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Downloadable Content Trophies

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DLC doesn't effect in the earning of the platinum

Players: 32 online , 4 player split screen no ranked match .
Online Play: only online .
Trophy Difficulty: 9/10 .
Time to Platinum/100%: 700 - 1000 Hours .
Boosting Effect Trophies: If a moderator caught you boosting kills , PTS , flags .... etc your stats will reset to zero .
Players Needed For The Match To Be Ranked: 8 minimum with 1 MB Internet .


In Warhawk, players experience the thrill of white-knuckle aerial combat with hundreds of enemy fighters, bone-crunching armored assaults and high-intensity infantry combat in a massive, all-out war fought both on the ground and in the skies. During gameplay, players are tasked with protecting their homeland from the invading Chernovan armada. By doing so, players take command of the most advanced war machine in the fleet, the Warhawk, capable of aerobatic dogfights at high speeds or hovering over ground troops providing tactical support.


Step One :

Try to learn the basics from the training , then join the Green Servers which is for rookies and try to handle a warhawk , learn what's going on in the match , what each weapon do , where every weapon pick up is such as air or ground weapons and sniping locations , remember the match need to have 8 or more players for it to be started as ranked once it does it will stay ranked until the match finishes .

Step Two

Once you have played the game for 100 hours you will start loving the game making you addicted to it , after you try each mode such as Death Match , Team Death Match , Capture The Flag , Zones , Hero and Collectible you will know which mode will be good for kills or earning points or use my knowledge for this game :

- Death Match :
For quick kills and earning death match wins for a medal which you need 50 wins for it .

- Team Death Match :
Just like death match but with some friends you will need 100 wins for a medal , if you kill more you may win if your team is good but capturing bases or anything other than killing won't help you on winning.

-Capture The Flag :
For along match join capture the flag and try to take all bases leaving the home base for the enemy , once done you can snipe , use binocular or try to get the flag for a score , if you want quick flag captures try to join a player ranked match in a very small map this will easily give you 500 flags for a medal , this is the best mode for warhawk to troop kills in a big map .

- Zones :
This mode is best for earning points and quick wins only , you have to capture as much bases as you can but try to make the time get past 10 minutes to get an additional 50 points for the win , once you capture and try hard to gain points you will end up having like 150 to 200 points which is quite a fair boost for you with no cheating .

- Hero :
In this mode , each character will have the chance to be a hero and the hero gets all ground weapons but no warhawk weapons , triple health or more and if hero kills an enemy it will count to the team score but if you're not a hero then you won't get any points for the team just for your own score .

- Collectable :
Just like capture the flag but in a collectible type , there is always 4 collectibles in the big maps to be collected to win the match , it's another way of earning massive kills and flag captures but it's easy to get bored from .

Step Three :

Now you have two choices which are picking the hard way to get platinum or the easy way :

-For the hard way earn all bandit badges and you will no longer be able to play with rookies which will net you with the GENERALS

-For the easy way DON'T EARN BANDIT 4x4 and you will stay in rookie servers until you get all badges and medals which will be very easy but you won't gain any rank up until you do the bandit 4x4 you will get like 6 or 7 rank ups in a row so don't worry you will get your ranks just try to stay in the rookie server in the meantime .

Step Four :

Start aiming for earning all medals and badges that has the most time consuming like earning 5000 air to vehicle kills , 5000 air to air kills badges , 2000 swarm missile kills , 500 flag captures and earning 275,000 points for the General rank which you can earn it in 300 - 350 hours if you always play zones .

After you get all those I mentioned you will still have some more to do like 1000 kills for each weapon which you might have few kills to get it's warhawk badge and don't forget that each medal and badge will have an IAR = In A Round like do 10 kills with this weapon in one match , I will list each medal and badge and how to get them the easy way below.

[top]Tips and Strategies

Checking your stats

If you want to check your stats just go to Community then Profile now see the list below on how to check everything:

- Ranks : Rank Advancement , each rank will have points to earn and awards you need to get .

- Awards : Medals & Badges will be listed in this section , it will tell you how many kills you need and what is the IAR requirements .

Now select Stats and follow the list below :

- For how many kills you got , go to Weapon Stats it will list all the kills for all weapons you used .

- For Vehicle kills , go to Vehicle Stats then to see how many turret kills you got it will be MG + Flak + Missile turret for the Warhawk Turret Badge .
To see how many air to air , air to vehicle and air to ground kills select Warhawk/Nemesis then go to Marksmanship then look at the Player Kills Bar , This vehicle against ground will only count air to vehicle not air to troop kills and This vehicle against air will count warhawk to warhawk kills only no dropships .

- For how many wins , captures and zone captures in each mode go to Game Mode Stats and select any mode to see how many wins , captures or anything else related to this mode .


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Warhawk Supreme Achievement
All your base trophies are belong to platinum.

Congratulations For Your Hard Work You Now Hold One Of The Hardest PS3 Platinums !!

Bandwidth Donor
Host a ranked dedicated server for four consecutive hours.

You will need at least a 256 KBPS internet to get this , create any game and make it player dedicated then wait 4 hours in a row to get this trophy .

Create a clan and get nine other members to join. (Awarded at ten members while you are the clan leader.)

This one is pretty much annoying , create a clan and get 9 members to join you , either tell your friends to join or try to message everyone in the match you're in to join , if you have a friend who got some guys in his clan tell him to make you leader to get the trophy then make him the leader again .

Join a clan.

Create or join a clan to get this very easy trophy .

Win a clan match (red server) as either clan leader or a regular member.

You will need two PS3s for this trophy , Create a clan then tell your friend to create a clan too then go create a match setting it's type to Player and highlight the Clan-restricted , Put your clan in the first box which is Eucadian Clan and your friend's clan name in Chernovan Clan then start the match with him joining in and win it .

Lone Wolf
Play a perfect Deathmatch (top player, no deaths).

Create a death match in close corridors map then have your friend join you by the buddy list section then kill him without dying to get this trophy , it's almost impossible to do it in a real match only if you're a warhawk pro pilot .

Play a perfect Team Deathmatch (top player, no deaths).

Same as death match but this one is more easier since you have a team , if you want this fairly try to be the top player with no deaths or try to join an empty TDM with a friend and win it or create one .

Hat Trick
Get three flag captures in a single round of CTF.

Make an unranked CTF match then go capture 3 flags by yourself or join an empty CTF server if you don't have a good internet .

World Victory
Control all capturable bases in a Zones match, and reduce the enemy's home base to level 1.

Sometimes you can earn it in a zones match cause your team will be more powerful than the enemy team , to get this easily make a zone match and let your friend join you then only capture 1 level in each base until you reach your enemy's home base , reduce it to level 1 and wait for the match to be over to get the trophy .

Survive for one minute as the hero in Hero mode.

Create a Hero Mode then wait one minute while being the hero and don't die to get this trophy or join an empty server if your internet is low .

Capture four cores at once in Collection mode.

Create a Collection mode then capture all 4 cores in a row to get this trophy or join an empty server if your connection is low .

Anti-Air Ninja
Shoot down a Warhawk with any infantry weapon other than a Rocket Launcher.

This can easily be done in unranked match with two controllers , let your enemy fly a warhawk and kill him with sniper, rifle , binocular , grenades or land mine .

Achieve a sniper kill from more than 2,500 feet away.

Follow my video to learn how to do this one , you have to be very far like from your home base to their home base in any big map , can also be done in two controllers unranked match .

Destroy an enemy vehicle with the Field Wrench.

Can be done in any server that has vehicles in it , grab a field wrench and try to destroy a 4x4 , tank or turret with it .

Kill an enemy with his own Proximity Mine.

Easily done with two controllers unranked match , let the other controller get the land mines and deploy it near him then throw a grenade at his mine or shoot it while he's near it so he dies and you get this trophy .

While on foot, take at least 250 damage within 10 seconds without dying.

Grab the Bio-Field Generator and deploy it near you then take as much damage as you can in 10 seconds but don't die .

Taxi Driver
Help a teammate capture the flag (in CTF) or cores (in Collection) by transporting him back to the base, using any vehicle.

You can get this in CTF or Collection mode but it will be more easier in an unranked private match with unbalanced teams and another controller just let him grab the flag and deliver him back to your home base using any vehicle or by warhawk if you set it to fly with objective .

Resourceful Driver
Achieve a road kill and a .50 cal kill using the same 4x4, without dismounting.

Ride a 4x4 jeep and have a road kill with it then hold the square button to switch to .50 cal then get a kill with it to get this trophy .

One In A Million
Shoot down an enemy aircraft using the tank's main cannon.

This can be done easily with two controllers unranked match , fly a warhawk with the second controller then ride a vehicle with controller one and shoot it down .

Destroy an enemy aircraft with a volley of 8 Swarm Missiles.

Grab 8 or more swarm missiles with warhawk then lock them up into a single warhawk until you hit 8 swarm locks then fire them away to kill the enemy , can easily be done with two controllers .

Destroy an enemy aircraft with a dumbfired Swarm or Homing Missile.

Destroy a warhawk using a warhawk's homing or swarm which can be easily be done with two controller unranked match just don't lock the missile and try to fire it at him .

Remote Pilot
Destroy an enemy aircraft with a TOW Missile.

Could be very hard in a real match , if you got owned with it in a warhawk it's like saying you're a noob , to get this trophy easily just use two controllers in unranked match then tow your second contoller while he is flying a warhawk.

How Did You Do That?
Destroy an enemy aircraft with a Cluster Bomb.

Another hard one in real match which can be really rarely , use your two controllers to get it while your friend is flying a warhawk .

Tail Shaker
Destroy an enemy aircraft with an Aerial Mine within 5 seconds of deploying it.

If an annoying warhawk is following you everywhere this weapon can be really nasty to use against him , move in a straight line with warhawk while boosting your speed then deploy it if someone is on your tail to get him off you or do it with two controllers unranked match .

Emergency Evasion
Break at least 6 simultaneous missile locks using Chaff.

You can get this while trying the general blue server cause they will be shooting at you like crazy or with the two controller unranked match , all you need is 6 missiles locked on to you and they are following you then use the chaff to lose them .

Hit List
Kill every member of the opposing team at least once during a round.

This one is hard since you can't boost it up , you need to kill every member of the opposing team in a round so I highly prefer the small mapped CTF for this trophy , just join a player ranked server by setting the search option to player ranked and CTF mode .

Kill an enemy in a Missile or Flak Turret after that enemy has achieved at least five kills in that type of turret.

This can be obtained in ranked or unranked match with two controllers , take the second controller and get 5 kills with it then bring the first controller and kill it to get the trophy.

Kill an enemy within 60 seconds of that enemy killing you.

This can be easily done in death match since every dies very quickly , if you're having trouble with it just use two controllers .

Get 100 feet off the ground in a ground vehicle. Does not count if the vehicle is being carried by a Dropship.

Get in a 4x4 and fall off a high cliff .

Ground Pounder
Complete Ground Combat Training.

Go to training in warhawk's main menu before you go to online ( you can do this offline ) then pick Ground Combat and follow their instructions it may help a little .

Combat Driver
Complete Vehicle Combat Training.

In warhawk's Main Menu pick Training then select Vehicle Combat and follow their instructions until you complete this training for the trophy .

Pilot's License
Complete Warhawk Combat Training.

This will only train you on how to pilot a warhawk a little so you have to master on your own , in warhawk's main menu choose Training then pick Warhawk Combat to start the training .

Bandit Award
Earn all in-game badges at Bandit level.

See Warhawk Award Trophy.

Master Award
Earn all in-game badges at Master level.

See Warhawk Award Trophy.

Warhawk Award
Earn all in-game badges at Warhawk level.

This will be the hardest and most time consuming trophy in the game , you will get it after 1000 hours maybe or more if you're not good with the game , see my Badge guide above to see how to get every badge the easy way.

Recognition of Merit
Earn any five in-game medals.

See Executive Honor Trophy.

Decorated Soldier
Earn any 15 in-game medals.

See Executive Honor Trophy.

Executive Honor
Earn all in-game medals.

To earn the medals follow my guide above it will help you alot since this trophy is a time consuming , it will take like 500 hours to complete them all only if you're good and supportive in the game .

Chief Sergeant
Achieve a rank of Chief Sergeant.

To get to this rank you will need 2,500 points so you can get it in like 10 hours , see General Trophy for more info .

Achieve a rank of Commander.

To reach this rank you need 70,000 points which you can get after 300 hours of playing zones to get fast points , see General Trophy for more info .

Lt. Colonel
Achieve a rank of Lt. Colonel.

To reach this rank you will need 180,000 Points that's like 700 hours of zones mode , see General Trophy for more info .

Achieve a rank of General.

This is the last rank you will get after 900 hours of game play , you may get it earlier if you know what to do in zones to end up having 150 points each match , you will need 275,000 points for this rank so good luck , don't do the 4x4 bandit badge so you can stay in the rookie green server until you hit 275,000 points to make everything easy to you .

Get killed by Proximity Mines five times in a single round.

You will die many times from land mines which everyone use to cover up their flag or use it in zones so you will get this naturally , if not just make an unranked server with two controllers to get it.

Reckless Pilot
Commit suicide in a Warhawk by running into your own Aerial Mine.

Get an aerial mine then deploy it while you're in a hover mode , move back a little to die with it .

What's That Green Line?
Get killed by a Binoculars strike while piloting an aircraft.

You can get this easily in unranked match two controllers , use the binocular with the second controller while the first controller is flying a warhawk near the ground then kill him .

[top]Downloadable Content Trophies

Giant Killer
Shoot down an enemy Dropship while using a Warhawk.

Create a map that have a dropship in it , have the second controller fly the dropship then kill it with a warhawk using any weapon to get this trophy .

Flying Fortress
Awarded to the driver and all six passengers of a fully-loaded Dropship.

This one is a bad a** one , you really need to boost it up since no one wants to waste time and die in that dropship so create a match that have a dropship in it with unbalanced teams then use 4 controllers to get into the dropship and have 3 more friends join you in by switching teams .

Surgical Strike
Shoot down a Dropship with a Binoculars strike.

Let your second controller fly the dropship near the ground then use the binocular on it to destroy it and get this easy gold trophy in an unranked match .

King of the Jungle Gym
Retrieve the Proximity Mines from the top of the dome on the Omega Factory Rumble Dome layout.

First create the match and put that layout Rumble Dome on Omega Factory , you will have to reach the top of the building to get the trophy so search for videos to know how and save time .

Destroy an enemy Warhawk with the APC's E-POD shield.

Get an APC then have another controller drive a warhawk then come near your APC then use your E-POD Shield to kill him with it .

Behind Enemy Lines
Drive an APC into the enemy's home base, then have at least one teammate spawn into that APC.

Get in an APC then drive it to the enemy's home base then have another controller spawn inside your APC to get your trophy , you need to set the match to unbalanced teams or have more controllers .

Shield Breaker
Break an enemy E-POD shield using the Lightning Shell.

Get a warhawk then get a lightning shell , Charge it up then release it at the APC's Shield to destroy it , do it with the other controller .

Canyon Run
Using a Warhawk, shoot down an enemy Warhawk in the central gorge in Vaporfield Glacier.

While in the Vaporfield map Go to where you find the Tow Missile or in the center of the map there is a dark canyon go down there with the second controller and kill him to get this trophy .

Aerial Ballet
While flying a jetpack, kill an enemy (who is also flying a jetpack) with any weapon other than the Rocket Launcher.

Grab a sniper and a jetpack then fly with it and hold to hover, let your friend grab a jetpack and hover with it too then sniper him to get this trophy .

That Was Some Bug
Kill an enemy who is flying a jetpack by hitting him with any vehicle or aircraft.

This is so simple , Pilot a warhawk then crash into a troop who is flying a jetpack , you can see him on the map when he flies with it or use two controller to do it in unranked match .

Are You Aim-Botting?
Snipe an enemy who is flying a jetpack.

Grab a sniper then have the second controller fly a jetpack then hold to remain in the air and snipe him to get the trophy.

Safety Violation
Kill a distant enemy from on top of the salvage crane in Tau Crater.

Go to the salvage crane in the middle of the map then kill an enemy that is too far from you , can be easily done with two controllers .

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