Players: 1-3 co-op, 2-10 competitive
Online Trophies: All of them
Online Pass Required: Yes
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: It all depends on skill and matches, so hard to judge
Minimum Playthroughs: Lots of matches...
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: N/A
Glitched Trophies: None reported as of now

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Co-op Adventure Tips

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Team Deathmatch Tips

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Kill the 3 end bosses in Chapter 5 within 20 seconds of each other on Crushing

This trophy is mostly guesswork as there are no health bars determining remaining health. The best strategy is to unload on one, then jump to another when you think he's about to crack, then do the same with the last one, then pop them all off one by one. Now this can be tough on Crushing, so stick close to your teammates and cover alike.

Win 50 matches of TDM

TDM is Team Deathmatch. Just do what the trophy says, really. After 50 wins the trophy is yours.

Fly on the Wall
Get 3 Hang In There Medals while on Crushing Difficulty

Hang In There: Complete the key puzzle with enemies still alive in the Co-op-Adeventure-Monastery level

Now you'll have to replay this multiple times as you can only get one of these medals in every run through the level.
During the Monastery level, you'll get to a part where you must jump and hold on to two keys at once, a person on each key. You have to do some climbing to get to them, and on Crushing it doesn't take many bullets to kill you. I suggest going for this by going almost simultaneously with a second person. Kill enough enemies so you aren't swarmed, even one left will do. Narrow it down then have you and the buddy go for it. Set up a third guy hanging out, shooting one of the enemies in like the foot or whatever so he won't kill it right away, just keep its attention. As soon as you and your friend have done the key puzzle with an enemy or more left, play the level again and do it twice more. After three medals the trophy pops. Yes, it is like the first Uncharted.

Complete a Co-op Adventure Map on Hard Difficulty w/o losing a single life

Now this shouldn't terribly hard. Hard isn't too hard, but there is Friendly Fire so shoot carefully. Now know that it isn't the whole team losing a life, only you, so if you're so scared, try finding some guys to be your bodyguard. If you want action, stick close to your teammates so you can revive them quickly. Complete the adventure without any deaths for the trophy.

Stealth Master
Get 50 Assassin Medals

Assassin: Kill 3 enemies using stealth

In competitive modes, if you sneak up behind another player and melee them, you will perform a stealth kill. Any kill from behind seems to be okay for this medal. You'll know it's a stealth kill when you snap a player's neck. You'll know the opportunity when an icon of a ninja appears above a player's head.

This is easier to perform on players who are aiming down the sights since their peripheral vision is out of the way. Just try hiding in a popular area, wait until someone passes, then get the jump in them. Do this to 3 enemies in one match 50 times for the trophy.

Looking for Loot
Get 50 Three Medal Pickup Medals

Three Medal Pickup: Open a chest

One of the easiest DLC trophies. In any co-op or competitive mode (excluding Adventure) treasure chests will open up. You will know this when a treasure chest icon appears on your screen, located on the chest. Follow the sign to the chest and open it for three medals towards your kickback and and easy medal. Do this 50 times across each mode for the trophy.

Long Gun Lover
Get 50 Commando Medals

Commando: Kill 3 enemies by using any long gun in a single Competitive game

This is simple, really. Just kill 3 enemies in one match with your long gun (equipped by pressing , though you automatically spawn with your long gun), doesn't matter which. Just make a conscious effort to kill only with your long gun.

Double Trouble
Get 50 Double Down Medals

Double Down: Kill 2 enemies in rapid succession

Simple in words, tougher in action. Just kill two enemies quickly to get the medal, whether it be two birds with one grenade or one kill, turn around, other kill. They're pretty generous timewise, just be sure to kill any traveling duo. The Quick Boom Kickback can help quickly demolish those pairs.

Boom, Headshot!
Get 50 Head Cracker Medals

Head Cracker: Kill 5 enemies with head shots

This is actually a co-op trophy. You must kill 5 enemies with head shots in a co-op game. In Arena, it's a good practice to kill heavies with headshots since any other way is much harder. If you have the Sniper Kickback, if you can land all head shots with every bullet it's easier. The shot must kill the enemy, not hit their heads and they keep on living.

I'm on a Roll
Get the Unyielding Medal while on Hard Difficulty

Unyielding: Push the cart all the way to the gate without stopping in the Co-op-Adventure-London Underground level

There will be a segment in the London Underground co-op level in which you need to push a large cart through a tunnel. You must push this without stopping in one go. Only one person needs to be pushing the cart, so put the other two on the offensive on top of the cart. Better yet, clear the tunnel as much as possible before going to easily get this. Just don't push the cart at all until it's safe enough and without ceasing to pop the trophy. Easy picking. It's easier on Hard than Crushing, so if you want this one before the other, this is good practice.

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