Trophy Difficulty: 8/10
Approx. Time for Completion: 30+ hours
Trophy Kind: 20-offline/ 11-online
Playthroughs Needed: 5 (1 career per weight class)
Hidden Trophies: 5


Explore a deep roster of more than 80 top names in UFC competition across five weight classes and enter the Octagon surrounded by the sport and witness popular commentators, announcers, referees, trainers, Octagon girls and more. Experience the world of UFC as it appears on television with photo realistic fighters who breathe, sweat and move like their real-life counterparts. Players will also view amazing ripple effects across the faces and bodies of their fighters from the impact of devastating punches and kicks. Gain the upper hand in match ups with a brand new fighting game engine designed specifically for next generation systems. Emphasis on innovative, responsive and easy-to-play controls will give players unparalleled command of their fighters in the Octagon. Take down opponents and get the submission with a variety of mixed martial arts disciplines, including Judo, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Kickboxing, Boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Jumpstart the career of a future champion by customizing your fighter?s physical appearance, learning new fighting techniques to use in the Octagon and managing the training process through attributes such as strength and cardiovascular health. Develop attributes, perfect moves and fight for entry into the UFC Hall of Fame.

[top]Tips and Strategies

Very Important [/SIZE]

The first thing you can do to help yourself out if you're having troubles is lower the difficulty. Go into "Options" and under game play options you can set the difficulty to beginner. Also under the same menu you'll want to make sure a few options are turned on. They are interval replays, clock display, stamina display, and visible damage. You'll want replays on so you can try and earn one of the hidden trophies. Clock display will of course let you know the remaining time in a round and help you plan your next move. Stamina display and visible damage are a huge part of knowing what to do next. Leave this on so you can see how the visible damage matches the stamina bar. This will let you know when and where to attack and help you set up the submissions.

Under the "Tutorial" mode, there is an option called "Practice." I highly suggest going into there and messing around for a good period of time. It will display the buttons you push so you can see what actions result from it as well as it shows the amount of damage you are inflicting. You can press to go into a sub menu to change things around and really learn what you are doing. This is the perfect place to try out all grappling and striking disciplines so you know which one you will prefer.

When going through a career, do every single camp that you can. These camps will teach you the ins and outs of your striking and grappling choices. There's non harder or easier than the other per say but they are all full of information that could mean the difference between you picking up a bonus check or your teeth. Do not waste your time with special events like autographs or appearances or any other BS Dana throws at you. Just decline all of them as well as all the short notice fights he brings to you. The most important thing (just like in real life) is to be on a schedule and not mess it up. Focus on training, sparing, and camps. That's it! Don't worry about the CRD that you would get from these other events. You will get all you need from putting logos on your trunks. You can put the same logo on there in every slot and it will count each as separate CRD. So just find the one that gives you the most and put that same one in all the slots. The best thing to do is to go to the same camp 5 times in a row and you'll get there logo and it's worth 80 CRD. Place it on there in all 10 slots and that's 800 CRD per fight just for your trunks.

Blocking, reversals, and transitions are all performed using and practice makes perfect with these. More than anything you need to learn transitions. I can sit here and tell you how to do it all day and that won't get you anything. You just have to play the game and learn from tutorials and camps from career mode. With that being said, some quick tips i can give here will get you started. To block a fighter from doing a transition you will need to hold either left or right. A reversal requires perfect timing and is different depending on your grappling style as well as the person your are fighting. Simply flick left or right at just the right time while the other fighter is doing a transition and you will reverse them and end up in a good position. And as far as transitions's all about rotating in the right pattern. These will be learned from the camps in career. I can not stress enough how important they are if you really want to learn the game.

There is no such thing as a "Well Rounded" fighter when it comes to you creating one. If you try to build all of your stats up then you will leave yourself wide open to get smashed. You need to focus on a couple of main areas and go from there. So don't try to make a fighter who is good at striking and submissions. You need to make a fighter who is ok at one and freaking great at the other. For example: I made a boxer/wrestler and one area I put not points towards the skills is his standing kick offense. He's a boxer and I know I'm not going to be kicking with him. So I focused on his standing strike offense and he's got HEAVY hands. The point is, you have to figure out what kind of fighter you want to be and make him into that. Again....there is no such thing as a "Well Rounder" fighter when it comes to creating one.


Obtain all Gold, Silver, and Bronze Trophies!

Pound-for-Pound Champion
Win the UFC Championship in each weight class in Career Mode.

There are 5 total weight classes and they are Lightweight, Welterweight, Middleweight, Light Heavyweight, and Heavyweight. You do not have to finish each career as the champ or even finish the career. You can start 5 different careers, 1 for each weight class, and once you have got the belt once in each class then you have earned a easy gold. Review the tips section for help and advice if needed.

Undisputed Champion
Win the UFC Championship with a fighter in Career Mode.

This is a "gimme" trophy and of course will happen the first time you win the UFC title in any weight class. Unless you've been playing the game already and are really good, it's not suggested you fight for the title the first shot you get. You will want to train and spar to increase your skills and attributes while taking fights against the weakest fighter for your style. For example, if you struggle against fighters who have BJJ then you'll not want to fight them as much until you either have better stats and attributes or until your skills are better. Review the tips section for help and advice if needed.

Hall of Famer
Enter the Hall of Fame with a fighter during Career Mode.

This will not happen until your last fight. You will get an email from Dana White saying you were accepted into the Hall of Fame. So you will know going into that fight if you made it. To many losses will result in not getting in. So I suggest if you get fluked and the CPU gets a cheap submission or flask KO then hit the PS button and exit the game. Once you start the game back up, you will return to where you last saved.

See the breakdown under Trophy Collector to ensure you gain other awards during your career to promise you that spot in the hall of fame.

Call me "No Touch!"
Complete Career Mode and retire undefeated.

This only has to be done on one career. As stated above, if you loose the match, just hit the PS button to quit the game. You will start back up at your last save. Keep in mind that the game auto saves in between spar sessions, training, and camps. But as a general rule of thumb, you'll want to save before every fight.

Where's My Bonus Check?
Obtain the KO, Submission and Fight of the Night Awards with a fighter in Career Mode.

see Trophy Collector

That was Easy!
Win in under 20 seconds of the 1st round against a COM UFC Fighter in Exhibition or Career Mode.

This may be said to be a "lucky" trophy and can be at times but there are things you can do to set this up to make it easier. It will be a flash KO that wins it for you as 20 seconds is no where near the amount of time needed to set up a submission. Also, a TKO won't win for you either because it has to be a flash KO. Now even though you have to do this against a UFC fighter, that doesn't mean you have to use a UFC fighter, you can use your created fighter if you want. There are so many different ways and fighters this can be done with, so I'll just give you the basic formula that you can put in any fighter of your choice as long as the CPU is a UFC fighter.

When picking the fighter you are going to go against, look at their ratings and pick the person with the lowest standing strikes and kicks defense. In return, for the fighter you are using you will want to use the one with the highest strikes and kicks offense. What you want, is for there to be the biggest difference between your offense and their defense. A good match up is from the Middleweight class and it's Anderson Silva (you) against Christ Leban (CPU). Silva has a kick offense of 87 and Leban has a kick defense of 47.

At the start of the match push and hold to run towards Leban and then hold and push when just outside of kicking range to do a flying knee. Sometimes you will get lucky and knock them out right away. If not, continue to hold and alternate pushing and for head kicks. Or you could hold and push forward for the Muay Thai clinch. From there you could flick away from Leban to whip him into you and push or for the Muay Thai knee which can knock him out after a few hits.

Now you may get lucky and get this the first few tries and then again you may have to retry several times till it works. My advice is to not worry so much about it until it gets close to time for you to the game. Because with all the fighting you do for other trophies, you are bound to get it at least once just by playing the game. But that's not a promise either as games can be unpredictable. Here's an example of what it will look like when you get the trophy.

Student of the Game
Complete all tasks from the Tutorial Mode.

This should be the VERY FIRST trophy you get from the whole game. DO NOT start playing until you have complete all of the tutorials as the hold very valuable information that will allow you to understand how the game works and these will in fact make you a better fighter. Should only take about 20-30 minutes to get the trophy and run through the list the first time, but I highly suggest you do it more.

When you start the game up, go over until you reach "Tutorial" and go into it. You have two options from this point which are "Guide" and "Practice." For the trophy you will need to go into "Guide." There are six sections that have multiple task to complete. Once all is done, you've got an easy trophy.

Wax Off!
Escape 20 submissions by technical escape against a COM UFC Fighter in Exhibition or Career Mode.

The best way to go about this is to start up an exhibition match and pick BJ Penn for yourself and Nate Diaz as the CPU. At the start of the match grab Diaz by pressing towards him and then once clinched hold and flick back towards you to take the fight to the ground. From this point it's just a waiting game. Just hold to block your face to avoid a flash KO and when he goes for a submission, rotate in complete 360 degree circles until you get out. Rinse and repeat process until trophy pops. I was able to get 3-5 escapes per match.

Trophy Collector
Obtain all the trophies in Career Mode with a fighter.

First allow me to clear the air and debunk the myth about this trophy. In career, there are several spots for fight of the night, KO of the night, and submission of the night awards. You DO NOT need to collect all of those. You simply need 1 fight of the night, 1 KO of the night, and 1 submission of the night award. In addition to those three, you will need to obtain the striking and grappling awards, the hall of fame award, the weight class title, and the win streak awards (3,6,10) as well and it all has to be within the same career. So in total, in order to obtain this trophy you will need to gather at least 10 awards in a single career.

Striking and Grappling Awards: During your career you will be invited to attend "camps" of which you will earn points to increase your level of either striking or grappling. After you attend the first camp you will be able to attend 1 in between all fights. DO NOT decline them as you must complete them all to get these awards. Depending on your skills and how well you do in the camps will determine how fast you level up. You should be done with both striking and grappling when just a little past half way done of your career. Maybe a little more if you're struggling. But there is more than enough time for these awards to be had.

Before you start each camp you need to go into the "learn" section so the game can show you how to do certain things that may be asked of you to perform during the camp to earn points. You can earn 70 points per camp and it takes 150 to level up and 450 total to earn the award. A side note to know here is that if you hit 150 to level up...then whatever remaining points you just earned will not carry over. So you have to start each level brand new. Each time you level up you unlock more powerful moves to use and aid you in your fights.

Hall of Fame Award: During your quest to pick up the other awards for the trophy, it's almost impossible not to be granted the hall of fame award. Just don't loose and that by itself almost guarantees the award. If you find yourself the victim of a loss, the press the PS button before exiting the match and quit the game. When you go back into the game, you will be where you last saved.

Weight Class Title: In going along with the never loosing theme, then there is no way you will not win the title. After training, camps, and sparing your fighter will have the strength and skills to beat who ever the champ is. (Especially with the difficulty set to beginner lol)

Win Streak Awards: As stated in the last two awards, losing is not an option. There for using the PS button trick, you will guarantee yourself to get all three awards. You get one for 3, 6, and 10 wins in a row.

Fight of the Night Award: There are so many ways to earn one of these awards and will more than likely be the one you have the most of. Some tips on getting this one are winning a fight within the first 2 minutes and 30 seconds either by KO or submission. Also by winning a 5 round match in the last round can give you this award too. To be honest you should not even have to try to get this one cause it should just happen. But if your getting close to the end of your career then try to finish the fight quick or drag it on till the last round. If you don't get it, then us the PS button trick to quit and try again till you get one.

KO of the Night Award: Much like fight of the night award, this one should come in bunches if you are any kind of striker. Flas KO's in the first 2 minutes of the fight all but guarantee the award as well as doing it in the last round of a 5 round fight. This is also another award you should not really have to try for. But as stated above, if you are coming to the end of your carrer and don't have this award then use the PS button trick till you get it.

Submission of the Night Award: When you start a career, this should be your main focus until you get it. It's best to pick wrestling or judo as your grappling skill as throwing and slamming your opponent will drain stamina quickly and allow you to set up the submission. You will want to take all of your points from sparing and increase your submission offense everytime. Focus on that only with maybe training every so often and increasing your strength. Once you've had several fights under your belt and have been able to increase your submission offense high enough you can try every fight to get this. A sure fire way to win the award is to submit someone with in 2 minutes and 30 seconds of the first round of a title fight. You don't HAVE to be in a title fight, but after many trial runs, I found the odds of getting the award were better and happened more often in title fights. Also during my trials, I found that the Heavyweight class career gave me the award more than any other.

So start the fight and of course grab the other fighter by pushing towards them. Rather you are judo or wrestling will determine your next move. Wrestling means you will want to hold and push towards you to pick up and slam them. Once on the mat you can slam them again (as long as they are holding your head down which they should be if you do this right away) by holding again and pushing up and rotating it left or right in a quarter circle motion. Judo is a bit easier as all you do is hold and flick left or right for a big throw. Though judo is easier, if done right, wrestling can inflict more damage with it's throws.

After your throws are complete, you'll want to push to stand back up and let them get up and repeat the process. You'll actually want to push this to the time limit as much as possible. Be watching there stamina and at the first sign you can pull a submission then go for it. MASH the buttons and do not rotate the stick as that will not get you anywhere. If you have a turbo controller, then this is a great place to use it. It may not work the first time or the first few times but this formula DOES work as I and several of my friends have tested it out many times. But do not go to far into your career without this award as it will become more difficult to obtain late in your career.

UFC Historian
Unlock all movies from the Classic Fights Mode.

Under classic fights there are 12 bouts to pick from. These are....well.....classics and are a blast to play. The key to unlocking the movie that goes alone with each fight is you have to relive history. Before selecting the fight, you will see "Unlock Conditions" to the upper left of the screen. If it says Liddell won VS Ortiz in the 3rd round by TKO, then if you get a KO or TKO in round 3 you will unlock that movie. You HAVE to win the fight exactly the way it happened in real life. Do all 12 for the trophy.

World Class Striker
Win by KO without using any grappling moves against a COM UFC Fighter Exhibition or Career Mode.

You can be either a UFC fighter or one you have created but you have to fight a UFC fighter. Rather it be in your career or an exhibition mode all you have to do is win by KO and not grapple your opponent at all. Stay off and don't even touch it unless they grapple you and you just try to get out. To help you out, pick a fighter with good strength and standing striking offense like "Rampage" Jackson and fight against someone with low standing strike defense like Houston Alexander from the Light Heavyweight class.

Just come out swinging using your heavy hooks by holding and pressing and for a good 1-2 combo. Go in and get a few clean shots off then back up and let your stamina rebuild. Rinse and repeat and wear him out. If you knock him down and he's not dazed then just let him up. But if he goes down dazed then pounce on him for the kill. It doesn't matter what round it is just as long as you win via KO. It can not be a TKO (ref stoppage) because that won't count. Has to be a straight up KO.

World Class Grappler
Win by Submission using no striking moves against a COM UFC Fighter in Exhibition or Career Mode.

World Class Grappler
Win by Submission using no striking moves against a COM UFC Fighter in Exhibition or Career Mode.

The exact same as world class striker, but win by using grappling moves only and not strikes. A wrestler is really best for this one. Like the explanation under submission of the night award, just keep repeating the slamming and throwing process and wear them down. As long as you make them tapout before the end of the fight and don't throw a single punch or kick, then you'll get this easy trophy.

Roster Run-through
Complete one fight in Exhibition Mode with each UFC fighter.

Very time consuming but very easy as well. You have to control each fighter and finish a fight with them for it to count on controller one. The good news is you can do this in 2P VS and it speeds up the process. At the start of the fight rush over to the 2P and throw on a submission and there you go. I found it best to keep track of one weight class at a time and finish it off before going to another. That way I didn't get confused about who I finished a fight with and who I didn't. But if that fails you, then you can go under game progress and got records. Once there staying on offline records (the middle one) go right 4 spaces and push . Then push again and you can scroll down the list of fighters and see their % of usage. Of course anyone with 0% means you need to use them. Once all fighters have some kind of % usage other than 0, you will get this trophy.

White Belt
Win an online Ranked Match with a CAF or UFC fighter.

See Black Belt

Blue Belt
Win 15 online Ranked Matches with a CAF or UFC fighter.

See Black Belt

Purple Belt
Win 30 online Ranked Matches with a CAF or UFC fighter.

See Black Belt

Brown Belt
Win 50 online Ranked Matches with a CAF or UFC fighter.

See Black Belt

Black Belt
Win 100 online Ranked Matches with a CAF or UFC fighter.

So you could be like me and many others who got this the old fashioned way and just played and won....but why do that when I can tell you how to boost it. It doesn't matter rather you're using a UFC fighter or one you created, as long as the fight is a ranked match then it will count towards the total needed for the trophy.

Start out by selecting "ranked" match and then pick "custom" match. From here is where you can adjust further options to get just the right game set up so your boosting buddy can join you. A good formula is as follows:

Rounds: 5
Weight Class: Heavyweight
Fighter Privileges: CAF only (if both you and buddy have a created fighter)
Opponent Rating: Any
Match Presentation: OFF

Once you hit search, it should come up that no sessions were found and ask you to create one. Whatever your settings are, tell your boosting buddy right as you create the room. Have him/her search for the exact same settings and there you go. Instant boost.

You don't have to use this exact formula and can of course tweak it anyway you see fit. As long as you gain 100 wins in ranked matches then you're good to go. However, no quitters allowed as even though a quit will add a win/loss to your record it will not count towards this trophy.

Wax On!
Win 15 online Ranked Matches with a CAF or UFC fighter by submission.

This can be boosted just like Black Belt and should actually be done on your way to 100 wins. Just win 15 by submission and there you go. A pretty easy silver.

Papa Said Knock You Out!
Win 15 online Ranked Matches with a CAF or UFC fighter by KO.

This can be boosted just like Black Belt and should actually be done on your way to 100 wins. Just win 15 by KO and there you go. A pretty easy silver. Keep in mind it HAS to be a KO, TKO will not count.

Gold Digger!
Obtain all the gold medals in a Weekly Mission for Online Mode.

First and foremost I have to give credit to Carbon_Lancer for being the first person here to post a working formula to get this trophy. So I'll repeat it in my own words and add a few things I found to be of use. This one HAS to be boosted, so just follow the instructions form Black Belt and get a buddy in your room to boost.

There are five gold medals that have to be obtained all within a weeks time. From Sunday morning to Saturday night is when the time table is. But this can be boosted in one afternoon. All the medals will be in the lower left corner of the screen and can be sifted through by pressing and . I'll list the medals with explanation but if you want to check them in the game then follow this path:

Online-->Leaderboards-->Weekly Top 100

***Important*** Make sure to set up the fight for 5 rounds. You need to make a Heavyweight fighter for this. Make him as tall and as heavy as the game will let you. The ONLY stat you need to mess with is "standing kick offense" which you max out as much as possible and everything else you leave alone. Striking needs to be either kickboxing or muay thai. I prefer kickboxing for this as i feel it's easier to do what needs to be done. So for the examples given, I'll assume that's what you picked.

Win with a single attack: Have your buddy come to the center of the ring and spam punches. Have him/her do it until their stamina bar goes all the way yellow and they have none left. At that point he/she needs to stop punching and your throw a high kick by moving toward the other fighter and holding and pressing or . This kick has to knock them out. I would say it does about half of the time. If it doesn't then just try again.

Win 10 in a row: This is by far the easiest gold medal to get. Just boost 10 wins in a row and there you go.

Win with opponent's average body part HP 30% or less: This is where the 5 rounds comes in handy. First round have your buddy do nothing but block their face (hold ) and you go off on it. Second round you just go off on their body with punches and kicks (hold to modify punches to attack the body). 3rd round you do nothing but inside and outside leg kicks by holding and pushing or . 4th round you do nothing but clinch ( towards them) and knee their sides by pressing and . 5th round you just kind of mix it all together and about half way through if you want you can get the KO or submission if you want.

Win round while rocked: There is a misunderstanding about this one. Some say you have to win the match while you are rocked. Meaning you have to get a KO or submission on the other fighter while rocked. NOT TRUE. 1st round you have your boosting buddy do nothing but heavy body kicks and wear you down. 2nd round do it until you get rocked for the 1st time and then have them stop fighting and you kick butt for the rest of the round. That's it.

Win with no missed hits and submission on the first try: Have your buddy hold to block their body while you go off on their head. Get some really good shots and and do some damage. Do this for about a minute and then have them hold to block their face while you go off on the body. After about another minute, go for a submission and get it the first try and this gold medal is yours.

You Really Like Me!
Gain a million or more fans in Online Mode.

If you're boosting this one, it's a lot easier than it sounds and can be done in 10 fights or less. Both you and your buddy need a heavyweight that you've made with NO stats messed with at all except height and weight. Those need to be maxed out. Follow the boosting instructions I have given already and get yourself into a ranked match that's 5 rounds with your partner. As the 1st round starts both you and your boosting buddy go to the middle of the ring and spam punches on each other at the same time and keep hitting one of the punch buttons. Make sure to stand still and not push forward as that will be a heavier punch and could cause a knock out. And just keep hitting each other with light punches all round.

As the 2nd round starts, repeat the process of round 1 for 1 minute and then whoever is getting the fans just throws on a submission and BOOM! 100,000 fans or more. Rinse and Repeat until done. This is a method that myself and CodeRed32 used to get him this trophy.

Ooh, in Ya Face!
Win a fight by flash KO in a Ranked Match with a CAF or UFC fighter.

On your way to boosting everything else you will get this trophy. Especially when you get one of the medals needed for Gold Digger! . You will get it for sure then if you don't have it. You can not miss this trophy on your way to .

Original Fighter
Create A Fighter and use the CAF in Exhibition or Online Mode.

A super easy silver and one that can not be missed. You will get this one while boosting for online trophies. You can not miss this one if you follow this guide. You can get it either while working on Gold Digger! or You really like me!

Red Belt
Reach level 50 or higher in Online Mode.

Again, as I've already stated on the past two trophies, you will get this on your way to 100 wins. Especially if you win them all in a row. Because as you win fights, you will level up based on points earned from your performance. Leveling up doesn't do anything for you but just look good. But you get the most points from beating people who are a higher level than you. It's a very boostable trophy, it will just take time like 100 wins will.

Two of my Favorites
Watch the Octagon Girl cutscene 15 times without skipping it.

In any mode you'll see the octagon girls in between rounds. Just watch the cutscenes 15 times and you'll get this easy trophy. Just get it done early so you won't have to worry about it anymore.

Wanted: Flying Mouthpieces
Mouth piece travels more than 3 meters when knocked out

If I was to say any trophy in this game was "luck based" it would be this one. The way I got it was through KO's by way of head kicks. But there are so many ways to get this one. The video shows a perfect way to get it. Skip to about 3:10 to see it in action. I've never heard of anyone only needing this for so given the information here in the guide you should have no problems.

Ultimate Highlights
Dominate the opponent in all 3 scenes of a replay segment.

Very easy to get cause you can use 2 controllers to get it. Just fight through the 1st round doing different things like head punches and kicks and takedowns and slams. At the end of the round, before the start of the next, there will be 3 replay highlights. Make sure not to skip any part of the replays because that will prevent you from getting the trophy. If you just beat up on 2P and didn't move him unless to stand up from a slam then you will get this trophy easy.

Ultimate Knockout
From the gassed state, KO an opponent in any mode.

Super easy since you can use 2 controllers on this. Pick "Rampage" Jackson as you and Houston Alexander as 2P and start the fight. Go up to Alexander and hold and alternate and for his 1-2 hook combo. Just keep doing it over and over. By doing it non stop you WILL drain all of your stamina and see the bar all the way yellow. And since 2P is taking repeated blows to the head, it will only be a matter of time before he gets knocked out. But keep in mind it has to be a KO, it can't be a TKO where the ref stops the fight.

Ultimate Submission
From the gassed state, Submit an opponent in any mode.

This can be done very easy by using 2 controllers again. As the fight starts, just do slams and throws on 2P and spam punches till you're tired. I would suggest doing this for about 3 minutes or so. Once your stamina is good and low and almost all the way yellow, then go for the submission. Since it's on 2P and obviously won't be fighting back, it's an easy trophy

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