Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies:
Estimated Time to Platinum: ~100-130 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 2
Collectible Trophies:
Missable Trophies: Missable Trophies: 3 ( Closet Otaku, What is truth, dood?, and The Strongest Harem)
Glitched Trophies: 1

[top]Tips & Strategies

The platinum for this game is pretty much mostly time consuming. While they have lowered the difficulty of a few trophies and have insert the Convert Shop so you can get a lot of items quick and easy some trophies will take a lot of time or heavy preparation. There are also a few things to take note off to not to miss out on a few of the trophies.
Bug Warning:The game may crash while you are viewing the Gallery. Be sure you always save before going into the gallery!!
Here there are some extra tips, tricks and hints for the game and the trophies.

Which character should I begin with?
In general this does comes down to who do you want to spend longer with. And pick the other character first since the second playthrough will be much longer. Below are the cons and pros of this choice:

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Infinite Money and Convert Points Trick:
Once you have access to the Convert Shop you can get infinite money and convert shop points. This trick helps greatly in the game and also with a number of trophies. You will get access to this once you finish the first playthrough. Once you go to the second playthrough this trick becomes active again in chapter 11 when you can buy the fourth tier weapons again. Below are the details:

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Optional Characters
There are 4 extra characters to get during the game. It is highly recommended to get all of them on your second playthrough or you are looking at an extra playthrough for the platinum. Since they are quite spoiling I have placed all of them in the spoiling section below:

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Other tips and hints:
  • Use the convert shop for any material you need for. The only items you cannot buy are most of the monster souls ('Monster Soul', 'Small Soul', 'Big Soul', etc, etc..) and certain Mana items.
  • Never use instead always use and make sure you get the bonuses. Extra money/experience/souls etc after the battle and stat upgrades during the fight are always nice.
  • Try to chain combo's together. The more combo's you do the bigger the green part will be on the ring for a fury chain combo.
  • Chaining attacks and characters and getting more hits will result in more loot.
  • If you need certain type of mana then attack with characters that have that managraphic related etched on their weapon. Make sure it is selected or that is the primary.
  • When inside a dungeon always check for blue lines for IM images. You really want those.
  • Lurkers can be taken down if you are roughly at least 30 levels above the dungeon level. Or if you are 20 levels above and have the best possible equipment or are properly buffed with Clear Souls.
  • Lurkers tend to come more when the boss is down or when the dungeon is starting to drift away.

Post Game tips from InnoSensei:
If you want to simplify some of the more annoying trophies continue reading this section, it is for when finish the second playthrough story:

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[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits


The trophies require 2 playthroughs in total. You will need to do both story lines at least once. The first playthrough is pretty much only for the story. Get through it and finish the it. However you must drift at least 5 dungeons out of orbit!. Or you will miss out on at least 1 gold trophy. If you are not sure on which character to start with check the tips, tricks and hints section below for more information. Below I have posted the possible endings and optional things to do after you finish the end boss. Just be sure to wait for the credits to end so you can save your clear file. You will need this!.

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You can play post game on the first playthrough if want to prepare for the second playthough. This is not needed though. But the infinite money trick for the convert shop won't be available till chapter 11 on the second playthrough though. Below is a list of what does transfer and what doesn't;

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To start the second playthrough load up the clear save file and select to start a new playthrough (you will be asked this every time, it really is annoying post second playthrough). Make sure you select the other character this time. During this playthrough there are a couple more things to do to make sure you do not miss out on the What is truth, dood? trophy. They are listed below in addition to the trophy description;

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You can work on any other trophy either during this or after this. But after you done all of this and done the last few trophies that you need the platinum should popup .


The Platinum Prinny
All that work for this, dood?

Did you know you have to get all the trophies in the game to get this one, dood? That is to much work dood!

Everybody's Hero
Defeat more than 100 monsters.

Simple as it is. Kill 100 monsters. If you kill 3 monsters in 1 fight it will count as 3.

Planetary Hero
Defeat more than 300 monsters.

Kill 300 monsters. You should get this on your first playthrough

Galaxy Hero
Defeat more than 800 monsters.

800 Monsters to kill for this one.

Seeker of Victory
Win in battle 30 times.

Win 30 fights. If you face 3 monsters in 1 battle it will count only once.

Seeker of More Victory
Win in battle 100 times.

Win 100 battles. You should get this on your first playthrough.

Seeker of Annihilation
Win in battle 300 times.

Win in a battle 300 times.

Power of the Earth
Total Damage in a Fury Chain exceeds 10,000.

Deal 10.000 damage in 1 fury chain. You should get this rather easy. If you want to get this as early as possible then be sure to chain characters through the fury chain with .

Power of the Sun
Total Damage in a Fury Chain exceeds 50,000.

Deal 50.000 damage in a fury chain. Use to chain characters attacks together.

Power of the Cosmos
Total Damage in a Fury Chain exceeds 100,000.

Deal 100.000 damage in a fury chain. You will most likely get this late on your second playthrough or post game playthrough one. Use to chain characters attacks together.

Be the Space Debris
Hit count in a Fury Chain exceeds 300.

You have to hit over 300 times in a fury chain. You will most likely not get this before you are nearing the end of the second playthrough. Use or to save up AP and the next turn go nuts with as many combo's as possible while chaining all of the characters together.

Be the Comet
Hit Count in a Fury Chain exceeds 500.

Hit 500 times in a fury chain combo. Use or to save up AP and the next turn go nuts with as many combo's as possible while chaining all of the characters together.

Be the Shooting Star
Hit Count in a Fury Chain exceeds 700.

Hit 700 times in a fury chain combo. You will probably get this one together with Be the Meteor Shower. You have to chain together a lot of combo's and attacks and most likely also will be needing EX skills.

Art Appreciation
Obtain 10 Managraphic Images.

When you use :square: in a dungeon and see a blue line it will point to Image Managraph. For this trophy you need to find 10 of these in dungeons.

Note: You can not obtain these in any other way for the trophy then finding these in dungeons through the mentioned way.

Note: this count does not carry over to your next playthrough.

Treasure Hunter
Discover 30 concealed treasures.

While in a dungeon if you press :square: and see a yellow line it will point to a treasure. You need to find 30 of these for the trophy. Each dungeon has 1 treasure to be found. Once found they will never come back. There are plenty of treasure's to be found.

Note: this count does not carry over to your next playthrough.

The Space Cleaner
Drift 10 dungeons out of orbit

For a dungeon to be drifted out of orbit for this trophy you have to find the gravity core in the dungeon and destroy it. You must exit the dungeon on time to not get drifted along with it. Drifting Event Dungeons do not count towards this.

Note: this count does not carry over to your next playthrough.

The Bourgeois
Spend 100,000G at the Shop.

You have to spend 100.000 Gala at the shop. Should not be to hard as you should accumulate this on your own easily without trying.

Managraphic Addict
Spend 1,000,000 at the Managraphic Workshop.

Miyu has made this trophy rather easy. Since you decide how much you pay for a managraphic you can easily just pay 1 million Gala extra at once to get this trophy.

After this trophy feel free to stop paying anything to her if you are cruel, then again, you just made her a millionaire dood!

Galaxy Miser
Hold over 1,000,000G.

You must have 1,000,000 Gala in your inventory. Having accumulated over 1,000,000 over the course of the game does not count.

Note: Japanese version of the game is 100.000.000 Gala (yes hundred million gala..).

Meteorite Star
Create 100 Meteorites.

Ok, so they want you to create 100 Meteorites.* Basically if you create 100 Meteorites you will get the trophy with the following limitations:
  • Must be 100 meteorites on the same playthrough.
  • Must be made 1 at a time.
  • you can make the same item over and over if you like.

Easiest would be a low level meteorite such as Burning Star (25 Sakura Mana), Blue Star (25 UFO Mana) or Flying Star (20 Garuda Mana). To get all of the Mana needed you need to fully equip your characters (the ones that will do the max damage before the monsters are dead) with the meteorites 'Mana Star' to get the most out of each fight.

If you take Flying Star then if you are Kanata then just buy the IM Garuda (only available in a dungeon as Rizelea in chapter 2 or the shop). If you are Rizelea you should get this in chapter 2.

Think of it as like shopping at a grocery store except they will only count how many receipts you get, and they want 100. Don't do this in real life, shops probably do not want to see you 100 times all at once. Once your done your welcome to reload your game to make it as if this never happened, does not apply to real life due to the lack of a life reload option (wouldn't that be nice).

Material Star
Synthesize 100 Items.

Same rules apply as Meteorite Star, you can make the same item 100 times if you like.

Easiest would be to make 100 starter weapons. You only need 100x Silver Ore and 100x Caged Fangstone. Easily obtained trough the Convert Shop.

Monster Star
Create 100 Monsters.

Same as the previous 2, with an extra step. Once you made a monster you cannot make another of the same type until you defeat it or delete it. So there's an extra step in this process, but other than that it's all the same.

Easiest would be Killed Rabit Doll and Fenrir Doll. You should get plenty of Bird Souls. If not then you can go for Seasoned Orc Doll which requires 5 more Monster Soul (45 instead of the 40 and the 5 Bird Soul for the other 2).

You cannot get these from the Convert Shop so you have to get Insoul Stars and equip those. To get around up to 99 Monster Souls in a fight. You have to do the lowest of the lowest level dungeons.

Space Tourists
Let yourself drift out of orbit 50 times.

The final bronze, that I think should be at least a silver trophy in the game. Here is the process of doing this.
  • Wait for a dungeon to show up.
  • Go in, kill boss, destroy core.
  • Wait around, run in circles, etc. until you drift away.
  • Then Wait for a UFO to show up.
  • Either Hijack or bribe it to get back, If you decide to hijack the thing, just keep in mind the Alien (its only 1) is as strong as some of the higher level lurkers.* Don't worry, the alien is as ugly as the rest of the monsters in the game, because it is one.
  • Once back in the Netherverse repeat the process.

This may not sound so bad, but a few times I would have to wait days, or even weeks (in game days/weeks thankfully not the real ones) before the dungeon or the UFO would show up.* This trophy is more time consuming than its counterpart The Space Scrubber.

Note:Also keep in mind you lose 30% of all the money your holding each time you drift with the dungeon.

Game Maniac
Get over 1,000,000 Evaluation Points.

This one can be the very last trophy you are going through. You have to do everything possible in every dungeon to get the max possible score.
  • Destroy the Hunting Grounds.
  • Find all Hidden Treasures and IM images if applicable.
  • Try to wait around for the lurker to show up before you destroy the gravity core.
  • Drifting a dungeon from destroying a core gives a multiplier bonus depending on the remaining time left in a dungeon.
  • The multiplier does not show up if you did not destroy the gravity core.
  • If you drift with a dungeon you get a multiplier of 0.75.

If you work on Space Activists and Space Tourists you should get very far getting this trophy.

Note: the Lurker tends to come faster after you destroy the gravity core but this is a gamble and the lurker will make the difference in the score, 1~3k without him and 7~10k score with him. So keep this in mind!

Spend 1,000,000G at the Shop.

If I ever found any of my friends spending this much, the first question that comes to my mind is "What did you buy?" and then "Why aren't you sharing the wealth? sharing is caring." D:<

Anyway, just spend over 1,000,000 at the shop. Easily done with the infinite money trick above in the tips, tricks and hints section.

Closet Otaku
Obtain 30 Managraphic Images.

Let me say this first, this trophy is very misleading by the term Obtain. This trophy is referring to the items you find from the Blue Lines while using the Search Function. Let me explain the rules and regulations on how to get this trophy:
  • First step, DO NOT BUY any IM Images EVER (unless you already have this trophy or you are certain you cannot get the IM in question from any dungeon).
  • There are more than 30 in the game, but not much more.
  • The only way to contribute towards this trophy is to find the IM's, whenever the game gives you points for "Images Found," then it will count towards the trophy.
  • If you buy any of these, the one in question will not appear in the dungeon anymore. There are some IM's only available through the shops. They do not count fort his trophy though.
  • There are certain dungeons that have an IM Image, and some of them even have a required time of the day when you can obtain them.
  • If a dungeon has a Letter M, A, E, or N, that means the dungeon is affected by time of the day, in other words 4 times more exploring that normal.
  • When you enter such dungeon you can check if there is an IM by using search to see a blue line present. If not just exit and the day should have advanced to the next time, enter again and repeat 4 times for all 4 times.
  • Luckily most of them can be obtained through the Yoma King Castle Levels and Story Event dungeons throughout the game.
  • If a Dungeon has multiple IM images, anchor it to save you the trouble of waiting for it again. Once you clean it out, then you can drift or drift away with the dungeon.

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Museum Curator
Discover 60 Concealed treasures.

The grand sequel of Treasure Hunter, just have to find as many treasures as Treasure Hunter, but doubled. This should not be too hard, as long as your thoroughly emptying dungeons.

Note that once a treasure has been found in a dungeon it will not reappear again. There is 1 for each section and time frame of a dungeon.

Be the Meteor Shower
Hit Count in a Fury Chain exceeds 1,000.[/SIZE]

You have to hit 1,000 times in a fury chain. This can be easy or hard to do (depends if your overpowered or not). The biggest problem is finding a monster that can live for this long and the second problem is withstanding its attacks while you charge your AP up till max. There's the easy way and the hard way (hard way for those who overpowered their characters too much).

The Easy Way:

- Have Prinny in your party
- Go to the dungeon with high level enemies
- Encounter the battle with 3 foes
- Use and gather bonuses until IM Gauge is completely full
- Use Prinny's EX skill 3-4 times in a row, and you'll get the result in 1500+ hits (even if you cannot get 4 attacks in you'll still be way over 1000 hits)

*Thanks Varyag for pointing this strategy out*

The Harder Way:

-Pick 4 characters that you have not really buffed or overpowered (I highly doubt anyone super powering all 13 characters).
-Let Prinny be one of your 4 characters
-Once you have your party members of choice, buff them defensively as much as you like.
-Next find a incredibly high leveled (or strong) monster (true end dungeon boss is a great choice).
-Save up 250 AP on all four characters, and optionally max out the IM Gauge
-Unleash your combos on the enemy and use Prinny's EX Combo as many times as possible
-If you need a little help with good combos check the spoiler for a few good combos, note that I only listed the 4 characters I used

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Power of Creation:silver
Total Damage in a Fury Chain exceeds 300,000.

This trophy is easier than Be the Meteor Shower, because some enemies have more than enough hp to handle 300,000 damage. This trophy should not be a problem as long as you fury chain properly.

Seek Obliteration
Win in battle 500 times.

This is a straightforwardly easy trophy, you will probably get this without even trying. Just win in 500 battles.

The Space Scrubber
Drift 50 dungeons out of orbit.

You have to drift 50 dungeons out of Orbit. Simply put. Enter a dungeon, defeat the boss, destroy the Gravity Core and get out on time 50 times.

Deep Space Hero
Defeat more than 1,300 monsters

Keep killing things until this unlocks, then killing some more until Hero of the Universe unlocks. Don't stop! Anyway after you defeat 1,300 monsters this trophy is yours at least dood.

Hero of the Universe
Defeat more than 2,000 Monsters.

This trophy is easily acquired late in the game. This trophy will be acquired easily, even if you don't try to aim for it. All you have to do is kill 2,000 enemies in the whole game. The playthrough doesn't matter since the counter for enemies killed is carried over.

What is truth, dood?
Complete the true ending route.

The infamous "True End" trophy from Cross Edge and Record of Agarest War returns, but is in fact, not very hard this time around. In addition there is no Synthesize all weapons, armor, items, etc. or titles to worry about. Here are the requirements:

First Playthrough:
  • Drift 5 Dungeons (Destroy Gravity Core) out of your Netherverse.
  • Continue and finish the first playthrough.
  • To make sure you got the good or true ending, make sure you get the events after the credits. (Bad ending is the destruction of the Nether Universe, as long as you do not get this one you should be good).

Second Playthrough:
  • Start the game as the opposite character of what you played as in the First Playthrough.
  • Obtain all 3 Optional characters.
  • In Chapter 11 rest at the Inn until "Forsaken Hamlet appears", view the event, then rest in the Inn. If this does not show up, you did something wrong.
  • Continue resting at the Inn until an Old Building drifts in. And view the event 'Decimated Mecca'.
  • Drift at least 15 Dungeons before you access the final story dungeon (do not include first playthrough drifts).
  • After clearing the final story dungeon, if everything is done right, the fourth optional character will join you. If the credits role you did not get the true end.
  • Once you leave the last story dungeon, the True Final Dungeon (Drifting Space) will show up.
  • Select Ashura Path (the number is different depending on the time of day you enter, but that doesn't matter, True End-wise).
  • Kill the Level Boss, then the True Final Boss.
  • Watch the credits (or go do other stuff) and wait for the game to bring you to the save screen, you should unlock this trophy along the way.

For those who did the Cross Edge and Record of Agarest War True End trophies will know, this is much easier.

Space Activists
Drift 100 dungeons out of orbit.

Ladies and Gentlemen I introduce you to one of the most time consuming trophy of this game. Is this hard? No Not at all, just expect to spend several hours doing this. Here's an explanation of this trophy:
  • To progress towards this trophy, whenever you enter a dungeon, your goal is to destroy the Gravity Core and leave the dungeon.
  • The Gravity Core of a dungeon is always behind the Level boss of a dungeon.
  • If you anchored a dungeon, there will be no gravity core.
  • If a dungeon starts to drift on its own, this dungeon will not count towards Space Activists, but if your still working on The Space Tourists, just go ahead and drift off with the dungeon, it will still count towards that.

The Debtor
Spend 3,000,000 at the Shop.

This is probably the easiest gold trophy in this game (unless your playing the Japanese Version which is 1,000,000,000, yup that's right, the Japanese version is 1 Billion). The super easy way is to use the highly abusive Infinite Money strategy. However this strategy can take the fun out of the game so it is in a spoiler to save those who want to enjoy the game. The Japanese version players will probably resort to this. You can find this strategy at the top in the Tips, Tricks and Hints strategy.

The Strongest Harem
Every character's Level is 100 or higher.

Missable only if you miss any of the 4 optional characters. Can only be done once you are on the True Ending Route. See What is Truth, dood? for more information on that.

This trophy is actually pretty easy to do especially if you do the following, the idea behind is that you have a 1 person to instantly kill any monsters while the rest of the party doesn't do anything and still get the full experience. With max Intelligence on a character they can kill almost everything with in 1 hit.
  • Buff a character up a INT character with a lot of INT Clear Souls ( I maxed out Violet with 99,999 INT).
  • Get as many XP+ Meteorites as you can and put equip them on your INT crazy character and all other characters your leveling up (enough to fill 4 characters meteorite charts).
  • Go into the higher level dungeons, and you can spam attacks and most monsters will die in at most 5 attacks. The only exceptions are some lurkers, dungeon bosses, and the Extra Gate Dungeon Bosses.
  • When a character other than your INT crazy character reaches 100, switch them out with someone else (meteorites as well).
  • Once you get everyone to at least 100, you will unlock this trophy.

If you found this guide helpful, Rep+ me and Azania. All guides written by me are viewed at least once every time I visit the site, if you have questions, comments, concerns, or would like me to add something to our guide let me know. I'll be glad to do what I can to help.

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