Players: 2-3 (Co-op), 2-10 (Competitive)
Online Trophies: All
Estimated Time to 100%: 30-60 hours


Get 50 Stealth Kills

To achieve a stealth kill, you must silently approach an enemy from behind then perform a melee attack. If done correctly, you will instantly kill them by jumping on their back and snapping their neck. To earn this trophy, you must achieve 50 such kills.

Note: the Walk Softly booster (slot 1, unlocked at level 34) is extremely useful for stealth kills, as it allows you to move without making a sound.

Game Modes: Deathmatch (preferred), Elimination

Mechanically, stealth kills can be quite tricky to pull off. Often the game won't recognise when you're attempting to subdue a foe from behind, resulting in you simply taking a swing at them instead; other times, it'll work perfectly. To remove this inconsistency, wait until your target is aiming down the sights of their weapon - a stealth attack on an opponent that is aiming will work 99% of the time (variance based on the quality of your connection).

Stealth kills are easily and quickly boosted. Have a player from each team (the killers) stand in the middle of the map, and have the eight remaining players run to them. Those being killed should always face away from their killer, and must be aiming and firing their weapon (firing isn't necessary, but helps identify which players are in position). The killers must approach their prey slowly so as to not make noise, and come from behind (and a little to the left).

Brass Knuckles
Get 100 Melee Kills

Melee kills are kills achieved by beating your opponents with your fists by pressing . To earn this trophy, you must achieve 100 such kills.

Note: for reasons unknown, Stealth kills (outlined above) are counted separately from regular Melee kills, and therefore do not count towards this trophy.

Game Modes: Deathmatch (preferred), Elimination

You'll probably earn this legitimately by playing normally, but your success is all down to the quality of your connection, and that of your opponent. If you're having trouble getting melee kills (you need to land 2 successful hits on an opponent with full health), try softening them up a few shots first . This will allow you to follow up with a 1-hit punch kill.

Pretty simple - meet in the middle and start swinging. For improved efficiency, soften up the punching bags with a hip-fire shot from a pistol (steel fist-style).

Tastes Like Chicken
Get 20 BBQ Medals

BBQ kills are achieved by killing an opponent using a Propane Tank. To earn this trophy, you must achieve 20 such kills.

Game Modes: Deathmatch (preferred), Elimination

This trophy is largely luck-based, as Propane Tanks aren't exactly common, and most players are smart enough not to stand next to them. You can try carrying them and throwing them at players, then shooting them (tap to auto-target), but you move extra slow while carrying the tanks (unless you use the Treasure Bearer booster). Your best bet is to boost these.

The player getting the kills will run and find a propane tank, then carry it to the middle of the map and set it down on the ground. Have all the available players from the other team gather around the tank (taking care not to stand behind other players as their bodies will shield them from the blast), then have the killer shoot it. Once this is done, the killer will go and find another tank, and repeat the process until the end of the round. If performed correctly, you can earn Rapid Fire! at the same time. See below for more information.

Rapid Fire!
Get 7 Tripled Medals in Deathmatch

A Tripled medal is awarded when a player gets 3 kills in very quick succession. And when I say quick, I mean within 5 second window. To earn this trophy, you must achieve 7 Tripled medals.

Game Modes: Deathmatch (preferred), Elimination

It's extremely unlikely that you'll earn this trophy legitimately, but if you're intent on doing so, try using explosives, 1-hit kill weapons (sniper rifles are good), or flanking your opponents. Your best bet, however, is to boost this.

This trophy is very likely to pop during the boosting of many of the other trophies in Uncharted 2, most notably Tastes Like Chicken . See above for more details.

I Told You I Was Hardcore
Complete All 3 Co-op Objective Maps on Hard

To earn this trophy you must complete Nepal Warzone, The Village, and The Sanctuary Co-op adventures on Hard Difficulty. You will need at least 1 other player with you to start, but I strongly recommend playing with a full party of 3.

You must complete each map on Normal to unlock Hard; alternatively, you can join someone who already has Hard unlocked.

General advice:
  • Use a mic - communication is key.
  • Headshots - aiming for the head will obviously do the most damage; additionally, certain enemies can only be damaged by headshots.
  • Cover - use it, always; on Crushing difficulty, you won't survive long while in the open.
  • Prepare - at the end of an encounter, take some time to gather weapons/ammo/grenades.

If you need map-specific assistance, check out these playthroughs (they're all played on Crushing difficulty, but the strategies are the same).

Nepal Warzone:

Toggle Spoiler

The Village:

Toggle Spoiler

The Sanctuary:

Toggle Spoiler

Note: there is another trophy (You Can't Break Me ) from the Drake's Fortune DLC Pack that requires you beat all three Co-op adventures on Crushing. These two trophies do NOT stack. You must beat all 3 adventures on both Hard and Crushing, separately.

Made It
Finish Wave 10 in 1 Survival Game

Survival is a PvE mode in which up to three players will face ten waves of 25 enemies, with each wave increasing in difficulty. To earn this trophy, you must beat wave ten in a Survival game.

Every player prefers a different map, but there are some universal tips that you can consider while attempting this:
  1. Stick together - there will be a number of ninja-type enemies (especially on the later levels) that will grab and incapacitate players. Stay nearby to lend a hand.
  2. Higher ground - whenever possible, take the high ground, and use it to your advantage: attack enemies as they climb, drop grenades on them, etc.
  3. Headshots - pretty self-explanatory.

Gold Digger
Finish Wave 10 in 1 Gold Rush Game

Gold Rush is to Plunder what Survival is to Deathmatch - its a PvE game-type that borrows from the competitive mode (in this case, Plunder), and carries most of the same mechanics. In each wave, a treasure will spawn. Players must capture the treasure and return it to their chest, while fighting off infinitely-spawning enemies. To earn this trophy, you must complete wave 10 in a game of Gold Rush by capturing the treasure ten times.

Gold Rush requires mobility and flexibility. As soon as the treasure becomes available, you need to get to it ASAP. The less time you take to capture the treasure, the less time you have to fight off the enemies. Use cover, and always cover the treasure bearer.

Wipe Them Out...
Win 50 Deathmatch Games

To win a game of Deathmatch, your team must achieve a total of 50 kills (if its a full server) before the other team does. To earn this trophy, you must win 50 games of Deathmatch.

You will earn this by playing normally, or by boosting, so don't give it too much thought, and don't bother boosting it specifically.

Plays Well With Others
Win 50 Objective Games

To earn this trophy, you must win 50 matches from the Plunder and/or Objectives playlists. It's pretty straightforward. My only word of advice is that you should focus on completing the objectives themselves, rather than going for kills - the latter won't win you games.

While working on this trophy, you can also make progress towards Plundered! .

Still Alive
Win 50 Elimination Games

Elimination is a Deathmatch variant without respawns. Once you're dead, you stay that way until the round ends. To win an Elimination match, your team must win three out of the possible five rounds. To earn this trophy, you must win 50 Elimination matches.

The quickest way to boost Elimination wins is the suicide method. It's nice and simple:

As soon as they spawn, the losing team aims at the ground and throws a grenade at their own feet, committing suicide (try to spread out, so that you don't also kill your teammates, which could lead to being kicked from the lobby). Do this three times in a row to hand a win to the other team.

Using this method, an Elimination 'win' takes less than a minute.

Get 200 Captured Medals

Whenever an Idol is captured during a Plundered match, all players on that team will receive a Captured medal. To earn this trophy, you must acquire 200 such medals.

In a single match, the most Captured medals that can be earned is five: three for the winning team, and two for the losing team.

The most efficient system, however, is for the losing team to get just a single medal, if you're boosting wins for Plays Well With Others as well, that is. Allow me to explain.

Warning: math.

Team A and Team B both need 50 Objective wins and 200 Captured medals. Let's start with Team A getting their wins done.

Team A - 50 wins x 3 Captured medals = 150 Medals.
Team B - 50 losses x 1 Captured medal = 50 Medals.

Now switch places.

Team B - 50 wins x 3 Captured medals + 50 medals from their losses = 200 Medals.
Team A - 50 losses x 1 Captured medal + 150 medals from their wins = 200 Medals.

Cold Blooded
Get 2500 Kills

This will most likely be the last trophy of the whole set that you earn. Even boosting all other Multiplayer trophies, you'll still fall well short of this lofty target. Once you've finished up all other trophies, pick the game-type (either Deathmatch or Elimination) that you're most comfortable with and start grinding.

Regular kills can certainly be boosted. The quickest method, commonly referred to as the "A1/B1 Pulldown" method, is as follows:

You have two teams - A and B - playing Deathmatch.

Each player on each team is assigned a number (1 through 5), denoting their turn and their partner on the opposite team (to help everyone remember, have each player set their Clan Tag as their label).

A1 and B1 (referred to hereafter as 'the killers') will begin. The remaining players are 'the victims'.

The killers will meet up in the center of the map and find a ledge from which to hang from.
When a player is hanging from a ledge, they can perform a 'pulldown' on an enemy standing near that ledge by pressing . This is an instant kill that can be performed a number of times very quickly.

As soon as the victims spawn, they will run to their killer and allow themselves to be pulled down (Bs 2-5 will run to A1, As 2-5 will run to B1). Repeat until the kill target has been reached.

Using this method, the maximum number of kills per match is 99 - 50 for the winners, and 49 for the losers. Alternate which team wins and which loses for the fairest result (both in terms of maximum possible kills and wins).

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