[top]Content Submission Guidelines

Before submitting any content to our site, we want to make sure our members read and understand the Content Submission Guidelines. If you have any questions, feel free to contact an Administrator to clear any confusion. If you accept our policy for submittting content, we'll be happy to use the content you submit on the site!

[top]General Guide Authorship Guidelines

The first step of becoming the author of a guide is to call the guide here - Trophy Guide Calling Thread - asking to write the guide for a game. Be sure to read the rules there as well before posting. When calling, we will need you to provide the trophy list of the game, in XMB order, with your request. The TGT member will reply to your request and if they approve it, they will create a skeleton for you to start working on your guide.
  1. After you have received the skeleton from a TGT member, you have one (PSN titles and DLC) or two weeks (full-list retail and VITA titles) to complete the guide.
  3. If you want to add or change sections, such as a header section for a weapons or characters for the game walkthrough, contact a TGT member for approval and assistance.
  4. On the face page of the wiki add your descriptions on how to receive the trophy, being sure to maintain profressional decorum. The better you structure your language and grammar, the easier it us for the TGT down the road.
  5. For hidden and/or story-based trophies, please try to keep spoilers to a minimum. If you feel it is necessary to the trophy in question that you provide a detailed walkthrough, be sure to warn readers and/or use the Spoiler code to hide your text.
  6. If you want a custom banner in the guide, you may ask another member or the TGT to provide one.
  7. Once you have added all of your information, let a TGT member know so we can review it for spelling and grammar mistakes.

[top]The Overview Section

Overviews are incredibly helpful to people browsing through guides to get an understanding of the basic information for a game's trophies and what to expect if they are to undertake the challenge of the games trophies. The TGT will include a default overview template when they make the guide for you, it is your responsibility to fill in the information completely and accurately.

[B]Players:[/B] ???
[B]Online Trophies:[/B] ???
[B]Cheat Codes Affect Trophies:[/B] ???
[B]Minimum Playthroughs:[/B] ???
[B]Collectible Trophies:[/B] ???
[B]Missable Trophies:[/B] ???
[B]Glitched Trophies:[/B] ???
[B]Special Equipment Required:[/B] ???
[B]Online Pass Required:[/B] ???

[top]All Trophies MUST be in XMB Order

When the trophies are listed in XMB order it will make it easier for searching for specific trophies. We will always try to do this for you, but occasionally we may mess it up. If you notice any missing or out-of-order trophies, let one of the TGT know so we can fix it for you. Please do not attempt to fix it yourself.
There are no exceptions to this rule!

[top]Guide Writing and You

In this section we will discuss how to make a high quality and informative guide.

[top]Formatting Section Headers

  • You may not alter the order of trophies without TGT consultation and assistance.
  • You may not add or change sections without TGT consultation and assistance.
  • You may not change the colors of section headers.
  • You may not add images to section headers.

[top]Formatting Trophy Titles

Below are the proper trophy colors to be used when referring to a trophy in the guide.
  • Bronze trophy = sienna
  • Silver trophy = gray
  • Gold trophy = goldenrod
  • Platinum trophy = mediumturquoise

[top]Use Proper English

Proper grammar and punctuation are key, and one of the biggest areas that will set your guide apart from the rest. No one likes reading through a jumbled mess with spelling mistakes galore, commas where periods should be, run-on sentences, et cetera. Spell check as you go, and also when you're finished writing the guide. Avoid the use of any profane language, unless it is a quote or in direct relation to a trophy and/or its description.

[top]Do NOT plagiarize

This will result in an instant Permanent Ban from Guide Writing! We do not allow guides to be plagiarized from other sources. If you would like to use part of a guide section from another source, then ask permission from the original author and properly cite it. You will be infracted for breaking this rule and your guide will be deleted.

[top]Add Search Tags

Always check your search tags for the guide! Some of us add a few basic ones for you, but you can add up to 25 tags. If you are playing games with a difficult trophy or collectibles, use the trophy name as a tag. This will greatly increase the number of views your guide gets as search engines will direct folks to your guide in particular. It will help you as well as the site!

[top]There is NEVER Too Much Information

Whenever you write a guide, always think of your guide as a tool for the biggest n00bs available to use. The more quality and specific information your can add to your guide, the more applicable it will be to members and the more traffic it will bring in. Don't think your guide is limited to our site only; if your guide is truly excellent, then people on other sites will link to it and reference it. You could be (internet) famous!

[top]Major or Minor Contribution?

Please don't abuse the system! The first time you put in any description, put Trophy Description in the editing reason box then press save to obtain a Wiki Contribution for a Major Edit. After that, ANY editing you do to that trophy including the images click on the box that says This Is A Minor Edit then click Save Changes. This helps TGT monitor whether or not you are contributing to the guide, and prevents widespread abuse of the editing system.

[top]Don't Be Lazy

This is self explanatory. Put all of your effort into a guide and be proud of your work. Remember, guides can be challenged if they are subpar, so the last thing you want is to put a bunch of time into it but do a half-assed job and have someone else challenge it. If they're successful your guide will be removed and all of your work will be lost. Do it right the first time, and don't let this happen.

[top]Update Occasionally

Remember, when you take on the responsibility of writing a guide, you agree to keep it more or less up-to-date and relevant. We don't expect you to follow all the news about that game and make updates every hours, but if patches make one of your trophy solutions obsolete, or if any of your photo/video links break, it's a good idea to fix it before it festers. If you let your guide go and it becomes filled with broken links and out-of-date trophy info, that makes an excellent case for someone who wants to challenge it.

Additionally, if someone else on the forums offers tips/suggestions/other insight, it's a good idea to include them in the guide. Sometimes there are multiple ways to achieve a trophy, and any/all tips are welcome o ensure that everyone has the easiest time possible with a game. Be sure to provide credit to any members who assist you like this; it's a common courtesy.

[top]Use Other Top-Notch Guides as Reference

There are a lot of exceptional guide writers on the site: DaveyHasselhoff, Yoo_Hoo_Sniper, Luckalicious, Ultradog177, Broken, and many more. If you are wondering how to do guides and need examples, go to the trophy guide section and look for some of theirs. If you want to see how other writers do it, learn from the best and emulate their work. Don't just open up a random guide; it's sad to say, but there are quite a few that are just waiting to be challenged anyway and would be poor examples for you to follow.

[top]How to Add Trophy Images

Step 1 - Click on the "Trophies" section at the top of the website and search for your game.

Step 2 - Find which image you would like to add then click right on the image and select "Copy Image URL" (This may vary depending on your browser)

Step 3 - On your trophy guide you will need to select "Edit" at the top of the guide and search for the trophy that you want to add the image to.

Step 4 - On the below example you will need to delete the text between [trophyimg] delete this bit [/trophyimg ]

Step 5 - Now paste the image URL in between the section [trophyimg] paste the url in here [/trophyimg ] where you just deleted the above text.

Step 6 - Repeat this for any outstanding images. Once done you will need to tick the "This is a minor edit" box and click "save changes".

[top]When You're Finished...

After all of the above steps are taken care of, and you are satisfied with your work, PM a TGT member and we'll look over your guide. We don't like having to do this multiple times, however - please try and make sure you've done your best work he first time so we only have to point out a few minor errors. If you get a reputation as someone who needs a lot of review and TGT input, it's not a good thing.

[top]Optional Additions

The below items are considered optional. Some people like to include them to give their guide a more professional look, but they are not mandatory. As long as you abide by the above points, you technically do not need to include any of the following:

Videos - Some trophies can be hard to put into words easily, and some people just prefer a different kind of guide (pro tip: use both text-based and video guides when applicable). In this case, you can opt to include a video clip to better explain things. YouTube is probably your best resource here. Make sure you use spoiler tags for the videos! This reduces lag, and makes your guide easier to navigate. Also remember to credit the creator of the video if it is not your own.

Extra Guides - For some larger games, like deep RPGs or lengthy action-based titles, it can be nice to include guides for some aspect of the game itself. These may or may not be related to the trophies themselves, but will help improve general gameplay for the reader. Examples include guides for the game's classes, weapons, enemy types, and/or game modes, as seen in the Borderlands 2 Trophy Guide, Mass Effect Trophy Guide, and DmC: Devil May Cry Trophy Guide. For help setting up any additional sections, please PM a member of the TGT.

Difficulty ratings - These will no longer be used within the trophy guide system.

Remember that we are grateful for your contribution! Without your submission, many people would be developing a headache with the pain of figuring out how to acquire particular trophies. If you have any questions about the standards guideline, just ask.

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