Trophy Guide Challenging

*The same rules for calling a regular guide apply to guide challenging as well.*

Challenge Guides also have a 2 week due date

Challenge DLC Guides also have a 1 week due date

If you write a guide for and decide you want to copy paste the guide to another site, your guide will be up for automatic challenging with no questions asked.

[top]Steps to Challenging a Trophy Guide

  1. PM a member of the TGT with your request. Make sure to include what reason you have for challenging a guide.
  2. If the trophy guide being challenged is in the name of "Trophybot", step 4 will be skipped and the TGT will move straight to step 5
  3. The TGT will convene to decide if the guide needs to be challenged and if the challenger has the skills to write a better guide.
  4. The TGT will notify the original author their guide has been challenged, The original writer has 3 days to respond to the challenge PM of his intent with the guide. If the original guide writer chooses to cleanup their guide they will have 7 days from the original PM to do so.
  5. Await for the TGT to come to a decision on whether or not to allow the challenge to take place
  6. Once the TGT have decided to allow the guide to be written, a wiki will be made and put into the users name to start writing the guide.
  7. Once you finish the guide it will be your responsibility to let a member of TGT know so that they can take you off the list and put your challenge to a vote against the original.
  8. If the TGT decides your guide is the better of the two than it will become the official guide of the site.

[top]Rules to Guide Challenging

  1. You must have at least 50 posts on the site.
  2. You must have written a guide before and can provide an example of how well your work is.
  3. A guide cannot be challenged until it has been posted on the site for a couple of weeks so the TGT can see what kind of commotion the guide brings.
  4. You must have good reasoning for challenging a guide.
  5. The TGT would rather see a member try to get a hold of the author prior to making a challenge guide so please do so when possible.
  6. You MUST have at least 75% or more of the trophies in the game you wish to challenge the guide for.

[top]Guides Currently Being Challenged

  • None currently

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