls are easy to shoot, they go in the holes easily and you only need to do it 20 times for your trophy, no skill required.

Knock down every mug in the back row throughout a single play session of Sarsaparilla Slide.

Wild West. There will be three rows of moving targets in this stage. Simply focus your attention on the back row and hit every single mug that comes into view. They move slow enough for you to catch them if you're focusing on gaining points. If you're not worried about your score, just plant your reticule level with the targets, hold R2 and keep knocking them out as they come and you'll eventually get your trophy before the stage ends.

Bats n' Pies
Score 5,000 points from hitting Bat Targets during the Pie Dodge Event of Mine Cart Spelunk.

Wild West. Shortly before the pie section, two bats will drop down. Hit them and keep your eye on the bats that drop down after. During the entire pie section, make sure you're dodging pies and focusing solely on taking the bats out. Some of the bats flip around to offer a higher score target once hit, so stay attentive. You only have a brief period to get this while the pies are being thrown, but you should get it around the fourth pie so long as you're sweeping and hitting all the bats.

Mine Alley
Throw 5 Balls into the mineshaft in Creaky Canyon Alley Ball Challenge.

Wild West. This is tricky if you don't know what you're doing. On the face of the mountain on the left, you'll see a target with dynamite attached to it. You're going to have to angle your ball using the R3 stick so that your throw lines up with that target. Stay in your starting position and don't bother moving your ball. Just focus on angling the ball and launching it towards that target. Once you get the hang of it, repeat this four more times. Note that every now and then, a target springs up in that spot. You need to hit that target to get it out of the way and then launch a ball into the mineshaft for the ball to count.

High Moo-n
Compete the “Corral 3 Buffalo" objective while the Undertaker’s clock reads Noon in Western Showdown.

Wild West. Beneath the clock on the upper right side, there's a target sitting on the roof. Hit it and a target will appear to the side of the clock. Hit that new target to make the hand move forward an hour. Keep alternating between these two targets to get the clock to strike midnight. When this happens, immediately aim for the target a short distance away to the lower left of the clock, in the center of the screen at the base of the middle mountain. Hit that target and a single buffalo will rise. Knock him down and two more will spring up. Hit those two and your trophy should pop so long as the hands are still at midnight. If you missed them or the clock reset, simply try the process over again until you get it right.

Wrecking Crew
Let the town get destroyed in Please Do Feed the Animals.

Wild West. Near the end of the stage, an asteroid will appear, threatening to destroy the town. Don't do anything about it. Sit back, relax, let it destroy the town and you'll get your trophy.

Zurg Rush
Shoot Zurg 30 times in Launched in Space.

Space Frontier. Focus on ringing the red and green targets spinning around the planet. Once you've rung all of them, four red meteors on sticks will appear along the bottom of the screen. Ring them and the planet will open up, revealing Zurg's big head. Spam R2 to send rings flying into him until the planet closes up. Repeat the process enough times for you to have hit him 30 times and your trophy will pop immediately.

Pop n' Tops
Pop the tops off of the left and right moons in Launched in Deep Space.

Space Frontier. Throughout the stage, two purple planets with four spinning targets will be on the upper left and upper right side of the screen. Ring all four targets on a planet for it to explode; do this to both planets to nab yourself an easy trophy.

Bombs Away
Do not hit any bombs in Planetary Slash n’ Defense.

Space Frontier. For this stage, you won't have a targeting reticule. Instead, you'll have a little laser dot you move around that leaves a trail (you'll notice it when you're moving the stick around wondering what you're supposed to be doing). Hide your laser in one of the lower corners and sit back not doing anything. Your trophy will pop at the end of the level. If you're going for score, just be cognizant of the bombs around you, as the laser can move quicker than you expect and inadvertently nail a bomb, in which case you'll need to restart.

Ring all the lasers in Flying Discs… in space!

Space Frontier. About ten seconds into the stage, two different sets of targets will start spinning around the planet; one set from the left, the other from the right. Your targets here are the ones coming in from the right, two separate groups of four. Make sure you get all four in one go, then the next four repeat the process. Your trophy should pop after the eighth one, but, if not, just continue to ring the groups as they come until it does.

Master Terraformer
Terraform all terrain at the same time using the TNT Powerup in Terraformal Event.

Space Frontier. This may take several tries. First off, you'll see ten switch-like targets around the screen. Carefully fire one ring at a time at each switch to force them to sprout up two more targets. Once you've created these 20 new targets, wait for a power up to float by. If your first one isn't TNT, make it through the pie section and hope that the second power up is TNT. If either one is, hit and cause all 20 targets to explode, ringing in your trophy after the background has changed. If the second power up is not TNT, immediately restart the level and keep playing until you finally get it to show up.

Hack And Slash
Hit a multi-slash asteroid 20 times in Cosmic Slash n' Defense.

Space Frontier. Throughout this stage, at least 3-4 large, green asteroids will show up. You'll be using the L3 stick to zip your laser around the screen in a slashing motion and the moment one of these asteroids is hit--which you will want to make sure is as soon as possible--the screen will home in on the asteroid. It is recommended that you place your palm on the L3 stick and wiggle it as fast as possible in circle movements around and through the asteroid, causing the laser to slash across it a number of times until its exterior and core are destroyed. This was personally managed on the very first asteroid, but depending on how fast you move, it may take all the asteroids (or even a replay) to perform all the slashes fast enough. Once you've done 20, your trophy will pop.

Crack Shot
Take out the meteor and the UFO with a single rocket in Invasion of the Space Raiders.

Space Frontier. There's a reason this trophy is the only gold in the game. This is entirely dependent on luck and will undoubtedly take you a number of tries to pull off successfully. At the start of the stage, a rocket will be moving back and forth along the bottom of the screen. Ring it to send it firing off into space and four green meteors on sticks will pop up in its place. Ring the four meteors and an asteroid will begin to move across the screen (you'll hear it rumbling before you see it). With the four meteors gone, the rocket target will also return. Now, along with the asteroid moving across the screen at a slow crawl, a UFO will pass at a slightly quicker pace underneath it.

Here's where the luck comes in: it's never a guarantee that the UFO and asteroid will line up, nor is at a guarantee that your rocket will be passing underneath them when they finally do. You have no control over the rocket's movement, so be prepared to watch the UFO and asteroid line up a number of times with you unable to do a thing about it. Your rocket needs to line up with the two targets at the same time, and it takes about a half second for the rocket to take off when you hit it, so you'll want to fire it right before the UFO and asteroid pass over it.

It'll take awhile, but eventually the stage will give you the opportunity for a perfect, lined-up shot. Take it, destroy the UFO and asteroid in one fell swoop and the hardest trophy in the game is finally yours.

Score Abduction
Ring a 5000 point UFO in Space Rescue.

Space Frontier. Right from the start of the level, 5000-point UFOs will be moving around in the background. They're easy to ring and, even if you miss one, they keep on coming. Just ring one for the trophy.

Bouquet Bonanza
Get the Big Flower to appear in Baaa-loon Pop.

Balloon Garden. Start off the gallery by shooting all the pink flower balloons worth 100 points. Once they've all been popped, a large, purple flower will appear and start moving in the center of the screen. Your trophy will probably pop before you even see it.

Lead Air Balloon
Pop a hot air balloon in Pop Party.

Balloon Garden. At some point, big 2000-point hot air balloons will start showing up in the background. Simply pop one to earn your trophy.

Rescuing Machine
Rescue more than 25 sheep in Flock of Sheep to Rescue.

Balloon Garden. This stage is focused entirely on rescuing countless sheep appearing on-screen. Hit R2 to send your hook out towards a sheep (near or far). If you hit or nab a sheep while your hook is returning, you'll rescue it. Get 25 of them and the trophy is yours.

Basket Case
Score 15,000 points by popping basket balloons in Hot Air Balloon Show.

Balloon Garden. During the stage, big hot air balloons will fly up the screen. Each one has a carriage with five, 1000-point red balloons. Aim for those. If you hit the large, primary balloon, the carriage will drop, along with the small red ones. Just keep shooting only the red ones on a single carriage and you can have the trophy within a matter of seconds after the hot air balloons start appearing.

Flower Power
Pop every pink flower balloon at least once in Flight of the Balloons.

Balloon Garden. The rotating hills in the center of the screen will have a pink balloon on them every now and then, one at a time. There's only a handful of them and they're easy to spot. Simply shoot each one as you see them until your trophy pops.

My Hero!
Never miss hooking a sheep in Rescuing Fields of Sheep.

Balloon Garden. At the start of the level, nab one of the closest sheep and then stop. Let the clock run out and you'll get the trophy. Conversely, if you want to actually play through the level for score purposes while still attempting to get the trophy, play it safe. Nab only sheep that are close to you or that you are 100% confident that you can nab at a distance. If you miss, you'll have to start over, which is why the one-and-done strategy is foolproof.

Cloudy Night
In Garden Grow, change the level from day to night.

Balloon Garden. Right after the pie section, a cloud will move in from right to left behind the other three stationary clouds. It'll have three 500-point blue raindrops. Be quick and pop all three raindrops and the background will turn from day to night and your trophy will pop.

Pretty Red Balloons
Pop 100 balloons in Balloon Blast.

Balloon Garden. There's no real "tip" required for this. Considering this entire stage consists only of a barrage of balloons, simply hold down your R2 button as you've probably been doing for all the other stages and you'll quickly pop 100.

The truck on the Left
Shoot all of the trucks on the left side of the screen in Shoot Camp.

Army Men. Stick your reticule directly between the two upper bridge posts on the left (the vertical orange lines) level with the plates the trucks are carrying. Hold it (and R2) there until near the end of the level when the trucks stop coming. Be wary of the pie section so you don't accidentally let a truck cross just because you got flustered by being hit with a pie. Just leave it there and never let up on R2. Your trophy will pop upon completion of the level.

Doing the Dishes
Break 25 stick targets in Plate Break.

Army Men. Simply focus on hitting any of the plates on sticks. There's no way you could not get this just playing through the level like normal, but if you're looking for a specific "thing" to shoot, aim for any and all stationary targets (i.e. ones on the mountains, ones sticking up from the trees, etc.). Once you've hit 25, which should be in a matter of seconds, your trophy will pop.

One and Done
Only hit a ball once and then never again in Midnight Breakout.

Army Men. Hit a single ball and then tuck your paddle as close down into one of the lower corners as you can. This was personally done in the lower right corner and the paddle never had to moved again to avoid a ball hitting the paddle. If you think a ball is, in fact, going to hit your paddle for some reason, move it and then return it back to position, but be cautious. They should all just fly right over the paddle or to the side so long as you leave it sitting there as tucked in as possible.

A Dish's Worst Enemy
Shatter 100 plates in Skeet Shoot.

Army Men. Hold down R2 and never let up. For an easy group of plates, just sweep horizontally across the targets that crop up in the center of the screen. Every time you take them all out, another large group will crop up. Just keep sweeping those and, in between that, set your reticule in the center of the flying plates and you'll hit a ton just flying across the screen. You should get this before the pie section even starts.

Thunderous Blue
Shoot all of the blue helicopters in Wayward Whirlybirds of Wonderment.

Army Men. Don't focus on anything but the blue helicopters. They'll fly from east to west, north to south or west to east and they won't be alone: several other colors of chopper will be vying for your attention. They move slow enough to catch them so long as you maintain your R2 spam. If you got them all, your trophy will pop when the large, "final" chopper drops into view near the end. Stay sharp, soldier!

They're all mine!
Hit 20 different balls in Block Breakout Assault.

Army Men. No tactic is required for this. Simply move your paddle around hitting each and every ball you see and you'll hit 20 in no time considering they just keep coming.

4-in-a-Row, All-in-One-Go!
Break all the plane plates in a single pass in Moving Target Madness.

Army Men. In the upper right corner of the screen, a set of four helicopters dangling plates beneath them will pass by from right to left. Focus on breaking all four plates before they disappear off the left edge of the screen and the trophy is yours. If you miss, you'll get several chances, but note that you HAVE to get all four in one set.

Quick Spotlight
Turn on all of the spotlights in Paratrooper Scooper in less than five seconds.

Army Men. Your reticule starts out pretty level with these spotlight targets. You have to be quick, since this is right at the start of the level. Immediately hold down R2 and sweep to the left (or right) and you should be able to hit all 3 targets. Once you've hit the third, quickly start heading in the opposite direction to hit the other three. Really quick and easy so long as your pacing is good (which it should be at this point anyway).

Streakin' Squeekin'
Hit the 5000 Point Mouse in Hamm and Eggs.

Animals and Friends. In the center of the screen, you'll see four 100-point pigs. Take them out and three 500-point pigs will pop up in their place. Take them out as well and then a 5000-point mouse will appear. Shoot him once and bag your trophy. Note that if you miss him, the cycle of pigs will continue. Just make sure you hit all seven again and he'll keep coming back.

Bow Ow!
Hit the dog 3 times in Bacon and Eggs.

Animals and Friends. Partway into the level, a white, 5000-point dog will start appearing in one of the 3 open barn doors. Just make sure to keep your eye on the barn the entire time and hit him 3 separate times. After he first shows up, he'll keep appearing, so don't worry if you somehow miss him while trying to hit him early on, but get it done as soon as possible so you don't let the clock get the best of you.

Finger Lickin' Good
Don't let any large chicken eggs fall to the ground in Fall-ing Eggs.

Animals and Friends. Throughout this level, there will be about a dozen large, hatching eggs rolling off the roof (they're easily distinguishable). Be mindful of the birds blocking the rolling eggs or flying by--they may send an egg rolling or bouncing off in a different direction--and simply focus on catching each of the hatching birds before they have a chance to hit the ground for the trophy.

Hyper Hydra-sis
Shoot the Hydra target 8 times in Dino-Rama.

Animals and Friends. First off, make your only goal in this level--until you get this trophy--the 200-point plesiosaur necks in the water. Hit five of them to get the Hydra to appear in the center of the screen, quickly hit the Hydra and then continue your oceanic assault. Take out the Hydra for seven more cycles of this to get your trophy.

Pleased Plesiosaurs
Knock down 25 plesiosaurs in The Jurassic Shore.

Animals and Friends. The plesiosaurs will appear in groups of four, alternating appearances on the lower left and right side. You MUST make sure you hit every single one, so make your only focus in this level them. Once you've taken down the group on one side, move to the other and keep switching until you've taken down the sixth group of them. After you've taken down the sixth group, quickly move to the opposite side, hold down R2 and hit the very first one that pops up. If you're not fast enough, your chance is lost. Stay focused and aware and you should do just fine!

Eggless Victor
Don't catch any eggs in It's an Egg Drop Spring.

Animals and Friends. Stay mindful of the gaps in the eggs rolling down the roof. Stick to the sides of the screen and only move to areas where you have a chance to avoid everything. This is very easy so long as you stay mindful, since the eggs aren't bouncing all over the place like they are in Fall-ing Eggs.

Bird Feeder
Knock down 50 corn stalks in Farm Raising Fury.

Animals and Friends. Aim only for the corn stalks front and center. Don't bother with anything else. As you knock down sets of them, more will spring up in their place. Just knock down 50 and you're done ruining some poor farmer's livelihood.

Penguin Pusher
Knock down 50 penguins in Ice-berrrger and Fries.

Animals and Friends. This trophy is easily done by focusing your reticule right above the icy volcano in the upper center of the screen, holding down R2 and just knocking down the penguins as they come up before they even have a chance to get away. The penguins in the final stage of the level also count towards this, but you shouldn't need them if you followed this. If you want to try this "legit," just bounce your reticule ever so slightly left and right the entire time at the top of the volcano...

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