Players: Up to 10 (online)
Online Trophies: Yes, all trophies are online only
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 40-60 hours
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: No
Glitched Trophies: No

The Drake's Fortune Expansion Pack is a DLC bundle that includes two maps (The Flooded Ruins and The Facility) and 6 multiplayer skins (UDF Drake, UDF Elena, Gabriel Roman, Atoq Navarro, Eddy Raja and Javier), all of which are taken from or based on Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

This DLC was available for purchase in three different ways: the full bundle, maps only and skins only. However, you must purchase the bundle or the maps only option to enable the new trophies. The skins only pack will not enable them.

Note: Although the trophy descriptions don't mention it, all kill-based and medal-based (except for Plundered!) trophies in this pack must be earned in Deathmatch or Elimination games. Kills and medals earned in Objective game types will not count toward these trophies.


Get 50 Stealth Kills

A stealth kill is performed simply by coming up behind an opponent and pressing , resulting in you choking them out or breaking their neck. It is, however, a little more difficult than it sounds since standard melee attacks are also attached to that button, so if you don't do it right you will end up just punching someone's back.

Tips for a successful stealth kill:
  • You must be moving when you press . If you're standing still behind the opponent, it won't work.
  • Try to get them when they are aiming their weapon and/or moving away from you.
  • Push when you are still a step behind them, and let the stealth animation take you the rest of the way. If you're too close, it won't work.
  • Try standing behind cover or around corners and grabbing opponents as they go by. Using the Situational Awareness booster (if you have it) is extremely helpful.

Brass Knuckles
Get 100 Melee Kills

This is one you should easily rack up on your way to some of the others in the list. As mentioned above, a melee attack is performed by pressing when close to an opponent. Two melee hits will kill your opponent, but it is rare that you can get two hits in without getting killed yourself, so a better strategy is to use the "Steel Fist" technique, which is hitting them with a couple of blindfire (press to shoot without pressing to aim) bullets first and then finishing them off with one melee attack. You only need to hit them with a couple of shots before the melee to get the kill.

Tastes Like Chicken
Get 20 BBQ Medals

A BBQ medal is earned when you kill an opponent with the explosion from a propane talk or generator. This one is not hard if you do it right, although it does require some patience.

Propane tanks are laying around at various points on most maps at the beginning of the game, while generators are only available on The Highrise. Neither of them respawn, so this is one you want to try to get early on in a match.

The easiest method to get this is to learn where the tanks are on each map and go straight for them. Then, rather than try to throw the tank at an opponent and shoot it in midair (which almost always results in you getting killed and them getting away), find a good place to set it on the floor - usually just behind a well-traveled corner or inside a doorway. Be careful not to put it in the actual doorway, or good players coming through from the other side will be able to see the tank and will shoot it before they walk through. Find some cover to get behind, line up your shot on the tank and then drop back behind the cover. As soon as you see an opponent walk close to the tank, pop up and shoot it (if you've lined it up correctly you won't have to re-aim), and BAM!

Using the Situational Awareness booster (if you have it) can help you know when someone is coming around the corner, and the Treasure Bearer booster will let you run faster with the propane tanks.

The Temple is by far the best map for this one, because there is a propane tank outside of each of the initial spawn rooms. Grab it as soon as the game starts and head for one of the doorways on either end of that area. Place the tank just inside the doorway (hidden behind the wall if possible) find cover, and then follow the method above. After trying that, there is another tank in the area at the top of the stairs in the upper chamber (where the shotgun spawns). You can throw that one down to the bottom of the stairs use the same strategy.

Rapid Fire!
Get 7 Tripled Medals in Deathmatch

Probably the toughest trophy in this set for most people.

A Tripled medal is earned when you kill three enemies in rapid succession. The kills have to happen within a few seconds of each other for this medal to pop. As mentioned above, you have to earn these medals in Deathmatch, which is tough, or Elimination, where it is virtually impossible.

Obviously, practicing and becoming a good player is the best help toward this trophy, but it is also helpful to use power weapons (RPG, Hammer, Shotgun, Pistole) and grenades when and where you can. Even with a lot of skill and/or good weapons, though, a lot of luck is required, since you have to find three opponents in close proximity and kill all three of them before one of them kills you.

Many people will need to boost this trophy to get it. See The Official Uncharted 2 Boosting/Online Play Thread for more information and to find boosting partners.


I Told You I Was Hardcore
Complete All 3 Co-op Objective Maps on Hard

As the description says, you have to complete all three Co-op Objective maps (The Village, Nepal Warzone and The Sanctuary) on the Hard difficulty setting to earn this trophy. To complete a map you must get to the end without failing (all three team members dying at the same time) three times.

General Tips:
  • Stay close to your teammates so that you can revive each other or rescue each other from chokers as necessary.
  • Get as many headshots as you can to take down the enemies quickly and save on ammunition.
  • Always make sure you are loaded up on ammo and grenades before going to the next checkpoint.
  • Stay back and let the enemies come to you rather than running into fire.
Map-specific tips:

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The best advice for this, though, is to play with two other good players. Find people in-game or in The Official Uncharted 2 Co-op Thread to get hooked up with and play a custom game on each of the three maps, and you'll have it. Trying to find a random public match that's not Easy or Normal is next to impossible.

Note 1: You have to complete a Co-op Objective game on Normal difficulty before you can select Hard in a custom game or on your profile, but if your party leader has Hard already unlocked they can start a custom game on that difficulty even if you haven't unlocked it.

Note 2: Difficulty trophies for Co-op Objective DO NOT STACK! Although there is another trophy in the second pack for completing these maps on Crushing, doing so will not earn you this trophy. You have to beat each map on each difficulty to unlock these trophies.

Made It
Finish Wave 10 in 1 Survival Game

Survival is one of the game types you can find in the Co-op Arena playlist. It consists of 10 waves of enemies, each one more difficult than the last, trying to kill you and your two teammates. You simply have to kill off each wave without failing (all three teammates dying at the same time) three times. There is no difficulty setting for this game type - it just gets harder as it progresses toward round 10.

As with the objective modes, it's important to play with good teammates who will stick together and help each other out. Each map has places that are better to hang out in and defend than others. Learn those spots (they're usually high up), go to them, and defend them through each wave, only leaving them in between rounds to load up on ammo. Starting with round 4 or 5, it is critical to stay together in one spot because the enemies are tougher and the chokers start coming.

Unlike Objective games, though, it is possible to finish off a wave in Survival with two players, or even by yourself in some cases. If one of your teammates goes running off and dies somewhere with a bunch of enemies or where you don't think you can get to them in time, you're better off staying in your spot and trying to finish off the round.

Again, headshots are key, especially against some of the tougher enemies in the later rounds.

Gold Digger
Finish Wave 10 in 1 Gold Rush Game

Gold Rush is also a Co-op Arena game, and is similar to Survival in that there are 10 rounds that get progressively tougher. The difference is that to finish a round of Gold Rush, you only need to get the treasure into the capture chest - it doesn't matter if you kill 100 enemies or none. Of course, if you want to rack up the points, you want to kill enemies, but that's not really what this guide is about, is it?

The best way to finish a game of Gold Rush is no surprise: stay together and work together. Whenever possible, take paths to the chest that avoid contact with enemies, and keep moving. If you are carrying the treasure and are about to die, toss it and let one of your teammates pick it up, just take care not to toss it into the middle of bunch of enemies, because if you can't get to it and it sits too long, it will respawn where it started and you'll have to go back and get it. Use buildings and different elevations (second floor, basement, etc) to get around the swarms of enemies in the main areas of the map.

Wipe Them Out...
Win 50 Deathmatch Games

Deathmatch is just what it sounds like: you try to kill them, they try to kill you. There is a Standard Deathmatch playlist as well as Deathmatch variations in the "All Competitive" and "Ranked" playlists. Any Deathmatch type will count toward this trophy. A match is played until one team gets to 50 kills or the 20 minute timer elapses, whichever comes first. At the end of the match, if your team has more kills than the other one, you get a win - it doesn't matter if you have 1 kill or 25. Get 50 wins, and the trophy is yours. You should get this trophy easily on the way to Cold Blooded.

Note: If a match starts with less than 10 players or people quit during the match, the system will adjust the number of kills needed to win the game. For example, an eight player game will require the winning team to get 40 kills rather than 50.

Plays Well With Others
Win 50 Objective Games

There are several different objective game types; Plunder, King of the Hill, Turf War and Chain Reaction. Each of them has a different objective, hence the name. Wins in any of them will count toward this trophy. It's more important for these game types to play in a party with other good players, because some level of teamwork is required to win the game. See The Official Uncharted 2 Boosting/Online Play Thread to find good help.

Plunder is the preferred game type to get this trophy simply because there are other trophies (Plundered! and You Run, I'll Shoot) that can only be earned in Plunder and you might as well kill two birds with one stone. A Plunder game ends when one team captures the treasure 5 times (less if there are less people, like Deathmatch) or the 20 minute timer expires. It is fairly common for Plunder matches to last the full 20 minutes because people use it as an extended Deathmatch to get more kills, either to increase their stats or to get trophies. If the match reaches the time limit, the team with the most captures wins, even if they don't get to 5.

If you get in a situation where you already have those trophies and just need Objective wins, the other game types are generally shorter. Chain Reaction games, in particular, can be extremely short with a good team strategy.

Still Alive
Win 50 Elimination Games

In Elimination, the goal is to kill all members of the opposing team before they kill all of the members of yours. You do not respawn once you are killed, but instead have to wait and see who wins the round before you get to respawn and try again in the next one. Once one team is eliminated, the team with at least one player still standing wins the round and you start over. The first team to win three rounds wins the match. Win 50 matches, and you have the trophy.

Like the Objective games, this is one you'll want to play in a good party when you can, because it offers very little opportunity to rack up anything toward any other trophies and you'll want to just get through the games as quick as you can (although it's a fun game to come back to when you're done trophy hunting).

Note: Killed players with mics cannot be heard by players who are still alive, even on their own team. All living players can hear each other as normal, while all dead players from both teams are on a different "channel" and can talk to each other while watching the match play out.

Get 200 Captured Medals

You get a Captured medal any time your team captures the treasure in a Plunder game. You do not have to be the player who actually captures the treasure, so working with your teammates to help them to score is just as good as scoring yourself.

This trophy can take some time, since you will get a maximum of 5 of these in any match and many Plunder matches will take the full 20 minutes. Again, play in a good party whenever possible and focus on working together to score the treasure rather than getting kills. It's very easy to get stuck in a 20 minute Plunder game and get no captures out of it if you're playing on a random and/or poorly organized team.

It is often thought that it is faster to throw the treasure rather than carry it, but if you are using the Treasure Bearer booster, which allows you to run faster with the treasure, it is really better to just run as far as you can with it, unless you are about to die or you are at a point where you have to toss it to be able to capture it (many chests are on the second story of a building).

Cold Blooded
Get 2500 Kills

There's not really anything difficult about this trophy, but it is the one that will take the most time to get. The good news is that by the time you get it, you should have earned several other trophies on this list as well.

Once again, though, you must earn these kills in Deathmatch (any variation) or Elimination games - no other kills will count toward this trophy.

As you level up during play, you'll find yourself getting matched against other high level players. If you have finished all of the other trophies and only need Deathmatch kills, and find yourself having a hard time competing and/or getting kills in those games, here's a tip from eburkulosis:

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