Players: 1 (up to 10 online)
Online Trophies: Yes
Online Pass Required: Yes
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 20-25 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 2
Collectible Trophies: Yes
Missable Trophies: No
Glitched Trophies: No


Everyman fortune hunter Nathan Drake is back for another adventure with his partner and mentor Victor Sullivan. This time, the search is on for the fabled "Atlantis of the Sands," a lost city of immeasurable wealth, but if we've learned anything from Drake's previous adventures, it's that nothing is ever easy, and nothing ends up being quite the same as it first appeared.

Fighting our heroes all the way is the mysterious Katherine Marlowe, head of a clandestine organization that seems to have long-standing feud with Drake and his famous ancestor, and just like the previous enemies in the Uncharted series, she has a seemingly unlimited supply of henchmen to throw in Nate and Sully's way.

Fight through them all to uncover the secrets that await as you traverse the Rub' al Khali Desert, but know what you're seeking may be very different from what you ultimately find in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.

[top]Tips and Strategies

Gameplay Tips
  • Live in Cover - This game really is a cover-based shooter, and if you try to just run and gun on any difficulty higher than Easy, you'll set yourself up for some frustrating failures. When playing on Hard or Crushing, do not leave cover when your screen is gray. If someone rushes your position, use blindfire while staying in cover to take them out. The only exception to this rule is later in the game, where certain enemies are so fast that they will flank you in seconds if you don't keep moving.
  • Yoo Hoo! - In addition to using cover in the traditional way (by pressing to be plastered up against it), you can peek around corners in many places to fire away at enemies with a little more freedom of movement while still staying relatively immune to enemy fire.
  • Come Back Here - There are many sections in the game where you are trapped in a room or area with enemies, but when you are not, you can make things much easier on yourself by back-tracking to the previous area after enemies spawn. Doing that will allow you to utilize choke points and generally take on enemies one or two at a time instead of being virtually surrounded.
  • Pop Some Melons - Headshots are key to certain areas of the game, especially against armored enemies. You can empty several clips into them and they'll keep coming, but a few headshots will take them down in a hurry, even on higher difficulties.
  • Manage Your Weapons - Use the weakest weapon you have available to you whenever possible. Frequently, enemies come in waves during a stage, and the later waves are often the hardest, so if you can take out the earlier waves without wasting ammo for your heavier weapons, it will leave you free to blast away at the tougher foes.
  • Drake the Snake - There are certain areas of the game where it practically begs you to use stealth, and doing so will make your life much easier. In some places, you can perform 5 or 6 stealth takedowns and avoid having to take 10-15 other enemies (including brutes and armored soldiers) head on, which is a huge help, especially on Crushing.
  • I thought this thing was empty... - During platforming sections where you have to climb up walls or hang from ledges, the game will automatically refill your pistol ammo, even if you run completely out. You can use this to your advantage by carrying heavier pistols to those sections without having to worry about running out.

Trophy Tips
  • Other than trophies requiring you to perform a certain action so many times in a row, everything is cumulative across all of your playthroughs, including using chapter select to go to specific areas.
  • You can check your progress toward any of the kill-related trophies in game by going to Bonuses > Statistics from the pause menu or the main campaign menu.


  • Play through the game once. Unlike the previous Uncharted games, playing on Hard is not required to unlock Crushing, so this first playthrough can be on Normal if you wish, so that you can focus on the story and enjoy yourself. You can also work on several of the miscellaneous trophies during this step and look for treasures as you see fit, but you don't need to focus too much on either of those things unless you're on a speed run.

    If you do want to try and knock out the platinum as quickly as possible, the list in the spoiler below will tell you which chapters offer the best opportunity to earn certain trophies and how many treasures you'll find in each one. Trophies that can be earned easily in multiple places are not listed.

    Chapter-Specific Walkthrough

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  • Play through the game again, on Crushing difficulty. Your main focus during this step should just be on getting through the game, although you'll also probably make some progress toward kill-related trophies that you didn't unlock during your first playthrough. Make sure you choose to carry over all of your treasures and rewards when you start the new game.
  • Single player clean-up. You can now use chapter select to go back and pick up any treasures you may have missed, and knock out any of the other kill-related or miscellaneous trophies you still need. To save time, this can be done during your crushing playthrough if you wish - refer to the chapter-specific walkthrough above. Or, for another option, check out this tip from eadwired, which offers a good place to farm many of the random single player trophies:

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  • Multiplayer trophies. This step can really be done at any time, but if you haven't done it yet, head online and complete one competitive multiplayer game and one cooperative game (arena or adventure).

[top]Videos by PowerPyx

A huge thanks to PowerPyx for providing his typically excellent video walkthroughs for this guide.

Check out his website or YouTube channel for more of his outstanding work.


Special thanks to the following members who helped in the development of this guide:



Defeat all the enemies, find all of the treasures, smack a few guys with fish and ride the crocodile, and this platinum will be yours. Because who doesn't want an embossed picture of Drake in his man-scarf in their platinum collection?

First Treasure
Find one treasure

The first time you see that little glint, walk over and pick up a treasure, you'll unlock this trophy.

See Master Fortune Hunter below for more information and a video walkthrough of all treasure locations.

Apprentice Fortune Hunter
Find 20 treasures

This trophy will pop as soon as you have collected a total of 20 treasures.

See Master Fortune Hunter below for more information and a video walkthrough of all treasure locations.

Skilled Fortune Hunter
Find 40 treasures

Once you've acquired a total of 40 treasures, you'll earn this trophy.

See Master Fortune Hunter below for more information and a video walkthrough of all treasure locations.

Adept Fortune Hunter
Find 60 treasures

Appropriately enough, this trophy will be yours after you have found a total of 60 treasures.

See Master Fortune Hunter below for more information and a video walkthrough of all treasure locations.

Expert Fortune Hunter
Find 80 treasures

And this trophy will be added to your collection the instant you have obtained your 80th treasure.

See Master Fortune Hunter below for more information and a video walkthrough of all treasure locations.

Master Fortune Hunter
Find 100 treasures

To earn this trophy, you will need to locate and pocket all 100 treasures scattered around the world of Uncharted 3. Treasures can be spotted glinting at you from in various locations as you play through the game, and once you've been able to reach them you can pick them up by pressing .

The Chapter-Specific Walkthrough in the Roadmap above gives you a breakdown of how many treasures are in each chapter, and the spoiler below contains a four-part video walkthrough to help you locate and acquire each one.

Note: Including the Strange Relic (see Relic Finder below), there are actually 101 treasures in the game, so you can miss one somewhere along the line and still get this trophy.

Video Walkthrough

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Relic Finder
Find the Strange Relic

As you're searching the world of Uncharted 3 for treasures, you'll come across one that just doesn't seem to fit in with the others. What is it? Does it actually have any significance? The world may never know, but at least now you know where to find it.

In Chapter 4, Run to Ground, there's a point where you're making your way through a tunnel system, and you walk across a catwalk overlooking another tunnel. You'll know you're in the right spot because Drake will say something about knowing that you're still on the right track. Right after making your way across the catwalk, you'll come to a shaft, and Drake will say "that's a long way down." Before you go down, though, you'll want to use the pipes on the wall to climb up to a spot where you can grab the Relic off of a small ledge.

Video Walkthrough

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Defeat 75 enemies in a row without dying

The description for this trophy is pretty self-explanatory - you just need to kill 75 straight enemies without dying. This does not have to be in one chapter, but it does have to be a continuous string during normal gameplay - you cannot restart checkpoints to farm kills.

If your first playthrough is on Normal difficulty or lower, it's likely that you'll get this at some point without really trying, but if you don't, you can get this during the clean-up phase by using chapter select to play a segment of the game with plenty of enemies (Chapter 14 is probably a good place to start) on Easy or Very Easy difficulty.

Combat Leapfrog
Defeat 10 enemies in a row, alternating hand-to-hand combat and gunplay

As the description says, to unlock this trophy you'll need to work your way through a string of ten enemies, going back and forth between guns and melee. If the first kill of the string is with guns, the next needs to be melee, then back to guns and so on until the trophy pops.

You don't have to be perfect - if you accidentally shoot someone you're supposed to be killing with melee it won't break the streak, as long as the killing blow is dealt in the correct way. It's possible you'll get this through normal gameplay, but if you don't just fire up a chapter with plenty of enemies on easy difficulty and go to town.

As displayed in the video below, Chapter 6 - The Chateau - is a good option.

Video Walkthrough

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20 Headshots
Defeat 20 enemies with headshots

The trophy description says it all on this one - rack up 20 total headshots and it will unlock.

See 100 Headshots for more information.

100 Headshots
Defeat 100 enemies with headshots

To earn this trophy, you simply need to kill 100 enemies via headshots. Although his is a cumulative total across all chapters and playthroughs, you should earn it before you finish the game once if you make any kind of effort to aim for your enemies' heads.

Note that you do actually have to kill your enemy via headshot - non-lethal headshots on armored enemies do not count.

Headshot Expert
Defeat 5 enemies in a row with headshots

Another trophy that is very self-explanatory, although this one is easier said than done - you need to kill 5 enemies in a row with headshots to earn it. This has to be a continuous string - you can't restart a checkpoint and kill the same person 5 times - and you cannot kill an enemy by any other means during the streak or your count will reset.

Check the video in the spoiler for a good time to go for this one during Chapter 8, The Citadel. If you don't get it there, you can go for it in any spot where you're in good cover and shooting with a sniper rifle, G-MAL or other weapon with a good zoom.

Video Walkthrough

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Side Arm Master
Defeat 30 enemies in a row with your side arm

This trophy is not difficult, but you may find it to be a bit annoying. You need to kill 30 enemies in a continuous string using only your sidearms - no melee, long guns or explosions - and there are plenty of times where you will be engaged in a fist fight by an enemy that has rushed you, inadvertently killing enemies with grenades or propane tanks or finding that you've run out of ammunition for your pistol.

You may get this during normal gameplay, but it's likely that your best bet for it will be to wait until after you've finished the game and load up Chapter 5, London Underground, on Easy or Very Easy. Pistols will be pretty much your only option for most of this chapter, and you should have just enough enemies to kill before you finish it.

Reload Master
Defeat 50 enemies in a row without auto-reloading

Any time you empty the clip in your weapon, it will automatically reload (assuming you have more ammunition). To earn this trophy, you need to make sure that does not happen while you put together a string of 50 straight kills. To prevent auto-reloads, you need to make sure you are performing manual reloads by pressing before your clip runs out.

The best way to get this out of the way is to focus on using automatic rifles with large clips so that you can safely kill one or two enemies and still have plenty of time to reload before running out. This does not have to be a continuous string of 50 kills without dying, and you can restart checkpoints to farm kills. You are also ok if you empty the last clip you have for a weapon and auto-switch to your other one, as long as you do not auto-reload to another clip in the same gun. Just get in the habit of pressing after every kill or two, or any time you've fired a few bullets and have some breathing space, and you should get this without too much trouble.

If you don't get this during normal gameplay and are looking for a place to farm it, fire up Chapter 14 - Crusin' for a Bruisin' - and replay the section in the ship's ballroom until you get it.

Rolling Ammo Master
20 times in a row, pick up ammo while rolling

To add this trophy to your collection, you need to make sure that you pick up ammunition in each of 20 straight rolls. You don't necessarily have to do them all in one spot, but if you roll one time without picking up ammo, you'll break the streak.

For that reason, the easiest way to get this trophy is to wait until you've finished a firefight and then find a gun lying on the ground that is different than anything you're already carrying. Roll over the top of it by pressing , and hit during the roll to pick up the new weapon. Once that's done, turn around and repeat the process, picking up the gun you just dropped. Continue to rinse and repeat 18 more times, and you'll earn this very easy silver trophy.

Video Walkthrough

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Blindfire Marksman
Defeat 20 enemies by blind-firing while in cover (without aiming with L1/R1)

Cover is a huge part of this game, and you'll soon find that it becomes second nature to hit anytime enemies are around and you're near anything that can be hidden behind. While you're in that position, if you press to shoot without first aiming with , you'll notice a blindfire reticle on your screen - it looks like a big set of parentheses.

Using an automatic rifle or quick-firing pistol, it's pretty easy to take out weaker enemies as they rush you by using this technique, and once you've done that 20 times, this trophy will be yours. This is another one that you should earn during normal gameplay, with minimal effort.

Defeat 20 enemies by shooting from the hip (without aiming with L1/R1)

Just like with Blindfire Marksman above, you'll need to learn how to shoot and kill enemies without aiming to earn this trophy. The difference, though, is that this one only counts kills you get while up and moving, not hidden behind cover.

This is very simple to do with automatic rifles or shotguns, since all you really need to do is hit while you're somewhere close to an enemy and your shots will connect. Once you've downed 20 enemies with this technique, the trophy will unlock.

Defeat 20 enemies with gunfire by aiming while hanging

There are plenty of times in Uncharted 3 where you find yourself climbing ladders or walls, shimmying along ledges and generally acting like a monkey. While you are doing any of those things, you have the option to fire your pistol at any enemies that might be in the area, and killing 20 enemies in this way will earn you another shiny bronze trophy.

There are so many times where you're climbing - and many times during the course of the game where there are enemies above you while climbing that you virtually have to shoot to move on - that you're basically guaranteed to get this trophy during normal gameplay.

Land Shark
Defeat 20 enemies while swimming

Although swimming has been a part of previous Uncharted games, it takes on a much larger role in this one, and for the first time you are able to shoot your pistol and throw grenades while you're in the water. As the trophy description says, you're required to kill 20 enemies while in the water to earn it. It doesn't matter if you damage them in some way while you're not swimming, as long as you land the killing blow while treading water.

There are enough times that you're in water during the middle of the game that you'll probably get this naturally, but if you want to get it out of the way early or need to go back for it later, just load up Chapter 12, Abducted. You can kill as many enemies as you please and then let yourself be killed or restart the checkpoint to go back for more.

30 Kills: Mag 5
Defeat 30 enemies with the Mag 5

The next several trophies are all identical in intent (kill 30 enemies), with the only difference being the instrument of death that you need to use to earn each one. Most of the weapons are common enough in the game that you will earn the trophies associated with them during the normal course of the two playthroughs you need for this platinum, but there are a few that are slightly less common.

Unlike previous games, there is no bonus to enable that allows you to use the weapon of your choice on any chapter, so you have to know where each one is located if you find yourself needing to farm kills. The best way to earn all of these trophies the first time through is to pay attention to the list, and any time a new weapon shows up, kill all but one enemy in that area (or use all of your ammo) and then die or restart the checkpoint until you get to 30.

As appropriate, the best locations for farming kills with each weapon is listed below.

The Mag 5 is relatively common, but if you need to farm kills with it the easiest place to do it is in Chapter 19, The Settlement. You'll come up some stairs and there will be a laser-sighted sniper above and in front of you. Before taking him out, head to the left and pick up the Mag 5, and then you can use the area just ahead to farm kills by emptying your clip and restarting the checkpoint.

30 Kills: Arm Micro
Defeat 30 enemies with the Arm Micro

See 30 Kills: Mag 5 above for information on weapon-specific kill trophies.

This is the most common sidearm that has a trophy associated with it, and it's found in more than enough instances for you to pop this trophy during normal gameplay.

30 Kills: Tau Sniper
Defeat 30 enemies with the Tau Sniper

See 30 Kills: Mag 5 above for information on weapon-specific kill trophies.

The Tau Sniper is common enough during the last three chapters of the game that you should be able to earn this trophy naturally before you finish your second playthrough, but if you don't, fire up Chapter 22, The Dreamers of the Day. There are several spots where you get this gun and can restart checkpoints after getting several kills to farm it.

30 Kills: KAL 7
Defeat 30 enemies with the KAL 7

See 30 Kills: Mag 5 above for information on weapon-specific kill trophies.

If you don't earn this trophy through normal gameplay, you must be playing another game, because this gun is everywhere during the middle section of this one.

30 Kills: M9
Defeat 30 enemies with the M9

See 30 Kills: Mag 5 above for information on weapon-specific kill trophies.

The M9 is one of the most common and useful rifles you'll find - no extra effort should be required here.

30 Kills: G-MAL
Defeat 30 enemies with the G-MAL

See 30 Kills: Mag 5 above for information on weapon-specific kill trophies.

The G-MAL is found all throughout the game, so this is another one that should not require any special effort to earn.

30 Kills: SAS - 12
Defeat 30 enemies with the SAS - 12

See 30 Kills: Mag 5 above for information on weapon-specific kill trophies.

The SAS is a very common weapon throughout the second half of the game, and is normally dropped by armored enemies when you kill them. You shouldn't have any issues racking up 30 kills to unlock this trophy.

30 Kills: Dragon Sniper
Defeat 30 enemies with the Dragon Sniper

See 30 Kills: Mag 5 above for information on weapon-specific kill trophies.

The Dragon Sniper is probably the rarest weapon in Uncharted 3 and is only found in a few places. The best spot to find it and farm kills is in Chapter 8, The Citadel. After you use the North Star to spot the "hidden" entrance, you'll come to a spot where you get the Dragon and have five enemies with RPG's to dispatch. Take out the first four and then restart the checkpoint until you hit 30.

Alternately, you can get this one in Chapter 12, Abducted. In the open area with the boat on the left and all of the floating platforms, there is a sniper carrying this rifle on top of the boat. Kill him, take the rifle and use it until it's empty, then restart the chapter and do it again.

30 Kills: T-Bolt Sniper
Defeat 30 enemies with the T-Bolt Sniper

See 30 Kills: Mag 5 above for information on weapon-specific kill trophies.

The T-Bolt Sniper is found in a few places but is most common in Chapter 22, The Dreamers of the Day, where it shows up multiple times.

30 Kills: RPG - 7
Defeat 30 enemies with the RPG - 7

See 30 Kills: Mag 5 above for information on weapon-specific kill trophies.

Although the RPG is relatively common, its extremely low ammo capacity makes racking up large numbers of kills difficult. The best place to focus on this one is during Chapter 12, Abducted, in the open area where you're moving between all of the floating platforms. As you begin this section, there's an RPG on the boat to your left (on the ledge just below the sniper), another one on a floating platform to the far right, and then a third inside the room under the second turret - you can get there by going through the opening in the crates from the platform with the 2nd one. In total, there are six shots, so if you connect with each one (the first should give you a double kill if you hit the guys at the bottom of the ladder), it shouldn't take long at all.

30 Kills: PAK-80
Defeat 30 enemies with the PAK-80

See 30 Kills: Mag 5 above for information on weapon-specific kill trophies.

The PAK-80 can be found in a few places during the game, including the second half of Chapter 20, Caravan. Another one can be found during Chapter 14, Cruisin' for a Bruisin', although that one is a bit troublesome to farm unless you're playing on Easy or lower difficulty, because of the enemy you have to kill to get it.

30 Kills: Mk-NDI
Defeat 30 enemies with the Mk-NDI

See 30 Kills: Mag 5 above for information on weapon-specific kill trophies.

Grenades are extremely common throughout the game, so you should knock this one out during normal gameplay with no problems whatsoever.

Defeat 10 enemies with propane or acetylene tank explosions

There are tanks of propane (yes, just like the ones you use on your grill) and acetylene (long, thin green tanks) all over the place during the game, and if you shoot them, they will explode. To earn this trophy, you'll need to explode those tanks while enemies are close enough that they are killed by the explosion, and do that 10 times.

Propane tanks are probably the better bet for this trophy for two reasons: you can toss them wherever you want them (pick them up with and then throw just like a grenade) and they explode instantly when you shoot them as opposed to the acetylene tanks, which normally explode a few seconds later, giving the enemies time to get out of the way.

Dyno-Might Master
Defeat four enemies with one explosion

While it's theoretically possible for you to stumble into this one at some point, it's highly unlikely, so you'll need a good spot where you know you'll have an explosive available to you and four tightly bunched enemies to use it on. Fortunately, there is just such a spot in Chapter 16, One Shot at This.

You'll come to a spot where you're on the roof of a warehouse building and there are a few open windows you can use to drop down on the unsuspecting enemies inside. If you can line up your jump and stealth kill the first enemy you come across by pressing when the prompt comes on the screen, he'll drop a grenade. From there, shoot the locks on the large garage door, and then you'll come to a room where you're ambushed by several enemies in a truck. To kill four of them with your single grenade, you'll need to rush the truck and get behind it in time to drop the grenade just outside the rear door as the thugs are coming out. If you don't get four the first time, restart the checkpoint and try again.

Note: This is also a great place to get Grenade Hangman - see below.

Video Walkthrough

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Grenade Hangman
Defeat ten enemies with grenades by aiming while hanging

Similar to Hangman above, this trophy will require you to acquire kills while hanging from a ledge, crate, pipe or pretty much anything else Drake can climb onto. The difference here is that you'll need to kill your enemies by tossing grenades with while hanging. You can use to aim prior to tossing them to improve your accuracy.

This one is not quite as natural as many of the others on this list, but there are still plenty of chances to get it as long as you put a little bit of thought into it. If, however, you find yourself lacking in these kills, you can farm them in the same place used for Dyno-Might Master above. Once you've acquired the grenade and you get to the room where the truck full of enemies comes in, you'll notice a large crate to your right (if you're facing the door the truck enters through) that you can hang from. Do so, and then toss a grenade toward the truck as the enemies are getting out, and you should get at least a couple of kills. You can now restart the checkpoint, rinse and repeat as necessary until you get to 10.

Drop the Bomb Hotshot
Make 5 enemies drop their grenade by shooting them

Enemies are tossing grenades at you throughout the game, and if you can manage to shoot them while they're winding up to throw one, they'll drop their grenades and, frequently, kill themselves in the process.

The game developers must have been a little confused when they put this trophy in the game, because this is so common that the requirement to earn it really should have been to do this 50 times. You will have absolutely no trouble earning this during normal gameplay.

Kill 10 enemies with thrown-back grenades

The ability to return grenades to their sender is a new feature in Uncharted 3, and you'll need to master it if you want to earn this trophy.

When a grenade is thrown close to you, you'll notice a small meter around the grenade indicator, with a red line moving around the circle toward a white zone. What you need to do is press when the red line gets into the white area to pick up the grenade and toss it back. The grenade will sail in the direction your camera is facing, so make sure you're pointing toward the enemies you're trying to kill. Also note that the grenade has a limited travel distance before it will explode, so if you're not close enough to them when you toss it back, you won't get the kill.

Once you get this technique down and rack up 10 kills using it, this one will be yours.

Throwback Master
Throw back a grenade and defeat two enemies at once

See Throwback above for basic information on the grenade throwback technique.

For this trophy, you'll need to be able to toss back one grenade that kills two enemies at the same time, and while it would seem that this could happen at any point in the game with a little luck, there aren't many places that are good if you find yourself having to make a special effort to get it.

The best spot is right at the beginning of Chapter 22, The Dreamers of the Day, and it's shown in the video below. There's a spot where several enemies are on a bridge that you need to cross, and there are two at the end of it. Once you take out the first couple, you can move up behind cover and then wait for a grenade to be chucked your way. You'll need to to be as far to the left hand side of that cover as possible, or the idiot enemy on the right side will keep bouncing grenades off of the pillar. Grab the grenade and toss it back between these final two enemies and you should be able to kill them both and unlock this trophy.

Video Walkthrough

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Bare-knuckle Brawler
Defeat 20 enemies with hand-to-hand combat

Once you rack up 20 melee kills of any kind, you will earn this very simple trophy.

See Bare-knuckle Slugger below for more information.

Bare-knuckle Slugger
Defeat 50 enemies with hand-to-hand combat

Once you earn 50 melee kills in total, you'll unlock this trophy. Since all types of melee kills - fistfights, stealth kills and pull-downs - count toward this total, you should easily knock this one out before you get halfway through the game.

Master Ninja
Defeat 50 enemies with stealth attacks

During the course of the game, there are several times where you have to take care of things quietly, and in a few of those places stealth is more or less required, because if you alert your enemies, you will be swarmed and have almost no chance of survival. The key to getting through these sections is the stealth kill, which you can execute by coming up on your enemy from behind or while hidden in cover and then pressing when you get close enough.

If you're walking up behind the enemy, you'll grab them and choke them out, or if you're behind cover you'll perform some variety of grab and slam technique. Do any of those things 50 times and you'll unlock this trophy.

There are so many times where stealth is the appropriate action that you will almost certainly earn this during your first or second playthrough without going out of your way, but if you need to farm, Chapter 8 is the best place to do it.

Expert Ninja
Defeat 5 enemies in a row using stealth attacks

This trophy is one that really has to be done in one of a few specific locations, because you have to be able to perform five stealth takedowns in a row, which means that you have to find a place with a string of five enemies that you can get to without alerting the others in the area.

The best and earliest place to earn this one is in Chapter 8, The Citadel, and it's shown in the video below. You'll come up to a spot where all three of your companions are waiting behind cover in an elevated area and you need to drop down on an unsuspecting agent below you. That's your first stealth kill, and there are four other enemies that you can also get to with stealth if you move quickly enough.

See Master Ninja above for more information on stealth kills.

Video Walkthrough

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Riot Rocker
Defeat 5 Riot Shield enemies by running over their shield

During the course of the game you'll run across several enemies who will attack you from behind riot shields that protect them from direct fire. However, if you pound them with enough fire from shotguns or automatic weapons, they will fall to the ground with the sheild on top of them. At this point, you can run up to them and hit to run over the sheild, and then immediately press again from behind them to choke them out for an easy kill.

If you can get the timing right, the best way to do this is to run up to them while blindfiring (shooting with without aiming with ) with an automatic rifle. Hopefully they go down right as you get to them and you can go right into the run-over and choke move. Do this five times and you'll earn this trophy.

This is a cumulative total across your game, and there seems to be an issue - at least for some people - with trying to farm kills from the same checkpoint. The best strategy is just to try to kill riot shield enemies in this manner whenever you can during your normal gameplay, and then if you are still missing the trophy by the time you finish both playthroughs, fire up Chapter 15 and kill the guy at the beginning a couple of times.

Brute Beater
Successfully counter all of a Brute’s damage-giving attacks

Virtually any time you are engaged in a large brawl, you'll encounter a brute - a large enemy that has to be defeated in a long series of melee attacks and counters. To earn this trophy, you'll need to get through one of these fights unscathed. You have to hit to attack, but don't get too crazy mashing that button, because you need to make sure you are ready to tap or mash when prompted to avoid the brute's attacks. As long as you get all the way through one brute fight without missing a prompt, you can add this trophy to your collection.

Video Walkthrough

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Quick Study
Inspect almost every display case in the Cartagena Museum

Your opportunity to earn this trophy comes during the flashback scene in Cartagena during Chapter 2, Greatness From Small Beginnings. You'll be in a museum filled with display cases holding all types of interesting artifacts, and you can inspect the cases by walking up to them and pressing on the D-pad so that the title of the display is shown on your screen.

Once you have inspected all of the exhibits on the ground floor, head upstairs. You'll notice a tall, thin case made out of glass and a reddish-colored wood in the middle of the room, and you'll want to avoid that one for now - inspecting it will start a cutscene that will take you out of the museum. Instead, head around the room, making sure to inspect all of the other cases. The trophy will pop when you have inspected all but a couple of the cases upstairs.

If you miss this your first time through the game, you can use chapter select after you've finished or try for it on your Crushing playthrough.

Video Walkthrough

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Ride the Crocodile
Stand on the crocodile in the Secret Library

During Chapter 5, London Underground, you'll find yourself in library and being attacked by a few henchmen while looking at the map you have just acquired. Once those enemies are taken out, head through out through the door they came in and go up the stairs to your right. Once you reach the second floor, head around the balcony until you reach the part of the railing where a large crocodile is hanging. Hop over the railing and land on the crocodile, and you can add this unique trophy to your collection.

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He’s Gonna Need a Sturgeon
Hit three enemies with fish in the market

This trophy can only be earned in Chapter 10, Historical Research. After trailing Talbot for a few minutes, he'll ambush you, throwing you out of a window and into the marketplace. Once there, you'll be attacked by several of his men - two waves of regular agents and one brute.

In the middle of the market, you'll notice a table with some large fish laying on it, and if you stand next to those tables when you are fighting the regular enemies, you'll automatically pick up a fish and hit them with it when you press . This will not work against the brute, but as long as you make sure to do it at least three times against the normal enemies, you'll earn this trophy.

Although the video below shows you where and how to use the fish, you don't actually have to die to obtain this trophy - there are more than enough enemies between the two waves to get it in one try.

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Marco Solo
Play in the swimming pool on the Cruise Ship

When you get to the top deck of the cruise ship in Chapter 14, Cruisin' for a Bruisin', you'll notice a derelict swimming pool half-filled with water that is rolling right along with the seas. Jump in and walk around a bit, and you'll be rewarded with a classic Uncharted joke and this trophy.

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Truck Brawler
Defeat 10 enemies using hand-to-hand combat on the back of the convoy trucks

During Chapter 20, Caravan, you'll find yourself chasing down a convoy of trucks on horseback (huh?). Although you have the ability to shoot from your mount or from the bed of the moving trucks, you'll need to concentrate on killing the enemies in the trucks with melee attacks to earn this trophy.

The easiest way to do this is to run your horse up behind the trucks and jump on the back, then press to perform a pulldown while hanging from the truck's back gate. You can also engage in fisticuffs while in the truck beds with your foes, but you're exposed to gunfire from other enemies while doing so.

Note that this is a cumulative total and kills add up even when you die - you do not have to get 10 kills in one go. That being the case, you may want to kill yourself on purpose once you've passed several trucks in the convoy so that you can farm kills until this one pops.

Video Walkthrough

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Charted! - Easy
Finish the game in Easy Mode

This trophy is awarded for completing the game on Easy difficulty, but since these are stackable, you will earn it as soon as you finish the campaign any difficulty other than Very Easy.

See the Tips and Strategies section above for help getting through the campaign.

Charted! - Normal
Finish the game in Normal Mode

This trophy is awarded for completing the game on Normal difficulty, but since these are stackable, you will earn it as soon as you finish the campaign for the first time on any difficulty Normal or higher.

See the Tips and Strategies section above for help getting through the campaign.

Charted! - Hard
Finish the game in Hard Mode

This trophy is awarded for completing the game on Hard difficulty, but since these are stackable, you can also earn it by finishing the game on Crushing if you skipped playing on Hard.

See the Tips and Strategies section above for help getting through the campaign.

Charted! - Crushing
Finish the game in Crushing Mode

This trophy is awarded for completing the game on Crushing difficulty, but since you have to finish the game on another difficulty before gaining the ability to play on Crushing, you'll likely earn it at the end of your second playthrough.

See the Tips and Strategies section above for help getting through the campaign.

Complete one Competitive Multiplayer game

This very simple trophy is awarded for completing one competitive multiplayer game. Head into the multiplayer area from the main menu and choose any of the competitive game types (i.e. Team Deathmatch). You need to finish the game and get to the scoring screen at the end, and this trophy will pop.

Buddy System
Complete one Cooperative Multiplayer game

Just like Thrillseeker above, this trophy is earned by completing one online game, but in this case you need to finish one game from the cooperative game type list (Arena or Adventure).

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