Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll is a game that tells the story of a half-elf gladiator, named Areus, who is seeking vengeance over the death of his father by the evil emperor, Balor. Classic RPG tale beginning that throws our character from being a gladiator to joining an Adventurer's Guild and facing off against the lands monsters to train himself even stronger at the advice of his mentors Dorado and Daqin from the Arena. He soon meets up with another warrior, a Boldan man named Dagda, who teams up with him for a time thanks to his rescue during a mission of his own. Shortly after, they meet another person, a Darkenith named Selene, who also joins their party. The trio travel the lands facing monsters and completing quests for the Adventurer's Guild for each their own purposes. Soon they join the Imperial Army forces as mercenaries and their story really begins.


Players: 1
Online Trophies: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 70+ Hours
Platinum Difficulty: 4/10 (Simply time consuming)
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: No(Only obtaining all skills, getting specific amounts of Gea and medals, and unlocking all journal,character, etc entries)
Missable Trophies: N/A, Free-roam
Glitched Trophies: N/A

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[top]Tips & Strategies

Random note before beginning here... There is no difficulty trophy for the game, so you can switch your difficulty around all you like from the beginning if you feel game is either too easy or hard. There are only two options, Easy and Normal and they both feel relatively the same to me when I play, but perhaps not to others. Just keep in mind if you get stuck in an area and don't feel like grinding OR don't feel like you're being challenged enough.

Enemies and Boss Tips
Firstly, throughout playing this game, you'll notice alot of the bigger enemies do not really receive damage well unless you manage to break them. This occurs when you either use your Soul Burst move (which auto breaks most things but only for a short time period) OR when the break gauge thing that pops up roughly after an enemy's combos or big moves and you get in enough attacks. Keep breaking large enemies in mind as later in the game, almost spend too much time fighting if not using breaks and soul burst and you won't get as good ratings for the battle(this doesn't affect anything except amount of gea and items possibly dropped).

Also, once an enemy or boss has been dealt enough damage, you will see the trinity meter show up. This is a special move that takes all three of your characters to activate that instantly kills whatever it's used on naturally, basically a finisher move.

Side Quests and Journal
Additionally, throughout your quests be continuously doing side missions as these will affect the journal which helps with another trophy. For the platinum, you will have to do it anyways and most often you get extra gear and Gea along with other beneficial items to help along quests that are good to get early on. Simply hop from town to town talking to people in the Adventurer's Guild and in the taverns as here is where you'll get alot of requests to help with tasks from people. And later in the game, you'll be tasked with finding information on certain items, so best to be fulfilling alot of this sooner rather than later. Keep in mind.

Gea, Gear, & Medals
Random tip on getting Gea and gear. You can always go to an area that has lots of items and money and anything else you want, collect it all, find a save point(save and then reload), and re-obtain all the things again. Or simply gather everything you want, leave and come right back to the same dungeon or area. No need really to do any of this as later in the game, you'll get outrageous amounts of experience and Gea anyways so no worries on trying for the leveling up, Gea, or medals missions as you'll obtain far enough for it all. The medals, you can use your Gea on to buy them from the Fugo Estate so don't be worried you haven't found any medals come Chapter Three, as you'll be allowed into the estate after you complete so many Fugo hunt missions through the Adventurer's Guild.

A complete list of all unlockable titles throughout the game. Keep in mind, you don't have to unlock all the titles for a trophy or the platinum, simply for perfectionist sake.
By Superakuma112 and LinearLX

For those who want to collect every title in the game, despite it not being a trophy related task, here you go

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Ultimate Soul Bearer
Unlock all trophies

Trophy acquired when you obtain all other trophies.

Boldan Rising
Dagda joins your party

Story Related. You will obtain this trophy, when the warrior adventurer Dagda, joins your party. He'll be found nearly at the beginning of the game when you begin the Adventure's Guild quests. He doesn't give you an option to turn him down so you are stuck with him.

Destiny with a Darkenith
Selene joins your party

Story Related. You will obtain this trophy when the blue Darkenith lady joins your party. She'll approach you at a point in the game asking for help on a quest. Help her and she will then leave for a time, but will be back to tag along with you. Again, no way to tell her no, so stuck with her as well.. same as Dagda.

First Chapter Cleared
Clear the First Chapter

Story Related. You will obtain this trophy with completion of Chapter One. Throughout the chapter, you will just be doing various Arena missions and Adventurer's Guild quests, however towards the end, your characters will join the Army as a mercenary group. Note during this Chapter you will acquire both comrades for your party, you will gain availability of using them to fight with you in the Arena, and you face off against Reig in the Arena as well(he's a giant pushover for the time being ).

After completion of the first Army mission in the Underground Crypt(retrieval of some documents and fighting several undead baddies), you will achieve this trophy.

Second Chapter Cleared
Clear the Second Chapter

Story Related. Again, same as completing Chapter One.. Chapter Two deals with more of the same. You will be completing Arena missions as you like while mainly doing Adventurer's Guild quests until you get the Army letters saying you have a task for them. As you complete each task, continue about doing the normal quests until you are given another letter and it continues like this for rest of chapter. Only thing to note about this chapter is that Selene runs off at times looking for something or someone alone and at a point you will have to go after her. Also, the Army continuously sends you off on missions to retrieve the Sword of Nihil.

Eventually, you will have to venture to the Sacred Mountain Tor where you'll battle your way up to the temple summit and have to fight the guardian of the sword, Meia. She's some weirdo crazed schizo bitch that wears a mask on half of her face. After you defeat her, you'll see a cutscene showing the retrieval of the sword and the bounty hunter trio stealing it. However, it's found to be a fake and they toss back to you. Then you're simply left looking back for the real sword and this ends Chapter Two essentially.

Third Chapter Cleared
Clear the Third Chapter

Story Related. Here, same stuff again.. completing various missions and quests while still trying to find information on the real sword. Led around in circles searching dead-ends and what not. Eventually, a problem arises with Dorado having to take care of a problem with elf woman found in a forest outside of Liberdam. Ofcourse this is Areus' mother and he has to hurriedly rescue her. However, he's too late and Molzova has killed them as Areus and his friends arrive. Dorado gets a reward(a gigantic awesome ass hammer ) and tells him that if Areus can find Nemea, he'll get a special reward himself as well. This sets up Dorado and Areus meeting and the new quest to find Nemea begins.

Finding Nemea is more jumping from town to town talking in the Adventure's Guild and Taverns trying to get information on his whereabouts. End up having to do a few missions for people here and there along with the Red armor douche, Angilden, who tells you really nothing in favor of you helping him .gif" border="0" alt="" title="O O" class="inlineimg" />... Eventually, you go to in search of Nemea and form a plan with his group. Reig vouches for you to gain favor with Nemea's comrades as they have a slight distrust of you at first. They want, before agreeing to your plan,(which is faking the capture of Nemea and then assassinating Balor when you meet him) that you help them find three shards of magical powers that are supposed to help you defeat Balor. You get a new location located in Grimalkin Cottage where you can speak to Orpheus about the locations of the shards.

Shard Locations
*First Shard in Southern Area- Go to Rostorl and get mission from talking in Adventure's Guild and tavern in Charity Springs Forest. Have to fight a dragon before retrieving the Pointed Shard.

* Second Shard in Northern Area- Go to Ulkarne and get a mission a mission in Sacred Mountain Tor. Here you'll have to face off against a Cyclops and will receive the Small Shard.

* Third Shard(this is the unknown location one) in Dragon King Isle- Forgot the order of things, but believe it is Angilden(red armor guy) and he hints at going to Dragon King Isle for last one.

After you locate all shards, they all prepare to set off for the ministry to see how they are aligned with Balor and stop his allies. You battle with Iizu here when you finally make it to the end of the Ministry area... Find that she's preparing the immortality spell for Balor as you arrive, and that the shards you found, made a piece that she needed to complete it. During the battle with her, she mostly rides atop a giant animated Golem monster that merely has high defense and swings around at each of your characters. Occasionally, he'll leap up into the air and try to squash you but it's very easily dodged. Just watch for the slam down, and attack his wrists as they light up until they break off. After you do enough damage and break both arms off, Iizu will jump down and shoot a few spells at you, but just dodge and best to use Selene to run after her and attack. She'll eventually hop back onto the Golem and repeat, but he'll only get one arm back. Simply repeat and Iizu should stay down for a while now, enough to defeat her. Afterwards, you must fight the Golem alone that is out of control. Simply destroy it using same tactics thus far and you will succeed no problem.

Fourth Chapter Cleared
Clear the Fourth Chapter

Story Related. Throughout Chapter Four, you're still searching for the sword, along with trying to complete tasks preparing for the assassination of Balor with Nemea and his gang. To begin with your merry gang does find the sword, though the Dark Knight Meia is again there to protect it. She'll battle you three different times here so be prepared, though she's a lousy pushover(least to me). She will attack similar as when you fought her on Sacred Mountain Tor, minus the fact that she now has a damned dragon specter demon thing on her side, but she also has a ton of extra moves as well. Each battle occurs really the same as well... she'll attack some leaving herself open, the teleport around and shoot blasts at you along with melee hits when you get in close. For the first battle, she uses more ice based moves and can freeze your party at times. During second part more teleporting and fire like blasts. In the third battle, she performs more electrical thunder based attacks with her spear, each time growing crazier it seems as well. Note: During the third battle, she'll crack her whip more and more summoning the dragon, Cruach, who'll do a few sweeping attacks and breath fire around your characters so look out for this. After you do manage to defeat her, you'll obtain the true Sword of Nihil hidden in Cruach's belly and be ready to face Balor.

Next main thing that occurs is the final part of Chapter Four, which is that you get attacked by the Bounty Hunters little gang again and a group of pirates. Fight them all off, same as when they attacked you at the Tavern earlier in the game. Well after this, you crash on a little island(gotta replay game a bit and see where this was) and actually battle the three bounty hunters. Soon after you defeat them, you'll see a cutscene of Dorado and Molzova showing up and saying they have to kill you all for being in league with Nemea. If you recall earlier in the game, Molzova sent a spy out to follow your characters little trio around and well ... clearly he's seen enough and reported back to them.

Now you just trek through the forest battling with monsters and legion forces until you reach Molzova and Dorado at which point you'll battle with Molzova first. He'll mostly just shoot arrows and a few slashes... he's a damned pansy and you just get to wipe the floor with him. Dorado, on the other hand, is a bit tougher and you start off with a cutscene battle at which point you disarm him... but don't think it's over. He grabs that huge hammer that was given to him prior for his victories from Balor and did I mention yet that you face him alone. He'll slam his hammer around causing little shockwaves and throw twisters at you as well so be on the lookout and use some ranged fireball moves if don't wanna get smashed. Dodge and attack up close when you can to break him. At a point when he's low health, he'll start to do some special skill where he slams his hammer down repeatedly over your head and can paralyze you as well with alot of his other attacks. After you do manage to defeat him, Chapter Four will be completed and you will obtain your trophy.

Fifth Chapter Cleared
Clear the Fifth Chapter

Story Related. Chapter Five is the finale and where all the plans thus far come together as a giant epic fail. Basically, your gang goes to Balor as heroes that have captured Nemea and his gang. However, during the ceremony an old friend drops in to greet you all. Molzova clearly wasn't dead and pleds with Balor to kill you and about your trap. Well Balor smacks him down and stabs him through for interrupting and proceeds on with ceremony. Then he grabs the Sword of Nihil from Areus' waist and reveals that Molzova was correct. He blasts him away and orders the guards to arrest them all and execute them with Nemea. Well this happens and your gang escapes, naturally and frees Nemea and the others.

At this point, you're all trying to get back in and get the sword to kill Balor along with whatever guards get in your way there. You end up trekking through Zofor's Dungeon area where he causes the possession of the bounty hunter chick Sheeighla, by a Dark Knight. You must face off against her, resulting in her dying to save Areus as she came back in control of herself. They then proceed on to find Zofor and kick his ass. Well ofcourse they find him, and he himself is a giant pushover as well. Only attacks are few magic blasts, but nothing truly bad, difficulty is trying to catch up to him as he hovers about and flees around the room. After you face him and break on through the castle, you finally reach the ending... Balor's Chambers.

Here you'll finally get to face off with Balor himself which still trying to reclaim the sword of Nihil. Going to list some of his main moves as you face him in several different sequences and then once more after you do manage to defeat him(remember, he's immortal ). Also, note, that you have Nema's gang helping throughout the fights with Balor(though I've noticed they mostly prance around the room like little morons and do absolutely nothing, not even keep some damn aggro at all).

First Part of Battle One
He'll simply walk around the room coming after whichever character you are controlling mostly and summoning skeletons and gazer demons. Kill them and then build up Trinity meter, use it on him, then attack and bail when he comes out as his physical attacks are very nasty.

Second Part of Battle One
After you do enough damage to him, he'll become pissed off and resummon all the monsters again. Then he'll being calling forth little meteor showers like Areus' move, only much bigger and more powerful. Mostly same as first battle part with monsters and his attacks, granted they are a bit more powerful and he attacks you more frequently.

Third Part of Battle One
Now Balor is really mad and dead set on killing you all. Now he does a few extra things such as summon more gazers and enemies, he can entrapt your characters in a life sapping bubble of death, along with slowing your characters to a dead slow stop almost, and still calling forth meteor attacks with his physical hits. The bubble move when you have a character trapped in it, simply switch characters and go attack it until it breaks or the character inside eventually dies. Keep in mind as he'll almost always use it when you have all your characters about attacking him. Repeat the same way you've fought thus far, evade and block when need be and soul burst him as often as possible.

After you defeat him here, he comes right back, simply a little more deformed from the spell not being perfect when he was given immortality. Gang decides they have to go into the portal to the other dimension and defeat his spirit self now and then Nemea has to kill the physical body as Areus does what he needs to. So cutscene happens and you go into the Spirit area.

NOTE: Your health from any times your characters died do not refill here. If your party only has about half health each, then you'll still be stuck there. Make sure you bring plenty of recovery and revival medicines along with anything else you think you may need as you want heal in between battles with the two forms.

First Part of Battle Two
You enter the realm to see Balor sitting stuck in the ground as his deformed mutated self. Most swings and smashes around as you are near and still calls forth a few meteor attacks here and there. Dodge and evade and attack whenever you can. Also, keep in mind that your soul burst attacks will help refill your health some, but does only very minor damage and does NOT break him at all. Do any special moves you have in your possession and soon enough, he'll roar about and go into his final third form and the second part of battle two.

Second Part of Battle Two
Balor rips out of the ground and is some long weird mechanical-like monster. Has these orbs going up through his body and you merely have to break each one until you have broken him down back to his main self. He attacks now with laser beams that go side to side across screen so be on lookout here for that as you're fighting him. He also still just smacks down and around with his fists trying to squash your characters. Simply dodge it all and press the attacks until he's dead. As you break all the orbs, you face off with his body one last time for a short length and then he's defeated.

Now sit back and watch a cutscene of Nemea doing his job in the physical world and what ensues with the Spirit realm battle.

Goblin Smasher
Win the Goblin Cup in the Arena

For this trophy, you simply need to complete the Goblin Cup mission in the Arena. Naturally, you will have to fight a bunch of goblins(soldiers, warriors, archers, and a Goblin Lord if not mistaken). Simply use your normal goblin slaying tactics to take them all down and freeze/burn your way to victory.
To unlock the Goblin Cup, complete different Arena missions until it becomes available.

Bane of the Undead
Win the Undead Cup in the Arena

For this trophy, you need to complete the Undead Cup mission in the Arena. For this one, you will face off against several skeletons(warriors, archers, etc) along with a Lich. You won't be able to kill off any of the skeletons until the Lich is dead, as he will continuously resurrect them throughout the battle. Helps to use them to build up a Soul Burst and then use it on the Lich to break him and tear into him as much as possible. Simply repeat throughout.
Same as with unlocking the Goblin Cup, the Undead Cup will become available as you complete various other Arena missions.

Giant Killer
Win the Giant Cup in the Arena

For this trophy, you need to complete the Giant Cup mission in the Arena. This would seem at first, perhaps an easier mission than the rest since you are only fighting one giant. However, the one giant stands about 20 feet tall and has a huge ass health bar along with immense defense and strength ... not counting the fact he's a bit difficult to soul break. Did I mention that you only have 3 minutes to kill him in?

He's a level 40 mission that you probably will have open around 28-30 ish dependent on your Arena time, so you may want to wait until a later point to take it on. I managed to complete it in just barely enough time left around 33. Tips, simply attack as he finishes his moves and the break indication comes up until you either do soul break him OR get your Soul Burst move full and activate it. He doesn't stay broken for long and doesn't have any major weaknesses. Just be quick and dodge his moves as much as possible until you finally manage to defeat him.

The Giant Cup will be unlocked after story progression and you complete various other Arena missions.

Dragon Slayer
Win the Dragon Cup in the Arena

For this trophy, you need to complete the Dragon Cup mission in the Arena. Similar to the Giant Cup, you will definitely want to level up as close to the level of the mission as possible, which it's 60 here for the Dragon. He's a real tough son of a.... so best to level up even higher if you can(does it matter since you have to get to 99 with all three characters for trophy anyways, so not holding you up on platinum or anything). I suggest at least level 65 before facing him. And if you don't save before hand, you lose 15,000 GEA if you are defeated. This is also another mission in the Arena, they don't allow you to use items so keep this in mind when facing him.

Dragon itself only uses a handful of attacks really. One being a massive tail swipe that takes down all three characters and hits pretty hard. He'll fly up and flop back down on top of you as well if you are close in meleeing him. Along with your typical dragon breath and slashing attacks. You can't block any of his moves so keep in mind, attack when you see the break meter gauge and run. Evading may help some, but mostly just get hit after you've finished evading. Also, keep look out for his Rage mode. He hits MUCH harder when in Rage and tore all three of my characters a new one as soon as he went into it. Which happens when you take down barely over 1/3 of his health. Just keep trying and working on him, and try to Soul Burst him whenever possible to regain a little bit of health, although he doesn't stay broken but for like 3 seconds... literally. Even if you break him normally, doesn't stay for long no matter hits you put on him, unless you are way above his level. Try and stay underneath him if you can and attack when you see openings.
The Dragon Cup will be unlocked after story progression and various Arena missions have been completed.

Down with the Dragon King
Defeat the Dragon King

To obtain this trophy, you will have to defeat the optional boss, the Dragon King. If you wait long enough in the game, you will eventually get a quest from people telling rumors of the Dragon King's slumber. They should mention briefly something about keys to open a seal and only those worthy enough to accomplish this, may awaken him. NOTE: You can go before this point, but you will probably be too low level and will surely die. Firstly, you have to go to Dragon King Isle where the Dragon King is sleeping, sealed away in a deep cavern. To get to him, you will need to find two keys located on the island itself. There are two different paths at a point, one leading up the Forest Path and the other leading up the Mountain Path. On one end, you find a Giant, who gives you Giant's Scalp(one key) and on the other, you get to face a lesser red dragon, which gives you Dragon's Talon(second key). You use them on the seal towards the end of the main path of the Wailing Corridor area and you get to face off against the Dragon King. It's heading straight up North in between the two different paths that lead to the Giant and Dragon.

I recommend not trying to defeat him until you are about level 70ish as he is very tough, probably the most powerful enemy in the game. NOTE: he does NOT break from using soul burst attacks, he doesn't break from attacks very often, and most of his attacks are unblockable and hit very hard. He also has incredible amount of health and defense and you will fail if you take him on lightly, unless you are level 99. The battle takes place in two parts. The first one he is in the main cavern and will use a several different very mobile attacks while the second part, he's trapped in a pit and does a few lesser moves it seems but is no less difficult.

Remember to bring max amounts of Revival and recovery medicines with you in this battle because most likely going to need them, unless you want your party continuously weakened for the whole fight.

Dragon King Battle One
He'll mainly tail swipe you and attack the ground with his fist during this battle. The tail swipe you can sometimes get lucky and jump over, but if you try to block it, you'll still be hit by the whirlwind that comes around behind you it looks like. His fist slam attack has a very small shockwave to it, but if roll away, you won't be affected. DO NOT go near his fist after this point. Simply attack him elsewhere while the break gauge is up, otherwise, you'll be hit by a holy like energy that will explode out from his fist. After you cause some damage to him, he'll fly up and shoot energy rays around the cave trying to fry you. He doesn't have any real dragon breathe attacks other than this, but he can also send forth whirlwinds from his wings and tail at times. After you have him down to almost half health, he will become mad and destroy the ground causing your party and him to fall down below into a chasm of lava and death. There is one triangular platform like in this lava pit with the Dragon King in the center and this is part two of the Dragon King battle.

Dragon King Battle Two
Be prepared now for a very long drawn out battle, thanks to the environment and the enemy AI's moves. During this battle, the Dragon King's attacks are more limited, but as are yours since you can't freely attack him, except with ranged moves that barely seem to affect him. Easiest way to melee him is to wait for him to slam his fist down onto the platform and the break gauge will appear briefly. Most of the time, he'll shoot forth the beam of energy and set the platforms on fire at places. Dodge these the best you can and watch for his whirlwind attacks as well. Every one of his attacks has potential to at least knock your characters to the ground while most of the time, the end up being knocked off the side of the platform. It won't cause you to die instantly which is a good thing, but you'll lose some health and at the wrong moment, could miss a chance to attack.

Arch Rune Fighter
Max out Rune Fighter skills

You have to max out all abilities on the Rune Fighter skill set for Areus to obtain this trophy. There are 2 upgrades to each ability and several abilities that will become available for purchase in the Mage's Shop throughout the game. Simply buy and upgrade them all for the trophy.

Master Arch Swordsman
Max out Arch Sword skills

You have to max out all abilities on the Arch Sword skill set for Areus to obtain this trophy. There are 2 upgrades to each ability and several abilities that will become available for purchase in the Mage's Shop throughout the game. Simply buy and upgrade them all for the trophy.

Maximum Negavanitia
Max out Negavanitia skills

You have to max out all abilities on the Negavanitia skill set for Areus to obtain this trophy. There are 2 upgrades to each ability and several abilities that will become available for purchase in the Mage's Shop throughout the game. Simply buy and upgrade them all for the trophy.
NOTE: There is one ability that isn't purchasable for this skill set from what I've seen. You obtain this skill "Absorb" through doing a side quest for a mage at Ulkarne to find a magic scroll stolen by monsters in Fire Dragon Mountain. Simply do his quest and he gives you a skill scroll as a reward.

Supreme Mighty Blow
Max out Mighty Blow skills

You have to max out all abilities on the Mighty Blow skill set for Dagda to obtain this trophy. There are 2 upgrades to each ability and several abilities that will become available for purchase in the Mage's Shop throughout the game. Simply buy and upgrade them all for the trophy.

Warrior Monk Adept
Max out Warrior Monk skills

You have to max out all abilities on the Warrior Monk skill set for Dagda to obtain this trophy. There are 2 upgrades to each ability and several abilities that will become available for purchase in the Mage's Shop throughout the game. Simply buy and upgrade them all for the trophy.

Impenetrable Chrome Heart
Max out Chrome Heart skills

You have to max out all abilities on the Chrome Heart Skill set for Dagda to obtain this trophy. There are 2 upgrades to each ability and several abilities that will become available for purchase in the Mage's Shop throughout the game. Simply buy and upgrade them all for the trophy.

Trickster Extraordinaire
Max out Trickster skills

You have to max out all abilities on the Trickster skill set for Selene to obtain this trophy. There are 2 upgrades to each ability and several abilities that will become available for purchase in the Mage's Shop throughout the game. Simply buy and upgrade them all for the trophy.

Lunar Shadow Eclipse
Max out Lunar Shadow skills

You have to max out all abilities on the Lunar Shadow skill set for Selene to obtain this trophy. There are 2 upgrades to each ability and several abilities that will become available for purchase in the Mage's Shop throughout the game. Simply buy and upgrade them all for the trophy.

Nosferatu Matriarch
Max out Nosferatu skills

You have to max out all abilities on the nosferatu skill set for Selene to obtain this trophy. There are 2 upgrades to each ability and several abilities that will become available for purchase in the Mage's Shop throughout the game. Simply buy and upgrade them all for the trophy.

Soul Harvester
Max out all skills

To obtain this trophy, you will have to unlock every skill set for the three characters and fully upgrade them all. This includes buying the unlocked extra abilities for each set as well. Not difficult as they all unlock for purchase throughout the story and become available as you level up and complete quests, just time consuming to obtain each and the skill points to upgrade. Completing many side quests, offer items such as medium and large Spirit Waters which give varying amounts of skill points. Keep this in mind so you don't have to grind fighting enemies as often. They also sell for a good price too if more interested in Gea than the skill points.
NOTE: Some skills may need to be unlocked such as in Negavantia skill set to upgrade them all. These will be unlocked doing side quests that you need to complete for the journal entries anyways so nothing extra, only makes you wait longer for all your trophies.

Vyashion Historian
Unlock all story entries and contents

For this trophy, you will have to unlock all the entries of the journal throughout your game. There are many of them that only come in side missions and quests, so kept his in mind as you near fighting Balor and getting closer to the end of the game. You do get to keep playing after completion of the game so you also have to complete Chapter Five first. Just look for the escort pilgrimage missions, or when people come talk to you asking for help in taverns, and definitely the Fugo missions.

Faces of Vyashion
Unlock all character entries

Throughout the game(and possibly before end of Chapter Four) you will unlock different characters' entries in the data menu to read and learn more about based on your decisions during the story. Mostly recounts what you've been through with each character you've met during travels. For the trophy, you simply need to unlock all the entries, but don't have to get every bit of information unlocked in each one. You will notice later that some have extra pictures and a check next to them. The check means that you have fully gotten their data and this is NOT necessary for the trophy, simply getting everyone started fulfills trophy requirements.

Bestiary Professor
Unlock all monster entries

Fully complete the bestiary list to receive this trophy. These will be unlocked as you kill each enemy throughout the game. Few amount of the enemies will only be encountered later on in the game so simply play the story and do side missions until you've unlocked them all.
NOTE: Balor is counted on the bestiary list so you will have to complete the battle against him at the end of the game in order to achieve this trophy. Also, the optional boss, The Dragon King is as well. So, keep these two in mind when trying to unlock all entries when you see two missing if you haven't completed this yet.

No Quest Too Small...
Complete over 70 quests

To obtain this trophy, simply complete over 70 Adventurer's Guild quests. You will eventually do this throughout the story to progress it anyways so no worries. Just complete them all from each town as you get them and will achieve this trophy in no time.

Out for Blood
Defeat over 3,000 enemies

Will acquire through normal playing of the game, but kill over 3,000 enemies to obtain the trophy.

Medal Madness
Gather over 100,000 medals

Alright, to achieve this trophy, you will have to gather over 100,000 medals, same as with the Gea you'll have to have it on your character all at once. You get to win medals after the Fugo jackwagons see that you've been completing their hunt missions and then invite you to their estate in Liberdam so that you can gamble. There, you'll be able to bet medals on games of Blackjack and Magic Chest. Simply either buy all your medals(best deal is 800 medals for 5,000 Gea O_O) OR win them gambling which later in the game you will be able to bet 500 medals at a time to make it a slight bit easier if you run out of coin.

Blackjack is simply, playing the normal game of blackjack. Whoever gets closer to 21 without going over, wins. This also involves two other trophies so keep that in mind as well.

Magic Chest is putting medals into a chest and then having to stop a meter on certain places to win amount shown. It would be like X2 and you'd win double what you wagered or X3 and win triple.. OR some red spots are X0.5 and you lose half your wager but game keeps rolling. You can go continuously winning more and more each time, but if you lose once, you lose everything.

Path to Glory
Achieve over level 30 with all characters

For this trophy, simply level up all three character to level 30. This will happen through normal playing of the game and probably, dependant on how many Arena missions you have completed and the Adventurer's Guild quests, will occur before completion of Chapter Two.

Warriors Unrivaled
Achieve level 99 with all characters

Fully max out level all three of your party characters throughout the game to achieve this trophy. Simply complete quests and anything else about to gain experience such as obtaining the titles. You will have to grind at a point later to get some things but always have the Arena to battle in and side quests to fulfill in the Adventure's Guild.

Rags to Riches
Possess over 100,000 gea

To obtain this trophy, you will have to have in your possession at least 100,000 Gea. This means have that amount all at once(like most games are doing now). Simply wait until later in the game and you will start finding more and more gea in larger amounts dropped from enemies and also find better gear to sell. Throughout playing the game, you will earn plenty of gea from completing quests Army missions. Note that the Arena gives you items, but COSTS to enter in so avoid spending alot of gea there if quickly trying to get the trophy for whatever reason. To help, simply equip items that grant more Gea dropped by enemies and better item drops as well. Also, don't waste money buying equipment or skills early on if you want to achieve this trophy as soon as possible. Just save up gea and sell everything you find. Some items don't have a purpose that you will find laying about as loot in areas so you can sell them, but often times, random quests will ask for various things so be wary of just selling whatever junk you happen across.

Five Card Charlie
Get a 5-card Charlie in blackjack

To obtain this trophy, you have to win a hand of blackjack by getting 5 cards and not busting, just like in real blackjack. This is merely luck based as there is no skill in making 5 cards come up OR anything you can do to help or hurt the chances. Simply play hands of blackjack until it happens. Look for drawing low cards at first such as Aces and 2's and just keep hitting until it occurs.

Blackjack Ace
Get a blackjack in blackjack

To obtain this trophy, you have to win a hand of blackjack by getting a blackjack. Simple enough, and same as with Five Card Charlie(though a more likely chance based than Five Cards) it's luck based and nothing to change this. Just keep playing hands until you get yourself a magnificent 10, Jack, Queen, or King and a wonderul Ace .

Arch Sword Apprentice
Obtain the Arch Sword soul

Story Related. You will obtain this trophy when the Arch Sword soul is unlocked within Areus. This if remember correctly is as you beat Reig in the Arena. You should mention something to Darqin about feeling different and the new soul will be unlocked.

Minimum Negavanitia
Obtain the Negavanitia soul

Story Related. You will obtain this trophy when the Negavanitia soul is unlocked within Areus. This occurs after Areus' family is murdered and he fights with his friends and goes off alone. You'll need to meet up with Darqin at a point and he'll tell you this similar thing happened to another trainee of his, but he failed in the quest. Tells you that you'll have to face something dark and sends you to the Holite Mines in a quest where you'll basically face off with a dark doppleganger form of yourself. Not difficult at all, just alot of running around. Soul is unlocked as you defeat.."yourself" . Afterwards, meet back with Darqin and go find your friends who'll be waiting in Rocen for you.

Warrior Monk Novice
Obtain the Warrior Monk soul

You will obtain this trophy when the Warrior Monk soul is unlocked within Dagda. This occurs when Dagda is met in a tavern by some guy talking of a giant with no match. Dagda ofcourse wants to face off with it and you have to do this mission alone. Simply complete this mission and the soul will be unlocked upon killing the Cyclops.
NOTE: This is a side mission and can be skipped.

Solid Chrome Heart
Obtain the Chrome Heart soul

Story Related. You will obtain this trophy when the Chrome Heart soul is unlocked within Dagda. This occurs when he finally decides to go into the town of Liberdam and meets with Darqin. They will face off in the Arena and once Dagda defeats him, the new soul skill will be unlocked.

Lunar Shadow Crescent
Obtain the Lunar Shadow soul

You will obtain this trophy when the Lunar Shadow soul is unlocked within Selene. This occurs when you accept a side mission from Eris Residence for the Queen to get word on Count Zegna and some assassination attempt. Selene will take off alone(similar to Areus finding Negavantia and Dagda finding Warrior Monk) and want to complete this quest, as she does not want her friends to know she's working for the Queen as a spy(not against them though, just secretly doing whatever ). Quest will involve killing two slug monster abominations and a bunch of soldiers under command of Count Zegna. After killing them, the new soul power will be unlocked as will your trophy be obtained.
NOTE: This is done in a side mission, so can be skipped.

Neophyte Nosferatu
Obtain the Nosferatu soul

Story Related. You will obtain this trophy when the Nosferatu soul is unlocked within Selene. This occurs when she runs off alone to take care of some stuff and people start talking about a Darkenith hunt in the mountains. When you go to help her, you find that she's found what she was searching for throughout random points in the game and when you first met her. After this point, the new soul skill will be unlocked.

No Stone Left Unturned
Travel to all dungeons and cities

Throughout the game, travel to every city and dungeon you cross or becomes available from doing the missions and quests and you will achieve this trophy. List of all places needed to be traveled to will be added in time.
NOTES: There are several places, that you will only be able to travel to after a certain point and when you accept specific side missions from talking in the Taverns and Adventurer's Guild areas. So keep that in mind after you nearly finish the game and trophy hasn't popped.
Will note this, the labyrinth does count in the dungeons AND you must go back to the castle of Balor in the final area for the trophy. You don't have to complete the labyrinth though, simply travel to it and leave. You can complete the game and do it later if needed, but those 2 definitely count.

Labyrinth Mastermind
Complete Leonique's Labyrinth

Complete the sidequest of Leonique's Labyrinth to obtain this trophy. You unlock the Leonique's Labyrinth by completing the side quest in the Underground Roads to find a monster in area four. It's a Gold Dragon and upon killing it, you receive a map leading to the Labyrinth. Complete the quest and you will gain access.

First off, it's 50 different floors you have to traverse to complete it. Each floor is a almost mirror copy of every other land you've been from The Cave of White Sands to the Charity Springs Forest to the Sea of Trees. Its separated into 5 sections of each zone and then the boss in each fifth area(Hence a boss in floor 5, floor 10, floor 15, floor 20, floor 25, etc until floor 50 the final area).

You can't save inside and you have no way of refilling your health when your party members die unless you use items that do this, so keep in mind. You can't leave either except by using a scroll of return as you can not go back to previous areas. IF you should get game over, it gives you option to continue and you'll be in the same area you just failed in and have to redo it. Once you leave the labyrinth, you will also have to start over from the 1st floor.

Now for the perks of the labyrinth. You will unlock a ton of great gear here and many unique items that boost leveling up, damage, defense, and everything else you could imagine. However, keep in mind that all the enemies are much harder than their original counterparts. If you go through the labyrinth to level up continuously, keep in mind, that questing will grant more experience faster than going through the maze over and over.

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