Players: 1 Player
Online Trophies: - Rival
Offline Trophies: 11
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: None
Estimated Time to 100%: 10 - 15 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 3 Playthroughs due to 3 alternate endings
Collectible Trophies: - Over Exposed // - King Grubulon
Missable Trophies: - Stupid Toy
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • If one power doesn't do the intended then try another.
  • Some Grubs and Film Canisters can't be obtained immediately due to lacking the necessary ability, so you have to back track to them later.
  • Purchase silent movement and silent warp upgrades early in the game, they will save you countless times.
  • If there is a soldier patrolling a room that you will visit often for any reason and you don't want to kill him. Then seal him in a nearby safe location where he won't bother you like a restroom or a closet. There are plenty of those around.
  • Early on in the game scientists will depend on alarms to get you killed when they spot you. So stay out of sight and locate the alarm system, warp inside it and frag it. It looks like a red and white barrel close to your height.
  • Use your Echo to cause enemies to kill each other by centering the Echo between them
  • Some bots will infinitely spawn out of the ground, to stop them from functioning and from spawning then warp into a bot and transport it outside of its tracks.
  • If one method of approach doesn't work, then try another.
  • Complete challenges that you encounter, you will need the grubs rewarded by them.
  • When in danger of getting shot at, warp out of the way of a flashing laser, a flashing laser indicates that the weapon has locked on you and is about to fire and won't move until it fires. by that time you should be in safety.
  • humans will react to a body that you warped into, because it will seem suspicious so make sure you move to safety before they figure out that the body is possessed by you.
  • There are tips that come on the loading screens every time you die. They are quite helpful because they often give you tips and hints that based on how you died and at what part of the game to help you over come the obstacles.
  • Read these tips.


1) Consequences playthrough. Collect all grubs and film canisters and kill almost everyone you see. Try to get creative too to get closer to Murder Artist

2) Sunlight playthrough. Now you want to kill less people. around 150 is enough also you will want to practice speeding through the game without grubs and upgrades for In a Rush

3) Cuddles playthrough. Kill none, 1 or 2 if you must and finish the game as fast as you can. You should be able to get In a Rush now. I also suggest that you do this playthrough immediately after the previous one while the puzzle solutions are still fresh in your head.

4) Challenges. Now you will focus on Rival + Challenged Also you will clean up on other trophies afterwards if need be.


Make the humans pay for what they've done.

1st playthrough) Here you will take you time to hone your skills and adapt to the gameplay. You also need to know the solution to all puzzles for your speed playthrough. You will also collect all Grubs & Film Canisters in this playthrough. But keep in mind that you cannot go to the submarine level which is the last one until you have 63/66 grubs because you cannot backtrack after entering the submarine and since the last 3 Grubs will be on the submarine you need to make sure you get every one before the last level before you enter the sub. Lastly you will need to kill every human you encounter which is what will trigger this trophy at the end. This is the most time consuming playthrough and should take you about 5 - 7 hours to do everything that is necessary to avoid any extra playthroughs and to get all collectibles.

It's been a while since you've been outside.

This is the neutral ending which results from killing a few humans but not enough to trigger the Consequences ending and not few enough to trigger the Cuddles ending. In this playthrough you will need to go for In A Rush but chances are you are not going to get it but at least you would have practiced for it for when the next playthrough comes.

Just because you can kill everyone, doesn't mean you have to.

This will be the toughest playthrough because you will need to do it quickly and you will need to keep your kill counter below 5 kills (give or take) other wise you risk missing this trophy. Follow my tips and strategies to get a good idea on how to get by without the need to kill any humans. You can kill bots as much as you want but keep in mind that some of them infinitely re-spawn so use the trick I listed in the T&S on how to prevent that effectively.

Over Exposed
It's best not to leave any recorded evidence.

Film Canisters look like a green barrel that you can warp into. Simply do that and frag it to destroy it and you will earn new concept art unlocked at the main menu. There is a total of 12 Film Canisters spread out through out the facility but luckily none are on the submarine. Most will be in plain site as they are big green barrels plugged into a terminal that itself is plugged into a monitor or two. So that entire setup makes it very hard to miss. Lastly one of the most useful upgrades in the game is one that lets you find all Film Canisters by simply checking the map as it denotes all their locations there once purchased. You will need to save up 4 Grubs for it preferably near the end of the game as some cannot be reached at the point of the game where you get near their location due to the lack of the necessary power. Thus backtracking becomes essential in order to get all Canisters.

In a Rush
There is no use sticking around longer than necessary.

You need to beat the game in under 1 hour and 15 minutes in order to get this trophy. It is best attempted during the second and third playthrough without going for the grubs and film canisters. Also you don't need to backtrack for any reason. Follow these simple guidelines and you will be safe for getting this trophy:
  • Try to keep the death counter below 10, the game auto saves your progress and time everytime you die.
  • If you spend too long in a single spot or puzzle or boss, then chances are that you ruined your chances at getting this trophy and will need to restart.
  • If you die more than once in a single spot then you will most likely die again and again and will end up ruin your chances at getting this trophy.
  • It is better to be slow and cautious in some tricky spots with lots of bots and shielded soldiers. Being fast and hasty will get you killed sometimes in the stupidest of ways and will add up 15 seconds to your timer that you couldve spent moving forward.
  • Purchase the abilities in this order to help you do this as fast as you can:
    1. Fast Movement
    2. Silent Movement
    3. Silent Warp
    4. Fast Warp

Let's see if any of you suckas! can knock me off 1st place in the leaderboards with 1 hour and 4 minutes

Stupid Toy
Do they think you're a pet?

During the beginning of the game you will need to endure through some pretty harsh and cruel tests laid out to you by the scientists in charge of experimenting on you. One of these tests will involve using force to push a big ball that is about the same as your size around a squared arena to a button on the floor that opens the door to the next room. At that point you cannot warp into objects just yet but when you do proceed ahead just a little bit and regain your power disk that is when you regain you first and most feared ability. From there you can backtrack to the ball and warp into at and frag it to earn this shiny trophy. Also later in the game you revisit this area just in case you missed out on this trophy the first time not to mention the fact that you can backtrack to it almost anytime.

King Grubulon
These things are everywhere.

Just like the film canisters you need to find all Grubs. There is a total of 66 Grubs to be found + the Grubs earned in mid-playthrough challenges, luckily those do not count towards this trophy 63 out of 66 Grubs are located within several parts of the main facility which all can be backtracked to at any time. The last 3 are located on the Submarine which from there is no turning back and there is nothing ahead but a couple of puzzles and the last boss. So make 100000000% sure that you do not get on the submarine until you have 63/66 Grubs. How do you check? simple! Hit the button to open up the maps and up top will have the date for both the Grubs and Film Canisters of both current section of the facility and the overall amount collected. Make sure that you save up 4 more grubs near the end of the playthrough to purchase the upgrade to find all grubs on your map when it is time to backtrack to find all Grubs and all Film Canisters.

Completing all of these shows mastery of your abilities.

The completion of a challenge earns you a bronze in that challenge, time is not a factor for bronze so simply complete each challenge whether mid game or from the main menu and you will earn this trophy. There is a total of 8 challenges and each tests a specific skill of yours where the completion of the objective relies on mastery of that skill. The challenges are:
  • WARP challenge room
  • FRAG challenge room
  • Advanced WARP challenge room
  • Advanced FRAG challenge room
  • ECHO challenge room
  • SWAP challenge room
  • LAUNCH challenge room
  • Advanced SWAP challenge room

All of which are straight forward and easy to do because they require simply killing all humans in the map or going from one location to another except the last one that prove to be a challenge. In fact luck is even a factor at completing this dreadful obstacle course. Here is a video that will show what needs to be done in order to finish this challenge.

What happens when soldiers duel?

You need to earn 20 Friendly Fire kills in order to get this one. Easiest way to get this is by walking an Echo between two guards and the guards will shoot each other or one of them will kill the other, it just depends on who spotted you first. Bots do not count towards this trophy. Also triggering alarms will make more soldiers appear in an area which is a good way to farm this trophy but chances are you will get it without going for it because Friendly Fire kills are one of the easiest and safest to pull of. Also Friendly Fire kills can be farmed in challenges specifically the Echo challenges because they position soldiers in the arena to make it easy for a Friendly Fire kill to be pulled off.

Murder Artist
For only the most creative killers.

You need to get at least one kill of each type either in a challenge or mid-game to get this trophy. These are the kills that need to be achieved:
  • Frag
  • Echo Frag
  • Friendly Fire
  • Explosion
  • Alien Mine
  • Fell
  • Crushed
  • Laser Beam
  • Drowned

Most of these can be obtained by playing the game normally. Alien mines and humans usually don't exist in the same locations in the game so you will need to do that in a challenge. To Echo Frag you need to warp into a human then use Echo and swap with another human to put one into the other and force them to explode For Drowned the method that I used was to warp into a soldier and launch him into water. this can be done on your way to the submarine where you will encounter several soldiers patrolling around water. For Fell and Laser Beam and Crushed, there will be a trap room that works to dispose of unwanted aliens. When you walk in the scientist will start running around in a frenzy. warp inside the room then swap with a scientist to trap him inside then push the button to activate the trap that will kill him.

They got gold? Are you going to let them beat you?

This trophy can be done in several ways:
1)Add some one from the leaderboards to help you with this trophy. Make sure to be able to beat their time though. this is easiest done with the first challenge as it only takes 14 seconds to get gold in.

2) My tested method is to create an alternate account and add your main account as a friend, use to BARELY get gold. You wanna make sure you can beat that time you just set yourself. Make sure that you are connected online so that your score syncs to their server. Then check so by going to the leaderboards and make sure it has a time and not just "No Time" it may take a bit to register and updates but after that step is done you need to log back into the main account and attempt to beat that time that you just set. And again you need to make sure it registers and updates.

Corpse Killer
See what these humans are made of.

This one is story related and is earned at the beginning of your 1st playthrough so it is kinda hard to miss!

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