Players: 1 World Tour. 2 - 4 online and exhibition
Online Trophies: 3 - Competitive Streak, Social Animal & Gold medalist (100 or 250 ranked and friendly matches, still need to confirm this)
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 80 - 120 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 - World Tour.
Platinum Difficulty: 7/10
Collectible Trophies:
Missable Trophies:
Glitched Trophies:

[top]Tips & Strategies

The basic and advance settings in virtua tennis 2009:

Slice shot.
Slice shot.
Lob shot.
Normal stroke.
A serve can be done on - - - but it is stronger if you use

Underarm serve: Underarm is where you serve the ball using a underarm stroke. To perform this serve you need to press down and at the same time.

Volly: Are made when you play at the net. hitting balls in the air before they hit the ground. They shot can be done with - -

Dropshot: A dropshot is when you get the ball to drop down right after the net. To perform this stroke you have to hold the right analog stick down and pressing or

Winners: A winner is when you hit the ball across the court with a lot of power to force you're opponent to make mistake and keep him running after those hard balls. This a good good shot to try and counter with a volley or smash to score a point.

Ace: Ace is when you serve the ball and you're opponent miss' the ball.

Menu Info: In the start menu you have a couple of selection to choose from. First of you have the World Tour where you create you're own tennis player to go trough a long way to become number 1. Next you have the play option were you can play a quick match single and double, choose the court you wish to play on against the pro tour tennis player male or female. You can also play in tournaments or games where you can play or practice the mini games their also are in the World Tour. Then you have the network, this is here where you play against you're friends and other player and the games are friendly. The next one is called My VT and is where you find all records, medals, overall stats and online stats, so you can keep up with how many of each stroke you made and how many points you scored on them, how many matches you played on one sort of court and play time.

World Tour: in the World Tour you have you're house, where you rest, change gear and have you're calendar, so you can keep track on upcoming matches, when there are time to practice or do mission in the academy. Its also here where you have a couple of mini games in the start, but don't worry as you play trough the mini games and reach lv 5, you will unlock another mini game. Its also in the World Tour you have the tennis store, where you can buy all kinda a stuff. The online ranked matches is played from the World Tour menu witch makes them random matches you play.

Tennis store info: In the tennis store you have from top to bottom;

- headwear
- shirt
- pants
- footwear
- accessories
- rackets
- and court passes.

This is here all the stuff you win in the tournaments you play and mini games ends up for you to buy. Winning a normal tournament where you rank up in level will not give any new things in the store, but completing mini games lv 5 to 8 will give you new funny stuff. Winning a tournament will result in you getting the court pass so you can buy them.

Tennis Academy: The academy is a part of the World Tour. there are 30 missions here.. 15 on amateur and 15 on pro. In the academy is where you can learn the new playstyles and completing the training missions. You have 3 former of playstyles, which are;

- Groundstroke
- Footwork & Technique
- Serve & volley.

There are 10 training missions in each 5 amateur and 5 pro.

What is Baseline - normal and net play: A baseline playstyle is where you stand at the back line on the court and hit the balls from there. A normal playstyle is when you are standing at the middle line on the court and plays there. the last one is when you're standing right at the net and hit vollies.

Tips & Hints:[/CENTER]

It's a very good idea to make sure you play ALOT of practice matches as you get all the 3 bars filled a bit, where on mini games and academy you only get one of the bars filled up as the playstyle you are training

Make sure you spend you're money on water instead of taking a 1 at home or 2 weeks on holiday and missing a tournament or a good practice. because you can get all you're playstyles in + so they are better than just a normal playstyle. SO remember lots of practice to get those bars filled up and getting the All round + playstyle unlocked.

Water costs 300 - 1 week at home is free and 2 weeks holiday costs 1000. but when you're drinking water, no weeks past by... so keep you're stamina up all time to max out you're performance at all time.

When playing matches its a good idea to have a solid defend and a good eye to when you're suppose to make you're attack... not always going for the volley point... but keep you're opponent running after those winners and dropshots, so you get the chance to score the point easier... a good defensive eye on where the balls are coming next give a good chance to get those winners in the corners to score the point.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits



All trophies unlocked

To get the platinum. You have to unlock all the trophies linked to the game.

Hit a line judge

When playing a match you have the judges standing at the wall in both ends of the court. When you score a point, you will get the chance on hitting a judge. Try to aim for a judge on each stroke to max you're chance on hitting a judge. This is most about luck and will be obtained while playing games.

To be this good takes ages!
Score an ace with an underarm serve

When you're serving the ball, you need to score an ace with a underarm serve. Look under basic and advance info to see how you make an underarm serve. This trophy can be done easy with 2 controllers or in friendly matches with a friend

One Small Step.
Win your first match in the World Tour

As you are playing in the World Tour, there are tournaments you can play that are equal to your current rank. When you have won a match in a tournament you will get the trophy.

...One Giant Leap.
Win your first tournament in World Tour

When you play a tournament in World Tour, there a 3 matches you have to win before you are champion of that tournament, when you have won the tournament you will get the trophy.

Make friends and influence people.
Make friends with 8 characters in World Tour

When playing World Tour some players will approach you and ask for a practice match, these matches will sometimes be on the someday as a tournament, don't worry if you choose the tournament, because the players will still come and ask you for a training match if you don't have 8 friends. When you play a practice match and win it the opponent will become you're friend, and you can play double with them or play more practice matches.

Quick and Easy.
Play 25 events in Play mode or Network Games mode

You have to play 25 matches that aren't in the World Tour. you don't have to win these, just play against the pro players in the play menu. its a good idea to take the trophies where you have to win and lose with all male and female pro players.

Loving It.
Achieve 25 love games

Love games are when you win a game 40 0. this is easier in the earlier stages on the World Tour. (on amateur when around rank 100). But on the other hand this is a trophy that are bound to came a some point.

Breaking the Speed Limit.
Hit a serve over 200kph/124.28mph

When you serve you'll have a meter where it will start to fill up when you press the first time, then press again for it to stop and serve the ball, make sure the meter is filled all the way up, when done right, there will stand max serve above the meter. its best to play as a big serve, as it only makes it easier to get a 200 kph serve, or simple use Roger Federer until you get it.

Big Hitter.
Achieve 250 max serves

A max serve is when you the serve meter gets filled all the way, this takes some practice to do right and it will take a while. 250 max seems like a lot and it is a lot. but it will come over some time when playing the game.

Pushing it to the Max!
Achieve 3 consecutive max serves in a match

This trophy can be kinda stupid to get, if you're having trouble make the max serves. Because they have to be in a row. Just a lot of practice on getting max serve, and then keep you're head cool when having 2 and going for the last max serve... its better to make a max serve without trying to serve into the corner, as if you make a foul, you'll have to start over again.

Different Strokes.
Win 400 stroke points

This is an easy trophy because when you score points on a stroke that have hit the ground before you hitting... These strokes are both forehand and backhand. Lobs - dropshots and vollies doesn't count here. but its takes time to get as you have to get 400 point. these are easy made from the baseline.

Win 300 volley points.

A volley is a ball you hit before it hits the ground. Score the point this way 300 times. Try and make you're opponent make a mistake so you have time to rush to the net and hit the balls as you're opponent returns mistakes balls. An easy way to force a mistake is is by making winner or dropballs shots.

Super, Smashing, Great!
Win 200 smash points

Smash is when you hit the ball in high air. Score points this way 200 times. Try the drop ball so you have time for the rush to the net. then try to make corner balls on the volleys so the other player will be forced to make airballs, this is here you have the chance to smash the ball. but remember to be in the right position before you push the so you don't miss those airball and loses the point.

Aces High.
Score 100 aces

A hard bronze trophy to get. You have to serve the ball so the other player can't return it. You can control your serve on the left stick. try hitting the serve into the corner with a max power and there should be a 50 - 50 chance this is a ace. The ace is one of the hardest to do in virtua tennis. So keep practice and do those max serve to do this the right way... or you could do this with a friend or two controller, then it is not that hard, but still takes some time...

Over the top.
Win 50 lob shot points

Lob the ball over the opponent. Can be hard to get as you give you're opponent a chance to smash the ball. Here you have to make a drop ball to force you're opponent to go to the net so you can get the chance to lob the ball over him. You can still lob the ball, right before a normal stroke if you see the other player running to the net by pushing the and he will make a lob instead of a normal stroke, this is very useful as you can change the shot, but only from shot to shot.

Drop and Give Me 50!
Win 50 drop shot points

Hard to do. when you're opponent returns a slow ball hold down and press or to make the ball drop down right after the net, and you have to score this way. When you get you're opponent forced to one of the sides, make a drop ball to the other side to score an easy drop point

Your Country Needs You!
Be selected for the Davis or Fed Cup team in World Tour

In World Tour mode you will get the chance to be selected by your country to play in the Davis cup. All this will happen when you turn pro... The Davis cup goes over a season where you only plays one match at the time...

Practice Makes Perfect.
Win 10 practice matches in World Tour

You can play against your partners you have become friends with during World Tour...You then need to win these. also the matches they suggest you play against them so they can become partners also counts. its always good to play practice matches as the raise all the 3 bars, where doing academy and mini games only raise the one you are doing.

Training to Win.
Clear a level 8 training game in the World Tour

In the World Tour you can play some mini games... on those you have to clear all 8 levels on one of the mini games... but worry if you can't get a mini games level 8 cleared... because when you cleared level 4 there will appear a new mini game, so find the one that suits you and keep at it.

School's Out.
Clear each academy mission in World Tour

There are 30 academy mission in World Tour. You will have 3 different Technique with 10 missions each. 5 on amateur and 5 on pro.

Go to the academy menu in World Tour mode and bet Tim Henman with the required shots and time. Simple get a medal in these games and its yours. Go for getting gold on them all when playing in the academy because you also have the gold trophy that are bound for this one to.

Purchase 100 different items from the shop in World Tour

Simply buy various items in the shop you can get shirts, shorts, shoes, trainers, raquets, accessories, court passes and lucky dip. You will unlock more items for the shop in the cruise ship tournament and mini games on World Tour.

Versatile Male.
Win a match with all default male pro players

In play mode you have to play as every male player and win a match. There are no need to play tournaments here as its only one match you will have to win. Choose Roger Federer at first and then go by them one by one, don't forget the last male pro player in the same row as the female players are in. also that the 2 players you unlock from world counts here, King and the Duke

Versatile Female.
Win a match with all female pro players

In play mode you have to play as every female and win the match. There are no need to play tournaments here as its only one match you will have to win. start from the right and take them one by one.

Last Man Standing.
Beat all default male pro players.

When playing in play mode beat all the male pro players. this is the same as the other one... but with this trophies you have to beat them instead of winning as them... easy enough.

Last Woman Standing.
Beat all female pro players

When playing in play mode beat all the female pro players. this is the same as the other one... but with this trophies you have to beat them instead of winning as them... easy enough.

Competitive Streak.
Complete 10 ranked online games in World Tour

The ranked online games have to be played against others via World Tour and this makes its random players you play against so there are no boosting with a friend here. But nevertheless you don't have to win this all you have to do is play 10 of them. Quiet simple to do... this trophy goes hand in hand with gold medalist

Social Animal.
Complete 10 friendly online games

On the other hand this one can be boosted with a friend. You play the setup you like to play, if it should be quick and just do one rounds to get the trophy or take on a friend on a 5 game- 5 set match its here you do it, its from the start menu under network. And again all you have to do is play them. Again quiet easy to get. also this trophy goes hand in hand with gold medalist

Block and Roll.
Clear a 15 block combo in Block Buster

When blocks stick together you will get a combo. Hit only single blocks until 15 of one color stick together and hit it.

Tips: Its a good idea to hit the lobs and drop balls so you easier can combine one color, and if you hit a bomb thats linked with a color it will boost the combo, although the bomb will not do the job on its own. When you have 2 rows with one color and a bomb, that will get the job done.

Dr. Doolittle.
Feed all types of animals in Zoo Feeder

There are 8 animals to feed. Hit the type of food to the animal with the picture above their head. All animals should come by level 5. some of the animals eats more then one kind of food, a good thing.

The animals are: Giraffe - Lion - Rhino - Ape - Panda - Zebra - Penguin - elephant

Tips: You just need to feed them one piece of food each but that wont make them go to sleep. The slice shot is your best friend in this mini game as you have more control on the angle with slice shot. Also wait to clear this on until you have a very good racket, that only makes it easier to feed all the animals...

Sink 3 galleons in a single game of Pirate Wars

This can only be done in play mode. The galleons come after around 4000 - 5000 points they have yellow sail as the only ones that have. Also when playing this mini game in play mode you have 5 lives instead of time. So avoid the cannon balls and return the tennis balls to sink the ships.

Tips: The ships can shot cannon balls right after the tennis ball and that will be your death, so the best way to get this trophy is by making running shots, these are done when you push a button while running as late as you can and your player will shot be ball while running, and again your slice shots are one of the best shots here to. it doesn't matter if you got power shots, the ships will still take the same damage. so keep moving and dodging those cannon balls, and when you have sinked the third gallon the trophy will appear.

Cherry Picker.
Collect 10 cherries in a single game of Avalanche

This can only be done in play mode. You have to collect as much fruit as possible until the cherries come to hold up your life / stamina bar up to even collect enough cherries to get this trophy. There will come a couple of cherries before the first fruit mania and when around second fruit mania you can have 6 or 7 cherries and then they will come quick after that.

Tips: Collecting as much fruit as possible will result in you playing this mini game longer. the higher value the fruit have the more stamina you will get. so fruit as bananas and melons will give more stamina than apples. Remember this as this can and will be you're life saver.

Perfect Frame.
Clear the table of balls in order without missing in Pot Shot

This trophy you have to get a perfect start on the mini game. That said is because you have to pot a ball on every shot. There is a arrow pointing the way the ball is going before serving, so this makes it easier. Take it easy with the power you chose to hit the balls with, because its easier to pot with low powered serves, than high power serves.

Ham and Eggs.
Turkey on level 6 or above of Pin Crusher

Let me say this trophy will drive you insane, because you can hit all the pins, but if one pin is being hold up by another even when its hit, it doesn't count as a strike.

This have to be done in tour mode. and the mini game will be unlocked after clearing the court curling's level 4. Now get to level 6 and get 3 strikes in a row. This is hard to get because some of the pins that ain't pushed all the way down will not count. But with max serve and a good angle it should be a strike.

Tips: The trick to get this one is having a racket with high angle and power, as you have to hit the pins on the side near you of the front pin with a max serve. so power - angle and control here is you're best friend.

Marathon Man.
Run a total of 10 km/6.21 miles

You will get this after playing the game for some time. It counts in all game modes. Its a trophy your bounded to have if you play virtua tennis for more than 2 hours.

Grass Stains.
Play 100 matches on a Grass Court

Just play on grass. This can be done in all game modes, but their are no need to spend time going for as it will come when you play the World Tour. You will get to play a lot of games on grass on pro.

Play with Clay.
Play 100 matches on a Clay Court

Clay is one of the court you wont get some many games on as for the two others. When playing in the play mode its an good idea to play on clay, it would just speed up the tempo towards the trophy.

Astro-Carpet King.
Play 100 matches on an Artificial Court

I the start on the World Tour this is the court you will play the most games on. So before you rank up to pro you should have this trophy.

To be this good takes Sega.
Win a tournament wearing the Sega Outfit

When you become #1 on pro World Tour... your you will get the Sega outfit and all you have to do is win a tournament wearing the Sega outfit. so after you get number one, go to you're house the change gear so you are wearing the Sega outfit, then play a tournament, and win it.

King for a Day.
Unlock secret player King

You will get King and Duke unlocked by winning the King tournament. this tournament will be in the later stage of the pro world tour.

Thats Duke's a Hazard!
Unlock secret player Duke

You will get King and Duke unlocked by winning the King tournament. this tournament will be in the later stage of the pro world tour.

Gold Medalist.
Unlock every gold medal in the game

This is the hardest in the game. You can view the medals from My VT in the start menu. There are 50 medals here but not all are gold so when all gold medals are unlocked you unlock the trophy. you can see what you have to do to get the medals when viewing what medals you got.

Toggle Spoiler

Access all Areas.
Purchase every court pass in World Tour

When playing World Tour you can purchase courts from the tennis shop and the courts are unlocked by winning the tournament there. Some of the courts costs a bit more then the other. The price range are between 25.000 and 1.000.000 and a couple that just are a bit more expensive. this trophy can't be unlocked before the later stage of World Tour as there are 4 courts passes you first will get when you reach the minimum rank of 20 on pro.

Toggle Spoiler

Style Guru.
Use every basic play style in World Tour

There are 3 kind a play styles and they are stroke footwork serve & volley. You have 3 bars one for each play style and they gets filled up by you clearing mini games and academy, also all 3 will get filled a bit up when you are playing practice matches. Now you have to play with each style once and this is best done in a practice match. When you are not resting or playing a match its a good idea to play some practice matches with a different style each time. You don't have to win the match.

Go Pro!
Turn professional in World Tour

By playing the World Tour from starter rank to the top on amateur #1 you will play a match to rank up on pro tour, this match can be played when you are rank 8 but remember to become #1 on amateur first so you get the Leader of the Pack. trophy to, because you can't go back.

Leader of the Pack.
Become the number 1 amateur in World Tour

This trophy can be miss because you can rank up to pro when are rank 8 there is a match you can play that will promote you to pro tour. So remember to become #1 on amateur before playing the ranked match.

Them Bones
Play the Meat Defender training game wearing the full Skeleton clothing set

This is one of the mini games you are going to unlock when playing the other mini games. You unlock the skeleton suit playing meat defender. You get in three stages. End of 6, end of 7 and the final piece at level 8. Now wear the skeleton outfit playing the meat defender.

National Treasure.
Win the Davis or Fed Cup in World Tour

You will get selected for this tournament by you're country. You will play the Davis Cup over the year, but when you win this tournament for the first time, you will then get to play the Davis world cup and have you're first shot at winning this tournament. this tournament goes over 4 matches that are played over the year where the final are the last week of the season.

First Among Equals.
Rank #1 in the world in World Tour

After you spend a lot of time in virtua tennis 2009 World Tour and ranked up on pro and gotten though those 150 ranks and finally got to became number 1 in World Tour, you will get this much deserved trophy.

This trophy can glitch, the way that can be solved most times is to drop a few spots down and come back up.

You are Gold!
Complete every academy mission with a gold medal in World Tour

Simply in the academy in World Tour get gold medal in all 30 missions on amateur and pro. You need to complete the objective 3 times before the time runs out. Some of the missions can be a little tricky. there are 5 on amateur and pro for each playstyle.

Win King of Players tournament in World Tour

This will come in the later stage on pro around when you're almost done.. this tournament is one of the last one you can play... so take you're time to get to the top on pro and take you're chance at this trophy, when it becomes able to play.[/CENTER]

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