Players: 1
Online Trophies: No
Cheats Affect Trophies: No
Trophy Difficulty: 6/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 2
Time to Platinum: 20-25 hours depending on skill
Collectable Trophies: Yes
Missable Trophies: None, chapter select
Glitched Trophies: None

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is an action-adventure video game developed by Naughty Dog, and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for PlayStation 3. Combining platforming and third-person shooter elements, the game charts the journey of protagonist Nathan Drake, supposed descendant of the explorer Sir Francis Drake, as he seeks the lost treasure of El Dorado, with the help of friend Victor "Sully" Sullivan and journalist Elena Fisher.

[top]Tips and Strategies

  • For those of you planning to get the platinum in only 2 playthroughs, make sure you do your first playthrough on HARD difficulty because you must beat Hard in order to unlock Crushing difficulty.
  • I would suggest you do all treasures on your first playthrough but if you'd rather not look at the guides and enjoy your first playthrough you can carry over all the treasures you have found into your second game and continue from there or start off from scratch. But be warned you will lose all your cheats and medal points if you decide to start from scratch
  • There are cheats that you unlock in the pause menu as you unlock medal points and you can use them to obtain a certain weapon for the Kill (x amount) enemies with (x weapon) trophies which is very helpful.
  • Tip from ZyLogic: The best way to do these weapon trophies is at Chapter 19, after you have pulled down the 2 panels and the room-light goes from red to white/yellow and the front door will open. You can either decide to continue your campaign further by going through the door opening or you can stick here for as long as you want, since the zombies will just unlimitedly respawn and is an very-easy way to get the specific weapon trophies and/or Survival-expert.
  • Also note the cheats are disabled in Crushing difficulty so unfortunately you have to play that difficulty legitimately.
  • If you have any other questions I would be glad to answer them and if you find any errors please tell me so i can fix them for others users who will use this guide
  • Note: I did not make any of the videos you will see in this guide. They were all made by a guy named Pesico on youtube.



Just like every other platinum trophy out there obtain all the trophies in this game and it will unlock. It is not that hard of a platinum really, Crushing difficulty is hard but very doable. In fact Crushing should be the only trophy that you should have any difficulties with.

First Treasure
Find one treasure

Refer to Master Fortune Hunter

Beginner Fortune Hunter
Find five treasures

Refer to Master Fortune Hunter

Novice Fortune Hunter
Find 10 treasures

Refer to Master Fortune Hunter

Enthusiast Fortune Hunter
Find 15 treasures

Refer to Master Fortune Hunter

Intermediate Fortune Hunter
Find 20 treasures

Refer to Master Fortune Hunter

Skilled Fortune Hunter
Find 25 treasures

Refer to Master Fortune Hunter

Proficient Fortune Hunter
Find 30 treasures

Refer to Master Fortune Hunter

Advanced Fortune Hunter
Find 35 treasures

Refer to Master Fortune Hunter

Professional Fortune Hunter
Find 40 Treasures

Refer to Master Treasure Hunter

Senior Fortune Hunter
Find 45 treasures

Refer to Master Fortune Hunter

Expert Fortune Hunter
Find 50 treasures

Refer to Master Fortune Hunter

Crack Fortune Hunter
Find 55 treasures

Refer to Master Fortune Hunter

Master Fortune Hunter
Find all 60 treasures

You must find all 60 treasures in the game to unlock this trophy.
Treasure Guide

Ok there are 60 treasures (61 with the relic) in the game that you need to collect and im going to break it down chapter by chapter for you guys. Click the links to view the videos.

**Please note that these videos are not the best quality but they are very easy to follow**

Chapter 1

No Treasures

Chapter 2

1) Silver Mosaic Inca Earring
2) Jeweled Silver Monkey
3) Decorated Gold Ring
4) Silver Llama
5) Golden Inca Cup
6) Silver Turtle

YouTube- Uncharted: Chapter 2 - 6 treasures

Chapter 3

7) Gold Tairona Pendant
8) Gold and Turquoise Inca Earring

YouTube- Uncharted: Chapter 3 - 2 treasures

Chapter 4

9) Silver Inca Figurine
10) Silver Fish Charm
11) Gold Frog
12) Intricate Gold Ring
13) Patterned Silver Ring
14) Golden Jaguar
15) Silver Inca Vessel
16) Golden Toothpick
17) Silver Bird Vessel
18) Silver Inca Earring

YouTube- Uncharted: Chapter 4 - 10 treasures

Chapter 5

19) Strange Relic
20) Silver Jaguar
21) Gold Mosaic Inca Earring
22) Golden Spoon

**Note the first treasure found in this chapter is actually the strange relic**

YouTube- Uncharted: Chapter 5 - 4 treasures

Chapter 6

23) Silver Inca Mask
24) Spanish Silver Coin
25) Silver Tairona Pendant
26) Gold Llama

YouTube- Uncharted: Chapter 6 - 4 treasures

Chapter 7

No Treasures

Chapter 8

27) Decorated Silver Ring
28) Silver Frog

YouTube- Uncharted: Chapter 8 - 2 treasures

Chapter 9

29) Golden Fish Charm

YouTube- Uncharted: Chapter 9 - 1 treasure

Chapter 10

30) Jeweled Golden Brooch
31) Silver Belt Buckle

YouTube- Uncharted: Chapter 10 - 2 treasures

Chapter 11

32) Spanish Gold Coin
33) Silver Spanish Chalice
34) Gold Coatimundi

YouTube- Uncharted: Chapter 11 - 3 treasures

Chapter 12

No Treasures

Chapter 13

35) Golden Turtle
36) Silver Inca Cup
37) Jeweled Silver Cross
38) Silver Toothpick
39) Gold Spanish Chalice
40) Silver Coatimundi
41) Golden Cup and Cover

YouTube- Uncharted: Chapter 13 (7 treasures)

Chapter 14

42) Golden Inca Vessel
43) Golden Skull
44) Silver Snuff Box
45) Silver Spanish Goblet
46) Silver Ingot
47) Gold and Ruby Inca Mask

YouTube- Uncharted: Chapter 14 - 6 treasures

Chapter 15

48) Gold Inca Figurine
49) Golden Bird Vessel
50) Golden Spanish Goblet
51) Jeweled Golden Cross
52) Silver Skull
53) Golden Inca Mask

YouTube- Uncharted: Chapter 15 - 6 treasures

Chapter 16

54) Silver Cup and Cover
55) Jeweled Silver Brooch
56) Gold Snuff Box

YouTube- Uncharted: Chapter 16 - 3 treasures

Chapter 17

No Treaures

Chapter 18

57) Gold Monkey Figurine

YouTube- Uncharted: Chapter 18 - 1 treasure

Chapter 19

58) Golden Seadragon Pendant

YouTube- Uncharted: Chapter 19 - 1 treasure

Chapter 20

59) Gold Ingot

YouTube- Uncharted: Chapter 20 - 1 treasure

Chapter 21

60) Golden Skull Rosary
61) Sapphire and Silver Mask

YouTube- Uncharted: Chapter 21 - 2 treasures

Chapter 22

No Treasures

Relic Finder
Find the Strange Relic

You will find this toward the begining of chapter 5 on top of a small building right after the first firefight in the chapter. Open the spoiler to watch the video.

Toggle Spoiler

Brutal Brawler
Kill five enemies with a brutal combo

Refer to Brutal Slugger

Brutal Slugger
Kill 20 enemies with a brutal combo

To do a brutal combo you much press with the right timing. There is a slight pause before you press the last button but you will get the hang of it once you start to use it more often. The trophy should come through regular playthrough of the game. If it doesn't, don't worry too much about it because you will definitely get it on your crushing playthrough since it is very useful there.

Brutal Expert
Kill five enemies in a row with a brutal combo

This one can give you a little trouble since your timing must be accurate and precise 5 times in a row with other enemies shooting at you. So instead of trying it during regular play load up the first chapter of the game and just use it on the first 5 enemies you come across. It is much easier this way and if you mess up just quit and reload the chapter. There is a video in the spoiler to show you how to do it.

**Note about 10 seconds through the video you will see this at the bottom right "Brutal Combo: Square + Triangle *pause* Square". It does not mean pause the game after you press triangle it means there is a slight pause after you press triangle, in case of any misunderstandings.**

Toggle Spoiler

Stealth Attacker
Kill 20 enemies melee-attacking from behind

A stealth attack is when you sneak behind an enemy unnoticed and press . It is an instant kill and if you find a good place to do it you can kill yourself right after and repeat. The best place to farm this is in chapter 5 during the first firefight. You can stealth kill the first guy have the others kill you or drop a grenade and stand over it. It is in the exact area where the strange relic is found. You can open the spoiler if you want to see a demonstration.

Toggle Spoiler

Another strategy by XXstupidnameXX:

On the last or 2nd to last checkpoint in chapter 4, you come around a corner and there is a little rock to climb over, and 2 guys are patrolling. One is in the open the other leaning on a wall. If you wait a second after they spawn for them to get into position you can kill both of them. Just restart from checkpoint after that.

Steel Fist
Kill five enemies with a single punch, after softening them up with gunfire

Refer to Steel Fist Expert

Steel Fist Expert
Kill five enemies in a row with a single punch, after softening them up with gunfire

This one can be a little misleading but don't be fooled it is extremely easy. It is easiest done on the very first chapter on easy difficulty because the enemies will have a small amount of health. Basicly all you're going to do is run up to the enemy fire without aiming (just press ) and immediately after that press . If you did it right the enemy would have been hit by the bullet and then meleed right after and killed. Rinse repeat and you can get both at the same time. Open the spoiler to watch a video demonstration.

Toggle Spoiler

Headshot Expert
Kill five enemies in a row with headshots

This is not that difficult to do really and it can be easily done through regular playthrough of the game. Just take your time no need to rush and you should be able to land 5 headshots in a row. The good thing about this trophy is that if you miss as long as the guy your shooting at doesn't die from the bodyshot (or if you miss him entirely) you can still shoot him in the head and it will count. If you are having trouble with this one then just reload the first chapter since the enemies literally just stand there and you should get it there.

10 Headshots
Kill 10 enemies with headshots

Refer to 100 Headshots

30 Headshots
Kill 30 enemies with headshots

Refer to 100 Headshots

100 Headshots
Kill 100 enemies with headshots

100 headshots may seem like a lot but you can easily get it about halfway through the game. Just focus on headshots and you should get it no problem. Thats all that can be said really but if you want it early you can just find a place where you can get easy headshots and then kill yourself and repeat until you get 100 headshots.

Kill three enemies with one explosion

Refer to Expert Dyno-Might

Expert Dyno-Might
Kill three enemies with one explosion five times

To do this legitimately would be a total pain but there is a perfect spot in chapter 4 to farm this. It is the area at the very end of chapter 4 with all the spike traps right after you grab the map out of the crashed plane. This is also where you first find the M79. Kill all the enemies in the first area then jump up to the platform where the guy with the M79 was. Pick it up and cover and wait for 3 guys to come running down the center of your screen. Aim in the middle of them and fire and you should kill all three. Kill yourself, or let the enemies do it, and repeat until you get the trophy. Open the spoiler to view a video demonstration.

Toggle Spoiler

Kill 20 enemies by shooting from the hip (without aiming with the L1 button)

As it says in the description kill 20 enemies shooting from the hip, meaning shoot without aiming with L1. This can be a real pain since there are no crosshairs to indicate where your hip fire will end up but there is a real easy way to do this. All you need is a shotgun, plain and simple. Since shotguns have spread all you have to do is run relatively close to an enemy, center your screen on him and fire from the hip and you should kill him. If you find a good spot to farm this just use up all your shotgun ammo kill yourself and repeat until you get the trophy.

Kill 10 enemies by aiming while hanging from a ledge

This trophy can be obtained at any time since there are quite a few areas where u can hang and shoot enemies. However, there is a good place to farm this one in chapter 4 so you can get it out of the way early. It is toward the middle of the chapter in the area right before the huge waterfall. There is a little gap in front of a doorway, just get the enemies' attention and hang there and they should run out one by one. If you dont get the trophy kill yourself and repeat. Open the spoiler for a video demonstration.

Toggle Spoiler

Grenade Hangman
Kill 10 enemies with grenades by aiming while hanging from a ledge

This trophy, just like Hangman, can be obtained at various points in the game. There are many places to farm hanging grenade kills in the game but here is one of them (*Note you need the grenade weapon select cheat in order to do it this way):

At the very beginning of chapter 13 jump into the river and swim to the bottom side of the bridge (same place treasure #35 Golden Turtle). When your on the platform use the cheat and get max grenades (4). After you have used the cheat, jump up and hang off the side of the bridge and you will see 2 enemies on your right. Kill them both with grenades while hanging on the side of the bridge. Immediately after they are dead save your game, quit to the main menu and then reload chapter 13. This will take about 10-15minutes maximum, provided you have 0 hanging grenade kills and need to repeat it 5 times. If you already have a handful of hanging grenade kills it should take you no longer than 5-8 minutes. Open the spoiler to veiw a video demonstration.

Toggle Spoiler

Kill 50 enemies in a row without dying

This trophy can prove to be relatively difficult depending on difficulty settings. If you decide to play easy or normal on your first playthrough you should get it without even trying, unless you decide to farm kills for specific trophies. If you do not get it however, don't worry there is a great opportunity after you have completed the game. Just load up chapter 19 on easy and you will start in the nazi bunker generator room. Turn on both the switches on both sides of the room and then just stay in there and keep killing all those cursed spaniards (zombie like creatures). There is an infinite amount of them and they will keep coming, so just keep killing and you should have it in no time. If you do get low on health run up on top of one of the elevated switch platforms that you turned on earlier and wait for your health to regenerate. This is also a great place to farm weapon kills if you have the weapon select cheats for them.

50 Kills: PM - 9mm
Kill 50 enemies with the PM - 9mm

**Note: Just like any of the other kill trophies trophies if you find a good spot to farm kills you can keep killing yourself and rekilling enemies, this is especially useful for some of the rarer guns. Also cheats do not affect trophies here so if you do have gun cheats unlocked don't be affraid to use them.**

The PM - 9mm is the first gun you use in the game. You should easily get this trophy before you finish the game.

50 Kills: 92FS - 9mm
Kill 50 enemies with the 92FS - 9mm

The 92FS - 9mm will replace the PM - 9mm halfway through the game. This is another easy trophy that you should get before the end of the game.

50 Kills: Micro - 9mm
Kill 50 enemies with the Micro - 9mm

This gun should not be picked up until you have finished up with the PM - 9mm so you only have to worry about one sidearm and one primary arm at a time. Try to finish up with the PM - 9mm by chapter 5 because there is quite a bit of Micro - 9mm ammo in that chapter that you want to make use of.

20 Kills: Wes - 44
Kill 20 enemies with the Wes - 44

A good place to get this trophy is Chapter 8. When you find the Wes - 44 in Chapter 8 kill until your ammo runs dry and then die and repeat.

20 Kills: Desert - 5
Kill 20 enemies with the Desert - 5

Just like the Wes 44, find a good place where you can farm some kills and then die and repeat. Chapter 13 has a lot of ammo for this gun.

30 Kills: MP40
Kill 30 enemies with the MP40

I'm pretty sure you cant beat the game without obtaining this trophy. In Chapter 19 its your only defense against the zombies so you're going to have to use it.

50 Kills: AK-47
Kill 50 enemies with the AK-47

Throughout the first half of the game this gun will most likely be the best gun to use, especially up close and personal. You should get this trophy before the halfway point of the game but if you don't, do not pick up the M4 or any other power weapon untill you get this taken care of.

50 Kills: M4
Kill 50 enemies with the M4

After you finish up with the AK-47, this will be your new best friend. It is likely you will unlock this trophy before you finish the game.

30 Kills: Dragon Sniper
Kill 30 enemies with the Dragon Sniper

There are 2 good spots to farm this one:
  1. In Chapter 11 in front of the stairs right behind the cover, you will find a sniper with 5 bullets.
  2. In Chapter 13 in front of the library, you are given a sniper with 5 bullets.

50 Kills: Moss - 12
Kill 50 enemies with the Moss - 12

Chapters 4 and 5 have a lot of ammo for this weapon. It is probably a good idea to farm this there along with Run-and-Gunner to get them both out of the way early.

50 Kills: SAS - 12
Kill 50 enemies with the SAS - 12

There is quite a bit of ammo for this gun in Chapter 13 so just farm the kills there. You can also wait until the last couple chapters (20-22) to farm this because there is lots of ammo.

30 Kills: M79
Kill 30 enemies with the M79

Use the same place as Expert Dyno-Might and you should get this in no time.

20 Kills: Mk-NDI
Kill 20 enemies with Mk-NDI grenades

Chances are you will get this as you progress through the game. If not you can get the remaining kills while doing Grenade Hangman to be more efficient.

Charted! - Easy
Finish the game in Easy Mode

Refer to Charted! - Hard

Charted! - Normal
Finish the game in Normal Mode

Refer to Charted! - Hard

Charted! - Hard
Finish the game in Hard Mode

First and foremost, you must complete a playthrough on Hard difficulty in order to unlock Crushing. So for those of you looking to platinum in 2 playthroughs you have to play your first on Hard. To be totaly honest Hard is not that challenging at all really. Just be sure to cover and watch for grenades and you shouldn't have any real problems. Get used to getting headshots and using the brutal combos because those are really good to use in Crushing as they provide quick dispatches and the brutal combo also makes your enemies drop double ammo. If you want to make use of the cheats in this playthrough you can since the game allows it but be warned cheats are disabled in Crushing and using cheats here will only make Crushing tougher.

Charted! - Crushing
Finish the game in Crushing Mode

You will unlock crushing difficulty after you beat the game on HARD. Crushing is hard, plain and simple, in fact Crushing is the only hard thing about this game. Get used to using headshots for quick dispatches and since ammo is a lot more scarce you might want to make use of brutal combos ( ) as they make enemies drop double the ammo. Also cheats are disabled so unfortunately you must beat crushing legitemately. One really helpful strategy is to use cover behind corners of walls and doorways, don't hug the wall but angle yourself so that you can shoot enemies but they cant shoot you. Crushing will seem hard at first but once you get the hang of it, it's not as bad as you'd think.

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