Trophies: 9 3 1 0
Players: 1-2
Online Play: No
Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Recommended Controllers: 1 Move Controller Required
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None
Difficulty: 4/10
Estimated Time to 100%: 10+ Hours

[top]Tips & Strategies

All tips and strategies are encompassed within the guide.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

There are no known cheats, glitches or exploits to speak of. If you discover any, please do send me a message detailing them and I'll do my best to incorporate them into the guide.


Step 1: First Playthrough

Play through the game's fairly long campaign, using the walkthroughs here if need be. You should aim to get Lightning Fast, Getting Taller, Gold Dust, All The Glitters, Construction Complete, Master Blaster, Tucked in Tight, Having a Giraffe, Giant Red Wood and Out of the Park.

Step 2: Multiplayer

Don't worry, you don't need an extra Move controller or even another person to do these. Play through a multiplayer tournament to earn Victory is Yours, and try and build a 200cm tower in a multiplayer round for Working Together.

Step 3: Cleanup and Spam

Try for any trophies you missed in your first playthrough, and then replay "Towering Above the Rest" in Zone 4 to get a total build height of 500m for Reach for the Stars.


Lightning Fast
Build a 2m tower within 35 seconds

The best level to try and get this trophy on is "Towering Above the Rest" in Zone 4. Grab the blocks from the right and place them down quickly - you do not have to be too careful about creating a stable tower, as long as you keep the momentum up and don't be too ridiculous with your block placement it will stand long enough for you to get the trophy, even if it collapses shortly afterward. The timer seems to pause when you have to wait for the Bronze and Silver medals to unlock, which will give you pause for breath. When you get a block that isn't a cube, make sure to place it so that the largest face is on top - despite this not building your tower's height quite as fast, it will add to the stability of your tower and allow you to earn the trophy easier. The trophy will unlock as soon as you get to 200cm, assuming you have met the time requirement, so if you do not get the trophy when you reach 200cm, just restart the level from the pause menu and try again. As the blocks are randomly allocated anyway, there is inevitably some degree of trial and error involved.

Getting Taller
Build a 1m tower

On any Build High level, just place the objects one on top of each other so that the red outline below the shape is lined up with the object below. You can rotate the camera by holding the Move button, so you can see if your tower is stable in terms of depth as well as width. If you are not careful to place objects in line with the ones below, you risk your tower becoming unstable and collapsing, but it should not be hard to build to a height of 1 metre, and you will likely get this on the first level you play after the tutorial.

Gold Dust
Earn 5 Gold Medals

To get this trophy you must perform the requirement for a gold medal on five different levels. The easiest levels are found at the start of the game in the first zones you unlock. Be careful when attempting a gold medal in any level that isn't a destruction challenge, as once you have obtained a bronze or silver medal, if any blocks fall off the platform, the level will end and you will need to try again from the beginning to obtain a gold medal. Video walkthroughs for all levels can be found here.

All The Glitters
Earn 50 Gold Medals

There are a total of sixty nine levels in the single player game, but eleven of these don't have a gold medal, which means that you must get a gold medal on all but eight of the levels to get this trophy. Most of the levels aren't too difficult with practice, or if you're given good random blocks in certain levels, but if you're stuck and need a walkthrough (which is especially handy for the destruction and light challenge levels), walkthroughs for each level can be found here. The earlier levels are generally easier than the later ones, and if you really can't do a level you can always settle for a bronze medal and move on to a level, as you don't need to gold medal all fifty eight possible levels.

Construction Complete
Earn at least one medal on every level

This should not be too difficult, as the bronze medal requirement for most levels is pretty easy, and certainly manageable, but if you're struggling on any particular level, check the video walkthroughs here and you should be able to manage. It is recommended that even if you manage to get a bronze or silver medal on a level, you persevere until you have the gold medal, so you can get All The Glitters without having to replay significant portions of the single player game.

Master Blaster
Score 3000 points on a Limpet Mine challenge

Tucked in Tight
Fit 25 blocks on a platform in a Use Em All Challenge

A good level to try this on is "The Centrifuge", as the requirement of the gold medal is 25 blocks - the level will end on most of the early Use 'Em All challenges before you get a chance to put 25 blocks down. As the blocks given to you are random, if you are struggling with the blocks you currently have then restart the level. Before you get a bronze medal, you can throw the blocks on the floor, so you can theoretically spawn 9 or so blocks before you start placing them properly on the platform. There is a walkthrough of the level here here. Make sure to build a solid base for the tower, as it's incredibly frustrating when you get close to a gold medal but fail at the last few blocks.

Having a Giraffe
Total Build Height of 5m

Giant Red Wood
Total Build Height of 100m

Reach for the Stars
Total Build Height of 500m

Victory is Yours
Play a Multiplayer Tournament

Working Together
Build a 2m tower in Multiplayer Mode

Out of the Park
Blow a brick out of the arena in a Limpet Mine Challenge

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