Players: 1 (1-2 Online)
Online Play: Yes
Online Trophies: Yes
Cheat Codes: Yes
Cheats Affect Trophies: No
Trophy Difficulty: 7/10
Minimum Career Playthroughs: 1
Suggested Career Playthroughs: 1
Time to Platinum: 30 Hours (depending on servers for online fights)

Trophies and explanations by: Johnny_Sparx
Everything else by: Curse


Step 1: Warmup
I'd start off with the tutorials just to get them out of the way and learn the game. From there just go for the easier trophies such as the testing waters and the three trophies.

Step 2: Game modes
There is pretty much a trophy for completing each game mode. So go through them (Apart from career) one at a time, then by the end you should be able to buy all of the trading cards

Step 3: Career
Here is where you'll get the highest % of the game, i'd recommend trying this on the difficulty below what you normally do it on, and don't feel bad if you have to exit the game to retry a match

Step 4: Online
The longest part to do due to the ****ness of the servers. Stick with it and you'll get there, and use the boosting tip for the awards, as I was missing one award after 30 minutes of online boosting with Johnny

Step 5: Mopping up
Just clear up what you have left, whether it be in career or something like the dodge 3 consecutive strikes trophy.

[top]Tips and Strategies

The control scheme for this game is quite complicated at first, especially if you aren't an MMA fan, but once you learn it you'll find that the depth makes it feel excellent. There are three major areas that i'll cover. Stand-up, clinch and floor work. You may wish to check out the in-game tutorials (there's a trophy in it for you) To pick up the basics, but after that...

Stand Up
The easiest of the three to pick up, this is based around when both fighters are on their feet. It's also the biggest part of MMA and the fight generally revolves around it. First up is striking (Hitting with your hands) which is performed by :square: (left hand) and :triangle: (right hand). And then you have your height modifiers, :L1: makes your punches aim directly for the head, and :L2: makes you go for body shots. For more devastating blows try stepping then punching, or aiming the left stick towards your opponent for harder hits. Moving the left stick whilst striking changes for strike you'll perform, for example moving it towards your opponent generally hits harder, whilst aiming it away generally performs a more evasive punch, with your fighter backing away whilst punching. Your distance also dictates the strikes you do, whilst ranging (Not in striking distance) you may find yourself hitting long superman punches or spinning back fists. When in striking range this is when you'll be hitting your harder punches. And when in clinch range (But not in the clinch!) you'll be hitting with elbows. This year the elbows have improve drastically, and some 2 or 3 hit elbow combo's can instantaneously end a fight.

Next is kicks, these can be used either to knock your opponent out or help wear down their stamina for submissions (Explained later). This time it's :circle: (Right leg) and (left leg). And again the height modifiers come into play, with :L1: for head kicks, :L2: for kicks to the leg and with none you'll hit the body. Head kicks do much more damage than punches/elbows to the head, but if caught you're wide open to be taken down, and when you miss your opponent can plant a strong punch to your head. Body kicks deal decent damage but it isn't enough to KO someone. With the right amount performed you can easily rock your opponent. Leg kicks aren't that effective in the game, but they're deadly quick and you can always finish off a combo with one. If you step then kick you'll hit a step kick which with the right timing in the fight can knock your opponent to the floor. And once again the left stick can change which kick you perform.

Now then, it's all well and good knowing how to knock someone out, but you don't wanna get knocked out do you? There are three main ways of stopping your opponent from connecting sweetly with your face. First up is the basic blocking, with :R1: to block your head, and :R2: to block your body and leg kicks. These are the most effective way of not taking as much damage, but they don't exactly improve your position. New to 2010 is swaying, this is performed by holding down :R1: and flicking the left stick in the direction you want to sway. It's risky to keep trying these but with the right timing they really improve your stand-up game and can deal some good damage when you follow them up with a punch. You can also dodge punches by stepping, just flicking the left stick steps, but you can now do quick steps by holding down :R2: and flicking the left stick. This can be used to keep your range and get quick strikes in against heavy hitters. And finally there are counter grapples. This is performed by flicking the right stick up (For head kicks/punches) or down (For body/leg shots). By doing with correct timing your fighter will grab the opponents attack and either reverse it into a clinch (From strikes) or grab the leg (From leg kicks) from where you can perform a free punch to the face or kick out their other leg taking them to the floor

The clinch
Not a major part of the game but it can easily send the fight going either way. If you ignore practicing your clinch game you'll get knocked out, and by learning it it's a great way to wear down your opponent, slam them and then submit your opponent. To get into the clinch you flick your right stick towards the opponent, from there you need to transition (I won't explain the different transition motions on the left stick in the guide as it'll just get messy, but I strongly recommend looking at the in-game tutorials) into different clinches, the different clinches set you up for better elbows/uppercuts or knees to the stomach. These can cause great damage to your opponents face or stamina. If you're using a fighter with maui tai capabilities then holding down :L1: and transitioning will set you up for a brutal knee to your opponents face. If you don't have these capabilities then holding down :L1: and transitioning will perform a slam (If you move the clinch to the cage wall and slam it cannot be blocked). To block your opponents slams or transitions then flick the right stick backwards or forwards with appropriate timing.

Ground Work
To get your opponent to the floor there are many ways, the main way is take downs. These are performed by holding down :L2: whilst flicking the right stick towards your opponent, if you do this as he's swinging a punch or kicking you'll get an instant takedown, if not you'll need to rotate the :RS: to take him down. The other two ways are the previously mentioned counter grapples and slams from the clinch. Once your down there, there are four major positions. Full guard, half guard, side control and full mount. Full guard is where you'll be at your weakest, your opponent is one transition away from escape and you're at-least two away from full mount, you can still deal damage from here, and submit your opponent, the options you have from there are to move straight to side control, or go into half guard (Or stand up using :LS:. Half guard has the same capabilities, but with perhaps more damage capable to your opponent via ground and pound. In this example you'll be moving to side control but you can go straight into full mount by transitioning towards your opponent (If you're on the left then it's to the right, vice versa).

I feel that side control is the best position for dealing body damage and setting up submissions, as you can hit some heavy knees to your opponents chest/ribs. Then you'll be moving into north south or full mount, north south isn't very useful so we'll leave it out for now, but if you want to experiment with it then feel free. Full mount is the place to be though, as soon as you've fought your opponent off (Smaller transitions) lean back with the left stick whilst striking at your opponents face and it'll be fight over, or your could wail damage out on his chest, then go for the submission from there.

When on your back you'll want to transition out of it, or using the same technique as blocking clinch transitions to counter a transition and get on top (This technique also blocks transitions when on top) When on your back never get in a ground and pound fight. You don't wanna stay there for too long as you'll end up getting your face punched in or tapped out, so try and wriggle your way free.

Fighting methods
The KO method
When going for the KO you'll want to deal as much damage as possible, and you shouldn't mind taking that much damage yourself. The easiest way is by striking, swaying and stepping. Step in and out of range to keep your distance and strike when the time is right, and try to attempt sways as they'll leave you in a great position. KO's are harder than in the previous game so you may want to - Get in the clinch and deal elbows and knees, these can easily rock your opponent. - Ground and pound can deal some heavy damage

The TKO method
On the old game I used to use this against harder opponents. The key is to keep your range and stay on your feet, and if need be get in the clinch and hit some knee's. When on your feet hit hard kicks to the ribs and punch the chest (I prefer hitting the side on camera so you can see the damage you're dealing) and towards the end of the first round you should start rocking your opponent, from here hit him with a push kick, stand over him and mess his face up. I'd strongly avoid the floor, and always keep your range to avoid lucky KO's

The submission method
Similar in style to the TKO method just with different options and a different outcome. If your ground and pound isn't strong then stay on your feet and copy the stand up method in the TKO method. If it is then take it to the floor and either hit some big knee's in side control, or get in the mount and hit his chest. If your opponent is constantly wiggling on the floor trying to transition you'll find yourself only capable of getting one punch in then having to block him, this is where you know you're in control. Have the stamina bars turned on (Options) and watch his bar when he attempts a transition, it will be steadily decreasing (The faster moving part of the bar) when this reaches near the bottom enter your submission. I've earned submissions in under two minutes using that method. Also, if your opponent gets out of your mount you'll be in control of his back, this will set you up for rear naked choke which is very effective



Of course this is as always, and obtained once all other trophies are achieved.

Create a fighter in Create A Fighter

This is a very easy trophy. From the main menu select "Create a fighter" and go through all the steps. Once you complete the process and save your fighter then you will receive this trophy.

Win a fight against the CPU with a fighter you've created in Create A Fighter

You can set the difficulty on easy and with the above fighter you just created, win 1 fight against a computer controlled opponent and you'll receive this trophy.

As Real As It Gets
Experience an entire 8 fight event card in Event Mode.

From the main menu go into "game mode" and then go into "event mode." Create an even with 8 fights on it and make sure to either watch all 8,play all 8, or a mixture of both. But all 8 fights have to be taken part in some how and once the show is over and that's done then you will receive the trophy.

White Belt
Win 10 Online Exhibition matches in total

See Black Belt.

Baby Steps
Win an Online Exhibition Ranked match

See Black Belt.

Hot Hands
Win 10 Online Exhibition Ranked matches consecutively

See Black Belt.

Olympic Mixed Martial Artist
Online Exhibition - Obtain all types of gold medals

If you have any skills you can get most of the gold medals just by playing the game but luckily if you're not skilled then all of the medals can be boosted thus allowing you to boost for this trophy. All gold medals and how to obtain them are as follows:

  • K.O. of the Night

You have to get a K.O. on your opponent within the first 60 seconds of round 1. The easiest way is to have your boosting buddy have a CAF who has a 1 for all skills and attributes and make him a heavyweight. Pick Mirko Cro Cop
and spam head kicks and you should get the K.O. before the first 60 seconds is up.

  • Submission of the Night

In order to obtain this gold medal you have to tap out your opponent within the first 2 minutes and 30 seconds of round 1. Simply pick anyone with good submission offense skills and apply a submission as soon as the fight starts and have your boost buddy not touch a button.

  • Fight of the Night

This one is the most time consuming medal as you have to go until the last round and to make things easier for yourself make sure to set it up for 3 rounds. Both fighters need to land 50+ hits per round for each player to obtain this gold medal. To avoid K.O.'s by accident and to speed it up, both fighters need to simply meet in the middle of the octagon and hold and push or to do body punches over and over again. Repeat this process until there is about 1 minute in the last round and then finish off your boosting buddy anyway you want.

  • Rocked

For this gold medal you have to be rocked 3 times in 1 fight and still win. Just have your boost buddy deliver body kicks over and over until you become rocked. Once you hit your 3rd time being rock then finish off your boost buddy anyway you see fit to receive this medal

  • Counter Strike Artist

To receive this gold medal you have to win after performing more than 20 counter hits. The easiest way to do this and to make sure you are getting counter hits is to meet your boost buddy in the middle of the octagon and do the same process you use for fight of the night. Just trade body punches for an entire round punching at the same time and you will get more than enough counter hits. Just finish off your boost buddy the next round and the gold medal is yours.

  • Counter Grapple Artist

You have to counter your opponents strikes with grapple counters more than 20 times in a match to get this medal. Just have your boost buddy spam low body kicks and flick down on over and over again until you get over 20 counters (you'll grab his foot/leg and that's one counter) and the medal is yours.

  • Ground and Pound Artist

This being one of the easier gold medals, all you have to do is win a match with 90% of all damage cause from ground and pound attacks. Simply take down your boost buddy and go to full mount and posture up and rain down punches. The gold medal is yours.

  • Reversal

If your timing is bad then this one can be a pain as you have to reverse more than 10 transitions in 1 match. The best way is to have your boost buddy take you down and just spam transition moves over and over again while you flick left or right. Once you reverse him then stand back up and repeat the process. The number it gives you can be a little tricky so to be on the safe side you may want to repeat this process for 2 rounds before you win the fight.

  • Combo

Perform more than 20 striking combos to get this medal. Much like the fight of the night medal, meet in the middle of the octagon but have your boost buddy not push anything. Just spam body punches for a whole round and finish the fight in round 2 and you'll have this gold medal

  • Touch Gloves

This is by far the easiest gold medal. Just meet your buddy in the middle of the octagon and push towards each other on the directional pad to raise your fist to one another. Make sure your gloves touch because if they don't then you won't get this medal and will have to try again. So just try to get this while working on other stuff until you have it.

Warriors, Come Out And Play
Join an Online Camp

If you have a buddy that has an online camp already set up then have them send you an invite and you'll get this trophy as soon as you accept it. If not then from the main menu go into the online part of the game and pick "online camp." From there you will create your camp name and banner and once done you will get this trophy.

Under Your Wing
Act as a trainer in Online Camp Training

If you don't have a buddy who's in your camp then good luck getting this one because not many people are creating or looking for training sessions online. So once you and your buddy are in a camp together go to the online part from the main menu and select "online camp." From there pick "camp gym" so you'll be taken into your camp. Press to bring up the menu and select "train" then "training session" then "trainer" and finish with "create session." Just have your buddy search for your session and after the training camp you'll get this trophy.

Hall of Famer
Compete in a Champion vs. Champion fight and also make the UFC Hall of Fame in Career Mode

Taking any kind of loss in career mode can hurt your chances of getting Hall of Fame so before every fight you should save your game so if you do lose you can just quit and reload to before your fight and try again. This trophy will come late in career as you either have to defend one title several times (double digits) or win one title and move to another weight class and defend that title around 8 times. You'll get the champ vs champ fight between years 6-8 of your 12 year career and will be inducted into the Hall of Fame (if you get it) around year 10. Again, just to make sure you get this trophy don't take any kind of loss what so ever and win ALL of your fights and that will guarantee that you get this trophy.

Quote Originally Posted by vader13 View Post
Concerning the Hall of Famer, you can lose and still easily get this trophy. I had 5 losses and got it before year 10...You have to have (1)Rep>50,000. (2)25 or more UFC wins. (3)5 consecutive title defenses. (4)a Popularity rating of at least "Well Known".
Also, the changing weight class thing is not true. I only had 1 fight out of my weight class and that was the champion vs. champion fight. After that fight I went back to my original weight class and stayed there until retirement.

So Now You're A Fighter
Complete the Career Mode

This is a very easy gold trophy to get just a little time consuming. Of course you can skip through everything and just sim your career but i don't recommend that as you can really use your CAF from career mode to help with other trophies. All you have to do is finish the 12 year career to get it. After your last fight you will have between 3-5 weeks extra to build up on some more stats. You'll get a cut scene and that'll be the end of your career and a new gold trophy for you.

Gotta Catch 'Em All
Collect all ToppsŪ UFC trading cards

This one is easier than it sounds however it does have the "luck of the draw" feeling to it. From the main menu go to "game progress" and select "shop menu" from there. Hit until you get to a section titled "others" and scroll to the bottom. You'll see where it says "Topps UFC trading cards" and they cost 250 points per pack of 5 cards. There are 84 total and you have to buy them all. You get random cards per pack and it only took me about 1 hour to get this trophy but then again it's the luck of the draw and some people may have to buy more packs than others.

You can see which cards you have and how many you still need under the "game progress" menu and then selecting "Topps UFC trading cards." To get points to spend in the store to buy these cards you can play a few different modes. The best mode to play to get the most points at one time is "ultimate fights mode" can completing some of the challenges from either corner. But you can also play "Title Mode" "Title Defense Mode" and "Tournament Mode" which are all found under "game mode" from the main menu.

Submission Technician
Win a fight with a Submission Transition

You can do this against the CPU if you want or make it easier on yourself and grab a 2nd controller. Start an exhibition match and set up for it to be in the Light Heavyweight division. Pick Vitor Belfort for yourself and for the other controller pick someone with a lower submission defense like Jon Jones. When the fight starts take him down and get to side control. Push to initiate a submission and start a Kimura. When he begins that then hold and push at the same time to switch to an arm bar. Once he taps out then you will get this trophy.

It Slices, It Dices
Is there a doctor in the stadium!?

All three hidden trophies can be obtained in the same fight and can be done with you picking Shogun Rua as your fighter and Rampage Jackson as the other fighter. You have to fight the CPU for this but put it on beginner make it super easy. In order to get this trophy you have to win the fight by doctor stoppage and that only happens standing up. The doctor will not stop the fight if it's on the ground and he only stops the fight the second time he comes into the octagon.

Hold and flick towards your opponent to get them in a single collar tie. From there just keep mashing away on over and over again while beating on the same spot of Rampage's face. Sooner or later the doctor will step in for the first time and will allow the fight to continue. Just keep repeating what you have been doing and the second time he comes in he will stop the fight and give you the trophy while the fans very nicely chant "bullsh*t."

It's The Jits!
Win a fight by Submission against a non-CAF, Expert CPU in the first 60 seconds of Round 1.

For this one it can be a little tricky. There are of course several different ways to do this but i'll tell you how i got it on my first try. I used my CAF from career mode who had 100 submission offense by the time my career was done and had 95 ground striking. I fought Kimbo Slice (Heavyweight) and took him down as soon as the fight started and proceeded to use my ground game. As SOON as he was rocked I went for the submission immediately and was able to make him tap out with 10 seconds left before the time limit was up.

Again this is not the only way to do it and there are several ways to get this trophy.....this was just the way I did it and the way I got it the first try. The important thing is to rock them within the first minute of the round and then go for the submission right away. And of course it helps to have a fighter with high submission offense and fight against a fighter with low submission defense.

Another way to get this is via flying armbar transitioned to triangle. I did Mia vs mcfedries and all you do is sprint to your opponent at the start and press L1 and the right stick towards him to get into single collar clinch, then press :L1: and :RS: in and you'll get in a flying armbar (Important to have stamina bars on) and don't move your stick until your opponents stamina is empty (May take a few tries) THEN Move it into a triangle by pressing in :L1: and :RS: THEN Start moving your stick COUNTER CLOCKWISE (The left way) And this is how I got this (Curse)

Quote Originally Posted by Carbon Lancer View Post
For Its the Jits and Steamroller if you don't already have a built up CAF, use Dameian Maia vs Drew McFredries, took me a few tries, but got them both with this matchup. You may see youtube videos of a guy getting Jits & Sub technician, I tried the exact same thing and Single Collar > Armbar > Triangle and I did the rotating the right way first clock wise than counter clock wise and could not get it on expert mode. In fact don't even try for Jits & Sub technician in the same match its too frustrating. Maia has High kicks and looping hooks, so just go for big hits once hes down press L2 and move R3 towards him so you get in his guard and press R3 to get the knee bar don't try and switch it to a heel hook on expert do that on me I tried on expert its strange cause Maia has 90 Sub Off and Drew has 58 Sub Def (worst in UFC game I believe) and he would always break out of the switch submission on expert

Win a fight by KO/TKO against a non-CAF, Expert CPU in the first 60 seconds of Round 1.

Much like It's The Jits! I used my CAF from career mode to obtain this trophy. It has to be a K.O. though and can't be a TKO (where the ref stops it). Head kicks and strong counters work best for this trophy. If you happen to rock the fighter and they fall down just let them get back up and proceed to beat on their head.

If you don't want to use your CAF from career or don't have one to use then Mirko Cro Cop is a good choice to use against Kimbo Slice or Eddie Sanchez of the Heavyweight division. Mirko Cro Cop has some powerful head kicks and can be used very easily to obtain this trophy for you.

Kay. Tee. Eff. Oh!
Win a fight by Flash KO against a CPU opponent.

This trophy is a pain in the but and should be one of the easiest trophies to get. From everything I've seen and heard with this trophy you have to K.O. your opponent before causing a certain amount of damage and it has to be a counter or at least what the game considers a counter. What I mean by that is that you do not have to sway and hit them for it to count but it can also be you just hit them faster than they hit you. The game will count that as a counter as well. And it doesn't have to be done within the first minute of the fight like most people think because the following video shows otherwise:

Toggle Spoiler

This will just be one of those trophies that unlock base upon luck. You'll just have to do fight after fight until you either get lucky enough for the trophy to pop when it feels like or THQ releases a patch that fixes the issues with this trophy. The way I finally got this trophy to unlock after 3 weeks of effort was by using Brock Lesnar vs Eddie Sanchez on beginner in exhibition. As soon as the match started I ran straight at him and started throwing elbows by using and got the KO about a minute and a half into the fight. He was bleeding when he went down but when they announced me as the winner he stayed down and I believe that has to happen as well for the trophy to pop.

Veteran Champion
Complete the Title Defense Mode

This mode is very easy to complete and even easier if you put the difficulty on beginner. You'll have 4 classes to go through (D,C,B,A) with each one getting a bit harder with better fighters. If you've finished your career and have your CAF built up you can in fact use him for this mode and make things a lot easier. Keep in mind that this mode has to be finished in ONE sitting. You can't save in the middle of it and come back, you have to finish all 12 fights at one time to get this trophy. Once you finish this mode you will unlock the trophy but you have to first complete "Title Mode" to unlock this mode.

Budding Champion
Complete the Title Mode

Again this is a very easy mode to complete and to make it as easy as possible put the difficulty on beginner and pick to fight only 8 fighters for the title instead of 10 or 12. You just fight one fight at a time until you finish all 8 and then you'll unlock the trophy. If you have your CAF from career and would like to use him then you can and just run through people and make things easier and quicker. Again this has to be done in ONE sitting and can't be saved to be returned to at a later time, so finish all 8 fights in a row and this trophy will be yours.

Learned Student
Go through all tutorials

This is a "gimme" trophy. From the main menu go to "Tutorial" and select "guide mode" from the following menu. Simply complete all the actions required of you from start to finish and you'll unlock the trophy before you leave the mode.

Tournament Title Holder
Win at least one championship in the Tournament Mode

Just start up a tournament under any weight class that you would like and put it on beginner difficulty with 4 fighters to make it quick. You'll have 2 fights and once you win both of them then you'll get this very easy trophy. You can use your CAF for this trophy if you like.

Testing the Waters
Play all modes at least once, check the shop and all options

Not a hard trophy at all. You'll get this trophy by playing the game and getting other trophies as well but if you want to speed things up and get it right away then do the following:

Fight one fight in:
  • Exhibition
  • Title Mode
  • Title Defense Mode
  • Tournament Mode
  • Ultimate Fights Mode
  • Career Mode
  • Event Mode
  • Online Mode

Also go into:
  • Create a Fighter
  • Tutorial
  • Game Progress (and all sub menus)
  • Options (and all sub menus)
  • PS3 Exclusive fights

Honorable Fighter
Touch gloves at the beginning of 10 matches.

The computer will actually try to touch gloves with you at the beginning of every fight. Simply walk to the middle of the octagon and press towards your opponent on the directional pad and you'll raise your fist in the air. Your gloves HAVE to touch or it won't count. Just do it 10 times and you'll get the trophy. You can use 2 controllers if you like.

Cocky S.O.B.
No respect for your opponent.

All three hidden trophies can be obtained in the same fight and can be done with you picking Shogun Rua as your fighter and Rampage Jackson as the other fighter. You have to fight the CPU for this but put it on beginner make it super easy. Simply taunt your opponent repeatedly in the same match (around 5 times) until this trophy unlocks. Sometimes it will unlock after just a few taunts and sometimes it takes more. But it will unlock within the match so just keep at it. Try using down on the directional pad as it seems to be more effective.

Ultimate Unlocks
Complete all A, B, and C class challenges (Red and Blue Corner)in a fight in Ultimate Fights Mode.

Under"Ultimate Fights" mode there are several categories to pick fights from. And in order to obtain this trophy you have to get all 3 challenges for each fighter for just one of the fights. This can be a bothersome task as most of the fights say you have to avoid ALL takedowns meaning you can't take your opponent down as well as him not take you down. So the easiest fight I found and the one I used to get this trophy was under"Ultimate Knockouts" and was the first one. Mirko Cro Cop vs Gabriel Gonzaga.

Now you may have to go through the fight a few times (took me 3 times) to get all the challenges. There are 3 levels of challenges per fighter and they are A, B, and C. A is the hardest with C being the easiest. And within each level is 3 single challenges and you must complete all three challenges to clear that level. Now the good thing is you don't have to do all A, B, and C within the same fight. You just have to clear them all at some point. This is just the fight I used and of course you can use whichever is easiest for you. Just make sure to clear challenge levels A,B, and C for both fighters and you'll get this trophy once you do.

Pound For Pound Champ
Win a Champion vs. Champion fight in Career Mode

See Hall of Famer.

Yellow Belt
Win 25 Online Ranked Matches

See Black Belt.

Purple Belt
Win 50 Online Ranked Matches

See Black Belt.

Brown Belt
Win 75 Online Ranked Matches

See Black Belt.

Black Belt
Win 100 Online Ranked Matches

You can, in fact, just play games regularly online and eventually you will get this trophy. However, if you want to speed things up or are not that skilled in the game then all online wins can be boosted as well as doing the 10 wins in a row. All you need to do is have one person set up a room using certain settings and have your boost buddy search for a game with those specific settings.

For example, under ranked match go to "custom match" and input what settings you would like to use. "Match Rounds" Weight Division" Fighter Privileges" and "Camp fighting" can all be used to manipulate the system so you can get in a room by yourself and your boosting buddy find you.

Coming Up Next...
Download an Event for Event Mode

A very super easy trophy. Just go to the online part of the main menu and pick "Download Even" and download whatever event they have up and when it's complete you'll have your trophy.

Fighting with Pride
Now you're dirty boxing with Pride!

All three hidden trophies can be obtained in the same fight and can be done with you picking Shogun Rua as your fighter and Rampage Jackson as the other fighter. You have to fight the CPU for this but put it on beginner make it super easy. You basically get this trophy for dirty boxing with anyone who has fought in Pride like Rampage or Shogun. Much like the technique you used for It Slices, It Dices (hidden) you'll want to hold with shogun and flick towards Rampage to get him in a single collar tie. Move towards the cage and keep hold towards the cage to keep his back against the cage and make away on . It may pop right away and you may have to repeat this process a few times but this trophy will unlock within the match so you'll know when you have it.

The Cessation Sensation!
Win by all methods of stoppage against the CPU. (KO, TKO, Submission, Doctor Stoppage)

This trophy will come by natural progression of the game and you will obtain this trophy on your way to getting platinum. There is no way to miss it.

Bobbin' And Weavin'
Dodge 3 consecutive strikes via sway (Outside of Tutorial Mode)

To dodge or sway you need to hold and flick up, down, left, or right. Depending on which way you flick depends on how your fighter will dodge so play around with it for a minute or two to learn it. This trophy can be obtained with 2 controllers and a buddy. Just have your buddy spam head punches and just sway under 3 in a row and this trophy will be yours.

Blog Fodder
Complete a post-fight interview in Career Mode

This trophy will be obtained in career mode. You won't, however, have the chance to get it until you reach the UFC level. Once you fight a few fights and start doing well then Joe Rogan will conduct a post fight interview with you. He'll ask you three questions and once you answer the 3rd question then you'll get the trophy.

Move Mastery
Reach "World Class" (Level 3) status with a technique or move.

This trophy is also obtained in career mode. During any week before a fight you can do several options with one of them being "camp invite." In order to get this trophy you have to train one of your moves to level 3. Now this trophy will happen by natural progression of the game and can't be missed but if you want it right away then keep going into "camp invite" and pick a striking move to keep on working on. As soon as you hit level 3 you will get this trophy. Depending on your skill level will depend on how many camps you will need to attend. The average is 3-6 camp invites to get a move to level 3.

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