Players: 1, 2 (Splitscreen)
Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 6 - 10 hours
Estimated Difficulty: 3/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 2
Collectible Trophies: Yes, Relic Bearer
Missable Trophies: Yes
Glitched Trophies: N/A


Need something to hold you down until Space Marine? Here it is, Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team. In this over Top Down shooter similar to Alien Breed, take control of Space Marines as you slaughter the Orks. Choose your class, weapon and ability. Play Solo or in Co-op, Capaign or Survival. Show no mercy, don't hesitate.

Also, for those who play Kill Team will get a nice reward for when they play Space Marine.

[top]Tips & Strategies

Special Moves - These are the special moves for each Space Marine:
  • Sternguard - High Damage, Explosive Ammo
  • Techmarine - Auto-turret will be Placed
  • Librarian - Shockwave that Blows Away Enemies
  • Vanguard- Jetpack Kills Enemies, Explosion when Finished

Pick Ups - They are either in the open or in shinny rectangular crates. Unfortunately they are timed and only last around 20 seconds. There is 6 different ones that you can find. Here is a breakdown of what each one does (and its color):
  • Double Fire - Purple, instead of firing 1 bullet you fire 2.
  • Triple Fire - Yellow, instead of firing 1 bullet you fire 3.
  • Rapid Fire - Yellow, allows you to shoot faster.
  • Health - Green, refills your health bar and any gamage you take for the next 20 seconds.
  • Righteous Fury - Tiel, doubles the power of melee.
  • Power Shield - Blue, protects you from Ork fire unless they get inside the shield.
  • Invincibility - Red, makes you invincible.
  • Quad Fire - Pink, instead of firing 1 bullet you fire 4.

Upgrade Stations - This is where you can change weapons/abilities during a mission.

Points - You will get points by killing enemies and destroying objects. Make sure to kill all enemies and destroy every object in order to get the most points.

Health - Your health will not regenerate while play. You must find a Health Pick Up in order to heal yourself.

Class Types - These are main type of weapons that each Space Marine has:
  • Sternguard - Guns
  • Techmarine - Guns
  • Librarian - Sword
  • Vanguard - Axe/Sword

**Check the Player Stats screen frequently to check your weapon kills, total kills and points.**


  1. 1st Playthrough: You will use this playthrough to learn the game and levels along with different enemies. You will start to unlock things such as abilities, guns and survival levels. You will also start to see the different Orks in the game and how long it takes to kill them. You'll learn how and when to use the power up along with how to take on the bosses. You will start finding the Aquila Collectibles and unlock all 5 Survival Missions.
    Trophies that should be earned:
    Master Your Craft
    Victory for the Chapter, Devastator
  2. 2nd Playthrough and Mop Up: Now you will play through will your 2nd Marine. You will unlock all weapons and abilities and find all of the remaining collectibles. After the 2nd playthrough you will go back and get any trophies you missed.
    Trophies that should be earned:
    Tatical, Chapter Brother, Relic Bearer, Exterminatus
    Honour in My Shield, For the Emporer!
    Chapter Master
  3. Survival Missions: Now you will play the 5 Survival Missions. Use the Marine you are given, there best weapon and the 25% Health/Special Move Charge combo. Along the way you will get the Bloodbath Killstreak.
    Trophies that should be earned:
    Emperor's Champion, Bloodbath


Master Your Craft
Use a special move

The Special Move is activated by pressing the button. While you play you will notice a circle underneath your character. As you play it will start to charge. Getting points, either by killing Orks or destroying objects, will make it charge faster. When the circle is flashing you can press to use the Special Move. Each Marine has their own epic move they can preform.
  • Librarian - It's special move is a shockwave that charges and pushes away the Orks.
  • Sterngaurd - This special move gives you high damage, explosive ammo.
  • Techmarine - An auto-turret will be placed at the spot you pressed .
  • Vangaurd - His special move lets you use his jetpack, which kills enemies and sets off an explosion when finished.

Unlock all weapons & ability upgrades

There are 8 weapons to unlock along with 5%, 10%, 15% and 25% varients of each of the 7 abilities. Killing Orks, destroying objects and netting kill streaks will award you points in order to have objects unlocked. You actually don't have to buy or do anything special to unlock any gun or ability. After you complete a mission you willbe told what you have unlocks. It will take you around 5,000,000 points to unlock everything. By the time you complete your 2nd playthrough you will have enough points. Only points earned in Campagin will count towards the total. Points earned in Survival Missions will not count. Also, 1 Space Marine can unlock every gun and ability.
  • Librarian - Force Sword, Force Sword Epic
  • Sternguard - Plasma Cannon, Missle Launcher
  • Techmarine - Plasma Gun, Melta Gun
  • Vanguard - Power Axe, Lightning Claw
  • Health, Melee Damage, Range Damage, Power Up Duration, Special Move Charge and Special Move Enhanced - 5%, 10%, 15%, 25%
  • Extra Grenade Slot - +1, +2, +3
  • Unlocked at Start - Power Sword, Heavy Bolter, Bolter Gun, Chainsword

Chapter Brother
Complete a mission in co-op mode

You will need 2 Controllers for this trophy. You don't have to play the whole mission with 2 people, just finish with 2. I recommend doing this on the first mission.. If you have someone to play with just start with you 2 from the beginning. If you have a 2nd Controller but no one to plat with just play through the mission and towards the end press to bring in the 2nd Player.

Relic Bearer
Find all the collectables

A games not complete without collectibles right? In Kill Team there are 50 Aquila Collectibles total and 10 per mission. They are hidden in red crates. The collectible itself is silver (look like an eagle) with a red glow around it. Once it's collected you will get a message on the top of your screen that tells you how many collectibles you have found. Once you find one it will be gone for good. Most of the collectibles are very easy to find so long as you blow up everything and search every area. Still, there are some tricky ones.

Mission 1: Collectibles

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Mission 2: Collectibles

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Mission 3: Collectibles

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Mission 4: Collectibles

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Mission 5: Collectibles

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Emperorís Champion
Earn a gold Aquila in every survival challenge

After completing a Capaign Mission, the corresponding Survival Mission will unlock. Save this for last that way you will have all the weapons and abilities unlocked. You must survive for more then 3 minutes 20 seconds (3:20) on each level to obtain the Gold Aquila. As you play you will notice the medal at the top change from bronze to silver then eventually gold. While you play you will want to use the 25% Health/Special Move Charge combo. With that you will have maximum health and you will be able to use your Marines special move frequently. Also, make sure you do what I like to call "stocking up". Basically save the Health, Power Shield and Invincibility power ups untilyou hit the 2 minutes 30 seconds mark (2:30). Unfortunatley, you can only play eash Survival Mission with the Marine your are give, you cannot select your own. You will find it easier playing these in co-op fashion, but even if you do them solo they won't be a trouble.
  • Chem-Generator - Marine: Librarian, Enemies: Orks
  • Engine Destruction - Marine: Sternguard, Enemies: Orks
  • Minelayer Hanger - Marine: Vanguard, Enemies: Orks
  • Teleporta Complex - Marine: Techmarine, Enemies: Tyranids
  • Command Deck - Marine: Librarian, Enemies: Orks, Tyranids, and Weird Boy

Achieve a "Bloodbath" Kill streak

You are required to get 25+ kills in 5 seconds. This will be challenging unless you are good with your timing (and counting). There will be multiple times in the Campaign as well as the Survival Missions to get this. For which ever you choose I recommend using the Librarian.

Singleplayer - During the 1st mission there will be a point where you have to release 4 valves that are on top of a tower. Try not to kill any Orks until you get to the top of the tower. After all 4 valves are released run down to the bottom but DO NOT kill any Orks yet. Once you get to the front of the tower you should have enough Orks piled up. Use the Librarians special move and it will draw the Orks to you.

Survival - The 1st Survival Mission will make you use the Librarian. As you get closer to the 3 minute 30 second mark more and more Orks will spawn. At some point you will have 25+ of the little Orks alone coming. Wait until you are surounded by a lot of the little Orks along with some of the bigger ones. Once you are sure you have 25+ use the special move.

Bloodbath on a Survival Mission

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Kill 5000 enemies in total

This is a very easy and fun trophy. After your 1st playthrough you should have around 2,500+ kills. You will more then likely get this on your 2nd playthrough with your other Space Marine. Just make sure you kill every Ork. Also, the game never throws away kills. If you die and have to restart a checkpoint the kills you got before you died will still count and be added onto your total. If you don't get enough kills in those 2 playthroughs you'll get more then plenty when doing the Survival Missions.

Victory for the Chapter
Defeat the Warboss!

The Warboss is the final boss fight. He will be in Mission 5 - Command Deck. For the most part the whole mission consists of fighting him and his Ork minions. There will be plenty of power ups. You'll need them because he will be sending a lot of firepower.

The Warboss will have a swarm of Orks guarding him. Once they are all dead his heavily armored and equipped machine will rise from the ground. He will begin to push you back by using his mini-gun. You will have to shoot 3 metal plates that are on the base of the machine. The whole time you are doing this he will send Orks after you. Eventually a gate will close which will trap you. He will send waves of Orks after you. After they are dead an elevator will come down which as more Orks. After every Ork is dead you will need to get on the elevator to get to the walkways. Now you will have to take out his flamethrowers. When they are cooling down their health meter will appear. You will shoot at them during the cool down. Make sure to keep an eye out for the Orks that will come. Now you will be running along the catwalks while the mini-gun tries to shoot you (it will also destroy the catwalk behind you). Along the way Orks will come for you, but they are easy to kill. Evntually you will come to a platform and have to destroy the mini-gun. After that one is destroyed you will have to go to the right to destroy another one. After that is destroyed make your way back to the platform as the catwalk behind you collapses. The platform will now fall taking you to the floor. More minions will be sent to kill you. As he retreats mines will be thrown and he will be shooting at you with his cannon. Eventually you will come to a spot and you will have to destroy the cannon and then kill a few waves of Orks. The mines will come back and the Warboss will now have a cannon come out of the machines stomach. Destroy mines and dodge then cannon all while killing the Orks. Finally you will come to 3 pillars on the left. After you destroy one it will shock the Warboss and his machine. After the 3rd one is destroyed the machine will fall into a pit and the Warboss will fall dead on the ground. Watch the explosion and death of the Warboss. This will nwo set the stage for Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine.

Mission 5 Walkthrough

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Complete a mission without using melee

This is A LOT easier then it sounds. For this I recommend playing the 1st mission with the Sternguard. As long as you dont press you'll be fine. It is ok if you die. So if you are in a difficult situation use the envirmoent (mainly explosives), power ups, special moves or just let your self die. Don't go for this while playing as the Librarian or Vanguard as they are melee focused Marines. You are not allowed to melee at all, whether you hit an enemy or not.

Honour in My Shield
Complete a mission without dying

This actually isn't too bad, but can be hard. Definatley do this on the 1st mission. Use and Marine you want but wait until you have their best weapon unlocked. The 1st mission is easiest because there are no boss fights or overwhelming parts. I HIGHLY suggest waiting until you have all the abilities unlocked. Use the combo of Health 25%/Special Move Charge 25% but any varient of Health and Special Move Charge should work fine. You may get this through natural progressing on each of your 2 playthroughs.

For the Emperor!
Get over 50 kills with each weapon type

This trophy may seem confusing to some. Some may think that "each weapon type" may refer to 50 kills will 1 weapon from each class. It really means 50 kills with each primary weapon. There are 9 in total and you will get these kills VERY quickly. With the 2 Marines you decide to use make sure you switch there weapons before each mission. For the 2 you don't use you can get the kills within the 1st minute of Survival. Once you are sure you have the 50 kills with a weapon let youself die. Then when you restart the Survival Mission make sure to change your weapon. In Survival you must die in order to switch weapons but in the Campaign you can switch weapons before a mission or at the Upgrade Station.
  • Librarian - Power Sword, Force Sword, Force Sword Epic
  • Sternguard - Heavy Bolter, Plasma Cannon, Missle Launcher
  • Techmarine - Bolter Gun, Plasma Gun, Melta Gun
  • Vanguard - Chainsword, Power Axe, Lightning Claw

Chapter Master
Play through each mission with two different Space Marines

For this I recommend using the Sternguard for the 1st playthrough then the Techmarine for the 2nd. I would also recommend the Health/Special Move Charge combo. When you look at a mission's main screen there will be 4 charachter shapes along with a group of shapes (for co-op). When you complete a mission with a Marine their shape will then be silver. Completing a mission in co-op does not count towards the trophy. You must play throuhg the campgin 2 times, each time with a different Marine. Be sure to use the Upgrade stations regularly in case you unlock a new weapon (for your class) or upgraded ability. The game is easy but I'll give tips/hints for the "bosses" of some of the levels.

Mission 1: This is more of an introductory level. Here you will face most of the different types of Orks. There is no boss for this level.

Mission 1 Walkthrough

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Mission 2: Weird Boy is the boss for this level. When you get to his area he will send 4 waves of Orks at you before he comes down so you two can fight. He is really easy so long as you run in circles. Run a little bit then turn to shoot. When your special move is charged up stand still while you shoot him so you will have better accuracy. Once you damage him enough he will go back to his perch. 3 rocket equipped Ork will spawn on the left and right but they should be fairly easy to take out. The Weird Boy will come back down after those Orks are dead. This will be the 1st opportunity that you can actually kill him. If you don't he will go back to his perch. Now 6 rocket equipped Ork will spawn on each side. Once they are dead Weird Boy will come back down and you can finish him off. Also, he can shoot fireballs while up on his perch. There are 4 power ups in the area and will prove very useful.
Rapid Fire - Try and save this for when the Weird Boy comes down. If you are a Sternguard use this along with the special move.
Power Shield - Save this for when the rocket equipped Ork comes that way it blocks the rockets along with Weird Boy's fireballs.
Health - Try and save this for when Weird Boy comes down teh 2nd time. Since it refills your health after you get hit (when activated) you can go right up to him. If you are a Librarian using melee in combo with this will deal him a fair amount of damage.
Righteous Fury - This will be very good if you are using the Librarian or Vanguard. If you are save this for when Weird Boy comes down to fight.

Mission 2 Walkthrough

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Mission 3: There aren't really any bosses this level, only more or less mini-bosses.The 1st one is a ship. Once it's engine becomes visible unload on it. Then it will turn around and expose the other engine, again unload on it. After that it will be destroyed. Next is another ship. If you have any grenades use them on it as they will deal a fair amount of damage. After it's destroyed it will crash, forcing you to run away as part of the floor collapses. Finally, the Warboss area. You actually don't fight him, rather the goons he sends after you. At one point hoardes Tyranids will come after you. There is no point in trying to kill them, just run to the teleporter and escape.

Mission 3 Walkthrough

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Mission 4: The first thing you will come across is a big Tyranid. It will chase you on a path that is littered with bombs. Shooting the bombs will slow it down. Eventually you will come to a stack of bombs that will block the path after they explode. The level's actual boss in the Hive Tyrant. He will be accompanied by Tyranids. He isn't hard to kill. Make sure you use your special ability and utilize the power ups. There are 4 found here.
Triple Fire - Use this in the beginning to take out as many Tyranids as possible.
Grenades - Use them on groups of Tyranids or on the Hive Tyrant.
Power Shield - There will be a few Tyranids that will shoot you (the Hive Tyrant can also shoot). Stay at a distance and take them out.
Health - Go right into battle with this. It will heal you and heal any damage you take for the next 20 seconds. This will prove very useful if you are a Librarian or Techmarine.

Mission 4 Walkthrough

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