3x 14x 4x 4x 1x
Number of trophies: 26
Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10
Approximately time to platinum: 10 hours
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 (only applies for 2 RTW stories)
Difficulty affects trophies: No (unless stated in description)
Players: 1
Online Play: No


This is an easy platinum, and some of the trophies are self-explanatory. I will tell you exactly how to get the trophies, but for some of them I cannot add a whole lot of information as it won't be needed. I suggest reading the information under Mickie James' and Randy Orton's Road to Wrestlemania stories before starting them, as you might miss some unlockables, meaning you'd have to replay them for the 'Nothing More to Collect' trophy. Also, keep trying to reverse your opponents attacks as there are two hidden trophies for doing this.



Story Designer
Create an original story using WWE STORY DESIGNER Mode.

All you have to do here is select a few buttons. Of course, you could have some fun with it like I did, or you can just get the trophy and not bother with this mode. Anyway, enter WWE Story Designer and select New. From there you have to Add a show, edit it and Add a Moment. Select a match or a scene, and set it to whatever you want. A match is probably quicker, because you only have the Competitors and Match Conditions to edit. Accept everything after you've added your match/scene. Press and Finish Story. Save it for the trophy!

Face on the Big Screen
Convert a HIGHLIGHT REEL into an entrance movie.

First of all you need to save a Highlight Reel. You can do this two different ways:

1) During a match, press start at anytime and go to Highlight Reel. You can then save a Highlight Reel from there by pressing .

2) At the end of a match, you get the choice of Match Highlights, Rematch and Exit. Choose Match Highlights, select any moment, and then save it.

Once you've done this, go into Create Modes > Create an Entrance Movie > New > Add Video Clip. Simply choose one of the highlights you've previously saved, then save your entrance movie!

Check Out the New Threads

Alternate Attire:

Go into Create Modes > Create a WWE superstar > Edit (you'll need a created superstar). Now choose the attire you want to edit (you don't even have to change anything), finalize and save it as an alternate attire.

New Threads:

Again, go into Create Modes > Create a WWE Superstar > then Superstar Threads. Choose any wrestler, and select New to edit their threads. Edit anything, it doesn't matter. Save it when you're done.

A Showman Like No Other
Have a total of 20 or more 5-star rated matches in your overall match history.

This is for Career Mode only. It doesn't take much to get 5 stars. Hit a few signatures and finishers, and you'll most likely get it. You can check your stats in Records. Scroll down on the first page and you'll see 5-Star Matches and your total.

Mickie James Story
Complete the MICKIE JAMES story in ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA mode.

Simply playthrough Mickie James' RTW story for this trophy. The unlockables for this story are listed under 'Nothing More to Collect'.

This is one of two RTW stories that require multiple playthroughs for the 'Nothing More to Collect' trophy. When you have to decide between Natayla or Brain Kendrick backstage is when the story goes in two different directions. Keep a save file from that week, so you don't have to replay the whole story.

Edge Story
Complete the EDGE story in ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA mode.

Simply playthrough Edge's RTW story for this trophy. The unlockables for this story are listed under 'Nothing More to Collect'.

HBK Story
Complete the HBK story in ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA mode.

Simply playthrough Shawn Michael's RTW story for this trophy. The unlockables for this story are listed under 'Nothing More to Collect'.

Orton Story
Complete the ORTON story in ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA mode.

Simply playthrough Randy Orton's RTW story for this trophy. The unlockables for this story are listed under 'Nothing More to Collect'.

This is the other RTW story that requires multiple playthroughs, and also has an easily missed unlockable. In week 3, refuse Cody Rhodes' help so you get the chance to achieve 3 reversals against Batista in your next match. Also, when you get to Wrestlemania there are two options you can take which lead to different unlockables. Pin Cody Rhodes and beat his father or do the same but with Ted DiBiase this time. Keep a save file from Wrestlemania so you only have to replay that one match and not the whole story.

Brand Warfare Story
Complete the BRAND WARFARE story in ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA mode.

Simply playthrough the Brand Warfare RTW story for this trophy. The unlockables for this story are listed under 'Nothing More to Collect'.

Created Superstar Story

Simply playthrough a Created Wrestler's RTW story for this trophy. The unlockables for this story are listed under 'Nothing More to Collect'.

You will need to have a created superstar for this campaign. I suggest increasing his attributes in Career Mode before attempting this story.

Developmental Graduate

Check out the Training Checklist in the Training Facility menu. On the right it shows you the Controls, Player State, Opponent's State, and Location needed for each move. The checklist tells you everything you need to know.

For a few of the finishers, no wrestlers have them, so you'll need to go into Create Modes > Create a Move-Set > Superstar. Choose any wrestler (preferably Batista because he's first) then go down to Special Moves > Finishers. Change the finisher to one in the position you need, press to scroll across the positions to make things easier. When you're done, accept the changes and go back into the Training Facility menu, then into Superstar Select. Select Batista, and anyone as your opponent. Use your finisher, then repeat this process for the rest of the checklist. This applies for Signature moves too.

Also, in the Training Facility menu under settings, you can set the A.I. to 'None', turn on a second controller and take control of the opponent so you can put him in the exact position needed to hit the move.

Thanks to fishbiscuit156 and Johnny_Sparx for the tip.

JadeShark has been helpful enough to provide us with the information below. I strongly suggest you use it as it will save you time trying to figure them out for yourself or going into create mode all the time:

A list of the signature/finishing moves and the wrestler that can aquire them.
Obviously go to 'Training Options' then 'Momentum Settings' and adjust accordingly.
There's a few marked as '**' these can not be done by any of the wrestlers, you'll have to edit these (create) yourself into the wrestler of your choice.

  • Signatures:

Front ~ Brian Kendrick
Back ~ John Morrison
Upper Body (supine) ~ John Cena
Lower Body (supine) ~ Chavo Guerrero
Side (supine) ~ Chris Jericho
Upper Body (prone) ~ **
Lower Body (prone) ~ Maryse
Side (prone) ~ **
Running - Brian Kendrick
Opponent Running ~ Umaga
Turnbuckle Front ~ Christian
Turnbuckle Back ~ Tommy Dreamer
Turnbuckle Seated ~ **
Diving vs Ground Opponent ~ Christian
Diving vs Standing Opponent ~ **

  • Finishers:

Front ~ Brian Kendrick
Back ~ Carlito
Upper Body (supine) ~ Shawn Michaels
Lower Body (supine) ~ Chris Jericho
Side (supine) ~ Beth Phoenix
Upper Body (prone) ~ R Truth
Lower Body (prone) ~ John Cena
Side (prone) ~ Big Show
Running ~ Carlito
Opponent Running ~ Shad
Turnbuckle Front ~ CM Punk
Turnbuckle Back ~ Brian Kendrick
Turnbuckle Seated ~ Umaga
Diving vs Ground Opponent ~ Chavo Guerrero
Diving vs Standing Opponent ~ **

Move Thiefs can be used with Cody Rhodes (JTG aswell maybe), just fight with someone who has a running sig/fin (Umaga - sig)(Carlito/Shad - fin) and throw them off the ropes and it should show up as they come back towards you.
Spring Board Dives - CM Punk

Career Growth
Increase the overall rating of a CREATED SUPERSTAR to a 90 or above.

In career mode, keep winning matches to increase your created superstars attributes.

The attributes you can increase are:

So make sure you do a lot of these during your matches to increase them faster. When you hit an overall rating of 90, the trophy is yours.

Finisher of the Year Candidate
Create a dive finisher, in Create A Finisher mode, and use it in a match (single player only).

This doesn't take much effort. Go into Create Modes > Create a Finisher > New Finisher > Diving. Press to add parts, and then choose which moves you want. When you're happy with your finisher, click Finish then give it a name.

After doing this go to Create Modes > Create a Move-Set > Superstar. Choose any wrestler, and assign your new diving finisher to them. Now go use it in a match with them!

Ask Him Ref!
Win 10 matches by submission (single player only).

Choose a wrestler with a submission as a finishing move. The best choices are Chris Jericho (Walls of Jericho), Undertaker (Hells Gate), or John Cena (STF). When selecting a wrestler, press a few times to see where you can hit their finishers. Just win 10 matches by doing this.

A slight glitch that worked for me was when I used Jericho in an Elimination Chamber match, I submitted all 5 opponents and won the match. It counted as 5 matches towards the trophy, although technically it's only 1 match.

Ahead of the Pack
Win as tentative Champion from start to end in CHAMPIONSHIP SCRAMBLE. (single player only).

See trophy description for ' And STILL Champion....

Shoulders to the Mat
Win 50 matches by pinfall (single player only).

Not much to say here, you will get this trophy eventually. Keep winning matches by pinfall and you're bound to get it whilst going for the other trophies.

A Grappling Machine
In one match, perform all 16 STRONG GRAPPLE moves on your opponent (single player only).

Here is a list of all 16 Strong Grapples moves:

Toggle Spoiler

2010 Hall of Fame Nominee
Induct a Superstar into the HALL OF FAME.

To get inducted into the Hall of Fame, I won all titles in Career Mode, and then defended one 3 times. You actually don't need to do this. You have to win 6 titles, and then defend one of them 3 times. Thanks to Johnny_Sparx for finding this out.

This trophy can turn into a bit of a chore, so use Table matches to really speed things up. As soon as the match starts, attack your opponent then bring a table into the ring. Set it up, beat your opponent down until you have a signature move, then put them through the table. This shouldn't take any longer than 2 minutes per match.

Nothing More to Collect
Unlock all the playable characters and bonus items.

Complete all RTW storylines, earning all the unlockables along the way. Here is the complete list of unlockables:

Toggle Spoiler

Thanks to Torchwood_03 for posting the list.

Royal Rumble Specialist
Win a 30-Man ROYAL RUMBLE as the first entrant without changing Superstars (single player only).

This is a lot easier than it sounds, because difficulty does not effect this trophy, so set it to easy. I found the easiest way to eliminate an opponent is to Irish Whip them into a turnbuckle, then grapple them from there. It will start a 3 button sequence which is very easy. Do this every time a wrestler enters, and keep eliminating them before the next wrestler enters the match. My best advice is to keep the Rumble a one-on-one match. I played it normally, and got thrown over the ropes whilst trying to eliminate a different wrestler. The next time I kept everything one-on-one and had no problems what so ever.

And STILL Champion...
Defend a Title in a Championship Scramble match on Legend difficulty (single player only).

You can get this trophy along with 'Ahead of the Pack'.

First of all, set the difficulty to Legend. You'll need to set up a Scramble match, so go into Play > Championship Scramble, and set the time to 10 or 20 minutes, whatever you feel comfortable with. I did it on 10, but if you find that too hard you can always start again and select 20. To get both trophies you will need to wrestle as a champion. Randy Orton is a good choice, as you can hit his finisher quick and get a pin before another wrestler enters the match. The last thing you want is the ring filling up with wrestlers, because it becomes near impossible to get a pinfall or submission. This is why you'd have to be very good to get this trophy in a 5 minute match.

Make sure you're one of the wrestlers that start the match, and choose weak opponents. When the match starts, beat down your opponent. Use weapons as they inflict a lot of damage. If you have the time set to 10 or more minutes, you'll have time to hit your finisher at least 2 times which should be enough to get a pinfall or submission before the next wrestler comes down to the ring. Once you've got a pin, stay out of the way of your opponents so you can break up any pins or submissions. At the end of the match, you will receive both trophies!

Also, I thought I'd add this in here. You can get both these trophies playing as any wrestler you want. Before the match, go into My WWE > Superstar Management. Here, you can select championships and assign them to any wrestler you want. You can then play as them in a Scramble match.

What I did was when I set the difficulty to Legend, I also changed the A.I settings so that all my moves were un-blockable. This really helped and when I got the first pin I just let the other wrestlers fight in the ring and of course I would break-up all the pins and submissions.

To adjust the A.I settings what I did was from the main menu; "Options" -> "Gameplay Options" -> "Match Options" -> "Gameplay Balance Options" -> "A.I Reveral Balancing"
- boniboyblue
another tip for people that still have a difficult time with this one can simply go into create-a-wrestler and make 4 default wrestlers...doesnt matter what they look like or what moves they have...they can even have the same names lol...than you do like the guide says and take a character with a high overall rating of about 90+ (after career my created wrestler had an overall of 100) and make him champion...than do the match on legend and make all of your opponents the default created wrestlers...they start with an overall of about 41 I think, making it really easy(if you start as number 1 in the match with 10 mins) to start the match run outside and grab the steel step and beat the snot out of the opponent...than perform 1 signature move and 1 finisher...that should be enough to get the pin...than play hangout and stop any other pins or submissions from happening while easily knocking the snot out of anyone who comes near you.
- imbroken963

An Original Design
Create an original image using the PAINT TOOL.

Another easy trophy. Go to Create Modes > Create a WWE Superstar > Paint Tool. Select an empty slot then just mess around with the paintbrushes. You actually don't have to make anything, you can just save it as a blank image.

New Superstar Initiative

You can get this quickly. Go into Create Modes > Create a WWE Superstar > New. You can create a superstar from scratch if you want to make your own, or from a template which is the quickest way if you're just here for the trophy. Choose any of the Sample Superstars from the list they give you, then press a few times to go to Other. Hit Finalize to save your superstar and receive your trophy!

Intermediate Technician
Succeed at a cumulative total of 50 reversals (single player only).

See trophy description for 'Technical Wizardry'.

Technical Wizardry
Succeed at a cumulative total of 100 reversals (single player only).

To reverse a move, hit at the same time your opponent goes for a move on you. You will see an image appear during matches when you have a chance to reverse. This is similar to the pinfall trophy, as it will come in time. To speed things up, you can change the difficulty to Legend as they'll come at you with more attacks, giving you plenty more chances to use reversals. You can check your career stats to see how many reversals you have done (only in career mode). Grapple hold reversals don't count towards the total. I don't know why, but my total never increased when I tried reversing them.

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