Difficulty : 4/5
Players: 1 (all trophies you do require a cpu opponent even though it doesn't say it)
Online Trophies: 3
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No the cheats are for unlockables
Estimated Time to Platinum: 20 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 5 (Road to Wrestlemanias)
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: No
Glitched Trophies: Some WWE Universe trophies you can get easier.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

Cheats don't affect trophies.
Tribute To The Troops arena - 8thannualtribute
John Cena Street Fight gear - SLURPEE
Randy Orton alternate attire - apexpredator


For those of you that don't know a CAW is a create a superstar

1. First thing you should do is go to Paint Tool and create a paint thing. Then you go to Create a Superstar and create your guy how ever you like. Then when you go to crowd signs you go to the last page and you pick your paint tool creation and you'll get the Sign of Times. After that when you go to submit application and you go brand and put your paint tool Original Brand Logo then when you finalize your CAW go back and change his brand to Smackdown or Raw. Then you go to Create a Finisher and create 1 of each and you'll get the Creative With The Moves. Then create an original move-set for your CAW, DO NOT COPY FROM A SUPERSTAR.

2. Next I suggest doing all the trophies that don't say WWE Universe in the description (see below). Also set the game difficulty on EASY. Only 3 trophies require LEGEND.

3. ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA you don't have to complete any unlockables you can go straight to your match and win some matches though you have to wait for an interference. Each will take about 3 hours or less.

4. WWE Universe trophies some of these trophies you can do quick. Put at least 10 superstars from Smackdown and Raw on free agent and make 6-10 CAWs and have them on SD or Raw and you can do it that way.

5. Clean Up finish any thing you didn't do like the online Royal Rumble trophies.

6. If you want to know how to unlock everything here it is from ShockWaveNews



The Magic Number
Win a match in which you successfully pin an opponent (offline)

Just win a match by pin.

The Excellence of Execution
Defeat 50 opponents using pin grapple combination's (Single Player only)

These are the moves that say press to pin moves like tombstone and 619 so win matches like this and you should get it. I suggest having the game on easy on fight guys who are easy and i heard you can keep doing rematch. Also i recommend putting tombstone 3 on your CAW as a strong grapple or signature and win matches like that.

Caught Slipping
Defeat an opponent using a leverage pin (Single Player only)

You must have the new kick-out system. In order to do this you need the opponent to have the leverage pin ability (Rey Mysterio) so when they pin you you have the go in the yellow area to reverse his pin then keep going till you win also have rope break off to make it easier.You also have to wear the opponent down enough till they are holding a body part them let him beat you up. 2 stars who have this is Rey and Shawn Michaels here's a cool video

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Pinning's Not the Only Way
Win a match in which you successfully submit an opponent (offline)

Simple just wear down your opponent then attempt submissions with R3

The Power of the Punch
KO an opponent using a strong strike (Single Player only)

For this keep on hitting your opponent in the head but keep your finishers and signatures to a minimum of 3 when your opponent starts getting weak keep on doing the strong strike move which is holding Square.

Button Mash Expert
Win a collar and elbow mini-game (offline)

For this trophy you might just do it just by playing basically both you and your opponent have to grapple each other at the same time then repeatedly tap X

Worth Having to Re-Climb
Perform a successful ladder finisher (offline)

Get your finisher and let one climb up a ladder go hit the other one till you get your finisher and go up and press triangle. (not really that hard) or you can let him climb up first then you climb up.

Well Scouted
Reverse an opponent's finishing move (offline)

Simple just wait till your opponent gets their finisher up and reverse it make sure you have the reverse indicator on and its all about timing.

Chairs Upside Your Head
Destroy 50 chairs (offline).

This trophy will take time just make sure before you go to a match just go to match creator and put DQ off and keep using chairs till your visually see its broken or if you cant pick it up any more. Also you can do an extreme rules match and use all the chairs you want to make them break faster do grapple moves with it.

Unhealthy Obsession With Wood
Destroy 50 tables (offline).

Same as the chair trophy this will take time i suggest doing TLC or Extreme Rules matches because this is the best way to get the most tables. Also the easiest way to break tables is to do a strong grapple into them I suggest giving your CAW strong grapples moves like choke slam, Attitude Adjustment, Batista Bomb and a suplex or you can download my CAW move set search trophy guide, cool james, kenady15 any of those should work.

Man of 1004 Holds
Perform a total of 1004 signature and finishing moves in any mode of play (offline).

You cannot get this in practice arena. You have to perform 1004 signatures and 1004 finishers separately so thats a total if 2008 moves

Check for Splinters
Put an opponent through a table using a corner top grapple move (offline).

Do this in a TLC match throw your opponent to a turnbuckle move the R Stick up then make sure you have the superplex move (give it to your caw) and make sure a table is close by and slam him through it. Here's a cool video from a cool guy

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Please Don't Try This At Home
Push an opponent off a ladder, so they fall out of the ring and through a table (offline).

Just watch the video

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That'll Shorten Your Career
During a Hell In A Cell match, perform a wall destroying finisher (offline).

Quote Originally Posted by moondog
yeah you can only do it in the bottom right and top right corners of the cell, just get them close to the cage with a signature/finsher and it'll say cell/sig finisher, it can be done with everyone

Backstage Fisticuffs
During a Backstage Brawl, String 3 Environmental Grapples Together (Single Player only)

So basically i suggest doing the locker room brawl there should be a TV on the top and you have to throw him on the TV then you grapple him then you throw him and grapple him do this 3xs in a row and you will get the trophy here's a visual...

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Talk about Resilient
Kick out of the Undertaker's Tombstone Piledriver Finisher on Legend Difficulty

It sounds hard but its not so make sure you have it on legend and make sure you have reverse indicator on also in match creator put momentum on fast. Lets taker beat you down for the whole match make and when he does tombstone be patient and hold the X button till the bar goes in the indicated area.

For Whom the Bell Tolls
Pin or Submit the Undertaker in the WrestleMania Arena on Legend Difficulty (Single Player only)

This will be kind of hard simply because he will reverse you a lot so I suggest having DQ off and keep fighting till you win by pin or submission.

Thank You Shawn
Defeat Shawn Michaels in the WrestleMania Arena on Legend Difficulty (Single Player only)

Same goes as the trophy above make sure you use taker i recommend pinning him because that's the way I got it. He will reverse a lot.

THQ Storyteller
Create a Story in Story Designer mode

Easy just go to create a story make 2 random scenes (don't use the default ones) and when your done press Square and go to finish story.

Orginal Brand Logo
Create an original Brand Logo using Paint Tools.

When you make your paint tool (which you should have done above) go to your caw application and when your choose your brand pick custom and pick your own paint not the default one.

Sign of The Times
Create an original crowd sign using paint tool.

When when you go to crowd signs (in your create a superstar) you go to the last page and you pick your paint tool creation.

Creative With The Moves
Create a front, top rope, and corner finisher in Create a Finisher.

In create a finisher complete all 3 you do not have to give anybody the moves.

Streak Breaker
Complete the Vs. Undertaker Road to WrestleMania

Just go to every single one of your matches and win sometimes you have to wait for an interference you do not have to unlock everything. You can also put the mode on EASY through your phone or the main menu options. Make sure you save it too through your phone.

Randy's Fired
Complete John Cena's Road to WrestleMania

See Streak Breaker above.

Runaway Champ
Complete Chris Jericho's Road to WrestleMania

See Streak Breaker above.

5-Second Pose
Complete Christian's Road to WrestleMania

See Streak Breaker above.

No More Mystery, Yo
Complete Rey Mysterio's Road to WrestleMania

See Streak Breaker above.

One Step Closer To The Gold
Become #1 contender for any title in WWE Universe using a Created Superstar (offline).

Just have a CAW on Smackdown or Raw and work your way to the top now remember you simply cant just put your self into matches the game has to put you in. Also i suggest taking out at least 10 superstars each from both Smackdown and Raw to make it easier.

Champion of Champions
Using a created character, hold the WWE and the World Heavyweight Championship at the same time in WWE Universe.

Just win the title see the tip in One Step Closer to the gold. Also I read that you do that CAW method you can give the Caw a title and defend it and you will get it.

US Champ
Using a created character, win the United States Championship in WWE Universe.

See above.

Intercontinental Champ
Using a created character, win the Intercontinental Championship in WWE Universe.

See above

Unified Tag Champs
Using a created character, win the Unified Tag Team titles in WWE Universe.

See above. For this you only need 1 caw so it's ok to have a CAW and a Superstar on a team.

Mr. Money in the Bank
Win the Money in the Bank match in WWE Universe.

Yes if a CAW is not in the match you can out him in and it will still work. My first tip is to make sure that there is only 1 ladder in the ring. Also just scout everyone make sure that you dont get hit a lot. It also takes 6 pulls to win any ladder match. But the thing is that you will not be able to get successful cash in this way in my WWE it has to say Mr.MITB above your caw.

A Successful Cash In
Cash in Money in the Bank in WWE Universe and win using a created character.

In order to get this trophy your CAW HAS TO BE PLACED INTO THIS MATCH you cant just put him in it so after you win the match just go to any WWE title match and press X on it and it should ask you to cash in. So you can do what I said before and remove 10 superstars each from SD and Raw and make about 6 CAWS.

A Student Of The Game
Complete 50% of the tips in the practice arena.

See Magna Cum Laude

Magna Cum Laude
Complete 100% of the tips in the practice arena.

Just do what the tips say read carefully the tips towards the end your going to need the opponent attack you so I suggest use 2 controllers. I will post a video up soon on the "hard ones". Or ask tell a question.

Win or Lose, At Least You Tried
Play a Royal Rumble match on PSN to its conclusion.

You will get this while doing the last man standing trophy, either that or be the last person to be thrown out. YOU CAN GET THIS IN PLAYER AND RANKED MATCH.

The Last Man Standing
Win a Royal Rumble match on PlayStation Network (Online)

Here's the boosting thread .YOU CAN GET THIS IN PLAYER AND RANKED MATCH. You will have 3 tries no matter what match your in, also if you do player match with just 1 other guy you will be #1 or #2 so try your best not to get thrown out if you do the best time to get thrown out is right after #27 comes out.You will also get the trophy above.

Way to Contribute (Online)
Upload at least one item of created content to each category of Community Creations.

Go to Community Creations in online then go to upload then you have to upload the following
- Create a SuperStar you should have done this in the beginning
- WWE Story Designer you should have made it before for the trophy THQ Storytellers
- Create a Finisher just upload any finisher you created
- Paint Tool you made this in the beginning
- WWE Highlight Reel so in a match (or after) press start and go to highlight reel and save a scene then go to highlight reel in create and add your reel then save it also there's an option to take a screen shot DO IT.
- Create a Move-Set when you create your wrestler you have to make your own original move set not copy it from somebody.
- Screenshot when your in create a highlight reel there's an option for a screen shot.

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