100 K right 4, 50 caution jump into 2 right tightens, don't cut, 400 flat to crest into K left 4, 2 right... 2 Right... 2 RIGHT!!!! F******CK!! GOD, DAMMIT CHRIS!!!!

WRC3 is the only Official game of the World Rally Championships – packed with more than 50+ Official Race Teams (from WRC, Class 2 and Class), 35+ different cars (including the brand new Volkswagen Polo R WRC test car, Renault Twingo R2 and the Proton Satria Neo S2000), every track from the championships (including all of the Super Special Stages) and a completely re-designed career mode. WRC3 is the most complete rally game created - ever!
Race at speeds way too quick for the conditions, blurring past trees as you try to hear your co-driver's instructions over the scream of your engine.
You have a choice of the WRC Experience, racing as your favourite drivers on the Official Race Calendars or becoming a Professional Rally Driver in your own right, doing your own Road to Glory.

All the time, pushing as hard and fast as you can, knowing that when the inevitable happens and you misjudge that jump and smash into the trees at 100mph, or lock your brakes on a sharp hairpin and fly off the cliff; that you're safe inside your own home and that little girly scream you let out... well, we'll just keep quiet about that...


Players: 1-4 offline, 2 - 16
Online Trophies: Yes. Be Prepared. All Together!
Online Pass Required for Platinum: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: Approx. 30 hours depending on skill
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: None
Difficulty Trophies: None. They can all be done on the easiest settings.
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: A glitch that will screw a lot of trophies if you drive with manual transmissions. Here's the problem and solution:

Also emailed customer services, but no reply as yet.

Note: The online doesn't seem to work very well either. But keep on trying and you'll eventually get on.

[top]Tips and Strategies

Real Rally Drivers use manual transmission... I suggest you do the same. You'll have more control over your speed, changing down gears into corners properly and having the revs in the right rev range for when you power out of the corners.
This way you'll always be in the right gear for any given situation. If you struggle with manual, keep practicing and you can cut full seconds off your stage times.

If you struggle at any stage, change the AI to the easiest level, along with putting on as many driver assists as you feel necessary. This wont affect the trophies.
By doing this, you can add Stability Control (so the car corrects itself in corners), Braking Assists (stops your car from sliding under braking) and having the co-driver instructions come up on screen as arrows, or a mini map.

When going for Reputation Stars, remember that you don't have to come 1st and get all the Manoeuvre Stars during the same race. You can finish 1st, go back to the menu and head back into that race, come 16th and get all the Manoeuvre Stars.

With Manoeuvre Points, there's an incredibly cheap way of doing it. On most tracks there's a Red/Orange Tape Barrier around the corners and even on some straights. If you knock these down, you can get a stupid amount of points, mix that with drifting through them and you can get 500+ points pretty easily in some cases.

"Track drivers see one corner thousands of times, rally drivers see a thousand corner one time"
Thankfully for you/us, this isn't true. If you get stuck, lower the difficulty and keep practicing and you'll get it in no time


This is what I'd personally go about getting the platinum.

1. First off, I'd get the WRC Experience trophies and a lot of the misc trophies out of the way first. To do this, select and do the following:
  • Choose Sebastian Loeb as your driver in the WRC Car Category (1/26)
  • Select Championship and press until you only have four Rallies
  • You want to do these rallies: Rallye Monte-Carlo, Brother Rally New Zealand, Rally Guanajuato México and Rally Argentina
  • Press to drop each rally down to 3 Stages. In the Rally Argentina, select the SSS Cordoba and Intiyaco stages
Before the start of a race, customise your Car Settings and Save them. Try and drift over the line of any race. Now once the Race Results come up, watch the replay and enter the Photo Mode and save a photo. If you come first in all these races, you'll get all these trophies:
  • El Matador

  • Like Loeb

  • King for a Day

  • Two for One

  • Number 1

  • Around the World

  • It's a Question of Style, Honey

  • The Engineer

  • Third Eye

2. This next option enables you to incorporate two trophies.
  • Select WRC Mode > Single Rally > WRC Cars > Mikko Hirvonen > Neste Oil Rally Finland > Stage Mynnilä
Unlocking: Playing at Home and Yes, I Can Fly!

3. Now go after the rest of the WRC Experience available trophies, being:
  • The Specialist

  • My First Time

  • Eat My Dust!

  • And One...

  • First of All

4. Head online now and knock out the two trophies needed. Whilst going for Be Prepared , you'll probably achieve All Together
You may as well also get King of the Couch done too.

5. Now it's time for your Road to Glory... and that
  • First choose a car and change the paint of your car
  • Once you've unlocked a Modification, upgrade your car in the Modifications Tab
  • Beat any Rising Star without crashing or clipping any barriers
  • Get all Gold Reputation Stars in every race and challenge
  • Beat the Ultimate Battle!!
If you've done all this you'll have the following trophies, including some misc trophies that you should, have picked up along the way without any effort:
  • Check out that Bodywork
  • A Good Start

  • Geek

  • The Perfect Race

  • Point to the Stars

  • Until the Last Minute

  • Crazy Drifter

  • Honor Student

  • Breath Taking

  • Reflexes Ready

  • The Antidote

  • Strange But True

  • Cocktail

  • Heavy Footed

  • Iberian Talent

  • Latin-American Talent

  • Anglo-Saxon Talent

  • Nordic Talent

  • French Talent

  • Mediterranean Talent

  • Pacific Talent

  • What Else?

  • The Shark

6. Clean Up... There really shouldn't be anything to do now... Soo…

No Problem


No Problem!
Unlock all Trophies

Unlock every other trophy in the game (who would've thought?!)
"If in doubt, flat out" - Colin McRae

First of All
Win a Single Stage in the WRC Experience mode

As simple as it sounds... once you've found the right event.
The trophy description is slightly misleading. You need to choose WRC Experience > Single Stage. Then simply come first in a race.
Choosing Rally or Championship Modes, wont get you the trophy, no matter how many times you win.
You can do this in Hot Seat mode though, as long as it's a Single Event.

Playing at Home
Win the Finland Rally with Mikko Hirvonen in the WRC Experience Single Rally mode

Select WRC Experience > Single Rally > WRC Cars and choose Mikko Hirvonen as your driver. He's number 2/26.
Now choose Neste Oil Rally Finland, which is 8/13. You can do the full Rally Calendar, or press to choose fewer stages to compete in.
Simply win the Rally to get the trophy.

NOTE: Choose Mynnilä as a rally stage, as this should help you unlock Yes, I Can Fly!

Two for One
Win at least two rallies in the same Championship in the WRC Experience mode

Head into 'WRC Experience' and select 'Championship'. From here choose any driver/car that you want.
Next choose how many different rallies you want to do. For this trophy, you only need to win two rallies, so selecting two rallies is obviously your quickest option, along with doing only 3 events per rally. Cycle through the amount of events by pressing and
Now just win two rallies in two locations and the trophy is yours, as long as it's in a single Championship.

El Matador
Win at least one Super Special Stage at the "Estádio Cordoba" in the WRC Experience mode

This is a Super Special Stage in Argentina. Head to any game mode in WRC Experience, choosing any driver or car that you want.
When selecting a stage, make sure you select "SSS Cordoba," now beat your opponent and this trophy will be waiting for you at the Podium.

King of the Couch
Complete a 4-player Single Stage in Hot Seat mode

Press WRC Experience and then Press three times to get Hot Seat X 4. Select Single Stage and then your drivers and cars of your choice.
Simply complete the race with all four different cars and the trophy will pop up.

Note: You only need one controller to do this.

All Together!
Reach 10 cumulative minutes of race in valid Online Matches

You'll probably get this whilst going for Be Prepared.
You just have to race online for 10 minutes... altogether. So this is easy, just keep winning OR losing races and you'll get the trophy in no time!... well, in 10 minutes...

Be Prepared
Win a Single Stage in any Online mode using a Personalised Set-Up

Start any normal race, in WRC Experience, Road to Glory , etc. And press "Car Settings" just before the start of the race. Now adjust one of the settings and save it by pressing
Now head over to Multiplayer and choose a lobby. Try and vote for your favourite or best track. Once the vote is passed, you can choose your car. Once chosen, press to load your saved car settings, and to confirm.
Win the race to pop the trophy.

NOTE: Your best bet is probably to choose a Super Special Stage, this way you're only racing against one person.

The Engineer
Save at least one personalised set-up in the Car Settings section of the race menu

Before heading into a race, you'll have an option to go into 'Car Settings' by pressing
Once inside, change some of the settings. Easiest setting to change if you don't really know much about cars, is press once, and adjust the Car Height. Save your setup by pressing and another easy trophy is yours.
To restore the settings back to factory, just press

Until the Last Minute
Repair your car using at least 50 minutes of time available in a repair session

In some places, the rally Event is split into Stages. For example, you finish stage one. Then you'll head into Stage 2, using the same car, the previous stage time is added and the same damage you may have occurred during the previous stage.
In-between these Stages you have the chance to repair your car. You have 60 virtual minutes to fix your car, so you choose which repairs you want done. These repairs will add towards the 60 minutes you're allowed for each "Pit Stop".
Repair over 50 minutes worth of damage in one go and you'll get the trophy.

Check out that Bodywork
Change your car's paint in the Garage on the Road to Glory at least once

Head into Road to Glory and select one of the tracks. Once you've chosen your car, press to head into the 'Garage' section, from here you'll be able to customise your car. Select 'Paint' and simply change colour of one of the options.
Your trophy will pop when you leave this menu back to the car select.

Around the World
Complete the rallies of Monte Carlo, Mexico & New Zealand in the same championship of WRC Experience

Select WRC Experience > Championship.
Choose Monte Carlo, Mexico and new Zealand as the rallies to be taken part in, in the Championship.
Remember, the quickest way is to select 3 stages for each rally. (Press to bring down the amount of stages per location)
You don't even have to win to get the trophy, just finish each rally.

Number 1
Complete a Championship in first place using a WRC in the WRC Experience mode

Choose WRC Experience and then Championship. Select any car from the WRC category.
Now you can do as many, or as little rally events and stages that you like. As long as you win two rallies in the Championship.

King for a Day
Win the rallies of Argentina and Monte Carlo in the same champ of WRC Experience using Loeb

Head into WRC Experience and choose 'Championship'. Find Sebastian Loeb as your driver.
Select a rally in Argentina and Monte Carlo. Now simply win both rallies.
Again, you can do as many different rallies and stages as you like, as long as you win both the rallies in Argentina and Monte Carlo.

The Specialist
Win the Sweden Rally with Latvala in the WRC Experience Single Rally mode

Go into WRC Experience > Single Rally and choose Jari-Matti Latvala as your driver. He's number 3/26.
Now choose Rally Sweden (2/13) and select how many stages you want to compete in.
Win the whole rally for the trophy.

My First Time
Win the Portugal Rally with Østberg in the WRC Experience Single Rally mode

Go into WRC Experience > Single Rally and choose Mads Østberg as your driver. He's number 8/26.
Now choose Vodafone Rally de Portugal (4/13) and select how many stages you want to compete in.
Win the whole rally for the trophy.

A Good Start
Earn your first Ability Points on the Road to Glory

Start your first Road to Glory race, you'll probably have this trophy pop up within 10 seconds of racing. Just do a simple drift or even knock over a fence pole and you've done enough to earn this trophy!
Refer to Point to the Stars for more information on ability points.

Point to the Stars
Earn at least 10000 Ability Points on the Road to Glory

The trophy description for this trophy is actually slightly inaccurate.
You need to get 10,000 ability points in ONE race/event. Whereas the trophy description isn't clear on that.
One of the best places to get this trophy is Anglo-Saxon Area doing the Wales GB - Rally Event (5/13). This is an event that covers 3 stages, so you should have enough road... mud, to rack up these points. (I was hitting around 20,000, so double what you need)

To get Ability Points, drive fast, drift far and jump high. Swing the back end round corners by applying the handbrake ( ), and accelerating round the corner sideways, you can get around 300 points if you do it perfectly. Or put on Stability Control and hold into a corner and turn slightly into the corner, this way you'll rack up 100+ points without really doing anything.
Hitting jumps at speed increases your distance and height, but make sure you land them perfectly too.

Simple things like coming first and not crashing through a sector adds valuable ability points. You can rack up A LOT of points by knocking down strips of red tape barriers.

Getting your car on two wheels and even rolling it, can add points... Although the latter obviously slows you down quite abit.
If you have trouble, simply restart the race and try again. Practice makes perfect.

The Perfect Race
Defeat a Rising Star without damaging the car on the Road to Glory

In theory, this is easy... In practice, not as much so.
Beat a Rising Star on your Road to Glory, without damaging your car. The first chance to do this is against Carlos Hernández in Portugal.
You must win the race without hitting any obstacle or wall. You also need to slow down for the jumps, as landing too hard will damage your car, stopping you getting the trophy.
If you have trouble, lower the difficulty of the AI and take the corners and jumps slower.
If a diagram of your car comes up on the right, then you've messed up and may as well restart the race.

What Else?
Win the Ultimate battle on the Road to Glory

After beating all 7 Rising Stars, you'll unlock the Ultimate Battle.
You're entered into a Bracket Style Tournament, with the Worlds Top WRC Rally Drivers.
You have to beat 3 drivers in a row on Super Special Stage, Head to Head. Basically a Quarter Final, Semi-Final and Final.
This is surprisingly easy, and as with the rest of the races, you can lower the difficulty settings and driver aids until you win.
Once you've won the final, then " What Else? "

Like Loeb
Win the Special Stage Intiyaco of the Philips Rally Argentina with S. Loeb in the WRC Experience

I cant make this is simpler. Select WRC Experience and Single Event, now choose Sebastian Loeb as your driver in the WRC car category. Select the Intiyaco stage, in Argentina. Win this race along with the trophy

Heavy Footed
Race at least 150 metres at 150 Km/h

This will come naturally as you progress through your rally career.
Quite a few tracks have long enough straights where you can hit the required speed of 150 km/h (approx. 93mph) for 150 metres.
Finland is one of your best bets, especially the stage "Evo". Or ADAC Rallye Deutschland and the Gusenburg stage.
If you find you're struggling, just keep going through the events and you'll unlock modifications to make your cars faster, which will help you if you want to go back and retry levels.

Eat my Dust!
Win the Special Stage Pissia in the Acropolis Rally of Greece with more than 5 seconds remaining

Another badly worded trophy description. So ignore it.
Head into WRC Experience > Single Stage. Choose any car that you want to use.
Now select Acropolis Rally (6/13) and the Pissia Stage (2/6).
What you've actually got to do, is finish 5 seconds ahead of second place. So if you have trouble, remember that you can lower the AI difficulty in Options.
If you'd prefer, you can also do this in the Rally Championships, or Rally Events.

It's a Question of Style, Honey
Drift over the finishing line in any game mode

Just as it says, drift over the finish line on any stage. Use the handbrake ( ) to kick the back end out and go sideways over the finish line.
This is a lot harder than it appears as it's hard to drift in that tight an area.
I got my trophy back accidentally crashing just before the finish line and then reversing back across it.

Third Eye
Take a photo in replay mode and save it

Once you've completed in a race in either WRC Experience or Road to Glory, you'll have the option to watch your replay by pressing
Whilst watching the replay, press again to enter 'Photo Mode'. Take a picture with and save the image, after a few seconds the trophy will pop.

Yes, I can Fly!
Do a jump that is at least 50 metres long

Easy trophy. Choose any game mode in WRC Experience and select Finland as the Rally host and the stage Mynnilä.
Your best bet is choosing a car from the WRC class, as the speed will help.
Just before the 3rd checkpoint in a big jump which should get you flying over 50 m... even if you did go head on into the trees just after checkpoint two heavily damaging your car...

Improve at least one car component in the Road to Glory

During the Road to Glory events, you'll win and unlock car modifications that you can add to your cars.
When you get to the car selection screen, press to go into the 'Garage', from here go to 'Modifications'. Now simply install one of the new upgrades.

And One...
Win the Special Stage Loule of the Rally de Portugal with P. Solberg in the WRC Experience]

For this trophy, you can just do a Single Stage. So WRC Experience > Single Stage, select WRC category and Petter Solberg (4/26) as your driver.
Choose Vodafone Rally de Portugal as the Rally and Loule as the stage. Win it for the trophy... Simples.

The Shark
Win all the events on the Road to Glory and complete it to 100%

On your Road to Glory, you'll be earning Reputation Stars for each event you race in except the Head to Heads.
The first 6 areas have 13 events and 90 Stars. The final area, area 7 has 10 events and 60 stars.
For standard rallies, you get Reputation Stars for finishing in the Top 7, and you also get Ability Points for your Manoeuvres, which in turn give you more Stars. Refer to Point to the Stars for my information on Ability Points.
To progress to the later events in each area, you have to beat the Rising Star of the new unlocked area.

To get The Shark, you need to get every single star available to you and win every event. There was a total of 600 Reputation Points at stake.

Once you've beaten every Rising Star, you'll unlock the "Ultimate Battle". You need to also win this Bracket Tournament against the top WRC Rally Drivers in Super Special Stages, Head to Head.
  • If you have trouble winning races, remember that you can lower the difficulty and adjust any settings you like, without it affecting the trophies in anyway. So you can put on the easiest AI, with as many driving aids as you like and you'll get the same trophies as driving with the hardest AI and no aids whatsoever.
  • Sometimes it's easier to win the initial race, and head back to the Area Map and re-enter the same event and go for your Manoeuvres Reputation Stars. As they don't have to get them both done at the same time.
  • Once you've beaten the Ultimate Battle, it's still possible to head back and replay any event to get the rest of the Reputation Stars if you missed any.
The next seven trophies in this guide, will explain the best way to get 5 Stars in each Challenge Event.

Crazy Drifter
Win at least 3 stars in all the Drift Contest challenges

It's a rally game, so of course there's going to be a Drift Challenge. You need 3 Stars or more in each Drift Challenge for the trophy.
You get points for drifting through the Blue/White Circles on certain corners through a short section of track. The more sideways you are, the more points you'll get and the quicker you'll get them. The closer you are to the centre pole and the longer the drift that you pull off, will have the same effect.
So basically, getting as close to the poles as you can, drifting as sideways and for as long as possible, will rack up massive points.
You're sadly against the time, so make each corner count. The more points you finish with, the more Stars you achieve.

NOTE: If you're going for the platinum… (of course you are), you need to get 5 stars in each challenge for "The Shark "

Honor Student
Win at least 3 stars in all the Rally School Contest challenges

This Challenge consists of a section of track that has Road Cones placed strategically either side of the road, mainly on the corners.
The idea is to get to the finish in the fastest time possible, earning more Stars the faster you do this in. You'll be deducted 2 seconds for each cone you hit. The same will occur if you drive around them.
This is fairly easy, concentrate more on the track and not on the cones. That way you wont accidentally steer into them...
If you hit a cone by accident, keep racing as it's possible to knock over a few cones and still get all 5 Stars.
If you don't get the 3 Stars in each Rally School Event required for this trophy, simply restart any Challenge you get stuck on and learn from your mistakes. The cones are always in the same place, so the track is easy to learn.
Take it easy and drive smoothly and you shouldn't have any trouble. Basically good control of your car and precise turning is what is needed.

NOTE: If you're going for the platinum, you need to get 5 stars in each challenge for "The Shark "

Breath Taking
Win at least 3 stars in all the Crash and Run Contest challenges

There are 7 Crash and Run challenges. One in each area of the Road to Glory.
You get points for smashing each coloured block, and points deducted for each Black block you smash. You're also against a timer, so speed and control is vital.
For this trophy, you only need to get 3 out of a possible 5 Stars, for each challenge.
The scoring is as follows:
Yellow Block = 50 Points
Green Block = 100 Points
Purple Block = 200 Points
Occasionally, you'll get the chance to hit a "Strike" by hitting two targets at once, earning you additional points.

NOTE: If you're going for the platinum, you need to get 5 stars in each challenge for "The Shark "

Reflexes Ready
Win at least 3 stars in all the Gate Contest challenges

For this you need to get at least 3 Reputation Stars, in each Gate Contest Event. Basically, you're on a timer and you need to get to the finish, with enough time left over to get you those 3 Stars. The more time remaining when you finish, the more Stars you earn.
The problem is in the shape of 2 to 3 Blocks, blocking your path. They're Yellow until you're within a certain distance of them. Some will change to Green meaning you can smash straight through them, or they'll change Red meaning that if you hit one, you'll come to a near standstill, cutting off precious seconds of your time.

You've got to try and keep up your speed and smash through all the Green Blocks and get to the finish as quick as you can. However slowing down too much to wait for a Block to turn Green, can actually be more of a time waste than blasting head first through your quickest route, regardless of you hitting the occasional Red Block.
So it's down to you to make a split second decision when you get to each choice, the more time you spend thinking about it, the slower your time will be.

NOTE: If you're going for the platinum, you need to get 5 stars in each challenge for "The Shark "

The Antidote
Win at least 3 stars in all the Survival Contest challenges

Probably one of the funner challenges. Your car slowly falls to pieces as you try and complete a short section of track. On the right side is a diagram of your car that slowly turns RED, once it's fully red, you've failed.
To stop this happening, you need to hit the Green "Repair Kits" along the duration of the track, this refills your damage bar by a set amount each time. Reach the finish line as quick as you can, hitting the "Repair Kits" as you go, the longer you have left on the timer, the more Reputation Stars you'll get.
You need at least 3 Stars to complete and get this trophy.

NOTE: If you're going for the platinum, you need to get 5 stars in each challenge for "The Shark "

Strange but True
Win at least 3 stars in all the Top Rally Contest challenges

A Head to Head with a difference. You'll be racing against helicopters, bi-planes and even a Para-glider. These don't really have any affect on you, you just need to beat them to the finish line.
If you find yourself falling behind, don't worry. It's usually easy to catch them, as they'll struggle with turning in the corners.
The quicker you do this, the more Stars you'll get. You need at least 3 Stars in each of these events to get the trophy.

NOTE: If you're going for the platinum, you need to get 5 stars in each challenge for "The Shark "

Win at least 3 stars in all the Combo Contest challenges

The Combo Challenges mix two or more of the other Challenges together.
Meaning, for example, your car could be falling apart (Survival) at the same time as you having to navigate which Gate to hit (Gate Contest).
You'll need to rack up as many points as you can, whilst racing against the clock. The more points you have at the end, the more Stars you'll get.
You need 3 Stars out of a possible 5 for the trophy.

NOTE: If you're going for the platinum, you need to get 5 stars in each challenge for "The Shark "

Iberian Talent
Beat Carlos Hernández in Road to Glory mode

In your Road to Glory, you're pitted up against a selection of Rising Stars.
You'll face Carlos Hernández in the Iberian Area, once you've gained enough reputation. You then have to simply beat him in a one on one race.

Latin-American Talent
Beat Sara Lopez in Road to Glory mode

As with Iberian Talent, you have to race against and beat another Rising Star in your Road to Glory.
This time it is Sara Lopez, in the American Area. Get across the line first and unlock another trophy. Two 'Stars' down.

Anglo-Saxon Talent
Beat Aaron Weaver in Road to Glory mode

As above, you have to beat another Rising Star, this time it's the guy with the cheesy smile; Aaron Weaver.
Three 'Stars' down…

Nordic Talent
Beat Peter Larsson in Road to Glory mode

Now it's time to brave the elements and beat Peter Larsson in the Swedish Head to Head.
It's a slippery track so remember not to keep in too lower gear, as you'll just end up wheel spinning and not really going anywhere.

French Talent
Beat Pierre Leroy in Road to Glory mode

Ah, Pierre, Pierre, Pierre. You annoying Swiine.
There is a bug at the start of the latter Rising Star, Head to Head races if you drive manual transmission, where you'll roll backwards from the start line and not be able to move.
So go into options and change to semi-automatic transmission and restart the race. Once you're actually racing, you can change back to manual.
After that tedious chore, the race is slightly different from the previous head to heads, as you're behind Pierre and you have to overtake him on the same stretch of track. This is rather easy... ram him into the barriers, into walls, whichever you prefer.
After 10 minutes trying to find a solution and working it out, I figured I may as well have some fun with the guy. Then realised I should've checked youtube first

Mediterranean Talent
Beat Marco Lucchini in Road to Glory mode

As if it couldn't get any worse, you've got the above glitch and this time, you can't see the track once you catch up to Marco Lucchini as your screen will be covered in dust.
So set your car to semi-automatic again, restart the race and get off the start line. Once going, you can switch back to manual.
After that annoyance, feel free to ram this guy off the track too... it's only fair.
Come first and you have another trophy and one more Rising Star to beat!

Pacific Talent
Beat Todd Reed in Road to Glory mode

What better way to take down the last Rising Star, than to face the same damn glitch, as the previous TWO Rising Stars. I've got know idea how this wasn't picked up in the pre-release testing...
Go to the options and change the transmission to semi-automatic... again. Otherwise you're going to roll back down the hill from the start line... again.
Once off the start line, you can change back to manual transmission... again.
The race against the last Rising Star is actually pretty easy, so once you're ahead of Todd Reed, you shouldn't have trouble staying ahead.
Remember that you can change the Difficulty in the Pre-Race Option Settings.

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