The Trophy Guide Calling Thread is for calling Trophy Guides ONLY! It is NOT a discussion thread to troll or air out grievances. If you have any comments or concerns, please either VM or PM a TGT member.

If you write a guide for and decide to copy & paste the guide to another site, your guide will be up for automatic challenging (no questions asked).

  • Please review the Trophy Guide Authorship Standards before calling a guide. If you're not up to the task, or unwilling to do what's expected, we'd rather you don't waste everyone's time.
  • You Must have 75 Posts in order to call a guide one month before the game releases, 50 Posts in order to call a guide for a game released recently, or 25 posts to call a guide for a game that has been out for some time (two months or more).
  • To write a guide for the TGT needs to make sure you actually have the game, therefore you must have a PSN ID linked to the site. Also, when turning the guide in the ID must be updated to show the game and a satisfactory amount of trophies earned for said game. This amount is at the discretion of the TGT.
  • For Remastered games, it is still necessary to own the remastered version of the game in order to write the guide for the remastered version. The TGT will check to be sure your linked PSN ID has earned trophies in the Remastered version. This is necessary when the trophy lists vary from the original to the remastered versions.
  • Only one active guide can be called at a time. You may reserve a guide while working on an active guide as long as the start date for the reserved guide doesn't interfere with the end date of the guide you are currently working on. (This privilege will be reserved for members who have proven that they can write quality guides and that haven't had prior difficulties with meeting their deadlines for guide writing. This privilege will be at the discretion of the TGT and can be revoked at any time).
  • You cannot call a non-Major guide that is more than 1 month away from its release date.
  • Regular guides have a two person maximum number of writers per guide and DLC/PSN-non-plat guides have a one writer per guide max.
  • Guides for retail games and select PSN games MUST be finished within two weeks of the time the wiki has been set up and placed in your name.
  • Guides for most PSN games and DLC MUST be finished within one week of the time the wiki has been set up and placed in your name.
  • If you drop a guide or opt not to do the guide for a game you called before the game is released OR within the two week time frame you will receive a warning or blacklisting (Decision on which type of punishment is appropriate is at the discretion of the TGT).
  • To call a guide you must post here in the Discussion section. Guide calls through PMs will be ignored.
  • Once a member of TGT accepts your call, you will be informed via PM or VM. It is than YOUR responsibility to PM the TGT member back with a complete list of the trophies for the game in XMB order with each trophy marked with its appropriate trophy value.
  • The Queue: When a Retail game is first available for calling at the one month mark it has an opportunity to enter the Queue. How this works, is if someone calls the game at the one month mark, it will enter the Queue. Now at this point, any other interested parties will have the opportunity to call the guide. If another person wishes to call the guide, they post here in the thread and we add their name. The Queue will only be open for 1 full day from the day a game becomes available at 12AM ET to 11:59 PM ET for that game. At the end of the day, the TGT will vote for the best guide writer for the game, making the game somewhat of a quasi major release. The Queue is only available for Retail games on the very first day they are available to call, anytime after the first day and all DLC and PSN games are still on a first to call method. This will help give everyone a fair shot, regardless of time zone.
  • When you are finished with your guide YOU MUST PM A TGT MEMBER FOR APPROVAL.
  • The TGT has full autonomy over guides on, and all decisions made will be completely at their discretion regardless of how these rules may be interpreted.
Major release titles may be called in advance, please see Here

- - - - - - - - - -

If you wish to call a guide, and have read the rules, please post your request in the DISCUSSION tab up top.
Please include the game title and release date.

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