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Players: 1; online 1-6
Online Trophies: A winner is you!, King of the World, Established Veteran, Rising Star, A fresh beginning, Welcome to the creators' circle, Critic
Online Pass Required: Yes
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No cheats
Estimated Time to Platinum: 20+ hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: No
Glitched Trophies:
  • Road to Wrestlemania XV cleared! --> Solution - Rare

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[top]Tips & Strategies

- If you're having trouble with the trophies that aren't difficulty based, you can always switch your difficulty to Easy.
- You can always set your finishers to infinite when you want to cause mayhem.
- Take your time to learn when to reverse a move.
- You can permanently change match rules in the Options menu.
- Break the announcer table to inflict more damage to your opponent in any match.
- Press in a tag team match to switch who you control.
- You can set the targetting to manual in the Options menu.

If you need help with any specific part of the game, feel free to comment on this guide, telling me what you need help with, I always read the comments.

(tap towards ropes to stand on apron, hold to enter/exit the ring)

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

None reported.


1. Go through the Attitude Era mode, to unlock characters, attires, arenas etc. Learn how the game controls and how WWE struggled to beat it's competition in the mid-to-late 90's.

2. Play WWE Universe, after you've completed the Attitude Era mode, start the WWE Universe Mode (on Hard if you want to get Invincible man in this phase) and get Universe trophies like The Streak Ends, A man who wastes no opportunity, Mr. Money in the Bank etc.

3. Clean up, get the trophies you didn't get while playing WWE Universe mode or Attitude Era mode (Invincible man, Berserker etc.)

4. Online, try to get to the highest rank available, upload a creation (and have it reviewed 5 times) and review 5 creations.

[top]Attitude Era Mode

There's a new mode in this game, called the Attitude Era mode, where you play in 7 scenarios, 6 of them containing major storylines that helped the WWE (Back then WWF) win against WCW in the ratings and eventually buying WCW.

Rise of D-X

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Austin 3:16

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Brothers of Destruction

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The Great One

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Toggle Spoiler

WrestleMania XV

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Off Script

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Ratings Timeline

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Obtain all other trophies.

Like every other platinum, you have to get all non-DLC trophies.

A winner is you!
Win 10 ranked matches.

See King of the world.

The Streak Ends
Beat The Undertaker at WrestleMania with a Custom Superstar on Legend difficulty (single player).


This one is easy, just Create a Superstar, max the attributes out, go to Options>Gameplay>Match Options>In-Game Options and change the difficulty to Legend, then go to WWE Universe mode, skip till WrestleMania and see if Undertaker has a match, if he does, put your created 'Superstar' against him, set your finisher number to infinite, start the match, kill the Undertaker with your finishers and win the match.

If this is your first match with a created Superstar, you will also get A superstar is born!, A legend begins and A once in a lifetime event. And if you use a wake up taunt (press on a grounded opponent with a stored finisher.), you'll also get A winning combination!.

Video guide:

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King of the world
Achieve the maximum rank online.

The maximum rank is 'Hall of Famer', which takes about 1,300,000 points to achieve.

Unless you can grind a lot, I suggest you use the Official Boosting thread.

Gold standard
Earn the WWE, WCW, and ECW Championship belts with a single Superstar.

Go to WWE Universe mode>Edit Universe>Edit Titles and give the WWE Championship, WCW World Heavyweight Championship '91-93 and ECW Heavyweight Championship to one wrestler, skip to a PPV, see if the wrestler you assigned as Triple Crown champion has a title match, if he does, play as him and retain one of the titles on the line, once you win, you'll be awarded with this trophy.

Off Script scenario cleared!
Clear the "Off Script" chapter.


In this game, the Road to WrestleMania mode has been replaced by the Attitude Era mode, there are 7 scenarios in this mode, representing major storylines in the Attitude Era, complete all of them and get 7 trophies for completing them.

If these are too much for you, you can always change the difficulty to Easy from the timeline menu.

Invincible man
Win at least 20 matches on Hard difficulty or higher (single player).

Not so hard, just win 20 hard matches, if it's too hard, try going to Option>Gameplay>Match Options>Balancing and change the sliders according to your likings, and always set your finisher to infinite.

Road to WrestleMania XV cleared!
Clear the "Road to WrestleMania XV" chapter.


See Off Script scenario cleared!

Holy sh**t!!
Break the ring with an OMG Move (single player).

For this trophy you need to be in control of one super heavyweight (Mark Henry, Big Show etc.), you should have 3 or more finishers (infinite works), Irish Whip your opponent to the corner, and press when the OMG! symbol shows up.

You can get this, It's like a car crash! and either I just keep evolving! or One of history's greats.

In order to get 3 of the 4 of these trophies, choose a normal or extreme rules match, choose a super heavyweight wrestler with an Attitude version of himself as his opponent (Basically only Big Show and Mark Henry), set your finisher to infinite and start the match, as soon as the match starts, go outside the ring, irish whip your opponent to one corner of the barricade and press when the OMG! symbol shows up, do the same with another corner of the barricade, then basically do what is required for this trophy (first paragraph).

Video guide

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Mankind scenario cleared!
Clear the "Mankind" chapter.


See Off Script scenario cleared!.

A man who wastes no opportunity
Cash in a Money in the Bank and win using a Custom Superstar in WWE Universe (single player).

Once you've gotten Mr. Money in the Bank, just search for the next match with any champion (except for the Divas and Tag Team ones), once you press on the match, it will ask you if you want to cash in your Money in the Bank briefcase, choose yes, you'll be in a match where the champion is broken and you have a signature and finisher, perform them and win the championship.

Video guide

Watch out!
Successfully reverse a Finisher (single player).

This is based on the AI, if they use finishers a lot, then you're in luck, if they don't then this might take some time. You reverse moves by pressing at the right time, so just make sure you know when your opponent will hit their finisher and reverse it.

Established veteran
Achieve the rank 10 online.

See King of the world.

The Great One scenario cleared!
Clear the "The Great One" chapter.


See Off Script scenario cleared!.

Break a total of 50 tables, ladders, and chairs by attacking with them (single player).

Hit your enemy enough times with a chair and it will break, do any move on a table to break it and lean a ladder on a corner and do any move on it to break it. This trophy will come gradually if you play a lot of no DQ matches. Announce tables work, I got this trophy after breaking an announce table.

If you want to get this fast, play a TLC match against a weak opponent with your finisher set as infinite, then just break the weapons on your opponent.

Mr. Money in the Bank
Win Money in the Bank using a Custom Superstar in WWE Universe mode (single player).

Another easy one, skip to the Money in the Bank pay-per-view in July, and put your created Superstar in the match with infinite finishers, and just win the match.

I won the match in less that one minute, so this won't take time if the AI is as stupid as it was for me.

It's like a car crash!
Exhibition - Break the barricade in 2 places in the same match (single player).

Start a normal match, set your finisher to infinite and start the match, as soon as the match starts, go outside the ring, Irish Whip your opponent to one corner of the barricade and press when the OMG! symbol shows up, do the same with another corner of the barricade, trophy unlocked.

Video guide

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Successfully perform a Comeback Move (single player).

Only certain wrestlers can be used for this trophy, only wrestlers with the Comeback ability can use it.
Few wrestlers are: Undertaker, Undertaker '97-98, Rey Mysterio, Daniel Bryan, Kofi Kingston, Randy Orton, Edge, Edge '99, Shawn Michaels etc.

Once you're beat up enough, you can press when the word 'comeback' is below you, you have a limited time to perform the move, you have to successfully press the buttons that show up on the screen, once you're done, you get a signature move and this trophy.

Video guide

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A once in a lifetime event
Appear in WrestleMania using a Custom Superstar in WWE Universe (single player).

Simply put your created wrestler into a WrestleMania match and just start the match.

You can't let down your guard
Land a Catch Finisher (single player, Exhibition Mode only).

This is a new feature to the game, you can do some specific finishers while your opponent is in in mid air.
The finishers are: RKO, Sweet Chin Music, Chokeslam, Spear, Go To Sleep, Codebreaker, Tombstone Piledriver and World's Stongest Slam.
Superstars with these finishers are; Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, Kane, Big Show, CM Punk, Chris Jericho and Mark Henry.

Easy way to do this is to choose one of these superstars, with infinite finishers, against a high flyer (Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara), just Irish Whip to the ropes, they'll stand on the apron, they'll most likely jump on you, just keep pressing before and while they jump.
Video guide

Brothers of Destruction cleared!
Clear the "Brothers of Destruction" chapter.


See Off Script scenario cleared!

The rattlesnake is coming!?
Win by throwing an opponent through the window in Backstage Brawl (single player).

Make a Backstage Brawl match, with your superstar having infinite finishers, start the match, run to the left till the end, then go down, you'll see a door, and next to it is a glass, just throw your opponent on the window with and press .

Video guide

A winning combination!
Use a wake-up taunt, land a Finisher and immediately pin your opponent (single player).

While in the match, with a finisher, and while your opponent is on the floor, press , that will make you taunt and slowly wake your opponent up, once he's up, press and hit your finisher, then immediately press to pin him and win.

One of history's greats
Exhibition (Legend difficulty) - Defeat a Superstar with his Attitude Era version (single player).

Simple, choose an Attitude wrestler that has a current version of him, and put them in a match together, then beat his candy arse.

I just keep evolving!
Exhibition (Legend difficulty) - With a Superstar, defeat his Attitude Era version (single player).

Simply the opposite of One of history's greats, choose a current wrestler that has an Attitude version of him, put them in a match together, and show them that new blood rules!

A legend begins
Win at least one match on Hard difficulty or higher (single player).

See Invincible man.

Fighting smart
Exhibition - Attack the same body part 10 or more times in a single match (single player).

When you're in a grapple, press to see your opponent's body, you can press , , or for each part of the body, just attack a certain part of the body 10 times and you've gotten this trophy.

Exhibition - Force an opponent to quit in an "I Quit" Match (single player).

Play>One on One>I Quit Match, basically just win that match and get this trophy.

Ask the referee if your opponent quits by pressing .

All original baby!
Compete as a Custom Superstar in a Custom Arena for a Custom Championship.

Play>Specialty>Title Match>Custom Championship, then choose your created wrestler, and a created arena as the arena.

The ring is my home!
Play a match in an arena created in Create an Arena mode.

Have a created arena saved on your hard drive, start any match at all in the ring, with the arena being one of your created arenas, you'll get the trophy soon after the match starts.

Rising star
Achieve the rank 5 online.

See King of the world.

Made-up original story
Create a story including a Custom Superstar or a Custom Arena.

Go to WWE Creations>Story, create a cut-scene with a created wrestler in the cast and a created arena as the location. Choose finish, when you're back in the timeline, press and choose 'Finish story'. Once it saves, you'll get this trophy.

Austin 3:16 scenario cleared!
Clear the "Austin 3:16" chapter.


See Off Script scenario cleared!.

Ring hooligan
Break a total of 20 tables, ladders, and chairs by attacking with them (single player).

See Berserker.

Yes! Yes! Yes!
Use Daniel Bryan to defeat Sheamus (single player, Exhibition Mode only).

One of the easiest trophies in the game, just use Daniel Bryan in a match against Sheamus, if you want it to be even easier, then just set your finishers only to infinite and Sheamus' to 0, and set the match to 'Extreme Rules', go take a weapon, damage Sheamus' head area and execute your finisher on him, Daniel's finisher is a submission move, so you'll have to mash all the buttons to make Sheamus tap out, once you win, DING! trophy unlocked!

Reached the ropes!
Crawl to the ropes during a submission (Single Player).

In Breaking Point submission moves, you can crawl and try to reach the ropes.

You might accidentally get this, but if you don't then make a Submission match against Daniel Bryan with him having infinite finishers, with any luck, he'll hit you with his submission finisher right next to the ropes, you might not even have to crawl sometimes.

A Superstar is born!
Win a match using a Custom Superstar in WWE Universe mode (single player).

Put your created wrestler in any match at all in WWE Universe mode and win, simple as that.

Or just wait for your created wrestler to be put in a match.

Oh my!
Break the announcer table with an OMG Move (single player).

Make an Extreme Rules match, with you having infinite finishers, when the match starts, go outside the ring, strip the announce table from it's cover, then stand on it (by running or pressing ), as soon as your opponent comes up on the table, press and perform the OMG! moment, you will hit one of your finishers on the table and break it. After that chaos, you'll get this trophy.

Rise of D-X scenario cleared!
Clear the "Rise of D-X" chapter.


See Off Script scenario cleared!.

Arena designer
Create an arena in Create an Arena mode.

Go to WWE Creations>Arena and create your arena, or just leave it like that.

Check out my Entrance Video!
Create an entrance movie in Create an Entrance mode.

Have a created superstar saved, go to WWE Creations>Entrance>Custom Entance Video for your created wrestler.

Paint tool magician
Use the paint tool to create and add an original logo to any original creation.

Go to WWE Creations>Logo, create a logo, save it, go back to WWE Creations>Superstar/Arena and put your logo on the superstar or arena.

This is special!
Create a front, top-rope, and corner special move.

Go to WWE Creations>Special Move>New>Front Grapple and create a finisher. Do the same thing twice, but instead of selecting Front Grapple, choose Top Rope and Corner, and create two finishers individually for both of them, after you've done that, there's one less trophy out of the way.

The champ is here!
Create an original championship belt in the Championship Editor.

Go to My WWE>Title Management, press and then . Create your title and get the trophy!

Create and destroy
Exhibition (Title Match) - Attack your opponent with a custom belt (single player).

Go to Play>Specialty>Title Match and choose a custom arena with your custom superstar. That's it.

Take a screenshot in Create a Highlight mode.

While in a match, press , go to highlight reel, press twice to enter it, press again to save the scene, chose the slot to save, quit the match, go the WWE Creations> WWE Highlight Reel>New>Add video clip and add the one you just saved, go to the icon with the camera on it (the 3rd to last one), press , to take the screenshot.

A fresh beginning
Play in an Online match (Player match/Ranked match)

Just play in any kind of online match, you don't need to win or anything.

Welcome to the creators' circle
Your Community Creations content has been reviewed at least 5 times.

Upload anyone of your creations online by going to Online>Community Creations>Upload, choosing the category of your object and the object it self, and either wait for them to be rated, or get help in the Official Boosting thread.

You can also use your other users on your PS3 to review your own creations.

Review 5 or more user-created content items in Community Creations.

Just search for anything on Community Creations to download, and review 5 of them to get this trophy.

The easiest thing to download is a screenshot, so search for screenshots and review 5 of them.

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