Players: 1-3 co-op, 2-10 competitive
Online Trophies: All of them
Online Pass Required: Yes
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: Depending greatly on skill, hard to judge precisely...
Minimum Playthroughs: Many matches
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: Nope
Glitched Trophies: None reported as of now

[top]Tips & Strategies

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Co-op Adventure

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Treasure Domination
Win a Plunder game without letting the opposing team score (5-0).

This trophy is dependent on teamwork. Being on a team that is focused on the killing and not the actual objective is not a good way to get this trophy. I suggest trying to go for the treasure, sort of get your team into it, hopefully they will protect you. Follow my strategies for Plunder above and you should get this in due time.

And Stay Down!
Win 50 matches of Elimination.

Elimination is like Team Deathmatch, only you get one solitary life, so make it count. Win 50 of these to snag the trophy.

Complete a Co-op Adventure Map on Crushing Difficulty w/o losing a single life.

A Co-op Crushing Adventure is hard. Now the trophy specifically means you not dying, so it may just be easier to go to the boosting thread and ring up some bodyguards, though if your team works well together it shouldn't be a problem reviving you. Stick to cover and hope for the best.

All Together Now
Kill the 3 end bosses in Chapter 5 within 20 seconds of each other on Hard.

Well this trophy is hard in the respect you don't know your progress. There are a few strategies to this: you can each (assuming you have three compatriots) focus on one target each, unloading on them so hopefully they all die in rapid succession. Also, you can do the opposite and all unload on one guy, stop when you think his health is low, then move on, then take them all down quickly. Either way, its gonna take teamwork to get this.

Air Mail
Get 25 Return To Sender medals.

Return to Sender: Kill 3 enemies with thrown-back grenades

This trophy is actually co-op related. Enemies will often toss grenades and/or drop them upon melee death (more so on harder difficulties). As they drop/come to you, you will see a line counting down. When the line is in the arc's white area, hit to throw it back. Now this isn't too precise, so be sure to angle the camera so it hits an enemy or group of enemies. Kill 3 enemies like this 25 times in co-op games to pop the trophy.

Get the Curator Medal while on Hard Difficulty.

Curator: Don't Allow any RPGs to hit the statue in the Co-op-Adventure-Monastery level

While in the Monastery co-op level, you will have to defend a statue. You must not let any rockets touch the statue. Use a sniper (wouldn't hurt to have your friends grab snipers) to take out the first patch of rocket guys quickly, then grab the PAK-80. Take out the brute with the RPG coming down the front stairs quickly. Then take out any remaining rocketeers (there's one behind the statue on the balcony) while your teammates take care of the others guys. Another rocket brute comes down the stairs, take him out, kill a brute to nab some PAK ammo if need be. Another RPGer is on top of the museum, so take him down. A last rocket guy hides on a balcony high up left of the museum, take him out too. If you did it, you get the trophy. This is easier than Crushing, but it's still tough.

Payback is a
Get 50 Retaliation Medals.

Retaliation: Kill the last player that killed you

Honestly, there's only five other people on the other team at most, chances are it's going to end up the one who killed you last. This will probably come by just killing enemies you see. You can try to use the "killcam" to see what your assailant looked like, then seek them out.

Get 50 Expansionist Medals.

Expansionist: Capture 5 territories

You can only get this in Team Objectives. There are a bevy of modes that involve capturing territories. They are:
  • Chain Reaction
  • King of the Hill
  • Turf War
As long as you are inside a territory to capture it five times throughout one match, the trophy is yours.

Everyday I'm Tauntin'
Get 50 In Your Face Medals.

In Your Face: Taunt 5 enemies that you killed

The hardest part of this trophy is not being killed whilst said taunting is going on. You taunt by pressing when not moving otherwise.
Try making a habit of taunting over a killed enemy's body after every kill (your own kill mind you) and you should eventually get this.

How's That Taste?
Get 50 Fisticuffs Medals.

Fisticuffs: Kill 3 enemies using hand-to-hand combat

Melee combat () in Uncharted 3 should come naturally as any impulse or reflex. The kills don't even have to be strictly damaging through melee, softening targets up with gunfire then striking is a good tactic too. You can also roll () away from attacking fists to avoid them then follow up with a fierce counter blow.

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