Players: 1-2
Online Trophies: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 3-7 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1+ (collectibles)
Collectible Trophies: Yes
Glitched Trophies: yes, a few complaints but still possible to platinum.

[top]Tips and Strategies

-Break everything- you get badge points, some secrets and trophies. Press square every where.

-Donít rush- you will miss some great views, but mainly if you do you will miss collectibles and trophies

-Ask For Help- the last thing I want is a good rental with out a platinum. If you need any help, just message me and Iíll surely help you (I take bribes). I know every trick in this game.

-Have Fun- for those who rented it for a platinum (probably most of you) have some fun. Beat up russel, ditch Dug of beat Muntz a few more times. Itís a fun game with some fun stuff.


1. have fun whacking as many butterflies as you can while playing through the game. These trophies come naturally. Half will come before you know it. Beating the game will take a few hours. Also use Russel to farm as many butterflies as you can.

1.5 clean sweep what you missed. use the guide to find the needed collectibles and needed merit badges. The collectibles are easy to find.


Platinum Trophy
Unlock every Trophy in the game.

This will take you MAXIMUM 7 hours. I just like my time and not trying to rush it.

Adventure is Out There
Defeat the first wave of combat planes.

Complete the first level by shooting all 3 planes with dug, hold to shoot.
You will receive the wings badge and hopefully the survivor badge trophy, donít hold because you will speed up and maybe crash.

To Paradise Falls
Complete the level to start Carl's journey to Paradise Falls.

Complete level 2, when you fight the wasps, be sure to collect 3 bugle icons for Russel and use them on the wasps to get the music badge trophy, do the same with Russelís canteen for the first aid badge.

A Bird Named Kevin
Find Kevin before Muntz does.

Complete level 3. Be sure to get into those snare traps for the buddy system badge trophy.

Slide and Slither
Defeat the giant Anaconda.

Complete level 4. This is a boss fight so try having a second controller for the teamwork badge trophy.

A Voice In The Mist
Find the voice in the mist.

Complete level 5. Look around to find some rare butterflies and after the bridge, down to the right, there is a cave, go there for the excavation badge trophy and a gold artifact.

Meet the Pack
Meet the pack: Alpha, Beta, and Gamma.

Complete level 6. You will meet the main dogs and look for Dugís bones when you have him, because there's always holes around.

Night in the Jungle
Avoid being captured by Muntz's dogs.

Complete level 7. There's a lot of dog fights here, so try to hit the 10 watermelons. There's 10 and most of them are hidden so keep pressing .

Sinkhole Terror
Defeat the giant Crocodile.

Complete level 8. This is a boss battle. Jump in the water near the spikes and the crocodile will attack you, and you'll enter a mini game. You will receive the swimming badge trophy.

Paradise Falls
Help Carl get his house to the top of Paradise Falls.

Complete level 9. When you enter the first cave, remember to wait for Dug. You will get the Hiking Badge trophy here. This is my favourite level because you get to climb a mountain and get a good view as well.

Spirit of Adventure
Free Russell and Kevin, then escape the Dirigible.

Complete level 10. This is epic part in the storyline. There's 3 secrets including the golden jaguar, so look everywhere.

Adventure is Here
Defeat Muntz's canine squadron in the skies above Paradise Falls.

Complete level 11. This is story related, but remember not to hold too much because it speeds up and hold to slow down when shooting down Muntz's Dirigible. Congratulations you have completed the game.

Teamwork Badge
Defeat either the giant Anaconda or Crocodile with 2 players.

This is the only time you need a second controller, just defeat either boss.

Wings Badge
Defeat the first plane in the battle over Paradise Falls.

This is story related. In level 1 hold and shoot the first of 3 planes.

Animation Badge
Unlock the Bonus Art.

While trying to get the Ellie badge trophy you should get this. You get bonus art in some quest cards; you have to unlock all art.

First Aid Badge
Use Russell's Canteen three times.

The canteen icon can be found throughout the game. The simple way is if you havenít got it yet, in the giant anaconda or crocodile boss fight, there is a lot of the bottles, so pick them up and drink away.

Bug Hunting Badge
Catch or squash 100 Dio Bugs or Butterflies.

This is simple since you have catch and squish the bugs to complete the quest cards. I had trouble aiming, keep pressing and soon youíll be used to the camera and get a hang of it.

Bird Watching Badge
Locate Kevin for the first time.

During a cutscene in level 3, you will first see Kevin (thatís what Russell names him)

Defense Badge
Successfully defend against 10 dog ambushes.

A dog ambush is when you have to fight Alpha, Beta, Gamma and other dogs by pressing on time. This is also story related and you have to do these to move on. I heard itís best to only do it with Carl, I did and got the trophy so stick with Carl.

Fishing Badge
Survive against the hungry Piranhas.

This is, again, story related. In level 6 swim around the piranhas in the pond.

Global Citizen Badge
Make sure to put out your campfire.

In level 6 when you start the level, destroy the campfire. It is to your right.

Hiking Badge
Find the picture-perfect view of Paradise Falls.

In level 9 after the bat cave, go left near the edge and you should get it, if not, itíll come naturally.

Entomology Badge
Collect all varieties of each Butterfly and Dio Bug in the game.

You will get this on your way to the Ellie badge; you have to catch every bug you see.

Karate Badge
Break open 10 watermelons.
The 10 watermelons can be found in level 7.

Kite Badge
Use Carl's House to float across all the chasms in the game.

This needs to happen to get through the game. In level 7 when you cross the last gap, you will get it. I heard rumours about this trophy being glitched, Message me if you have trouble.
(some were confused with the one missible kite location)

Toggle Spoiler

Sharp Tools Badge
Use Russell's key to cut through three items in the game.

Throughout the game, Russel will have to cut vines, With .

Knot Tying Badge
Tie off the house so it doesn't float away.

This is story related. In level 5 you have to tie the house to the rock to get pass the rock, press .

Music Badge
Use Russell's Bugle three times.

This is story related. In the second level you have to use it to defeat the wasps. You can collect them and use them one after another or play through the game since itís story related.

Recycling Badge
Play through any previously completed level in Story Mode.

Just beat any level you have beaten before, I replayed the first level for this reason and got 600 badge points and a few collectibles, so do it on a level with stuff you missed.

Shoveling Badge
Dig up all of the hidden bones using Dug.

From level 5 and up whenever Dug is with you there will be dig spots on the ground, clear every one as you see them and you should get this easily.
The hardest part is when you enter the cave in level 9, wait for Dug to appear or he wonít come and you wonít get the trophy. I heard rumours about this trophy being glitched, Message me if you have trouble.

Swimming Badge
Swim through all of the areas that have water.

This is story related. All you have to do is swim in all possible swimming spots,
you will receive it at the crocodile boss fight.

Survivor Badge
Complete any Story Mode level without failing or quitting.

In the first level you should get it, if not, then play through the game and replay level 2, so you could get this trophy, collectibles and the recycling badge if havenít received.

Artifact Curator
Find and collect all of the Artifacts.

Memento Specialist
Collect all of Carl's Mementos.

Rare Statue Badge
Find and collect the Gold Jaguar.

In level 10 after you have rescued Russel you will need to push a museum display, to the left there will be a door that will continue the story and on the right will be a door leading to a secret area with the Rare Statue. This is part of the quest card.

Merit Badge Champion
Collect 6000 Merit Badges in the game to become the Merit Badge Champion.

As hard as this seems, it isnít. You collect up to 600 per level and there's 11. The easiest way for this is when fighting the giant anaconda or the crocodile boss, While on the slide you can gain a lot of points if you can tell the bronze from the gold badge points.

Excavation Badge
Find the hidden cave in "A Voice in the Mist."

In level 5, After Russel and Carl do a co-op jump from a branch (after tying the house down) past the bridge to the right is a ledge, simply follow the ledge down to a secret cave. You will also find a Collectible and butterflies.

Buddy System Badge
Free your buddy from five Snare Traps.

In level 3 there are snare traps, either you or your buddy go on one and break the box to release. Do this 5 times.

Environment Badge
Break apart at least 500 objects.

This will come naturally when trying to get the merit badge champion trophy. Press a lot because a lot of objects are breakable and you get merit badges for them.

Pest Control Badge
Squish 10 Wasps and Spiders.

Defeat the spiders and wasps with Russellís horn or use the same technique as fighting the dogs, press on time.

Multiplayer Extras
Unlock the extra Multiplayer Combat Maps.

To unlock a map, you have to complete the cards that have combat maps.

Ellie Badge
Complete all of the Quest Cards for a special badge.

You have to complete all 15 cards. This is not hard, but getting the bugs might be. You should receive the platinum or be close to if you receive this trophy. You need to collect collectibles, bugs and butterflies to complete a quest card. It's recommended you use Russel to collect as many butterflies you can if you see them.

Beginner's Wings
Access the Multiplayer game menu.

On the main menu, click multiplayer. You do not need multiple controllers for this.

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