Players: 1
Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 15 - 30 Hours
100% Difficulty: 6/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 (With a reload in the last chapter)


[top]Tips & Strategies


Note before start:

The missions roadmap that is provided does not need to be followed, as the optional/hidden battlemaps does not need to be played to get the "Wanderlust" trophy, although i do suggest following it and doing those maps as its easier to progress through the story when doing them, as well as you need the skill boost from them towards the "Combat Mastery" trophy either way, unless you want to farm it even more.

Also i suggest reading up on the "Serenity and Fury" trophy before starting, seeing as you will need two full playthroughs if you do not read up on it, which will be an additional 10-15hours of playtime, which should not be needed.

If there is any questions regarding this trophy guide then please contact me with a private message or post in this thread.

Missions Roadmap:
  1. Dry Riverbed
  2. Dry Riverbed (Repeated for "Explorer" Trophy)
  3. Four Swordsmen Spring (For "Treasure Hunter" Trophy)
  4. Devilsteel Garrison
  5. Town of Tolby (Connor must survive)
  6. Ruins of Tolby (See "Wanderlust" for hidden battlemap, also try for "Zero Casualties")
  7. Ragnar's Gorge
  8. Fort Pelgaius (Tobias & Connor must survive) - Act I complete
  9. Dreas Village & Dread Caves (Dread Caves is the place you end up after Dreas Village, and this is where the fight takes place. All need to survive and escape trough the mine with a skull-looking entrance. See "Wanderlust" for hidden battlemap)
  10. Trivishim's Corridor
  11. Ancient Ruins (See "Wanderlust" for hidden battlemap)
  12. Keliask's Tomb
  13. Large Cavern (Her guards can't be killed, but still pummel them until a worm boss appears) - Act II complete
  14. Royal Courtyard (The king must survive. See "Wanderlust" for hidden battlemap)
  15. Halls of Atonement
  16. Biruni University (The king must survive. See "Wanderlust" for hidden battlemap)
  17. Amberius Bridge(Gren must survive) - Act III complete
  18. Church of Restoration(Tobias must survive. See "Wanderlust for hidden battlemap)
  19. Avery Fields (Repeat until you get "Combat Mastery")
  20. Timion Vale (Gren must survive. See "Wanderlust" for hidden battlemap)
  21. Port of Chai-Haim (Drinkwater Galley -> Captain -> Leave Town, remember to SAVE, why is explained under "Serenity and Fury")
  22. Research Facility


Quick Learner
Raise a single skill two ranks during 1 battle.

This will be acquired during the tutorial, when you get bow training a skill will eventually go up two ranks.

Treasure Hunter
Find a hidden item on any battlefield.

On the battlefield "Four Swordsmen Spring" there is a chest containing a sword in the middle of the map (behind the statues), opening this chest will net you the trophy. I suggest opening it with Tobias as the sword fits him the best. Also watch out for the thief carrying a club, he has a spinning attack which causes areal damage, so do not circle him, only keep one of your character close to him at all times. Also do not kill all thief's before you open the chest, as this ends the battle and you will have to replay the map.

Zero Casualties
Win a battle with 6 surviving party members.

Do this on "Ruins of Toby", this is the same as "Town of Toby" but is renamed after you do the story side of this map. For starters i used Gren to go left of the slope (not up it) to kill the three archers, they do low damage and dies pretty fast. I then used Tobias to go up the slope to get the hidden battlemap (see "Wanderlust") as well as to kill the thief with the club and the archers up here. Rest of the character went straight ahead to kill of the guys here. Remember to heal the characters, try to keep them above 70% health at all times.

Discover an optional battle map.

After you have completed the story-side of "Dry Riverbed" then play it once more, this time the battle field will be different, there will be a tree with a hole on it in one of the corners, walk over to it and explore the hole. Remember that you must not kill all of the wolves and still stay alive, so what i did was keeping Tobias alive with some wolves running after him (after i killed most wolves), Tobias has a good walking distance and therefore can keep the wolves running after him for quite some time. Meanwhile i used another character to walk towards the tree and explore it. If you would like to get to it faster you can use the augmented spell movement.

Finish Act I.

Is story related and will be achieved after finishing the battle at "Fort Pelgaius".

Sandworm Slayer
Finish Act II.

Is story related and will be achieved after finishing the battle at "Large Cavern".

Royal Defender
Finish Act III.

Is story related and will be achieved after finishing the battle at "Amberius Bride".

Combat Mastery
Raise a combat skill to rank 40.

Combat skills is not to be mistaken with core skills or magic. To see what combat skills each character has go into shop, press triangle to check status, go over to magic skills, press up and left once, this is your combat skills.

Once you have unlocked the "Avery Fields" battlemap use all characters to buff up Connor, the other characters are now only to be used for defending at the starting area, except for Calvin who is to follow Connor and heal him. The idea behind this is that we are going to skill one of Connor's skills to 40, and he is the best choice for it due to a good dodge rate, good damage and fast skill levelling. So repeat these steps until one of his skills is rank 40, which is most likely to be his Critical skill.

Serenity and Fury
Earn both endings to the game.

You get either Altyria's ending og Luce's ending, depending what you answer when prompted with a question during the game. Altyria's ending happens if you answer in her favour, and the same way around with Luce. So the trick is to answer in both's favor, meaning answer in Altyria's favor first, then Luce's. Do this back and forth until you reach the "Port of Chai-Haim", SAVE your game here, because from now on you want to only answer in Luce's favor, then complete the game. After you have completed the game you just reload this save and answer in Altyria's favor instead, and then complete the game again. This should net you both ending trophies as well as this trophy.

Discover every battle map.

There is a total of eight optional battlemaps to explore, rest of them is story related, under is a list of the optional battlemaps, its also explained how to find them. Be sure to play and complete the maps aswell so you are totally sure that you will net this trophy.
  1. Dry Riverbed - In one of the corners of the map there is a tree with a hole in it, walk over to it and examine the hole to find "Four Swordsmen Spring".
  2. Ruins of Tolby - Uphill to your left is 3 houses, the middle one that has a corner and two crates and a barrel in the corner has a glowing crate which is pretty small, open it for another hidden battlemap.
  3. Dread Caves - Behind your party is a cave blocked by a bolder, outside it there's a lever that's glowing, walk over to it and use it to find a hidden battlemap. Note that its not the cave which entrance looks like a skull, as this is used to progress to the next story mission.
  4. Ancient Ruins - There is a tablet right behind the rubble close to the first line of enemies, examine it to find the hidden battlemap.
  5. Royal Courtyard - Examine the kings throne to find the hidden battlemap.
  6. Biruni University - Right by the left guard there is a barrel that is glowing, examine it to find the hidden battle map.
  7. Church of Restoration - Examine the well by Liana and you will find the hidden battlemap.
  8. Timion Vale - On the right side of the large tree in the middle there lies a skeleton, examine it to find the very last battle map.

Warning: There are some areas where you can not go back to, so complete all maps in the order provided under "Missions Roadmap". Once you set sail you can not get back to the previous maps so do all maps before you set sail from the "Port of Chai-Haim" and enter "Research Facility".

Champion of Sostegaria
Finish Act IV with the Altyria ending.

See "Serenity and Fury" on how to get this trophy.

Hero of Sostegaria
Finish Act IV with the Luce ending.

See "Serenity and Fury" on how to get this trophy.

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