Players: 1-2
Online Trophies: None
Online Pass Required: No Online Pass
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No cheats
Estimated Time to 100%: 30-45 minutes
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 (You only need to get to Stage 6, there are no trophies for Arcade Mode beyond Stage 5)
Collectible Trophies: No collectibles
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: No glitches

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • All trophies are in XMB order!
  • Press to Block
  • Press to Punch
  • Press to Kick
  • Press or (Depending on which direction you're facing) and to do a Grab
  • You can change the difficulty, time limit, and health on the Arcade game settings screen.
  • You are free to use as many continues as you'd like without penalty, don't worry if you lose a fight!


  • Begin Arcade Mode, with the settings changed to: Difficulty Eassy, and Health Smallest. Pick any character you'd like, and complete Stage 5. This is all you will have to do for the Arcade Mode trophies. You should unlock Stage 1 Complete , Stage 2 Complete , Stage 3 Complete , and Stage 5 Complete by doing this.
  • Enter the Arcade Mode settings screen again, and do the things required for 2.0 , Certifiable , Class of '94 , Dural , and Expert Mode.
  • Play the first round in Arcade Mode on Easy and get Ring Out and Excellent if you didn't get them the first time around.
  • Get Sudden Death



Stage 1 Complete
Complete Stage 1 of Arcade Mode (any difficulty)

The first Stage has you fighting against Lau, and this guy is pretty easy, all you'll need to do is use to kick him and it should take out a good chunk of his health with each hit. You will unlock Stage 1 Complete after beating this, and most likely Ring Out and Excellent if you're playing on Easy.


Stage 2 Complete
Complete Stage 2 of Arcade Mode (any difficulty)

Stage 2 has you against Sarah, and it is still extremely easy. All you will need to do is time your kicks with so it hits her when she gets up and she will go down very fast. Once the fight is over you will get the trophy for this Stage and advance to Stage 3.


Stage 3 Complete
Complete Stage 3 of Arcade Mode (any difficulty)

Stage 3 is a fight against Shun, and the game gets a lot harder from here. Shun likes to get low on the ground and sweep kick you, which can be devastating if he uses it often enough as it is hard to block. He will go down with some well timed kicks, and well timed blocks on his other attacks as well, and once you have won both rounds you will advance to Stage 4, which doesn't have a trophy.


Stage 5 Complete
Complete Stage 5 of Arcade Mode

This is the last Stage you need to complete for the Arcade Mode trophies, and it is very tough. Even on Easy, the opponents starting from Stage 4 will be able to take out more than half your health bar in 2-3 hits, and it doesn't help that Lion likes to block constantly, even while attacking. My advice is to alternate between constantly pressing to block, and pressing + to do a Grab attack, which can take out nearly 1/3 of his health. Some good things to do are to have the difficulty on Easy, and Health on Smallest while on the Arcade Mode settings screen, also don't worry if you lose both rounds, as this will happen frequently and you have unlimited continues. Just keep on trying and you will be able to do this eventually!


Ring Out
Win a round by ring out in Arcade Mode (any difficulty)

I found a good way to get this was to play on Easy on Arcade Mode with Health set to Large, and using and pressing it very fast. The punches will knock your opponent back, and even if they move forward, they should have enough health that you can keep on punching them until you get a ring out.


Win a round without receiving any damage in Arcade Mode (any difficulty)

A lot easier than it looks, the best way to get this trophy is to change the settings for Arcade Mode to Easy, and then Health to Smallest. Walk into your opponent and use to kick them, they should go into the air and then be knocked down to the ground. Time your next kick to be just a bit after they get up and they should go flying again, repeat until you have taken out of their health. The trophy will unlock shortly after you've gotten a Perfect round.



Play Ranking Mode in Arcade Mode (hold down P+K+D+START button during Attract Mode)

To start Attract Mode, all you have to do is hold and then press which starts the movie. Now you have to hold down PKD, which is just and press . This will start Ranking Mode, and note that the trophy only unlocks when you lose, so if you want the trophy fast, just let yourself get killed and the trophy will unlock on the next screen.


Expert Mode
Enter ↓↓↑↑←←→→ at the character select screen in Arcade Mode

Just as the trophy says, input at the Character Select screen to start Expert Mode. You do not have to beat Arcade Mode while in this mode, and the trophy should unlock shortly when the first round starts. Once it has unlocked, exit back to the Main Menu.


Use Dural in Arcade Mode or Offline Versus (In Ver.2.1 hold START button when selecting a character)

To play as Dural, you will need to be at the character select screen in either Arcade Mode or Versus Mode while on Version 2.1 and to hold while selecting any character. The match will start and your character will be Dural, and the trophy will unlock very shortly.


Play Arcade Mode or Offline Versus in ver. 2.0

When you are on the Arcade Mode settings screen, change Version to 2.0 and start the the first Stage. That is all you have to do.


Sudden Death
Play the Sudden Death stage in Arcade Mode or Offline Versus

This trophy is very easy to get in Versus Mode, all you need is a second controller. Start the match and have yourself win two rounds, and then the second controller win two rounds, on the next round do nothing and when the time runs out Sudden Death mode will start. You can quit out now, as the trophy will unlock within a few seconds of Sudden Death starting.

Getting this in Arcade Mode is a lot trickier, as you will have to win a round yourself, and then let the opponent win one. The next part is where you'll likely have trouble with this. A draw only occurs when both you and your opponent have the exact same amount of health and the timer runs out. You will need to not be hit at all on this final round, and you can't hit your opponent either. You can change the time limit in the Arcade Mode settings screen, so the rounds will go by quicker, my advice is to hold and or to jump very high up in the air for nearly a whole second. Good luck with this, and once you manage to go the whole timer without getting hit, you'll enter Sudden Death mode and this trophy will be yours!


Class of '94
Select game settings in Arcade Mode while holding the □ button to enter Attract Mode

All you have to do to get this is hold and then press at the Arcade Mode game settings screen. This will start the Attract Mode, which is just a short movie. The trophy doesn't unlock right away, you will have to let the movie go on for a few seconds until the trophy pops up. You will most likely get this while going for Certifiable.

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