Vancouver 2010 - The Official Video Game of the Olympic Winter Games Trophy Guide



Online Trophies: Yes (3)
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies:
Estimated Time to Platinum: 15-25 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1* The trophies for the game break down into the actual Olympic Events and Challenges. The Olympic events are the actual Winter Olympic events to be found this November in Vancouver. I suggest plaything through the Olympic Events first and pay attention to the tutorial at the beginning of each event and also practice will make perfect. The difficulty is based on true athletic skill and also time. The time to win will be within 1-3 seconds of the World Record for each event. The other participants are difficult to beat so practice, practice practice. I will give some hints under each event in order to help players succeed.
Platinum Difficulty 5/10 (based on skill level with each Olympic Event).
Collectible Trophies:
Missable Trophies:
Glitched Trophies:

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All Trophies
Acquire all Trophies

Once all 49 trophies have been obtain the trophy shall be yours.

Slalom Star
Win a gold at slalom in a single player game

You must lead your athlete down the hill while going through each gate. If you miss one restart. The loss speed will impede your time. You are required to go down the hill 2 times and for each race you need to be within 57-61 seconds. Practice going down while holding to increase speed and stay away from as it will cost you precious seconds. To gain a few extra seconds try and anticipate the "Go" command.

Gian Slalom Guru
Win a gold at giant slalom in a single player game

Same as above, there will be 2 timed events leading to a total time at the end of the second run. Once again hit every gate and try and get your time near or around 1 minute 30-36 seconds. Giant slalom is a larger track with speed.

Super-G Superstar
Win a gold at super-G in a single player game

This slalom event only has 1 timed run. Once again hold down to gain maximum speed and keep your time to around 1 minute 30-35 second to earn the gold medal.

Downhill Dominator
Win a gold at downhill in a single player game

Another single timed event with a little latitude to work with. The trick is limiting your mistakes during the two big turns. If you are able to take the turns a little wide while holding without releasing or using then your time will be attainable. A good time is around 2 minutes.

Ski Cross Supreme
Win a gold at ski cross in a single player game

This is a race event against 3 experienced players. Once again hold for dear life and if you have ever watched a race drivers will take turns high and then to the inside. Always take the inside on the turns to prevent the other racers from passing you. Cheap, but it works. Also, the race will feature jumps spread across the downhill event. You must anticipate the jumps properly and press when the first quarter of your skis are near the green line. It will take some practice but if you score 95+ on each jump the other skiers will be held at bay. Good times for the event are around 1 minutes 14-17 second.

Snowboard Cross Champion
Win a gold at snowboard cross in a single player game

The event is similar to the ski cross event. You are up against 3 racers to the bottom of the hill. Focus on hitting the jumps around 95+ and the race will be smooth. Hit the inside corner to prevent other racers from passing you.

Parallel Giant Slalom
Win a gold at parallel giant slalom in a single player game

Once again another slalom event with snowboards. Same as the other slalom events.

Ski Jump Champion
Win a gold at ski jumping in a single player game

Welcome to jumping off a ramp. You need to select one move per jump. (Select 4.525 & 4.625, the hard ones). Once you are proceeding down the hill you will see an indicator on the right with a degree symbol. You need to get the indicator to 100 degrees at the very end of the ramp. If you do not the indicator will continue to rise into the next set. In the air you must use both analogue sticks to match the tiny circles. This is your style points. Keep the circles within the darkened areas and once they disappear a digressing indicator will pop up on the right (this is your landing score). Hit once it is next to the bottom. You will need 90s+ across the board to score the gold. To help with style use a second person to control one of the analog sticks.

Aerials Ace
Win a gold at aerials in a single player game

Same as above except the aim indicator needs to be near 100 at the beginning of the ramp.

500 m Short Track Hero
Win a gold at 500 m short track speed skating in a single player game

Now we enter the ice arena. The short track is simple, keep pressing to gain speed. The key here is taking and keeping the inside corner as it is impossible to cut someone off. Also stay away from the cones. If you cut the corner you must restart.

1,500 m Short Track Specialist
Win a gold at 1,500 m short track speed skaing in a single player game

The beginning of the race is the same as above. The kicker here is once you are in the open track you must time each strike of your skate with collision of the ice rink. If you see green hit and this applies to both skates. During the final 500 m smash like there is no tomorrow.

Bobsleigh Boss
Win a gold at bobsleigh in a single player game

If you have seen "Cool Runnings" (great movie) you can see how bobsleigh is performed. There are two runs for the event. At the beginning smash to induce speed and once you see the red line near the first runner hit and try to avoid collision with the track wall. For better speed use both sticks to climb the wall to create velocity which in turn will increase your speed. When coming down do not collide with the wall. You will need to be around a minute per run to win the gold.

Skeleton Crazy
Win a gold at skeleton in a single player game

The skeleton event features 2 runs down the track as quickly as possible. Aim for a time around 1 minute 4-8 seconds for the gold.

Luge Lunatic
Win a gold at luge in a single player game

The luge event features 2 runs down the track. Best times should be around 1 minutes 5-9 seconds.

Best With Friends
Play a 4 player game on one system

You will need 4 controllers. I can not confirm if other controller types (i.e. guitar hero, rock band controllers or others) work. Simple play an event and have your character win.

Online Olympian
Play an event online

The event can be of your choosing and between Ranked or Player Match. You do not need to win. Simply complete the event.

Back to Back Glory
Win 5 online events in a row

Two methods for this:

(a) 2-3 Human Players- If you do not have a full set of 4 human players the computer will include a difficult AI partner to fill in the ranks. Play an event that you know you can win and have the other human player play interference on the AI players. It does need to be 5 wins in a row. So pick an event you know well and repeat 5 times.

(b) 4 Human Players- If you have 3 online partners pick any event and win 5 times in a row. Have the others players goof off to secure victory.

Good Host
Host an online game

Simply host an online match (Player or Ranked). Once again you do not need to win the event.

Mountain Climber
Unlock the intermediate challenge mountain

After you complete more than 75% of the challenges on the first mountain the Intermediate Challenge Mountain will unlock and so will the trophy.

Challenge Crazy
Complete all game challenges

There are 30 challenges you must win at in order to complete all 3 difficulty mountains. (Easy, Intermediate, Difficult) 10 challenges per mountain.

In the 80's
Complete the In the 80s Challenge

The challenge is one of the aerial events. The kicker is to score an 80+ on all 4 parts. If you make a mistake simply restart.

In the 90's
Complete the In the 90's Challenge

The event is the Men's Long Jump. The goal is to score 90+ on all 5 parts of the performance. Balance score was the difficult one; hold both and as soon as your make the jump to ensure a high score.

Landing Zone
Landing Zone

You must land from 10 m or less from the target in each jump. The first is 90m so do not aim quite as far on the ramp. The second is 120 m. I did not see an indicator as to where the spot is so trial and error is the way to go.

Lap It Up
Complete the Lap It Up Challenge

The challenge is to gain 1 entire lap on an AI opponent in under 1000 m. You must take the inside corner immediately and maintain that position for the entire race. Also practice hitting each time the player's foot is green.

Lose Your Licence
Complete the Lose your License Challenge

The challenge is to have over 400 kph total over the 4 gates. Maintain the inside corner while holding and do not use

Corner Counter
Complete the Corner Counter Challenge

The luge event is a little difficult. You must obtain an average score of 60 through each of the bends. Maintain a decent speed and it should not be a problem. If you need further help do the tutorial a couple of times.

Complete the Overtake Challenge

Once again we are on the slalom course. The goal is to simply overtake the position of the AI player. Stay to the inside and do not miss a gate.

Smashing Snowmen
Complete the Smashing Snowmen Challenge

Two goals in this challenge. Destroy 10 snowmen and finish the race in under 1 minutes 36 seconds. The snowmen destroying part is easy as they are large targets. But the timing is the difficult part. A good tip is to learn how to anticipate the snowman you are going to hit and learn the curves.

Beat Your Maker
Complete the Beat Your Maker Challenge

Now you are racing a random developer from the game as a ghost AI. Pretty easy but you will need to hit the whole time and do not use . Do not worry to much about the ghost AI but focus on maintaining a high rate of speed.

High Speed
Complete the High Speed Challenge

Now you must achieve a speed of 70 kph while on the bobsleigh. Easily done towards the middle of the track. If you maintain the corners well you will keep the speed rate high. A good trick is to avoid coming into contact with the wall at all costs.

Complete the Supersonic Challenge

Time to get up a go and beat the time of 1 minute 17 seconds. Two major things: 1) hit the whole way down; and 2) receive a score of 95+ on each jump.

Caught Speeding
Complete the Caught Speeding Challenge

The challenge is a tough one for a bronze. The average you must achieve is 95 kph. The following gate speeds are acceptable: 81, 84, 102, 104, 106. If you are able to get within 1 kph of each gate speed you will average out right at 95 kph.

Top Speed
Complete the Top Speed Challenge

While going down hill you must achieve 88 kph and hold it for the entire duration of the race. Hold down and do not take the turns sharply.

Time to Try
Complete the Time to Try Challenge

Now that we have done the bobsleigh a few times you must finish the race in under 1 minutes 25 seconds. Do not hit the wall and it should be yours.

Head to Head
Complete the Head to Head Challenge

Now it is a race with an AI player down the slalom snowboard. This race is the same as the other ones so maintain good speed and take the inside as much as possible.

Super Runout
Complete the Super Runout Challenge

See Runout below.

Complete the Runout Challenge

You start with 10 seconds and you must not reach 0 seconds. Avoid the red gates as they reduce 3 seconds off your clock.

Good Gate / Bad Gate
Complete the Good Gate / Bad Gate Challenge

At the beginning of the challenge the correct gate will be shown to you. Hit every good gate and avoid all bad gates.

Token Effort
Complete the Token Effort Challenge

You are on the 500 m speed skating rink. Do not worry about hitting every token on the first lap. You are given a little leeway on the token reception. So do not aim for the middle but on the corner of the token.

Skating With Snowmen
Complete the Skating With Snowmen Challenge

Once again on the 500 m speed skating rink, avoid all of the snowmen and finish 500 m in under 50 seconds.

Save The Snowmen
Complete the Save The Snowmen Challenge

Two goals: 1) do not hit more than 3 snowmen (do not hit any); and 2) finish the race in under 2 minutes. The snowmen are large enough to avoid easily and adjust accordingly.

Saved By the Snowmen
Complete the Saved By the Snowmen Challenge

While going down the hill hit every single snowmen to maintain your timer above 0. Pretty simple.

Speed Bands
Complete the Speed Bands Challenge

You must score 1200 points during the race. To do this you must exceed a high rate of speed found in the challenge description.

Air Play
Complete the Air Play Challenge

Back to the snowboard. To achieve 7.20 seconds of air time you must hit every jump with a score of 90+.

Style Run
Complete the Style Run Challenge

You are given 1000 points to use while going down the parallel snowbaord course. Missed flags, slow speed, and poor performance will deduct points.

Complete the Speed Challenge

Do not worry about winning the race but you must maintain a speed of 30 kph and over for the entire race. Learn to time your mashing with the skate and ice of the player when it turns green.

Winners Use Tokens
Complete the Winners Use Tokens Challenge

While racing down the hill you must come into contact with 15 tokens and win the race. The token placement will help you achieve this first place placement. Once you have the 15 make sure your jumps are in the high 90s. You lose 1 if your jump is below 50.

Target Practice
Complete the Target Practice Challenge

This is difficult because you must someone land within 1 m of the target. Once again you can not see it so trial and error is the key.

Do Not Touch
Complete the Do Not Touch Challenge

While on the skeleton you must not touch the bottom wall so the key is maintaining a good spot on the turns and learning to have a smooth transition on each straigh-away.

Reverse Engineering
Complete the Reverse Engineering Challenge

Left=Right and Right=Left. You have to win the race with the controls reveresed. Once the race begins hit "Start" and see what the controls are.

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