Players: 2-10 competitive, 1-3 co-op
Online Trophies: All of them
Online Pass Required: Yes
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: Largely depends on skill
Minimum Playthroughs: Many, many matches
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: Nope
Glitched Trophies: None reported as of now

[top]Tips & Strategies

Three Team Deathmatch

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Co-op Arena

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Complete a Co-op Arena Map on Crushing Difficulty w/o losing a life.

Note, to unlock Crushing for Co-op Arena maps, you must beat the map on Hard first.

Now for the trophy: also note that this means you cannot lose a life, anyone else can. You really need a well-oiled team to pull this off. Aim for the head, it'll end the enemies' lives sooner. You can always use the boosting thread to find some bodyguards. Use the tips above to help. Good luck out there.

Two by Two
Win 50 matches of Three Team Deathmatch.

Three Team Deathmatch is like Team Deathmatch, but instead of 2 teams of 5, there are 3 teams of 2. You can always use the boosting thread to find a partner. Just win 50 matches and the trophy is yours.

Complete the Antiquity Treasure Set.

There are 16 sets of treasures in the Antiquity treasure sets, you must complete them all. Here are the sets and the modes you must play to unlock them.
  • Gold Sanxingdui: Co-op Adventure-Airport-Easy or Normal
  • Elaborate Amulets: Co-op Adventure-Syria-Easy or Normal
  • Gold Worship: Co-op Adventure-London Underground-Easy or Normal
  • Spanish Goblets: Co-op Adventure-Monestary-Easy or Normal
  • Silver Death Set: Co-op Adventure-Borneo-Easy or Normal
  • Vagabond: Co-op Arena or Hunter Arena
  • Bronze Animal: Co-op Arena or Hunter Arena
  • Lost Pendants:Co-op Arena or Hunter Arena
  • Newari Figures:Co-op Arena or Hunter Arena
  • Lost Wraithful Deity:Co-op Arena or Hunter Arena
  • Emerald Sanxingdui:Co-op Arena or Hunter Arena
  • Bronze Wish:Co-op Arena or Hunter Arena
  • Priceless Statue:Co-op Arena or Hunter Arena
  • Priceless Gilt:Co-op Arena or Hunter Arena
  • Deity Statue:Co-op Arena or Hunter Arena
  • Pisces:Co-op Arena or Hunter Arena

Up Top!
Get 50 High Five Medals.

High Five: High five with your buddy over an opponent you killed together

Most of the time in competitive games, you will be assigned a buddy. You can high five anyone at any time, but you can only get this medal if you and your buddy high five over an enemy both of you killed. You'll know the opportunity when the icon appears. Do this 50 times with your buddy for the trophy. It's a good idea to stick to your buddy so you have abetter shot at killing as a duo.

Boom Goes the Dynamite
Get 50 Frag 'Em Medals.

Frag 'Em: Get 3 grenade kills

This is in competitive games, so this can be harder since 'nades can be thrown back. I suggest putting the enemy in a situation where they don't have a good reaction time, like punch them, then roll away, dropping a grenade whilst rolling. You can also throw back grenades, so that's always helpful. Get 3 kills through grenades in 50 matches for the trophy.

Get 50 Power Killer Medals.

Power Killer: Get 3 kills with power weapons

Once you get a power weapon, the three kills can come easily, just don't accidentally murder yourself. The following weapons are power weapons:
  • RPG-7
  • M32-Hammer
  • Mag 5
  • SAS-12
  • T-Bolt Sniper
  • Pistole
You can equip the Power Hunter booster, which allows you to see power weapons within a short distance. Kickbacks RPG!, Sniper, and Hammer Time give you power weapons, so they can be used to your advantage.

I Think You Dropped This
Get 50 Here, Hold This Medals.

Here, Hold This: Kill an enemy with a thrown back grenade

When an enemy throws a grenade, if you're close enough, you will see the grenade icon replaced with a icon with a bar moving down the side. When the bar gets into the white zone, hit to throw the grenade back. The enemy can't rethrow, so be sure to be accurate. You only need one kill for the medal, so get 50 throwback kills for the trophy.

Get 50 Mad Bomber Medals.

Mad Bomber: Get 10 kills with grenades

This is in co-op. Around the Arena maps there are plenty grenades around. Kill 10 enemies with grenades for the medal. Try for this on the weaker, armorless enemies since grenades will most likely kill them in one shot if they are close enough. Killing multiple baddies also adds more kills for the medal, so aim for groups.

We Can Kill It
Get 25 If It Bleeds... Medals.

If It Bleeds...: Kill a brute

In co-op arena, during the final rounds amidst the other opponents will be the baddest of the bad: the brute. Armed with a PAK 80, these baddies live up to their name, absolutely covered in armor and protective padding. These guys take LOTS of damage to go down, even when you're shooting their head. I suggest throwing anything explosive at these guys, be it Kickback explosives or simply propane tanks, even RPGs. To earn the medal, the crippling strike must be yours. These guys appear in rounds 7-10, so there are a few opportunities to take them out, but it's also easy to simply complete the match without killing any, so try this boosting so people know what you're after, or maybe they'll just gun for the brute too. Kill 25 of these behemoths to earn the trophy.

Pop Top
Get 100 In The Soft Spot Medals.

In The Soft Spot: Use melee to kill 3 armored opponents who've lost their helmets

In Co-op Arena, there are armored enemies. Focus fire on their helmets. Using rifles or the Micro sidearm will make relatively quick work of the helmets. When you can see the whites of their eyes, punch them. They can't be punched until the helmet comes off. Honestly, the headshots followed by melee is the best method for attacking the armored guys, so just keep using the same method and this will come in no time.

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