Players: 1-3 co-op, 2-10 competitive
Online Trophies: All of them
Online Pass Required: Yes
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum:
Minimum Playthroughs:
Collectible Trophies:
Missable Trophies: N/A
Glitched Trophies: None reported as of now

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Co-op Arena Tips

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Co-op Shade Survival

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Treasure Collector
Win 50 matches of Plunder

Plunder is a competitive game mode which is an Uncharted-style twist on Capture the Flag in which the player picks up an idol and lugs it back to their treasure chest.

There isn't really much to say about this, just play the mode until you hit 50 wins. You can track this through the ProfileRecordsTrophies menu.

Get the Curator Medal while on Crushing Difficulty

Curator: Don't allow any RPGs to hit the statue in the Co-op-Adventure-Monastery level

While in the Monastery co-op level, you will have to defend a statue. You must not let any rockets touch the statue. Use a sniper (wouldn't hurt to have your friends grab snipers) to take out the first patch of rocket guys quickly, then grab the PAK-80. Take out the brute with the RPG coming down the front stairs quickly. Then take out any remaining rocketeers (there's one behind the statue on the balcony) while your teammates take care of the others guys. Another rocket brute comes down the stairs, take him out, kill a brute to nab some PAK ammo if need be. Another RPGer is on top of the museum, so take him down. A last rocket guy hides on a balcony high up left of the museum, take him out too. If you did it, you get the trophy.

Get the Unyielding Medal while on Crushing Difficulty

Unyielding: Push the cart all the way to the gate without stopping in the Co-op-Adventure-London Underground level

There will be a segment in the London Underground level in which you need to push a large cart through a tunnel. You must push this without stopping in one go. Only one person needs to be pushing the cart, so put the other two on the offensive on top of the cart. Better yet, clear the tunnel as much as possible before going to easily get this. Just don't push the cart at all until it's safe enough and without ceasing to pop the trophy.

Complete a Co-op Arena Map on Hard Difficulty w/o losing a single life

Co-op Arena is a co-operative mode in which two or three players defeat wave after wave of enemies, sometimes completing various objectives.

Hard Difficulty is available from the jump when setting up an Arena match. Beating Hard alone is a formidable challenge, and without losing lives can be stressful. You lose lives by completely dying, which means dead beyond revival. View the Co-op Arena Tips in the Tips section for tips on surviving.

Note, it seems your friends can die, just you can't.

Not Afraid of the Dark
Get 50 Lights Out Medals

Lights Out: Kill the Marked Shade

In Co-op Shade Survival, in place of the standard Gold Rush mode, there will be a "Marked Man" type mode in which you must kill a designated Shade. In a round there are typical around four marked shades. Killing one results in a medal, and killing 50 of them nets the trophy. Simple as that.

Get 150 In the Shade Medals

In the Shade: Get three Shade kills, as a team, in a Siege territory

This is simple, really. In a regular Shade Survival Siege, you must kill 12 Shades from the territory to pass the round, so you should get this about 4 times in a round if you survive. This shouldn't take very long to hit 150 as it isn't just you, it's everyone's performance on the team that counts.

Get 150 Shade Survivalist Medals

Shade Survivalist: Get four Shade kills, as a team, during a Shade Survival objective

Once again, 150 sounds like a lot, yet it isn't. In a standard Shade Survival Survival round you need to kill 12, so this averages about thrice per Survival round. In total, this is for completing 50 rounds of Survival, and since there is multiple Survivals in a game, this should be simple. Provided you survive. Ha.

Capital Punishment
Get 25 Executioner Medals

Executioner: Kill the VIP during a Marked Man objective

During Team Deathmatches, if your team is lagging in points, you will get a little bonus. The first is Marked Man. A man on the other team is marked the VIP. Kill the VIP to earn extra points. The VIP is marked wherever you are, so make a beeline for that person and assassinate them a total of 25 times for a trophy.

Also, in Team Objectives, there will be an Objective called "Multi Marked Men". Killing the other team's marked man works towards this as well.

Head Crusher
Get 50 Head Hunter Medals

Head Hunter: Kill 3 enemies with headshots

Self-explanatory, but it can be hard to pull off. This is 3 in one match, not overall. It might help to equip the Dragon Sniper in your primary loadout for the sake of accuracy. You can also go for this on targets simply standing there.

Hold the Line
Get 50 None Shall Pass Medals

None Shall Pass: Get 5 kills during a King of the Hill objective while inside the Hill

You must be playing Team Objectives for this. During a King of the Hill round, you must kill 5 enemies whilst hanging out inside the hill. Not much I can say, just keep rotating the camera to find approaching enemies, as there is sure to be a crew coming to nab the hill from you. This doesn't have to be in one hill, just a hill overall.

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