x 1 x 11 x 1
Players: 1-3, all trophies can be earned in single player
Online Trophies: none
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 3 - 5 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1/2 - platinum can be earned as early as chapter 7 of the 13
Collectibles Trophies: none
Missable Trophies: none

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • all trophies are in XMB order
  • Remember that you can always reset your Skill Points to redistribute them. Just press to enter the upgrade menu and hit to reset you upgrades.
  • Co-op is fun. Moreover, most of the trophies will pop for all three players even if only one person fulfils the trophy requirements. Actually, A Hail of Arrows is the only exception.


You don't really need a roadmap for this game, but if you want to go for a speed-plat you might want to know in which order to approach those trophies. There are already some people who have gotten the Trine 2 plat in under 45 minutes! If you want to speed-plat this game read the whole guide thoroughly before you start. I highly recommend watching the video for Flying Solo. Make sure you do NOT DIE at the boss of the second level, as some people have reported that they didn't get the trophy after they died at this boss fight. If you're trying to plat that game in under one hour you don't want to attempt this trophy twice.

Once you feel prepared, follow these steps to one of the easiest plats on planet earth:

Normal way:
  • The first trophy you should get rid of is A Hail of Arrows. It's one of the few trophies in this game which actually require a tiny bit of practice. You can do this right at the beginning of the second level. Once you got this trophy your countdown starts.
  • Beat the second level and get Cirque de Zoya, Surfboard Master and Bouncy Bouncy while you are at it. You don't have to bother about High Rise now if you don't want to, you'll come back to this level later anyway.
  • Play through the levels and collect as many experience points as possible. Don't go out of your way to collect stuff that is too hard to reach though, remember that you can always reset your Skill Points to redistribute them. You should be able to obtain I Didn't Do It Hammer Havoc and Dirty Tactics well before the 6th level. Oh, and don't forget to get This Wasn't The Plan at a bubble pit of your choice.
  • Get Icebreaker in the sixth level, then beat this stage and get A Floral Feast at the beginning of the seventh level.
  • Fully upgrade your wizard and choose the second stage via level select. Reset your skill points if necessary. Beat the level using only the wizard for Flying Solo. Don't forget to get High Rise on the way if you didn't get it earlier.

Whorish way:
  • I guess for a really speedy plat you could also play till level 7 without getting any trophies. Just collect experience and unlock level 7. Just make sure you don't accidentally obtain I Didn't Do It or Dirty Tactics.
  • Once you unlocked level 7, load the second level via level select and get A Hail of Arrows and Cirque de Zoya.
  • Switch to the wizard and restart the second level to get Surfboard Master, Bouncy Bouncy, High Rise and Flying Solo.
  • Get Hammer Havoc, I Didn't Do It, Dirty Tactics and This Wasn't The Plan in the 3rd level.
  • Now select the 6th level for Icebreaker. It would be better to obtain the trophies mentioned in the step above in the 6th level as well, I'm just not sure if they are easy to obtain in level six...
  • Finally, select the 7th level for A Floral Feast and BOOM:

I never tried that 'whorish way', but I don't see any reason why it shouldn't work that way. Feedback is welcome


Trine 2 hard
Earn all Trophies in Trine 2

A beautiful game... but the developers decided to make this one of the easiest plats ever. However, you don't have to feel like a whore with this plat in your collection, it's a really great game. It's not your fault the developers where uber lazy when it came to trophy design.

Surfboard Master
Stand on a plank floating on a single airflow for four seconds

After unlocking the ability to conjure planks for two skill points. Select the Wizard and find an airflow to jump into and float all the way to the top. Now draw a plank as short as possible directly under yourself and as centered as possible. If a plank is too long or not center under you it will buck you off. Ride the plank for 4 seconds to unlock this trophy.
Want some visual aids? Here you go:

Toggle Spoiler

Using the PS3 browser? Here is the link to the video: Trine 2 - Surfboard Master Trophy

I Didn't Do It
Make goblins die of three different environmental hazards in a single level

There are many ways to kill enemies with the environment.
  • Use the Knights shield to push an enemy off a ledge into a bed of spikes.
  • Use the Knights shield to push an enemy into the line of fire of a spitting plant.
  • Use the wizard to feed an enemy to a plant (you need the skill Monster Levitation for that)
  • Use the wizard to throw a bee hive at someone.
  • Use the wizard to conjure an object and use it to push an enemy off a ledge into a bed of spikes.
  • Run away and lure enemies into traps like swinging spiked logs

Flying Solo
Complete a whole level playing one character only

You can earn this trophy in the level directly after the tutorial. At the very start of the level it will make you pick which character you want to start with. Don't move until you have chosen the Wizard, and it helps to have Monster Levitation unlocked for him as well. Grab enemies and use them as shield or throw them off of ledges. When it comes to puzzles you can simple find an object in the environment and draw a plank or a box on top of it, jump on top and grab the bottom object to float past the puzzles. For stone walls that normally need broken by the Knight's hammer, there will always be a big rock that you can grab and run into the wall to break it. If you die do not hit L1 or R1, instead press start and select return to last checkpoint. If you are playing easy you Wizard will reappear with full health, and you can continue the level.

Check the spoiler box below for a video by nauGie, showing you how it's done:

Toggle Spoiler

Using the PS3 browser? Here is the link to the video: Trine 2 - Flying Solo Trophy

A Floral Feast
Feed carnivorous plants with three or more different kinds of treats

The carnivorous plant makes its first appearance near the start of chapter 7. The easiest way to earn this trophy is walk next to it and it will eat you. Select another character and let it eat you, and repeat for your third and final character.
nauGie made a very sad video:

Toggle Spoiler

Using the PS3 browser? No worries, here is the link: Trine 2 - A Floral Feast Trophy

Shatter three frozen enemies within one second

You will need the frost and frozen arrow upgrades for the Thief and the charge attack for the Knight. You might have to set the difficult to hard so that the arrows will not kill the enemies but freeze them in place. Get three enemies frozen in close proximity, then switch to the Knight. Use the charge attack and run thru the three still frozen enemies.

The 6th level is the best choice for this trophy, because there are several of those cauldrons spawning infinite lizards. Watch this nauGie production to see how it is done:

Toggle Spoiler

Using the PS3 browser? Here is the link for you: Trine 2 - Icebreaker Trophy

Hammer Havoc
Kill an enemy with a thrown hammer bouncing at least once before kill

First you much purchase the ability to throw the hammer for the knight for 1 skill point. Find an area with enemies and a ceiling above you, preferably right next to a checkpoint so you don't have to worry being hit. Press to switch to the hammer and use the right stick to charge and throw the hammer let it hit the ceiling and fall and kill an enemy for this trophy.

Dirty Tactics
Get at least 10 enemies killed by other enemies' actions in a single level

This trophy can be obtained in any level. Use the Knight and just block enemies with your shield while letting enemy archers hit them in the back. Also if you have two or more attacking your shield, they will damage each other while attacking you. The boss at the end of the second level is another good place for this trophy. Do not knock down the pillars to kill the boss but let the other enemies spawn, block them with your shield and let the dragon shoot them with fireballs. After 10 have died this trophy will appear.

Bouncy Bouncy
Stand on a conjured box bouncing on any bouncy surface for 10 seconds

When you come across a mushroom that bounces you in the air when you jump on it, select the Wizard and conjure a box on top of it. Make sure you center it so that it bounces straight up and down. Now jump on top of the box, it will likey start to rotate when you jump on it. If it does walk either way to keep yourself atop of the box, jumping seemed to reset the timer. After 10 seconds this trophy will unlock.

There is a nice spot in the second level for this trophy. Check another nauGie video to see how it's done:

Toggle Spoiler

Using the PS3 browser? No worries, here is the link: Trine 2 - Bouncy Bouncy Trophy

A Hail of Arrows
Shoot 3 arrows in the air and catch them all with the Knight's shield

This trophy can be performed in any level after the tutorial with plenty of room above you. First make sure the knight has his sword and shield selected. Switch to the Thief and shoot a fully charged arrow straight up, quickly shoot a half charged arrow straight up, and finally barely charge the third arrow and just lob it up. Quickly switch to the knight and and hold the right stick straight up to block with the shield. Catch all three to unlock this trophy.

Of course we also got a video for you; just toggle the spoiler box or click the link:

Toggle Spoiler

Using the PS3 browser? Here is the link to the video: Trine 2 - Hail of Arrows

High Rise
Construct a tower made of eight objects and stand on top of it

This trophy can be earned in the first level after the tutorial if you have used the skill points to let the Wizard at least conjure 3 items at a time. There will be a platforming section what will have two swinging rocks. When you get here drop down to the area below. You will find 5 breakable crates, Select the Wizard and stack them straight up. Use the thief to swing back up to the higher area with the second swinging rock. Select the Wizard and grab the rock to make it stop swinging. Now conjure three boxes on top of the 5 you have already stacked and jump on top.

To make this easy even easier nauGie provided some visual aids for this trophy:

Toggle Spoiler

Using the PS3 browser? Here is the link to the video: Trine 2 - High Rise Trophy

Cirque de Zoya
Using grapple, swing around an object and reattach grapple again without touching any surface

In the first level after the tutorial, when you encounter the airflows for the first time, to the left there will be a small round wooden beam that the thief can use her grapple hook on. Start at the left and run and jump towards the beam and use the grapple hook. At the top of the swing jump straight up in the air for extra airtime and turn and face the beam again on the way down grapple and swing to the other side and jump again at the top of the swing. Turn and face the beam again, this time you should have the momentum to perform this trophy, so at the top of the swing jump towards and over the beam and grapple when you are on the other side.

Sounds complicated? It's actually pretty easy, nauGie made a vid, see for yourself:

Toggle Spoiler

Trying to watch this with the PS3 browser? Here is the link: Trine 2 - Cirque de Zoya Trophy

This Wasn't the Plan
Make a bubble sink for three seconds

There are many bubble pits thru out the game. Select the wizard and conjure a plank or a box. When the bubble comes out of the water push it back under water using the plank of the box. Trophy will unlock after bubble has been submerged for three seconds.

If you are still unsure what to do, nauGie made a vid for the lolz:

Toggle Spoiler

Using the PS3 browser? Here is the link for the video: Trine 2 - This Wasn't the Plan Trophy

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