Players: 1-4
Online Play: Yes
Online Trophies: 5
Cheat Codes: None
Cheats Affect Trophies: N/A
Trophy Difficulty: 3/10
Time to 100%: 5+ hours*

[top]Tips & Strategies

*The Top 50 in the world trophy will be the biggest factor in determining your overall time to 100% the game. The longer you wait to buy/play UNO, the harder it's going to be to crack the top 50.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits



10 times Wild Draw Four
When you use the Wild Draw Four Card 10 times in tournament.

These cards are rarer than the normal Wild Cards, but you'll still come across them numerous times throughout tournament play. If you were unable to use 10 of them by the end of a tournament, then select Tournament > Play Tournament! > Continue from the menu screens. You'll be returned to the final match (15) and you can simply keep playing rounds until you get the required amount.

2 times Wild card in a game
When you use the Wild Card 2 times in a round in tournament.

This mainly boils down to luck of the draw and what you're dealt, but the odds of using 2 Wild Cards in a round will greatly increase once you reach the halfway point and beyond (3-5 opponents). Play normally and you'll get it without even trying.

Win 10 matches
When you win a total of 10 matches in tournament.

A tournament consists of 15 matches, so you'll get this trophy en route. Play smart, and remember you can adjust the game/AI difficulty if you're having trouble.

Challenge UNO
When you successfully catch someone forgetting to call UNO in tournament.

The lower the difficulty, the more chances you'll have at catching the AI forgetting to call UNO on their last card. Watch when other players are sitting with 2 cards in their hand, and keep your finger on the button. If you don't hear UNO and don't see it displayed on the screen, press to call them on it.

First UNO
When you first call UNO in tournament.

Press when playing your second-last card to call UNO. Difficult, I know, but I'm sure you can manage.

First win
When you win a round for the first time in tournament.

You'll get this trophy after beating your first opponent in tournament play. None of the rule variations apply here, so it's just a regular game of UNO. Play smart and you can earn the Win game without drawing cards trophy as well.

Challenge Wild Draw Four
When you successfully challenge an illegal use of a Wild Draw Four Card in tournament.

The rules don't properly explain the criteria for challenging these cards, so I'll elaborate for you. When someone plays a Wild Draw Four card, not only does the color change, but you will also have to draw four cards. To challenge an illegal use means that you think the opponent has an actual card to play, and is only playing the Wild Draw Four card as a bluff to get you to draw cards. If this is the case, press the button after it has been played to challenge them. If you are successful, the opponent who played the card will have to draw 4 cards instead as a penalty. If unsuccessful, you will be forced to draw 4+2 cards for a total of 6 cards. It can be a risky move, but worthwhile if it's in your favor. Here are some tips to help with your decisions on whether to issue a challenge:
  • Don't challenge the card if it was played as a result of drawing a card. If the opponent drew a card, it means they didn't have anything to begin with.
  • An exception to the above tip is if the Force Play option is off. This means anyone can draw a card at any time, even if they have a card in their hand they can use. Some people will use this rule as an attempt to bluff, so be careful.
  • You should generally always challenge the Wild Draw Four card if the opponent has a lot of cards in their hand. The more cards, the better the odds for you, especially if you only have a couple of cards in your hand.

Finish 10 games
When you complete 10 rounds (win or lose) in tournament.

Not much to explain here. Simply play 10 tournament rounds and the trophy is yours. Win or lose, you will get this trophy after completing your tenth round of play.

5,000 points!
When you reach 5,000 points in tournament play.

It's impossible to achieve 5,000 points in a single tournament, so replaying the final match is your only way of doing it. After completing an entire tournament, choose tournament play again, except pick "continue" instead of "new". This will start you at the 15th match, where you can keep playing rounds for as long as you like.

The game saves after every round, so you can choose to quit and come back later instead of going for it all in one sitting. It's a very time consuming trophy, regardless.

Win game without drawing cards
When you win a round without drawing any cards in tournament.

This trophy is quite easy to obtain, especially in the first few rounds of a tournament, and you will probably get it along with the First win trophy. Note that this trophy also applies to +2 and Wild Draw Four cards played against you, so the fewer opponents you're facing, the better.

Play online
First time you play a round online.

Choose a ranked or non-ranked match to play; either one doesn't matter. The trophy will register after completion of the first round, during the results screen.

Note: If the servers are unable to find a game in progress, it will create a room for you with you as the host. From here you can wait for other players, or start with the AI as opponents. Take your pick.

Invite your friend
First time you invite your friend to play with you.

The quickest way to do this is to host a non-ranked game. Once all the options are set, press to invite someone from your friends list. Whether the person is online or not doesn't matter; send an invite to anyone and the trophy will register a few seconds afterward.

Win 10 games online
Win 10 online UNO rounds.

This is the same as the Win 10 matches trophy, except in online form. Simply play 10 rounds and the trophy is yours. Note that you can play rounds against AI opponents and it will still count towards the total.

Play 50 games online
Play 50 online UNO rounds.

See Win 10 games online trophy.

Top 50 in the world
Check the leaderboard when in the TOP 50.

This trophy is only difficult because the longer you wait to play this game, the longer it will take to place in the top 50. Considering this trophy is geared toward online play, the only advice I can give is to keep playing. When you're done playing online at any particular time, check the leaderboard before leaving to update your stats and see what your rank is.

Note that you can play rounds against AI opponents and it will still count towards the total. This makes matters easier, as you don't have to play against human opponents for your rank to go up.

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