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In the first epic battle, the Decepticons invaded planet Earth. Then the Autobots came to stop them by defeating their leader, Megatron, and the remaining Decepticons fled back to Cybertron. Two years later, the Autobots are working with the US Military to take down rouge decepticons. Now, Starcream has come back to earth with more reinforcements, to revive Megatron. Now the Decepticons are wanting to take over the Universe!
Who will win the final war?

[top]Tips and Strategies

YOU WILL NOT, I repeat, WILL NOT get this platinum on 1 playthrough. Considering you have to play 2 different paths, this will take anywhere from 2-4 playthroughs at the most.


More than Meets the Eye!
Earn ALL Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Trophies.

As usual, once you earn all the bronze, silver, and gold trophies, this new shiny platinum will be added to your collection!

Down to China Town
Medal in all Autobot Shanghai Missions.

Once you finish each mission, you will get a medal based on your performance in the level. You can hardly do any work and get a bronze medal, but you need to shoot for the platinum medals! So when you finish every mission in Shanghai, this trophy will be yours.

West Side
Medal in all Autobot West Coast Missions.

Same as the other one, just finish all the missions on the West Coast and get a medal on all of them, you will have this trophy!

Aerialbot Assualt
Medal in all Autobot Deep Six Missions.

Finish all the missions in Deep Six and medal in them for this trophy!

East Side
Medal in all Autobot East Coast Missions.

Finish all the East Coast missions with either a bronze, silver, gold, or platinum medal for this trophy.

The Dagger's Tip
Medal in all Autobot Cairo Missions.

Finish all the missions in Egypt with medals, and this trophy is yours.

One Shall Stand
Defeat Megatron - Autobot Campaign.

During the last battle, fight Megatron as hard as you can and he will go down! He is pretty tough though. I would suggest using Optimus Prime to defeat him. Make it epic!

Only a Prime
Defeat The Fallen as Optimus.

You will be using Optimus Prime for this. Fight The Fallen (final boss), and try to take him down fast. He has some pretty good moves like teleporting so watch out for that. So you need to defeat him to end the Autobot campaign.

Now I've Seen it All
Unlock all Autobot Unlockables.

Each character has one or more unlockables. You get these by pulling off the character"s special action. Once you start a mission, check the unlockables for that character, and get them done fast. Also you get unlockables for completing missions within the game. There are 24 in total.

Power to the People
Purchase all Autobot Upgrades.

You will unlock upgrades for each character. To purchase upgrades, you will need to collect Energon. These upgrades will be used to boost your characters weapons, healt, etc. I would suggest saving up your energon and buy them all at once. In total there are eleven upgrades each with three levels.

Awesome Trophy!
Eliminate 250 Decepticons - Autobot Campaign.

There are about 20-30 enemy Decepticons in each level. You will have no problem getting this on your first playthrough! They are also easy to take down, so don't sweat it.

Do the Math
Acquire 2,000,000 Energon - Autobot Campaign.

Energon is earned during each mission by eliminating enemies and completing any of the bonus objectives, of which there are three in every mission. The first is always to collect the 5 Skill Shots hidden around the map. Another way to collect Energon is by performing special kills (Headshots, Advance Melee etc) as well as by showing high accuracy during each mission. You also get 200,000 Energon by defeating The Fallen, so you can just keep replaying that level to get quite a bit of Energon.

A True Autobot
Earn Platinum Medals on ALL Autobot Missions.

This is the hardest trophy in the game. You need to obtain a platinum medal on every mission in the Autobot campaign. In order to achieve a Platinum medal within a mission you need to complete it in the fastest possible time. Use the transformer you know you will be good with. Some people have said they like to use Ironhide for his weapons.

Medal in all Decepticon Shanghai Missions.

See "Lies"

West Coast for the Win!
Medal in all Decepticon West Coast Missions.

See "Lies"

Rise of the Fallen
Medal in all Decepticon Deep Six Missions.

See "Lies"

Coast to Coast
Medal in all Decepticon East Coast Missions.

See "Lies"

Medal in all Decepticon Cairo Missions.

Get either bronze, silver, gold, or platinum medals on all missions during your playthrough of the Decepticon campaign. I would suggest doing this campaign before doing the Autobot campaign.

One Shall Fall
Defeat Optimus Prime - Decepticon Campaign.

During the play of the Decepticon campaign, you need to kill the Autobot leader, Optimus Prime. He is pretty tough, and it will take some skill to pull this off. Play as Megatron to make it a fun fight!

Defeat The Fallen as Megatron - Decepticon Campaign.

Kill The Fallen (final boss) as Megatron to finish the Decepticon campaign.

Now I've Really Seen it All
Unlock all Decepticon Unlockables.

Obtain the unlockables for each Decepticon in the respectful campaign. Each character has one or more unlockable. You get them by doing the character's special move. Also you get unlockables for completing missions within the game. There are 24 in total.

Spoils of War
Purchase all Decepticon Upgrades.

Same as the Autobot upgrades, collect and save up Energon and purchase the upgrades. There are eleven upgrades with three levels each.

Bad Boys
Eliminate 350 Autobots - Decepticon Campaign.

You should get this easily on your first playthrough of the Decepticon campaign. There are 20-30 Autobots in the levels, and the are very easy to kill. Just destroy them all and this trophy is yours!

Break the Bank
Acquire 3,000,000 Energon in Decepticon Campaign.

You should have almost 3,000,000 by the time you finish the campaign. Get platinum medals on all the levels for extra Energon. You get 200,000 Energon on the last mission after you kill The Fallen. Just keep replaying that level to acquire more Energon.

A True Decepticon
Earn Platinum Medals on ALL Decepticon Missions.

This is the second hardest trophy in the game. You need to beat each mission in the set time limit and get a certain amount of kills in each level. The best Decepticon to use is Starscream.

Platty for the Win!
Earn a Platinum Medal - Either Campaign.

Just get one (1) platinum medal on any mission. It doesn't matter if it's the Autobot or Decepticon campaign. Just get one platinum medal. However some can be real tough to get.

Golden Boy
Earn a Gold Medal - Either Campaign.

Just earn one gold medal on any mission on either The Autobot or Decepticon campaign. Easy enough!

Not Gold Enough
Earn a Silver Medal - Either Campaign.

This one requires hardly any skill, you can get one without trying. Just get one silver on any mission on either one of the campaigns.

Cast in Bronze
Earn a Bronze Medal - Either Campaign.

You can't not get this trophy, basically just run through a level, don't die, do whatever, and finish it, and you will have this trophy! Doesn't matter which campaign.

On the Board
Make it into the Top 100,000 on SP Leaderboards - Either Campaign.

See "Bonecrusher"

Good Mojo
Make it into the Top 10,000 on SP Leaderboards - Either Campaign.

See "Bonecrusher"

Good Mojo
Make it into the Top 1,000 on SP Leaderboards - Either Campaign.

Okay, before everyone starts complaining about this trophy, I have great news. There have been reports that it is glitched. In a good way.
All you do is: when you get the game, go to the leaderboard and select the "friends" leaderboard, and BAM! You get all 3 leaderboard trophies!!

And So it Begins...
Unlock a Single Unlockable - Either Campaign.

This is easy, the fastest way to get one is to use turbo boost 100 times with Bumblebee. But, to unlock these, you need to do a certain special maneuver with your character a set number of times. Just do the one with Bumblebee to get this trophy.

Grind On
Purchase an Upgrade - Either Campaign.

Collect Energon and you will get this trophy once you fill up your level one upgrade.

Unlock a New Zone - Either Campaign.

There are 14 zones in each mission. You should get this trophy right after the training mission.

You've Got the Touch
Fill OVERDRIVE Meter - Either Campaign.

During each mission your Overdrive Meter fills up each time you get a kill and once filled can be activated to give a temporary damage boost. Headshots and Advance Kills will fill this faster.

The Living Dead
Viral - Kill someone with Viral Trophy, then taunt them in a RANKED/PLAYER MATCH game.

By now, alot of people should have this. Just kill someone and then press left on the D-pad to taunt them. You need to do it before their body parts blow up.

Choose a Side
Win one RANKED/PLAYER MATCH game as Autobots and one as Decepticons.

Many of the multiplayer trophies can be achieved by setting up a player match. Set the amount of private slots to seven so it will stop any random players joining your match. Also remember to set the rounds/time to their lowest options. The only one this doesn't work on is "One Shall Stand" seeing as there needs to be another player present.

Win a Control Point round without losing a Control Point in a RANKED/PLAYER MATCH game.

There are 5 control points. Two of your control points, two enemy control points, and the other is neutral. Go to the neutral point first. Then move on to the two enemy control points. You can also set up a closed match and make all slots private, that way you can do this fast and easy!

Follow the Leader
While playing One Shall Stand, as the leader, kill the opposing leader in a RANKED/PLAYER MATCH game.

This is one you CAN'T do in a closed match. Make your own lobby and as soon as someone joins, start the game and just kill that guy once for this trophy!!

Life of the Party
Host one game of each game type in a PLAYER MATCH game.

There are five game modes, and only one that has to be done in an open lobby. Just make a closed match, and set each round to one minute. You don't have to win the game mode, just host it.

Smells Like Victory
Win a match as each of the 15 default characters.

Play one game mode at a time, set the game to private it and play it one time with all 15 possible characters.

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