Players: 1-3 co-op, 2-10 competitive
Online Trophies: All of them
Online Pass Required: Yes
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: Completely depending on skill
Minimum Playthroughs: Many matches
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: Nope
Glitched Trophies: None reported as of now

[top]Tips & Strategies

Team Objectives

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Co-op Adventure

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Team Player
Win 50 Matches of Team Objectives

Simply win 50 matches of Team Objectives game type for the trophy. Tips for winning those matches are up in that there tip section.

From All Angles
Get 25 Triple Threat Medals

Triple Threat: Kill 3 enemies with long guns, 3 enemies with pistols, and 3 enemies with explosions

This takes a focused effort to get. In a match, keep a mental list of all your kills. Try going in phases: 3 with long guns, 3 with pistols, and grenade kill in between.

Complete the Artifact Treasure Set

You must collect all of the corresponding treasures in the Artifacts section, all sets done. Here are the treasures and the modes you must be playing to unlock them.
  • Knowledgeable Gentleman: Co-op Adventure-Airport-Hard or Crushing
  • Stylish Jewelry: Co-op Adventure-London Underground-Hard or Crushing
  • Wrath: Co-op Adventure-Syria-Hard or Crushing
  • Valuable Lion: Co-op Adventure-Borneo-Hard or Crushing
  • Smiling End: Co-op Adventure-Monastery-Hard or Crushing
  • Gold Rulers: Co-op Arena or Hunter Arena
  • Valuable Gold: Co-op Arena or Hunter Arena
  • Fearsome Being: Co-op Arena or Hunter Arena
  • Odd Relics: Co-op Arena or Hunter Arena
  • Gold Buddha: Co-op Arena or Hunter Arena
  • Ottoman Empire: Co-op Arena or Hunter Arena
  • Priceless Tibetan: Co-op Arena or Hunter Arena
  • Ritual: Co-op Arena or Hunter Arena
  • Lost Seals: Co-op Arena or Hunter Arena
  • Elaborate Tibetan: Co-op Arena or Hunter Arena
  • Tranquil Sea: Co-op Arena or Hunter Arena
  • Valuable Lords of Death: Team Deathmatch or Elimination
  • Historical Currency: Team Objective
  • Silver Earrings: Plunder
  • Silver Incan: Co-op Arena or Hunter Arena
  • Gold Incan: Co-op Arena or Hunter Arena
  • Ivory Incan: Co-op Arena or Hunter Arena

Look Out Below
Get 10 Detonator Medals While on Hard Difficulty

Detonator: Destroy a truck in the Co-op Adventure-Fort level

Relatively later on in the Fort level, you will get ambushed, and down on the ground is a truck or two firing at you. There aren't any RPGs to help, but there is a propane tank or two around, and there are always grenades. Have your teammates cover you as you focus fire on a truck, then flip to the other if you have enough firepower. You'll have to repeat the level, but soon enough the trophy is yours.

Wild Wild West
Get 50 Gunslinger Medals

Gunslinger: Kill three enemies using any pistol or pistols in a single Competitive game

This is easy in action, but harder to enforce. Make it a habit to hit every time you respawn so you can unholster the pistol and fire off some kills. This will probably be easier with Power Weapon Pistols, like the Pistole or Mag 5, that only take a few shots to down an opponent. Just make it a habit to get kills exclusively with a sidearm.

Eyes on the Prize
Earn 3000 Objective Points

Objective Points are earned in Team Objectives. Basically, they are the points you accumulate when scoring objectives, like capturing turf or holding the idol in Treasure Hunter. Even assassinating the Marked Man in Multi-Marked Men counts as one. This will be earned by just playing Team Objectives.

You're Out
Get 50 Strike Three Medals

Strike Three: Kill 3 enemies without being killed

Basically, get a three-kill-streak 50 times. After you learn the fundamentals of the game, three kills in a row may not be as daunting. However, the weaker kids may have some trouble with this. Remember to melee, it takes half health away, and rolling away from punches to avoid retaliation. Grenades, snipers, and shotguns are also good weapons for one-hit kills or doing lots of damage.

It's Good to Be King
Get 50 Three Kickback King Medals

Three Kickback King: Use 3 Medal Kickbacks in game

This is easy as long as your Kickback isn't like Creepy Crawler which takes 14 medals. No, for this you want Kickbacks that require only a few medals. The lowest is 4 medals, which is Cash'em In. I suggest using that Kickback for the trophy.

Key Master
Get 100 Gate Keeper Medals

Gate Keeper: Kill a co-op boss

Co-op Bosses appear in Co-op Adventure and Shade Survival, often indicated by an icon. You must land the killing blow for the medal to unlock. I found that in Shade Survival, a Cluster Bomb right under it would kill a boss in one try. Of course that's other DLC, but the Cluster Bomb is effective however you put it. Just be sure to be the final strike.

Hanging On
Get 3 Hang In There Medals while on Hard Difficulty

Hang In There: Complete the key puzzle with enemies still alive in the Co-op Adventure-Monastery level

Now you'll have to replay this multiple times as you can only get one of these medals in every run through the level.
During the Monastery level, you'll get to a part where you must jump and hold on to two keys at once, a person on each key. You have to do some climbing to get to them. Hard it isn't as bad as Crushing, but don't let your guard down. I suggest going for this by going almost simultaneously with a second person. Kill enough enemies so you aren't swarmed, even one left will do. Narrow it down then have you and the buddy go for it. Set up a third guy hanging out, shooting one of the enemies in like the foot or whatever so he won't kill it right away, just keep its attention. As soon as you and your friend have done the key puzzle with an enemy or more left, play the level again and do it twice more. After three medals the trophy pops. Yes, it is like the first Uncharted. I know, right!

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