Players: 1 - 4
Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: +/- 10 Hours
Platinum Difficulty: 2/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None


Alright, to start with, I must admit that after playing the demo for this game, I was a skeptic. It felt extremely forced and the opposite of fluid. The “relive” aspect of the demo with the Rock and Stone Cold was really difficult to accomplish. However, after an afternoon with the game itself, I was pleasantly surprised.

This game is extremely entertaining and mixes in moderate difficulty with enough modes for replay value. The online play is exceptional but definitely takes some skill as most online play is tag-team oriented. If you are even reading this, a game such as this may fit your fancy. I now dislike wrestling and yet this game is solid.


Obtain all other Trophies

You did everything else… props to you! I hope you enjoy this exciting game as much I have (well at least on day 1). Any suggestions or additions to this guide that you think would be helpful, let me know. Happy trophy hunting!

Win using a manager in an Exhibition match

In Exhibition, choose to have a manager at your side. Win the match. Easy as pie.

Chain Struggle
Win using a Chain Struggle

Chain struggles will occur when you are to follow the flashing symbols on your screen for a combo. This will occur quite often naturally during a match. You cannot make this happen, it just does. Use one of these chains towards the end of a match and follow it to victory after a pin. If you are more gung-ho, then beat a guy down, survive and wait for one to happen in your match and you will get it.

Tag Chain Struggle
Win using a Tag Chain Struggle

This is the same as the individual Chain Struggle but is more difficult to complete. This can be done online or with a buddy, but I highly suggest having a “live” partner to help you. Your partner will help your complete the chain and also can prevent your opponent’s partner from breaking the pin. This one will take a bit of luck as well.

Win using only grapple attacks

This trophy is very easy. You need 2 skills: Back + (which is block), and forward + (which is your primary grapple attack). Blocking is about timing (see below) and you will only need to do so when your opponent attacks. Forward + will do a standing grapple or a ground grapple. Usually, your opponent will get up too fast for you to do a ground grapple until his yellow health bar is more than half gone. When that happens, follow a standing grapple with a ground grapple. This should power up your red momentum bar as well, but try not to use it. You will probably get lucky and nail a chain or two also. Grapple away until your opponent’s health is gone and snatch the win with an (pin).

Win by using five or more reversals in a single match

Back + (block) rears its ugly head again. Block an incoming strike 5 times in one match and you get this trophy. Remember, blocking is about timing. Watch for the incoming strike and time your reversal. Be sure to pound out the win and you get the trophy.

Royal Rumble Winner
Win a 30-Man Royal Rumble

This can be done by winning the Royal Rumble in exhibition mode. This is typically a difficult task. Use a larger wrestler that cannot be lifted if you are having difficulty. You can also use your buddies to help you or choose to be the 30th entrant, which should significantly enhance your chances.

Dive Attack
Successfully perform a dive attack from all four corners

This is best attempted in Exhibition mode or against a friend online. Wear down your opponent’s health to zero and hope that they stay down when you jump. The rest is self-explanatory. Having a hard time… get a buddy to help!

First Medal
Obtain a medal in WrestleMania Tour Mode

“Relive” mode is all about recreating past Wrestlemania matches. There are 7 of them (ending with Rock vs. Austin). Each time you are asked to reproduce moves that occurred in the original match. There is a list of objectives to complete. You only need to complete enough for the “gold” standard or medal. This of course includes winning the match, because if you do not, then you haven’t “relived” anything. Win all 7 for this trophy.

Medal Collector
Obtain all of the medals in WrestleMania Tour Mode

This trophy is time consuming as well. You receive medals for each match you complete in the “Relive,” “Rewrite” and “Redefine” categories. Once you have completed all of these matches, you will be rewarded this trophy. Remember, you need to complete enough objectives for the “gold” in order to receive a medal.

Wrestlemania Tour
Clear all "Relive" matches in WrestleMania Tour Mode

Do as it says. Complete the objectives in the 7 “Relive” matches (ending with Rock vs. Austin) for this trophy. Remember, you do NOT need to complete ALL the objectives, just enough for the medal and the victory. Towards the end, it can be difficult, but it is doable. Press on for the gold.

Memory Serves Me Well
Complete any match without pausing in the "Relive" section of WrestleMania Tour Mode

As mentioned above, just recreate a match by hitting target objectives. The first of these matches is Hogan vs. King Kong Bundy. There are only like 6 objectives and they are EASY. I read the list once and pumped it out in the match with no problem (I got all 90 possible points). As long as you do not have to pause to check the objectives, you will get this trophy on your first try.

New Legend
Defeat 10 opponents with a Created Legend in a single tier in Legend Killer Mode

When you go into “Game Modes”, Legend Killer is on the far left. The far left statue in there is Tier 1. Go through the gauntlet of 10 fighters with your created character for the win. You may retry matches if you lose. You may also restart matches from the pause menu. During this mode, your health carries over so remember to use Down and + to re-energize your health when low (this does take half of your red momentum bar so wait until you are level 2 or 3 to try this). You should scoot through this without too much difficulty.

Legend Killer
Obtain a medal in Legend Killer Mode

You will get this trophy at the same time as the New Legend trophy upon beating Tier 1 of the Legend Killer category.

True Legend Killer
Obtain all of the medals in Legend Killer Mode

There are 5 game tiers. A Smackdown vs. Raw tier you can import, and your Favorite Legends tier (see King of Kings trophy). Nail the 5 primary tiers for this trophy. This one will take quite a bit of time and many replays. Be patient, and good luck!

Invincible Legend Killer
Max out a Created Legend's attributes

This takes lots of time and effort. You will start out with attributes of 40 across the board. Get to work at winning matches to build these up all the way. Using your created character in Legend Killer mode will help significantly. This is a trophy of patience and perseverance. Good luck!

Super Fast Legend Killer
Become a Legend Killer in Legend Killer Mode in 30 minutes or less

This is really difficult and will take some training. Do not attempt this on any other tier than Tier 1 as you will run into wrestlers that you cannot pick up like Yoko and Andre the Giant. When grappling is dead, the match is that much longer. You will not have any problems until you run into Rick Rude at level 4 of Tier 1. Give yourself about 3 minutes per match and hurry. Use your momentum and finishers. If you lose once, do not bother going on… just begin again. Try and buzz through Tier 1 as quick as possible and you may be lucky enough to get this trophy.

King of Kings
Defeat the Favorite Legends Tier in Legend Killer Mode

When you play as certain legends throughout the game, they are added to a Ranked Legends plaque in your Hall of Fame room. After you have played as 10 or more wrestlers you will be able to rank them (or leave them ranked by win distribution). Now in Legend Killer mode, the 5th statue from the left (Undertaker) allows you to fight your Favorite Legends Tier (do not bother attempting this until you have mastered the other legend tiers). Knock them all out as you have the other Legends Tiers and you are the King of Kings.

You’re #1
Have your Created Legend reach the Top rank in Hall of Fame Mode

This trophy is obtained when you take your created character and lead him through Legend Killer mode (at the same time as New Legend and Legend Killer). Three trophies for one?! Excellent!

Note: If you do not play with your Created Legend right away, you will have to build him up in the rankings, which can be observed in your Hall of Fame room.

Created a Legend
Make a Created Legend

This should be the first trophy you go for as it will set you up for trophies in the Legend Killer category. Spend the time to make a wrestler that you enjoy looking at because you will wear this sucker out. You can be basic if you want. Even if you use default mode and make one minor change… save it and boom! Trophy!

Note: After creating your character, spend time creating a move set that you will enjoy using. You will need to be efficient in Legend Killer mode.

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