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Pennywise, The Joker, Binky...these clowns have nothing on Sweet Tooth.


Players: 1-4 offline, 2-16 online
Online Trophies: Any Car Will Do , Point, Shoot, Kill , Another Level , A La Mode , Tradin' Paint , Fire In the Sky , Calypso , I H8 Poachers ,
All Sales Are Final , Right Place, Right Time
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: NA
Estimated Time to Platinum: 60-100 hours and you need to play for at least 30 days straight for All Sales Are Final
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 (but 3 is recommended)
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: Yes- TMA
Glitched Trophies:
Special Equipment Required: 2 controllers (but 4 makes it easier)
Online Pass Required: Yes

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • When on the verge of death, keep an eye out for the health semi. These are semis that drive all across the map, and allow you to use the ramp on the back to regain all of your health. These appear in an orange + on the mini-map.
  • Also keep an eye out for the health boxes. These are the blue cubes that restore increments of health at a time. They respawn after you use it (not immediately). These are blue + on the mini-map.
  • In races, be sure to pick the fastest car you have, to ensure that you will come out first. This way, all of the really powerful enemies are at the back of the pack, and you can speed through the course with weaker enemies.
  • In death matches, choose a vehicle that is well armored, with a high special attack (e.g. Sweet Tooth, Darkside, and Junkyard Dog). Of course, you will have your own playing style and this may not apply to you, so choose whichever vehicle you are most comfortable with.
  • Specials are generally very good and powerful weapons that regenerate. Use this to your advantage.
  • Missiles are always a good thing to have in a death match (mainly homing missiles and fire missiles). They lock-on to whatever you are aiming at and take down a fair amount of health.
  • Ramming enemies does a considerably large amount of damage if you are going fast enough. It is good to freeze the enemy with and back up enough to ram them.
  • Freezing is a great technique that allows you to overload the engine of the vehicle you are facing, making them vulnerable to anything.
  • When you are being chased, be sure to drop mines to damage the vehicle behind you. You can also press to shoot your current weapon backwards.
  • In rough spots, it may be a good idea to use your shield to protect you for a few seconds.
  • Garages are great to use when low in health, so you can switch to your next vehicle (using a garages sabotages your chances of earning TMA).


3 playthroughs are recommended but the game can be completed on 1 or 2. If you are feeling up to the challenge feel free to start on Twisted and try not to die or switch cars. If you would like a more appropriate challenge then follow the road map below.

Training-Complete training so you can learn the controls of the game. This will unlock Blah, Blah, Blah, Gimme the trophy

1st Playthrough-Normal-For this playthrough you are just learning how the game works. Figure out which cars work best for you and get a feel for the levels to help you on upcoming playthroughs. Since you are not worrying about TMA you can use the garages to switch up cars if you are about to die. Finally do not skip the credits to earn some more trophies.
  • ...and I thank you for playing Twisted Metal.
  • The One That Got Away
  • Watch Me Shine!
  • Grimm's Dark Trip Back
  • So much anger...
  • You think this game made itself?

  • Am I not merciful?
  • Make up Your Mind
  • We buy gold!
  • Because I Care
  • Birth Control
  • Racing? In a Twisted Metal game?!

2nd Playthrough-Normal-Now that you have learned the game you can try to beat it without dying or using a garage. If you are about to lose a match exit to the XMB so it doesn't effect you. After finishing this playthrough you will have earned TMA

Partial Playthrough-Hard-You need to get to level 3 in Sweet Tooth's story to get Grace Under Fire . You can keep playing for practice or you can just skip to Twisted difficulty.

3rd Playthrough-Twisted-Now the game really begins. Twisted is insane but hopefully with two previous playthroughs you are ready for the challenge. After beating Twisted you will earn Truly Twisted then you still need to go back and replay levels to earn gold in each one to get Twisted Gold

Endurance-Setup a 1 vs 1 match and destroy 50 opponents to earn Tantric Twisted .

Online-Now enter in your Online Pass and use your skills against human players. You can go for these at any time so if you need to take a break from the game, head online and start knocking some of these out. You need to win 10 matches on every level and 10 games with every car, plus you need to win once every day for 30 days so it is best to starting working on these right away. If you need help please consult the boosting thread
  • Tradin' Paint
  • Fire in the Sky
  • Calypso
  • I h8 poachers
  • All sales are final
  • Right Place, Right Time
  • Another Level
  • A La Mode
  • Point, Shoot, Kill
  • Any Car Will Do

Clean Up-You may have earned some of these by going through the single player and getting all the online trophies, but if not it is time to start playing offline or creating a boosting match. These are all very easy to get but they do require some setup. Check the trophy descriptions for how to setup the conditions to earn these trophies.
  • The most dangerous game
  • Cookie Party
  • Old School
  • Twofer
  • 60 to 0
  • He's not heavy
  • That. Just. Happened.
  • Medic!
  • Up, Up and Away
  • In your Face
  • Remote Nuke

Enjoy your


I Am Sweet Tooth
All Trophies.

Your wish has been granted. Enjoy your new

Complete Story mode without dying or switching cars in the garage.

This trophy requires you to beat story mode without dieing or changing cars. If you are about to die, exit to the XMB so the game doesn't autosave. If the game saves after you die YOU WILL NOT GET THE TROPHY AND WILL HAVE TO START AGAIN. Below is a list of what you should use and take note of in each event:

Sweet Tooth Campaign

Toggle Spoiler

Mr. Grimm Campaign

Toggle Spoiler

Doll Face Campaign

Toggle Spoiler

Point, Shoot, Kill
Kill 100 enemies with every missile during Ranked games.

You will need kills with each missile. There are 5, the Homing Missile, Fire, Swarmer, Power, and Stalker. You can view your progress in the statistics page, under weapons. To make this clear, you will need 500 kills in total. You will most likely get 100 or around 100 with the Homing and Fire Missiles, since you respawn with 2 of each. If you are going for this trophy specifically, try to find the different missiles and focus on one missile at a time. Use the boosting thread for help, and you and some partners can grind this trophy together.

Any car will do
Earn 50 Kills with Each Vehicle in Online Ranked Games.

You are required to earn 50 kills with every vehicle unlockable in multiplayer. You need 50 kills with the following list; Sweet Tooth, Darkside, Vermin, Meat Wagon, Outlaw, Junkyard Dog, Juggernaut, Roadboat, Shadow, Crimson Fury, Kamikaze, Talon, Reaper, Roadkill, Death Warrent, and Warthog. Warthog is unlocked by beating the story mode on Twisted difficulty with gold medals on each level. So this will most likely be one of the last trophies you get.

The rest of the cars are unlocked by leveling up and getting unlock points, which you can use to unlock the cars, specials, and more. You can check your progress with each car in the statistics page, under Cars. Use the boosting thread for help.

Tantric Twisted
Reach 50 cars killed by yourself in Endurance mode.

Go to One-Player, Challenge, and select the following options.
Game OptionsOne vs. One Endurance
Map Select Diesel City
Map Variation Skid Row (S)
Difficulty Normal
Use Health Semi Yes

Select Darkside due to his armor and the fact that his special is a Turbo Charge. This map has a lot of tight corners which makes it hard for your opponent to get a bead on you. Just keep circling around the buildings picking up weapons and once you have accumulated a nice arsenal unload on your opponent. Try to freeze them with and then use your special attack to do 50-70 damage (hold to do more damage). Due to your strong armor and the fact that only small cars spawn you shouldn't ever need life, but if you do the Health Truck is just circling around the area (even if you don't really need health though, use the Health Truck so your opponent doesn't).

This takes about an hour so make sure you set aside some playing time before going for this.

Twisted Gold
Earn a gold medal in every campaign event and boss fight on Twisted difficulty.

See Truly Twisted for general tips on completing Twisted. In order to actually get a gold medal, you need to complete the event within a certain time limit. Below is a list of the times for each event:

Sweet Tooth Campaign

Event #1- 7:12
Event #2- 4:48
Event #3- 7:12
Event #4- 7:12
Event #5- 4:48
Event #6- 7:12

Grimm Campaign

Event #1- 7:12
Event #2- 7:12
Event #3- 7:12
Event #4- 7:12
Event #5- 5:24
Event #6- 10:48

Dollface Campaign

Event #1- 7:12
Event #2- 7:12
Event #3- 7:12
Event #4- 7:12
Event #5- 10:48
Event #6- 14:24

Racing? In a Twisted Metal game?!
Don't miss any gates and win the battle in Race #2, one player only.

Race 2 is in Mr. Grimm's story. and the best vehicle to use is Kamikaze. You only have to place in the top 4 for this to unlock. When the race starts, use your Turbo to get ahead of the opponents. Crimson Fury should be faster than you, so try and take him down as soon as possible. Use the Special (Flamethrower) and hold down when shooting at him. Then just unload your missiles and he should be defeated.

Now, you have to pay attention to the gates. Lay off the Turbo for the rest of the way, maybe using it in little spurts in sections. Take it slow in the hill region, because if you are fast you may overshoot a gate. From the hills you will get into the theater. Go a little slower when going up the bend at the end of the theater when going to the roof. Once you are off the roof it is pretty straight forward, and eventually you will enter a football stadium. Once in there just kill the rest of the opponents to earn this trophy.

Truly Twisted
Complete the Story mode on Twisted Difficulty.

Use Juggernaut for almost every event. For races, use Crimson Fury. Juggernaut takes a lot of damage, and when he rams, it causes 50+ damage a time. His special is also very good, but it can damage you quite a bit if you aren't careful. Beat the game on Twisted first, and then go for the golds on each level.

Remote Nuke
Kill 3 players with a single remote bomb.

There are two ways of getting this trophy.

1. If you have 4 controllers set up a 4 player split-screen Death Match and set Single Weapon to Yes and Weapon Type to Remote Bomb. Now just keep attacking players 2-4 until their health is almost gone (use the ram attack to bring their health down to almost nothing) and then bring all three players together and try to set them up in a square formation (two cars next to each other and the other one perpendicular to them). Make sure they are as close together as possible and then have player 1 fire a remote bomb into the middle of the pack. Once you hit and all three cars will blow up.

2. Create an online game and use the boosting thread to organize a party and that way the 4 of you can go for this trophy together. Use the same method as above and just have one player find the remote mines and the other players bring their health down.

Another Level
Win 10 Ranked games in each map. Map size does not matter.

You need to win 10 ranked games in each map. That means you must win 10 games in Blackrock Stadium, Metro Square, L.A. Skyline, Sunsprings CA, Diesel City, Diablo Pass, Watkyn's Harbor, and Thrills and Spills Park. This may come naturally but it is easier to set up matches using the boosting thread.

Try to go for this while obtaining A la Mode.

A la Mode
Win 10 Ranked games in each game type.

You need to win 10 ranked games in Nuke, Hunted, Last Man Standing, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Team Hunted, and Team Last Man Standing. This may come naturally by just playing the different game modes, but it is easier to set up a match using the boosting thread. You can track your wins in your statistics page, under Multiplayer>Profile>Statistics.

We buy gold!
Earn a gold medal on every campaign event in any difficulty mode including co-op.

Get this while going for Twisted Gold so you don't have to get a gold medal in every event twice. See Twisted Gold to see the times needed for a gold medal.

...and I thank you for playing Twisted Metal.
Complete the Story mode on any difficulty.

Follow the steps given in The One That Got Away , Watch Me Shine and Grimm's Dark Trip Back to earn this trophy.

Make sure not to skip the credits to earn So Much Anger...

Make up your mind
Use the garage 25 times.

Garages are indicated by a Green Wrench and will allow you to switch between your three cars. You could get this naturally as you play through the game (switching out your car whenever you need health) but if you want you can just keep driving into the same garage 25 times in a row to unlock this on the first level.

Going into a garage though will prevent you from obtaining TMA

The One That Got Away
Complete the Sweet Tooth story on any difficulty.

There are 6 levels total in Sweet Tooth's campaign and once you complete them all you will unlock this trophy. These tips are for your first time through so they don't include any of the unlocked weapons or cars you will have on sequential playthroughs.

1. Sunsprings, CA-This is a regular Death Match where you have to kill 6 opponents. Just keep driving around using to shoot your machine guns at opponents and using to fire your primary weapons. If you are about to die make sure to change out at the Garage (this will cancel out TMA )

2. Killosseum-This is the same as Sunsprings but now there are environmental hazards. You can trigger these by hitting the switches and this wall cause the floor to become electric.

3. Metro Square-Once again you just need to kill all your opponents. This time though you are in a cage that keeps moving. Once the cage moves you have to hurry over to the new one because you are only given 60 seconds grace period before your health starts deteriorating.

4. Watkyn's Harbor-The new twist added here is you have a Juggernaut driving around spawning new enemies. Take out the Juggernaut first so you don't have to worry about more opponents, then concentrate on clearing the rest of them out (see Birth Control for more detail.

5. Diablo Pass-This is your first racing level. You don't have to worry about killing anyone because that will happen when you reach the finish line and blow everyone up. Pick Kamikaze (due to the speed) and just drive as fast as you can to get in front of everyone (if you take anyone on in a firefight you will probably lose). If anyone does get in front of you simply unload your arsenal of weapons on them to send them backwards.

6. The Brothers Grimm-The boss of Sweet Tooth's campaign is two giant pickup trucks driven by two Skulls. There are 3 health pickups throughout the level so use those as needed. There are 3 stages to the boss fight.

1st stage-Concentrate all firepower on one truck (you only need to take out one to proceed to the next part). Press to freeze the truck, get some distance then u-turn with and drive backwards while holding down and unloading your arsenal with .

2nd stage-Once the first truck dies a cut scene will happen (if you die this is where you will start). What you need to do here is get underneath the truck and stay there until the counter gets to 100%. After that hightail it out of there and stay away from the truck until the other Clown can plant the c-4. Then continue to stay away until you are given the option to blow that truck up.

3rd stage-Once the armor is off the truck use the same strategy as before and just unload on the truck. It is easier now because there is only one of them and it won't be long until you get to see what Sweet Tooth's wish is.

Watch Me Shine!
Complete the Doll Face story on any difficulty.

There are 6 levels total in Mr. Grimm's campaign and once you complete them all you will unlock this trophy. These tips are for your first time through so they don't include any of the unlocked weapons or cars you will have on sequential playthroughs.

1. Black Rock Stadium - Another Endurance Battle but this time there are a lot more hazards to worry about. Pick the newly earned Darkside to take care of your enemies (due to his incredible armour and his special attack that allows you to power-ram your opponents). Try to stay on the lower level where there is a good array of weapons and you won't have to worry about falling in any of the traps.

2. Ghost Town Gulch (Diablo Pass)-If you thought Juggernauts were bad, now you have two kill two more, and they are mean, and they are fittingly called Mean Juggernauts. For this you are going to want to use a strong vehicle (Sweet Tooth, Junkyard Dog, Outlaw, etc.) and Talon. Talon's special deals out a lot of damage. Only go for a Juggernaut when it isn't near the second, so you don't take a high level of damage. Once the first is killed, go and find a health box (there is one in the gas station and one on an overpass type rock formation). Then aim all of your fire on the second Juggernaut. When it is dead, it is a straight-up death match.

3. LA Skyline-Your job here is to meet the kill goal by killing the respawning enemies. You should be fairly used to endurance battles by now so this shouldn't be a sweat.

4. Metro Square-Choose a vehicle with a lot of armour that you are comfortable with. There will be many enemies, so try to kill them efficiently. Again, nothing too hard, just pay attention to your health and grab some when need be.

5. Diesel City-This is a checkpoint race. You must go through the checkpoints before moving on. Use Crimson Fury for this as he is very fast (Kamikaze would work just as well). Just keep following the checkpoints around Diesel City and drive to the health semi to detonate the bombs and win the race.

6. Sweet Tooth's Carnival Of Carnage-Here is when the fun begins. This boss features Sweet Tooth's loyal followers, driving a giant carnival ride dedicated to finding their king and ensuring that Sweet Tooth is still alive.

1st Stage-First off, Shadow and Meat Wagon are the two best vehicles for this boss. For this stage, you need to focus on the big head that shoots flames. Shoot your special and try to get a direct impact to bring the health down a great amount. If you need any type of pickups, there are 6 that change under each of the wheels. Once the head is destroyed, drive up to it and enter Stage 2.

2nd Stage-Now, you need to hit the target in the middle of the room to make a cannon shoot out a bomb-wielding clown. Get the clown on the hood of your car, and drive up the ramps in the front and hit the clown face. Do this 3 times to advance. Notice that there are health boxes. Smash into the blue boxes to make the bumpers give health.

3rd Stage-This is a trap-like stage where you just need to make it to the end without dying. Sounds easy right? Wrong, there are various traps that will make you break your controller in this stage. Avoid the bouncing spike balls to the best of your ability, and use the turbo to get through the saws and axes. Take it slow when you get to the pendulum spike balls. Once you get to the end you will enter a Talon and be on the last stage of this boss.

4th Stage-You are now in a Talon, fighting a hideous mechanic clown. Notice that there are Sweet Bots flying around. Destroy one, and use your alternate special to pick it up. Fly to the top of the head, and press + to release it and drop it on the head. Do this 5 times to destroy it. There are quite a bit of health boxes floating around (literally) so pay attention to that. When this boss is defeated the final cutscene plays and you have beaten the game.

Grimm's Dark Trip Back
Complete the Grimm story on any difficulty.

There are 6 levels total in Mr. Grimm's campaign and once you complete them all you will unlock this trophy. These tips are for your first time through so they don't include any of the unlocked weapons or cars you will have on sequential playthroughs.

1. Diesel City-Now you have to worry about 2 Juggernauts spawning enemies. Use the newly acquired Talon to make short work of these beasts. Since you are in the air you won't be hit by Juggernaut's special and you can use your special to do major damage on Juggernaut's front.

2. Grindhouse - Use vehicles like Outlaw or Sweet Tooth to make short work of your opponents. This is another Death Match so watch your health and switch out at the garage if you are nearing death.

3. Thrills and Spills Park - Another Cage Match. There is a lot of health spread around this level so you shouldn't have a problem staying alive. Pick strong vehicles like Outlaw and Sweet Tooth and always make sure your boost is full so you can get from one cage to the next.

4. Watkyn's Harbor - Your first endurance match. You need to beat 8 opponents before they kill you (a new enemy will spawn when someone is destroyed). Pick strong vehicles again and keep following and pounding on an enemy till you destroy it. Try to chase enemies into the underground area where it is a deadend so you don't have to worry about them escaping on you.

5. Sunsprings, CA-Follow the directions given in Racing? In a Twisted Metal Game?! for directions on how to win and earn the trophy as well.

6. Dead Man's Crossing - This is the boss battle against Doll Face.

1st Stage - You need to destroy the faction leader twice (red car) and drag her back to the grinder to fire off a nuke. Try to take out the other opponents as well because they will attack you while you wait to sacrifice the leader (it takes about a minute to sacrifice). While Sacrificing hide behind the grinder and time your shield correctly to avoid taking damage from the missiles. Now aim the nuke at Doll Face and make sure you steer it so you avoid all of the incoming fire.

2nd Stage-Now you will be in a cage match with Doll Face. Just stay in the cage and keep firing missiles at her. Her health isn't the greatest and there are more than enough powerups around to just lay waste to her.

3rd Stage-Alright as soon as she goes down drive to end of the street and pick up the health and powerups and prepare to finally take this doll down. Dollface is now just a Face (well floating head to be exact). You should have found more than enough firepower to simply unload on her and watch her die. Once she goes down for the last time watch the final cut scene and see a son reunited with his father.

The most dangerous game
Be The Hunted/Stay the Hunted- in ranked, unranked, or split screen local-HUNTED GAME MODE for at least 4 minutes.

Connect a second controller and go to Multiplayer, LAN. Change the game mode to Hunted and start the match. Then, just put your controller(s) down and wait 4 minutes to unlock this trophy.

You can also find a partner in the boosting thread and set up a Hunted match and once again just don't do anything.

Cookie Party
Kill 3 enemies in a single game using drop mines.

To drop a mine press on the d-pad.

There are 3 ways to get this trophy.

1. You can get this normally through playing the game. When you notice one of the opposition is low on health drop a mine and hope they run over it. You have to kill 3 enemies in the same level for this to count.

2. If you have a second controller start a Multiplayer Split-Screen Match and damage the second player until his health is almost gone, then drop a mine and have him run over it. Do this three times to unlock the trophy.

3. Use the boosting thread and have you and your partner rinse and repeat step 2.

Old School
Play a 2,3,4 player split screen local game.

Go to Multiplayer and either have a second controller or a second player with you. Select Offline Split-screen and just start up the game and the trophy will pop shortly after.

Blah, Blah, Blah, Gimme the trophy
Play and finish the "Live Training" tutorial mode.

In Singleplayer, go to Training and select "Live Training". After completing all the instructions the trophy will unlock.

Kill two enemies with a single rat rocket.

This is best done in multiplayer. To use the Rat Rocket you must select the Vermin Truck and use his Special Attack.

There are 2 ways of getting this trophy.

1. If you have 3 controllers set up a Multiplayer 3 person Split-Screen and give player 1 the specified truck. Set Single Weapon to Yes and Weapon Type to Vehicle Special. Attack players 2+3 until their health is very low and have them park next to each other. Then press on player 1's controller to activate the Rat Rocket. Once you fire the rocket you will have to control where it goes, so fly it between your two opponents to blow them both up.

2. Create a 3 person online match using the boosting thread. Once again pick the specified truck and do the same thing as scenario 1.

60 to 0
Kill a player with full health in one shot.

There are two ways to get this trophy.

1. If you have a second controller go to Split Screen and set Single Weapon to Yes and Weapon Type to Sniper Reticle Missle. Now simply pick up a weapon and find player 2. Once he is in your sites press . Wait for the reticle to load fully (your crosshair will get really big), and then press again. This is a one hit kill and will net you a new trophy.

2. Find a partner in the boosting thread and create a game on a small map. Find the Sniper Rifle and use the same method to get the trophy.

He's not heavy
As Talon, pick up teammate (ranked, unranked, split screen, campaign co-op).

Talon is the name of the helicopter. To earn this trophy you have to go to your Special weapon and press . Position Talon over top of your teammate and then lower yourself till your magnet grabs the car. Now simply lift off and you will now be towing him along. To make this easy you can either set up either a Team Death Match online (using the boosting thread) or if you have 4 controllers a 4 player Split-Screen Team Death Match.

So much anger...
Discover the secret of Sophie Kane.

Once you beat the game, the final cutscene will play, followed by credits. Once the first portion of the credits are over, an epilogue plays. After it finishes another set of credits will role, followed by yet another epilogue video. Once you watch the second epilogue video this trophy will unlock.

*Note: This trophy is partially missable, if you skip the credits after the first epilogue video (or anytime after you beat the last boss) you must beat the game again to watch the second epilogue video.

Because I care
Complete a campaign game without hitting a single pedestrian.

There are two places that are great to get this.

First in Sweet Tooth's campaign Killosseum is a huge battle arena with very little civilians running around. Just don't crash into the stands and you should be fine.

Second also in Sweet Tooth's campaign Diablo Pass has no civilians running around. Just once again don't smash into any buildings and you shouldn't have any problems.

Birth Control
Defeat the semi before a single enemy is spawned in Juggernaut DM - Watkyn's Harbor.

When you are introduced to the Juggernaut, Calypso tells you how to effectively damage him. Don't worry about the other opponents, just focus on the Juggernaut.

Get in front of him and hold to spin around. When you are facing him, unload everything on the grill. After that, just keep held down while facing him and shoot your specials to take him down.

Tradin' Paint
Ram 5 players to death in a single online game.

Set up a match using the boosting thread and just make sure each of your kills end in a ram.

If you have 2 controllers you can set a split-screen online match and do this against yourself (you will need 2 PSN accounts for this).

Am I not merciful?
Kill 100 flaming gunners and/or drivers in campaign mode.

You will see flaming gunners/drivers upon killing another contestant in the campaign. These are people running around on fire, after you kill the opponent, and they will have a symbol above their heads representing what you will get if you run them over. These are actually helpful at times and can give you extra health or a random weapon. When you kill one, the announcer will tell you that you have just killed a driver/gunner and have been rewarded.

This may unlock naturally for some if you are aware of these bonuses. If you play extra playthroughs for Truly Twisted and TMA then this will most likely be unlocked without trying too much. If not just keep replaying some of the later levels (with more opponents) and farm this trophy.

Fire in the sky
Shoot down an enemy missile 1 time in a ranked game of NUKE.

When you are on the defensive side in a ranked game of Nuke, play as Outlaw, and roam the map looking for Homing Missiles and Fire Missiles. When you have a lot (preferably 4 of each), find a good place to camp until the enemies sacrifice a faction leader. Once the leader has been sacrificed, unload your missiles on the nuke, use the right analog stick to aim. If you run out of missiles then use your Special. Hopefully you have teammates that will help attack the nuke, just make sure you land the killing hit on it. Once it blows up the trophy will unlock.

Watkyn's Harbor is a good level to try this on as the sides of the map are good places to camp.

That. Just. Happened.
Kill yourself with a freeze cheap shot in ranked DM or LMS, or in any unranked or offline play.

A Cheap Shot can be done one of two ways. Either by pressing on the d-pad or by using Kamikaze's special (you have to hold down and then press this will charge up a Cheap Shot).

The easiest way to do this is in 2 Player Offline Split-Screen or by setting up an online game using the boosting thread. Select Kamikaze and have your opponent damage you until you are almost out of life. Then fire your special at them and once they are frozen press to fire another cheap shot. This should reflect back onto you causing you to become frozen and take some damage.

Depending on how much life you have left this could take a couple tries so just keeping firing Cheap Shots until you kill yourself.

Achieve the Highest Online Rank

The highest rank online is level 30 and it takes 99, 000 experience to get there. When you are playing a ranked match, you will earn experience points to level up. You will most likely get this when going for the rest of the online trophies, and you will need to get to level 30 to unlock all of the vehicles (excluding Warthog, which has to be unlocked by getting gold medals in each event on twisted).

Team Deathmatch gets you a lot of experience points per round, as well as normal Deathmatch. You will need 10 wins in each game type for A la Mode but when you get it, just play the Deathmatch game types for lots of experience (Of course, this is personal preference, so play whatever you feel comfortable with and are good at). I recommend Team Deathmatch just for the fact that you get 25 experience for Damage Bonuses as well as 25 for kills. So if you are good, you can get around 500+ experience a match.

When you level up, you are given Tier Unlock Points. You use these to unlock various things like vehicles, upgrades, and skin packs. There are 3 Tiers, and once you unlock each unlockable item in a Tier, you then can get Tier 2 unlocks for slightly better upgrades. And so on for Tier 3 (when you have a Tier 3 point, get Juggernaut without a doubt so you and partners can wreck online with a driver and gunners).

When you unlock vehicles, you should try to get 50 kills with it, as well as whatever other vehicle you have that doesn't have 50 kills yet for Any Car Will Do and you will find some vehicles that you really like, so when you have the aforementioned trophy, use the vehicles you like in order to level up quickly.

You think this game made itself?
Watch the credits, start to finish

In Options, go to Movies and at the bottom of the list will be the credits. Just select the credits, put the controller down and pay tribute to all the men and women who worked hard to give you this great game

I h8 poachers
Finish a ranked game with the most damage done and fewest kills overall

When you are in the match, drive around the map with a fast vehicle, and use the mounted guns or sub-machine gun. Keep held. When you are close to killing a player, drive away and pick on other people. You are not aiming for kills, they can jeopardize this trophy, because you need the least amount of kills, and the most damage done. You can check your stats by pressing . Specials are good to get a higher damage, but stay away from people with low health.

An alternate method would be to use the boosting thread and shoot everyone and not kill them. Make sure the only damage your partners do is in finishing off a kill and this trophy will be yours.

Heal a teammate.

You need to use Junkyard Dog's special to heal a teammate.

While this can be done during teamplay in single player, to make it easy use the boosting thread to set up a Team Deathmatch or if you have 4 controllers you can set up a 4 Player Split-Screen Team Deathmatch.

Have one of your opponents damage your teammate then switch over to your special and press . Now launch the Health Bomb and press and to detonate. If your teammate is in the blast radius he will now be healed and you will have a new trophy.

Grace Under Fire
Beat Metro Square Electric Cage on HARD MODE with 5 SECONDS LEFT in your GRACE PERIOD meter. Cooperative Story is allowed.

Start a playthrough on hard and get to the third level. Use Juggernaut and Talon for his trophy. Use Juggernaut to damage and/or kill some opponents. Switch to Talon by the time the cage is in the ice rink. By then, there should be around 4 enemies left. Use Talon's special to damage them a lot, try to kill all but one. When one is left, and a cage is up, you can leave the cage until you have 5 seconds left on the grace period meter and re-enter the cage to finish off the last guy.

All sales are final
Win at least 1 Ranked Online game per day for 30 straight days

Changing the PS3 time may not work as the server can track the dates. Now, this trophy is actually very simple, just time consuming. You are required to just win one ranked game a day for 30 days. You can win more than one, and lose as many as you want a day. All that matters is that you at least win one game. Play whatever game mode you feel comfortable with.

If you want to make it easier, set up a couple matches a day for 30 days using the boosting thread.

Right Place, Right Time
Kill a player less than 5 seconds after you respawn, in an online game

When in a match, pick a player that will be your victim. Damage him a great amount, but let him kill you. Now, when you respawn, go back to where you last fought him (hopefully it is close) and easily kill him.

An alternate method would be to use the boosting thread to set up a controlled match, using the same kill method above.

Up, Up and Away
Launch a Nuke

Go to Multiplayer or Quick Start Multiplayer. Select a Nuke game (or Objective Game in Quick Start) and try to capture the enemies leader when you are on the offending side. Drag him to your team's sacrificing spot to throw the leader into the grinder, thus launching the rocket. Try to aim for the statue to earn In Your Face at the same time.

In your Face
Hit a statue with a Nuke.

Follow the same steps as Up, Up and Away and then aim the nuke at the statue.

[top]Special Thanks

We would like to extend our thanks to a couple people who helped make this guide possible.

-antoniosbandana for setting up the guide and the Official Boosting Thread.

-omnislash for providing numerous hints and tricks to obtaining the trophies and for being willing to boost online.

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