Players: 1-2 Offline(split screen) & Online Co-Op
Online Trophies: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 80+ Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1+ (Level Select in Story Mode)
Collectible Trophies: Yes; Musou Dilettante
Missable Trophies: N/A
Glitched Trophies: N/A


Warriors Orochi 3 is the latest hack-and-slash title from the Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors from Tecmo-Koei. You basically must use the few officers left from the worlds merging to stop a new threat of the Hydra, a multi-headed demon serpent formed from the defeat of Orochi in the previous game. Your team will go back through time using the power of Kaguya, a guardian from the future, to save others to help join in the final battle with the Hydra and save the world from total annihilation.

Aside from bringing in all characters from every previous Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors games, this title will feature a select few new characters such as Ryu Hyabusa and Ayane from other Tecmo-Koei games and several brand new characters for the series all together. The these 132 warriors will either help or impede your your quest to stop the Hydra, but all become playable throughout the game and ending of the story. This game also brings in the camp system from Dynasty Warriors 7 to select your missions and speak with your fellow officers around base, a bonding system between your officers, & some alternate move sets and weapons for officers of the series.

[top]Tips & Strategies

Here will be some extra tips for different aspects and trophy goals for Warriors Orochi 3. Some tips will recommend to do certain things, while if you're trying to achieve something else, will say to do the opposite so keep in mind and if you're going for several at once, you'll need to condense the list for what helps you best. These tips will coincide with the Roadmap and help figure out how to achieve everything the fastest. Any tips you want to offer, feel free to and anything I use that isn't already included in the guide will be given credit for and much appreciated. Not all submitted information, however, will be utilized so don't feel bad if you don't see something or any credit given out simply for submitting it.

Chaos Difficulty Run
  • Play with characters between levels 50-99 for easiest experience to start with
  • Try to avoid archers or take them down before tearing into mobs of enemies(they'll eat away your life very quickly)
  • Use some of the special weapon attributes like "multi" or some of there better normal ones such as "wind" to create unblockable multiples of your character
  • Play with a friend or online to have more allies
  • Remember that your allies are powered up same as the enemies and will be able to protect themselves somewhat
  • Always use the fourth weapons or special weapons(after leveling compatibility) as you will need some power
  • Most enemies and generals will have 2 health bars so keep in mind
  • Wide area attacks such as Keiji Maeda's chains of ++++ can take down mobs of enemies all around at once. Use characters like this if you can.

Leveling Proficiency
  • Proficiency is leveled by killing enemies with the officers to unlock wallpapers at the Rank "S".
  • Use the item, "Mystic Brace" to level proficiency faster and use the "Industry" attribute on weapons as well
  • Play levels such as Gan Ning's unlock bond level(Mikataghara level) where there are endless number of enemies or the Prologue where you can't win and they'll respawn indefinitely.
  • As you play to level characters and get their proficiency up, check the Team Info periodically to check the status of the levels to insure you don't stop too early or late.
  • For characters you can't stand to play, try using mounted attacks and boost "Cavalier" attribute on weapons for more damage and faster kills. Make it easier to play as sometimes.
  • As you go for the "S" Rank proficiency, you will also unlock all costumes for the characters so keep in mind you don't have to play everyone twice(unless you finish a battle before reaching S and then you will need to play another).
  • Playing offline co-op will allow a second player to boost another team's proficiencies for quicker run of these to "S". All levels they acquire, weapons, items, upgrades will be kept as long as they use a different character from player One.
  • Dodomeki: Using him on your team will increase how fast proficiency will level up. His team ability will grant this and he is the only character in the game that does so.

Camp Information
  • As you play, you will have your main hub called the Camp, where you will take care of anything before going into battle aside from pre-battle preparation.
  • Weapons Dealer-Buy and customize your officers' weapons for battle. Fuse to upgrade and add attributes or purchase a brand new one(easiest way to obtain fourth weapons)
  • Teahouse- Upgrade bonds between officers. These bonds created with battles and the teahouse will unlock additional battles to play
  • Network play- talking to the Network lady here in the camp will allow you online play to team up, create, or join in battles online as well as download or upload any Musou battlefields others or yourself have created.
  • Aura area is for going when you're ready for battle, however, pressing the button, will open up a list of menus where you can also select to battle.
  • This menu opened by pressing is where you can change your team, the character you control in camp, as well as few other options.
  • For multiplayer offline, you must first select a battle and they will have the option to press to join in. Once you get to the Battle Preparations, they can change their team just before this after the battle has been chosen. The second player can join or quit the battle from this Preparations screen.
  • As you play through the story the first time, always talk with your officers at camp and switch out your chosen character at times to start additional conversation and unlock battles. Most often after a new battle is complete, the officers will mention something in camp about another officer or a way to change that battle again.

Gameplay Controls and Tactics
  • Special attacks are activated by pressing the button and consumes a slight bit of musou to use. These will be slightly more powerful attacks that cause some special action such as a volley rain of arrows or a spinning tornado slash, all dependent on the officer as each will be different.
  • Musou attacks are activated by pressing the button and are different between which type of officer you are using. Most of the Dynasty Warriors officers will use a constant attack as you hold the button and finish off with a big finale hit when the musou bar is empty or you let go of the button. The Samurai Warriors officers will simply use a major portion of the musou bar, but do one big attack and finale regardless if you hold the button or not. The new characters will fall somewhere in these areas, but not each type of officer will be set to the standard. Some officers will simply use up their musou until it's empty and you may hold the button in for a constant attack, run away to another grouping and then activate it again while the bar is still draining.
  • Chain attacks are activated from rapidly pressing a combination of the and buttons and are your basic attacks with each officer. As you level up proficiencies, you will unlock and be capable of longer combos with your officers so keep in mind as you begin playing the move sets will be more limited.
  • True Triple Attacks are activated by pressing both and buttons simultaneously and will cause time to slow down as you run through and attack enemies. Your entire team of officers will be summoned forth to attack with you and run through enemies as well. All enemies you come into contact with, will be caught up in the attack and as the bar depletes fully, your officers will unleash a last finale of hits and then blast everyone of them into oblivion.
  • Switching your teammates out at the perfect time during an attack with cause a switch attack where they are switched into combat attacking as your last officer was and can help continue and extend combos. Using these switch attacks with a musou or true triple attack will bring hell to your foes and help ensure your victory.
  • Keep in mind you can equip saddles that you've unlocked in the item selection from the preparation menu. Four different ones unlocked in the game: Red Hare, Matsukaze, Bear, & Elephant saddles. Check the Item section of the guide for help on unlock requirements.

Weapon Attributes and Combat Tips
  • Make sure to always keep your weapons fused and get the best attributes for your playing style.
  • Ice will freeze enemies, while Flame will add extra damage. Wind makes attacks unblockable and several that will boost your normal, charge, special, and musou attack power.
  • Courage will boost your attack when facing officers so use this to add extra damage for the commanders and officers you'll face.
  • Playing on Hard or Chaos difficulty will sometimes net you weapons with special attributes, such as Verity, Brilliance, or Multi to name a few.
  • If you prefer fighting with a halberd on horseback, use Cavalier attribute, mounted attack power up, combined with Red Hare saddle or Matsukaze saddle.
  • Pay attention to your characters' team abilities. Various ones from granting more defense or attack to your entire team to Resurrection that will allow the officer with it to come back to live with a portion of health once during battle when depleted fully. Susano'o and Orochi X have the Resurrection ability so utilize this on Chaos difficulty.
  • Try to chain your normal attacks into the best wide area charge moves often when surrounding to kill as many soldiers at once and save time. Change up your attacks given different situations as well if need be.

Special Weapon Attributes

  • Brilliance: Imbues all attacks with attributes when Musou Gauge is full. All attacks will have bonus Ice, bolt, flame, etc attributes when attacking.
  • Echo: Sends shockwaves out from enemies against who have been hit.
  • Verity: True Musou always used regardless of health level. Normally need be in critical red health for True Musou.
  • Typhoon: Triggers whirlwinds with Normal Attacks. These will be used included with charge attacks and attacking from horseback.


To achieve the platinum trophy in Warriors Orochi 3, you will need to complete several main objectives.You will need to unlock all characters, complete all levels on Chaos difficulty, complete all stages for each ending and to complete the game, acquire level 4 weapons for each character, gain S proficiency with all characters, acquire all wallpapers and sounds, and several other minor tasks that will come through playing for these other goals. For any extra trophy help, please refer to the trophy section of the game. Listed here will be a simple path to acquiring the platinum trophy with ease and the least grinding if followed effectively.

Keep in mind, as you play through the story of the game to switch out characters to upgrade their proficiencies to save from the long grind after you finish the game and are cleaning up trophies. Also, many of the last step's clean up trophies will most likely be acquire through normal playing of the game, but don't have to be done in any particular order.

Step One
During this step, simply play through the game, completing all stages once and unlocking all characters. Playing through the main story trophies will unlock the Gallery of Heroes(Acquired through completing all stages), Master of Time(complete all stages), In a Broken World(NORMAL ending), Land of Peace(GOOD ending), The Fated Place(TRUE ending), Slave of Sound(unlocks by completing every different battle), The Flame of Hope, A Hidden Smile, Unwavering Hope, Changing the Past, Banner of Victory, Traversing Time .

After step one, you can take down the rest in any order, but listing the path I took for the platinum. Also, as you play choose your team wisely. You can play through the game with one character always on your team for the Veteran Warrior trophy also for playing 100 battles with one character. Also, switch out the rest of the team for other characters to level their proficiencies to S to unlock every wallpaper and save grinding later in the game. Try to use characters that will be useful on Chaos difficulty as well by leveling them up as much as possible through battles and using the Growth Points. You should near the end of the first playthrough of the game acquire the Musou Millionaire(acquire over 900,000 gems over time), A Warrior of Wealth(acquire over 500,000 gems over time), Experienced Controller(man all siege weapons), Overwhelming Victory(acquire 10,000 EXP from one battle), Challenger(complete a mission) and Mission Master(complete ten missions in one stage). By the time you finish all stages several times and including a few times on Chaos or Hard difficulty, you should acquire the Noble Warrior trophy for obtaining 100 crystals. These will be found using your True Triple Attack and playing on Normal or higher difficulty. Use your True Triple Attack in any battle to acquire the Blinding Light.

Step Two
For this step, you will replay each level you haven't previously played through on Chaos difficulty. Also on this playthrough, try to complete the Rare Item requirements to save from playing up to 22 battles yet again for the Musou Dilettante trophy. Some battles will definitely be easier to do on Hard mode, however, you will most often find that you kill the number required of kills by trying to save yourself and your comrades. After you have completed all stages of the game, including the secret bond stages and REDUX stages, on the Chaos difficulty, you will unlock the Peak of Performance trophy. Try to use characters around 60+ to make Chaos difficulty a breeze. Keiji Maeda and his +++++ combo is completely devastating as it can take all many surrounding enemies and officers and very quick to use. Combine with a good weapon and nice attributes you like using for max effectiveness.

Step Three
For this step, finish off achieving the S proficiency goals of each character in the game. Many should have came from switching out through the other steps as you played, but grind this trophy requirement out to achieve A Kaleidoscope of Time, The Dandy Captain. During this step, also try to use your gems and crystals you've acquired for some remaining trophies. Use the Teahouse unlocked through the game to hold parties and unlock The Mead of Life(hold a party) and Firm Bonds(comes from max bond with an officer). The weapons dealer located in the camp as well can sell and upgrade your weapons to unlock Grand Purchase(purchase a weapon costing over 10,000 gems), Reaching Beyond(purchased a weapon using gems and crystals), and First Purchase(for purchasing a weapon of any kind).

Overtime you will eventually acquire a couple trophies requiring the parties and weapon dealer. After you have achieved 100 parties through the game, you will acquire the Otherworld Extravagance. Also, after you have purchased over 100 weapons, you will acquire the Shopping Expert. Simply use any spare gems in between battles to increase the bonds using parties at random till you acquire that trophy and the same for the weapons.. just buy any weapons, particularly the four star level 4 weapons for each officer as this will unlock the Musou Collector trophy.

Step Four: Clean Up Run-through
During this final part, go for trophies you will have remaining in the game. These will consist of certain combos and KO counts as well as finishing co-op battles and certain stage requirements. Play a quick level you've altered using Musou Battlefields to achieve the trophies Blinding Speed(complete a stage in under five minutes) and First Design(complete Musou battlefield stage). Now use two controllers or online co-op to complete a battle with two players for the Joining Hands trophy. Also, during a random battle, go for certain kill requirements that may have come when going for the Rare Items in the game of killing 1,000 and 3,000 enemies for the Musou Fighter and Musou Warrior trophies. Run through a battle at some point trying to avoid taking damage for the Master of Battle trophy. Once you have acquire all these trophies and anything you have remaining by this point, you will acquire the final True Musou trophy.


True Musou
Obtained all trophies.

This trophy will be obtained by completing all other trophies in the game. Good Luck!

Peak of Performance
Cleared all stages on Chaos difficulty.

Simply complete all stages of the game on the Chaos difficulty setting as any team to achieve this trophy. The Story mode has a level select so simply choose from here or Free mode if you prefer and play using a leveled up team of your choice. As you select levels, it will show you which difficulties you have completed them on so you don't have to really keep track of this as you play. Every stage counts towards this from the story levels, the bonding levels, & Redux versions of stages so take them down as you feel your are prepared to save from some level grinding near the end of your platinum run. Use characters you can combo and like using to make this much more simple and have a character on the team with some wide area attacks such as Keiji Maeda's ++++ attack as it takes down massive numbers of enemies surrounding him and his Musou will swing very rapidly as well all in one area as you rotate him around killing even more.

Characters to Level for Chaos Run
Keiji Maeda
Ryu Hyabusa
Tadakatsu Honda
Ayane (Musou)
Orochi & Orochi X
Lu Meng

Musou Millionaire
Gathered over 900,000 gems.

Simply acquire over 900,000 gems during the game and you will achieve this trophy. As with A Warrior of Wealth, you don't need to gather this amount all at once and can spend your gems freely as you play. By the time you finish playing all stages and playing them on Chaos difficulty, you will acquire this naturally. To quicken the time, simply go for killing all enemies and officers as you play each stage and you will achieve this in no time.

Musou Collector
Obtained level 4 weapons for all officers.

To obtain this trophy, you will have to acquire a level four(four starred) weapon for each of the 132 officers in the game. They can be acquired through any battle, purchased, obtained as a gift, or simply won as weapon lottery. When you reach Chapter Four stages in the story, the weapons merchant will begin selling four starred weapons in addition to more special Big Star weapons. These Big Star weapons do NOT count as the fourth weapon for the generals so you need to make sure you are acquiring the correct ones before you get too far into collecting.

Simply play any battles on Normal-Chaos difficulty for greater chances of a four star weapon dropping from an officer or found, and play the weapon lottery constantly as this will be your earliest chance of obtaining these weapons without playing on Hard difficulty from the get go of the story. There aren't any special requirements for the four star weapons or even for the Big Star weapons.

The merchant will sell them at random times and no way to influence when he will sell a particular weapon. Just check with him and then go complete a battle or return back to Camp to check on his wares again. Save and loading may be faster but you will easily earn enough money while playing on Chaos and leveling each character's proficiencies up to check in between battles for the weapons you need.

Gallery of Heroes
Unlocked all officers for play.

To achieve this trophy, you will need to unlock all characters in the game. This will be accomplished after you have completed all stages throughout the game. The vast majority of the characters will be obtained simply through playing the story mode straight through, while some are special in that you must play a different time battle to save them in a variation of Redux Battles. Complete these levels to obtain all characters not unlocked through story mode.

Completing the game once will unlock Dodomeki & Gyuki for play as default Orochi officers. After completing the true ending of the game, you will unlock Orochi, Orochi X, Nuzhe, & Susano for play.

Unlocking Lu Bu
Also, select few characters are unlocked by achieving a specific ending for the game, but if you complete every stage, you will obtain them as well. However, note that Lu Bu is the only character you must do anything special for to unlock. First, you must play through the story and play the Battle at Tong Gate during Chapter Three. Lu Bu and Diao Chan will die here and you can't save them. Afterwards, talk to some officers in your camp and play the battle that opens up to help save them both in the other time line of Tong Gate battle. Now, play the Battle of Tong Gate Redux version.

However, Lu Bu will still die during this mission, Diao Chan will survive granted you help her and upon completing the mission, you will unlock her. Now During the Battle of Osaka Castle, play with Diao Chan on your team and go meet with Lu Bu before he retreats from the battle. This will save him and unlock him upon completion of the level.

Master of Time
Cleared all scenarios.

To obtain this trophy, simply play through and complete every stage at least once on any difficulty. You will unlock all characters by doing this and achieve each of the three endings. This will include all story battles, side battles, and bond battles. You can tell when you have cleared a level once, as it will no longer show up "new" over the stage on the selection screen during the story mode, aside from the Prologue level as when it shows up, it will still have been cleared on Normal, but say "new" anyways.

There are 32 Normal Stages that will be played through completing the story and achieving all three endings for the game.
28 different side stages unlocked through conversations with your officers at camp after battles and through bonds between certain officers.
10 of the Normal story stages will have a bonus REDUX version of it unlocked after completion of certain side stages that will alter the outcome of the battle.

In a Broken World
Cleared Story Mode with NORMAL ending.

For this trophy, you will need to complete the story mode achieving the normal ending by completing the "In the Fire" battle. This battle, however, opens after you have completed the story achieving either the Good Ending or the True ending of the game from my experience. This is simply the same mission as Orochi's End where you battle 8 of the Orochi clones in the altar area.

Land of Peace
Cleared Story Mode with GOOD ending.

For this trophy, you need to complete the game taking down The Slaying of Hydra mission and follow the path ahead of you through "Orochi's End, Susano'o's Last Stand, & The Demise of Orochi X" battles. In these battles, you will fight a mission taking down 8 Orochi clones, Susano himself guarding your path to the newly formed Orochi X, and finally taking down the big baddie once and for all to save the world. After completing the story, you will unlock this trophy, as well as Dodomeki & Gyuuki and the path for the normal ending, "In the Fire" mission.

The Fated Place
Cleared Story Mode with TRUE ending.

For this trophy, you will need to clear the True Ending of the game by the locked battle of "Prelude to Apocalypse" which becomes available to play after you unlock all other possible characters in the game. Simply complete all story battles, locked bond battles, & and side battles until all characters are free to play and the battle will open. Complete it to unlock this trophy, as well as the last few warriors of the roster(The Orochi Group/Mystic Army: Orochi, Orochi X, Susano'o, & Nezha) and the three special wallpapers.

A Warrior of Wealth
Gathered Over 500,000 Gems.

For this trophy, you simply need to acquire over 500,000 gems (currency for parties and weapons in the game) throughout play. This doesn't have to be gained or held at one time, but just a total gained overall. You are allowed to spend freely all your gems as you get them so feel no need to hold onto them as other games may require. After you have reached this amount, you will obtain the trophy be it during a battle or as you complete a stage.

Noble Warrior
Gathered over 100 crystals.

For this trophy, you will need to gather at least 100 of the special crystals used to purchase certain rare and unique/joke weapons for officers in the game. These weapons will normally be nearly as powerful as your characters fourth level weapons, however they gain more bonus attack by leveling the compatibility with a lower base attack VS higher base+lower bonus as the four star weapons generally have. As you play the stages on Hard/Chaos difficulty, you will acquire many more of these, especially if you do a great deal of kills of officers with your True Triple Attack as this yields more gems and sometimes crystals.

Shopping Expert
Purchased over 100 weapons.

Simply buy over 100 weapons throughout the game from the Weapons Dealer to acquire this trophy. As you progress towards the end of the game and begin collecting special weapons and the four star weapons, you will notice plenty more higher quality weapons up for sale from the dealer. Use this as an opportunity for this trophy as well as Musou Collector. You can buy any weapons you want, but makes easier to go for these as quicker than trying to acquire from battle and kills several trophies in one go. As you need to upgrade your own weapons through story for Chaos Difficulty battles, you can buy anything you think you may want to fuse together as well as another excuse to waste your gems on buying weapons.

Otherworld Extravagance
Held over 100 parties.

At the main camp, before you select a stage, go to the Teahouse here after you unlock it during the story progression, and hold over 100 parties for this trophy. Parties are useful in bonding your officers together and results in some unique dialogue as well. Simply use any spare gems you're not spending on weapons, to bond any officers(even if it doesn't boost anyone, still counts towards this trophy) and in time you will acquire the trophy.

Master of Battle
Cleared a stage without taking any damage.

For this trophy, you must complete a battle without being harmed at all. This means not a single arrow or musket shot or any enemies attacking your and even that you can't harm yourself by walking into fires should there be a situation during a stage. Try to use a team consisting of one of the ninjas for quick speed and then someone at least like Keiji for a wider area attack. Musashi also helps greatly with his dual swords and quick attacks that chain very easily. Battle of Tong Gate, REDUX or normal doesn't matter, and run straight for Cao Pi. Take down any generals you need to to open the gates but keep moving always and rush through hordes of soldiers and move on.

Keep an eye out for archers and gunners when going for this trophy as they can easily get a sneak shot off and ruin the whole battle so if you encounter any of them, Interim save really quickly so you have a reload point in case you take any damage. If you think you might get hit, use your trinity attack and rush through the enemies this way. Also, setting all enemies to foot soldiers or another type can also make this trophy easier in Musou battlefields so take that route if you are constantly having trouble.

Musou Warrior
Achieved 3,000 K.O.s.

For this trophy, you will need to kill over 3,000 enemy soldiers during one battle. Same methods as when going for Musou Fighter, just now you need triple that amount. Pick a stage that you don't mind playing and farming kills on that you know will have enough to fight, such as the Battle of Yuo Castle, as it has tons of enemies and can easily reach this goal without too much effort or a lot of allies to worry about. Just run through killing all soldiers and officers you see, while leaving the gate captains alive so more enemy troops will spawn. Also near the enemy HQ, plenty of enemies will hang around there and spawn for you to kill. Helpful tip is to save periodically throughout the battles you're trying this on in case something should turn array, like you die or commander gets in trouble so you won't have to start all over again. This trophy will probably come easily through simply playing the game if you like killing everyone before completing a level, but if not then you will have a bit of work on your hands.

Musou Dilettante
Obtained every equippable item.

To obtain this trophy, you simply need to acquire all items throughout the game, normal and rare items. There are ten normal items that can be acquired from defeating officers and dropped or from breaking open crates throughout different stages. Also, aside from these ten items, there are 22 more items that can only be acquired on specific battles by completing certain objectives on Hard/Chaos difficulty setting. After you have obtained all 32 items this game offers, you will achieve this trophy.

Normal Items

  • Phoenix Wing - Increases Max HP
  • Dragon's Spleen - Increases Max Musou
  • Lion's Fang - Increases Attack
  • Chimera Shell - Increases Defense
  • Charm of Alacrity - Increases Speed
  • Spear of Sacrifice - Increases Attack Significantly, but reduces Defense
  • Shield of Sacrifice - Increases Defense Significantly, but reduces Attack
  • Mystic's Brace - Increases Proficiency gain
  • Amulet of Protection - Decrease Damage taken from Enemy Officers
  • Tengjia Armor - Decrease Damage taken from Projectile Attacks

Rare Items

To obtain the rare items, you must achieve the required amount of KOs on a specific level while having on your team at least one of the required officers. You do NOT have to use the officer, only required for them to be on the team as you play so you are free to obtain the kills as any other character. Also, you MUST play on the Hard or Chaos difficulty setting. Keep in mind that if you are playing CO-OP while going for these, to make sure that you get your kills to collect the item. Unsure how the second player would factor in, but I know the first player getting kills will get the rare item as long as he has one of the officers listed on the team. Kills are NOT shared so all must be done by one or the other for it to count. The item will spawn nearby the player and sometimes you'll auto collect it but look around for a item box when you hit the KO mark required.

Prayer Beads -
Stage: Chapter 1 Battle of Yi Ling
Officers: Da Ji and Keiji Maeda
KO: 2,000

Spirit Armor -
Stage: Chapter 1 Battle of Ueda Castle
Officers: Nobunaga Oda, Taishi Ci, Kanetsugu Naoe, and Dian Wei
KO: 1500 kills

Musou Magatama -
Stage: Chapter 1 Battle of Dongkou
Officers: Sun Wukong, Sima Yi, Mitsuhide Akechi, Sima Shi, Nene, and Lu Meng
KO: 1500 kills

Raiment of Unrest -
Stage: Chapter 1 Battle of Shouchun
Officers: Zhang Liao, Sima Shao, Huang Gai, Fu Xi, Kenshin Uesugi, and Kotaro Fuma
KO: 1000 kills

Iron Gauntlets -
Stage: Chapter 1 Battle of Nagashino
Officers: Zhou Tai
KO: 1000 kills

Musou Armor -
Stage: Chapter 1 Battle of Odawara Castle
Officers: Wang Yuanji
KO: 1500 kills

Eight Hand Mirror -
Stage: Chapter 2 Battle of Hasedo
Officers: Kunoichi
KO: 2000 kills

Gold Gauntlets -
Stage: Chapter 2 Battle of Kyushu
Officers: Sun Shangxiang
KO: 1500 kills

Demon Mask -
Stage: Chapter 2 Battle of Nan Zhong
Officers: Xiahou Ba
KO: 1500 kills

Vestment of Voidance -
Stage: Chapter 2 Battle of Anegawa
Officers: Huang Zhong, Guo Huai, Masamune Date, and Dodomeki
KO: 2000 kills

Gauntlets of Vitality -
Stage: Chapter 2 Battle of Mt Ding Jun
Officers: Nouhime, Zhao Yun, and Gyuuki
KO: 1500 kills

Gauntlets of Malice -
Stage: Chapter 2 Battle of Xuchang
Officers: Guan Yu and Hanzo Hattori
KO: 1000 kills

Tome of Medicine -
Stage: Chapter 2 Battle of Sekigahara
Officers: Ranmaru Mori, Zhang Fei, and Benkei
KO: 1000 kills

True Vision -
Stage: Chapter 2 Battle of Luoyang
Officers: Dong Zhuo, Zhuge Liang, and Hideyoshi Toyotomi
KO: 1000 kills

Iron Armor -
Chapter 3 Battle of Tong Gate
Officers: Motonari Mori, Liu Bei, and Susano
KO: 1000 kills

Rabbitskin Leggings -
Stage: Chapter 3 Battle of Yangping
Officers: Nezha, Diao Chan, Tadakatsu Honda, and Aya
KO: 1000 kills

Sun Tzu's Art of War -
Stage: Chapter 3 Battle of Shizugatake
Officers: Zhen Ji, Lu Bu, Ina, Shuten Doji, and Masanori Fukushima
KO: 1500 kills

Pleiades Belt -
Chapter 3 Battle of Changban
Officers: Xiao Qiao, Ryu Hyabusa, Bao Sanniang, and Ieyasu Tokugawa
KO: 1000 kills

Matsukaze Saddle -
Stage: Chapter 3 Battle of Honoji
Officers: Musashi Miyamoto, Mitsunari Ishida, and Ayane
KO: 1500 kills

Red Hare Saddle -
Stage: Chapter 3 Battle of Fan Castle
Officers: Xu Huang, Wang Yi, Joan of Arc, and Kojiro Sasaki
KO: 1500 kills

Bear Saddle -
Stage: Chapter 3 Battle of Yamazaki
Officers: Zhang He, Nemea, Guo Jia
KO: 1000 kills

Elephant Saddle -
Stage: Chapter 3 Battle of Hu Lao Gate
Officers: Yukimura Sanada, Achilles, and Orochi
KO: 1500 kills

Slave of Sound
Listened to all the music.

To acquire this trophy, simply begin by completing all Battles throughout the story mode. Completing each one will usually unlock a specific sound, such as Trinity sounds when you finally meet with Nemea during the game or any instance such as this. Once you have completed all battles, battle redux levels, and side levels for officers you've bonded together, you should have acquired all sounds as there's nothing special needed to obtain any. Do keep in mind that not all stages will unlock a sound, so don't think you're missing something.

Each stage will have a specific sound for the area, like Tong Gate and He Fei Castle. By trying to complete every stage you will eventually acquire this if you've done one battle at least for every area. Also, getting killed will have it's own music so you will need to lose if you've completed all stages and still yet to acquire this trophy after the endings.

Music Required
  • Musou Battlefield Music - Obtained by creating and playing a custom battlefield stage
  • Unique Battle Music - Obtained through playing every stage of the game
  • Victory Music - Obtained by completing a stage
  • Game Over Music - Obtained by dying during a stage and seeing the Game Over screen

Veteran Warrior
Entered battle over 100 times with any one officer.

To achieve this trophy, you will need to complete 100 battles with the same character. Is very easy since you play with a team of three characters from the game, so you can easily switch out two for characters you want to play as and use the third to simply be there for each battle. After you have completed the 100th fight using them, the trophy will unlock.

As you play through each battle during the story mode and unlock your favorite character/strongest character, try to play through using them as much as possible and keep them on the team. This will make this trophy that much quicker and less later on of a chore and grind as you play. Also try to use this same character on the Chaos run, even if you don't want to use them until you acquire the trophy.

Mission Master
Completed more than 10 missions in one battle.

To achieve this trophy, you will need to play a battle where 10 missions are available and complete at least 10 of them. Easiest area to accomplish this is during the ending battles of Chapter Four. Play one of the versions and accept all missions. Complete them all and then finish the battle to achieve your trophy. Make sure to play as officers not in the battle so they will be on your army team and offer the missions as if you are playing them, they won't be there to offer it for you. Also note, that most of the battles will contain more missions on harder difficulty settings so keep in mind if you aren't seeing enough to complete.

A Kaleidoscope of Time
Unlocked all wallpaper.

To achieve this trophy, you will need to unlock all characters and all wallpapers for each one. Every character in the game will have two wallpapers, one of which is default one unlocked when the character becomes available during the story when you first unlock them.

The second wallpaper is unlocked when you reach S Proficiency with the character... meaning you will need to reach S proficiency with every character in the game for this trophy. Sound advice is to go for this on each character as you go to unlock costumes and play through the story. Simply use a certain character on your team while playing through on your first run of the game until you have their wallpapers each unlocked. Afterward switch them out for another you are going for or trying to level up.

Also, there are three wallpapers that unlock that are game related and not for any certain characters. These will be unlocked thorugh completion of the game and achieving the True Ending, by completing all other stages and unlocking all possible officers.

The Dandy Captain
Unlocked all costumes.

This trophy will be achieved when you have unlocked all characters and obtained all costumes for each one. Costumes are unlocked by playing as a character and raising their proficiency. It's random for different characters but achieving S proficiency will all characters is quickest way to obtain it. Simply play as each character on a quick level with tons of enemies such as Chapter Three, Battle of Tong Gate (any level really works though) and as the battle ends, it will tell you if you unlocked other characters, sounds, costumes, etc.

Not all characters have will have four costumes, however, most will have a maximum of four, a select few like Orochi having more than this. New characters such as Susanoo, Ryu Hyabusa, or Ayane will only have the preset 2 outfits. All main characters from the series will have four outfits, two needing be unlocked. Typically the extra costumes are alternate colors or a variant character design such as Zhou Tai from Dynasty Warriors 4 costume for his 3rd outfit.

The Flame of Hope
Cleared Chapter 1 in Story Mode.

Story Related. You will achieve this trophy when you have completed all story levels during Chapter One. This will be fulfilled when you complete the Battle of Odawara Castle. In order to reach this battle, you will need to complete various other story missions, including two preceding Battles of Souchun & Nagashino. On the story level select time-line, a new path of levels will become available underneath the Chapter Two banner.

A Hidden Smile
Cleared Chapter 2 in Story Mode.

Story Related. You will achieve this trophy when you complete all story levels during Chapter Two. This is fulfilled by completing the Battle of Yuo Yang and having captured Shuten Doji during the story for assistance in the plight of the Hydra demon. During this battle, you will have to fight one of the heads of the Hydra, also obtaining Banner of Victory, and take down a risen Orochi.

To defeat the Hydra head, take down all enemies nearby the laser canon in the battle and fire away with for normal Gatling Gun fire and : for a charged laser blast. You will see a cutscene during the fight at which point, Shuten Doji will use some of his energy to super charge the canon inability it to repel the Hydra head, however spawning Orochi in the process. Defeat him as you normally would another officer commander to complete the battle and Chapter.

Unwavering Hope
Cleared Chapter 3 in Story Mode.

Story Related. You will achieve this trophy when you have completed all story levels during Chapter Three. You will need to play the Battle of Chengdu and the Battle of Hulao Gate first, and upon completing these battles, will open up the Battle for Osaka Castle where you can unlock LuBu and ultimately save him from Nezha. After completing these battles, you will unlock more options in Chapter Four and be ready for the "Slaying of the Hydra" Battle.

Changing the Past
Cleared all 10 Redux stages.

You will achieve this trophy when you have cleared each of the Redux stages unlocked through playing the story of the game. These will be a alternate time version in which you can save certain warriors from catastrophe during the game. Each will become available as you play and talk to your officers that mention the defeated warriors from the areas(Known by the cutscene of their death during select stages). They will open a new level to which you can play to help alter the events from happening again when you replay the level. After clearing and completing the new objectives, you will unlock the Redux version of the battles where you can save the said officer.

List of Redux Stages and Alternate Stage Completion Requirements.

  • Diversion at Mt Xingshi - Jiang Wei REDUX

  • Heroes of Komaki-Nagakute - Magoichi REDUX
  • Retreat from Mt. Niutou - Lu Meng - REDUX
  • Rescue at Dongkou - Musashi Miyamoto REDUX

  • Rescue at Taoshui - Lianshi REDUX
  • Battle of Tetoriagawa - Huang Zhong REDUX
  • Defense of Jie Ting - Mitsuhide Akechi REDUX

  • Breakthrough at Guan Zong - Dian Wei REDUX
  • Liberation of Luo Castle - Guo Jia REDUX
  • Siege of Tong Gate - Diao Chan REDUX

Banner of Victory
Defeated the Hydra

Story Related. You will achieve this trophy during the Chapter Two story Battle of Luo Yang where you battle a single head of the Hydra. Defeat it as mentioned for completing Chapter Two trophy ... Simply use the canon located in the mission, for normal Gatling Gun fire and : for a charged laser blast. After defeating the Hydra, and finishing Orochi, you obtain the trophy during the level completion menus.

As you fight the Hydra using the Yashio'ori cannon, take note of the way he moves his head and when it begins charging up for a fireball attack. Too many blasts and the cannon will be destroyed, however as the Hydra blasts you, aim and shoot the fireballs to destroy them.

The Slaying of the Hydra - Chapter Four Battle Tips
During this fight when you're ready to proceed forward and destroy the Hydra, you will need to take down all 8 of it's heads. You will have four different cannons, positioned around the area so go from cannon to cannon if it destroys them. You will fail if all are destroyed during this battle, so be careful. If one is near being destroyed, you can hit to get off of it and run away a bit so the Hydra will aim at your character just before he attacks and he won't attack the cannons unless you are manning one.

As you near the last four heads or so, they will stay constantly glowing red, meaning they are powered up and will shoot two blasts at once. Be careful of this and save cannon fire from overheating for when the hydra shoots at you. Wait to use the big blast for when he's stunned, which you can tell by the glowing purple and it will hang his head. If you aim just right as you stun one of the heads and it screams at the sky, you can take down a larger section of health when you shoot.

When you reach the final head of the Hydra, it will glow blue and have a single more powerful blast, but is even easier to avoid by aiming very low when he blasts you and firing back. Repeat the steps for the other heads and you will complete the stage when you destroyed it.

Note: Most of the cannons are positioned very close by the Hydra so it makes it difficult to destroy it's blasts while powered up. Use the Western most cannon towards the end as it is easier defensible.

First Design
Cleared a battlefield created using Musou Battlefields.

To achieve this trophy, you simply need to play and complete any battlefield that was created using Musou Battlefields mode. This is done, by either editing and saving a stage yourself OR by downloading a stage someone else has designed and posted online. Easiest way to achieve offline is to simply take any level you've completed and edit one simple thing in it and complete it. Just play a short battle and run straight for the commander if applicable, though you can go all out and make a new level if you desire, instead of just using this feature for the trophy.

First Forge
Upgraded a weapon using Weapon Fusion

You will obtain this trophy after you have upgraded a weapon from any two weapons you have found from the Weapons Dealer during story mode.He will be available immediately after you complete the Prologue battle and be positioned directly in front of where you character will normally be standing when you load up Story mode or return to camp from a battle. Simply use two weapons from one of the first few characters and choose to upgrade it by selecting which weapon you want to keep basic form of and attributes of and combine it when any other weapon. You will be asked to select which slots/attributes you want to add or remove from your weapon and then finalize this by pressing and accept it. The second weapon used will be destroyed and any attributes thrown away that you didn't choose to keep and merge.

Keep in mind that when you upgrade and merged multiple swords like this, that only the compatibility will be kept of the original weapon but anything not chosen from the secondary one is destroyed and can't be returned.

First Purchase
Purchased a weapon.

This trophy will be obtained when you have purchased any weapon from the Weapons Dealer, located in the Main Camp section of the free/story modes. Simply speak with the weapons merchant and buy any weapon from him. Simply as that for the trophy.

Traversing Time
Returned to the past using Kaguya's power.

Story Related. You will achieve this trophy after you have completed the Prologue battle and then enter the warp portal of Kaguya's in the Camp during Story Mode. This time warp is located behind the Weapons Dealer and across the small bridge in the camp. This will enable you to fight in past battles to change time so that your allies will be alive to help face the threat of the Hydra and save the world.

Joining Hands
Cleared a stage using either online play or 2-player mode.

For this trophy, simply play any battle on the game with either an online co-op friend playing or offline split screen. Simply use two controllers if you can't play online or don't want to, and don't have someone else to play. Use the second player's team to move and hide out in main base until enemies come after you and quickly make work of the enemy commanders.

Reaching Beyond
Purchased a weapon using crystals.

To acquire this trophy, you will need to buy one of the Big Star level weapons from the Weapons Dealer at the camp. All of these will require a number of crystals, beginning ones being around 2-4 crystals required. You will obtain these crystals through defeating generals, most often from the main commander during play of the game. You will see more crystal drops on harder difficulties so keep in mind, but you will still see occasional drops on Normal and even some on Easy later in the game. Simply gather around 24,000 gems and 2-3 crystals and take a look through the Weapons Dealers merchandise.

Most of these weapons will be the same between characters, however only the character you purchase it for can use it. Also, look out for the joke weapons here as they are similar to their big main weapons, but as name suggest are more for humor. They will still become more powerful through use and compatibility increase if you happen to prefer a joke weapon to another Big Star one.

The Mead of Life
Held a party.

For this trophy, you will need to unlock the Teahouse option in the main camp of the free/story modes. The camp will become upgraded and this party feature available after you have completed all main story missions in Chapter One. Complete the Battle of Odawara Castle and then speak with the teahouse lady, near the right side of camp. At first, you will have only one option for a certain type of party, however as the story progress different ones will also unlock for your use.

These parties are used to boost up the Bond System between companions you've unlocked and the more parties you have with certain players, the quicker their bonds will increase. Parties will increase the bonds differently based on which type you select. Range from 25 bond through 75 or more. However, keep in mind that it will raise the levels of all generals only to the character you've chosen to roam around camp as. You will need to switch out characters to increase this for certain ones.

Different parties will become available at the Teahouse as you progress through the story and the camp is expanded.
  • First option increases all officers to your current character by a small amount(25)
  • Second option increases all officers by a moderate amount(50)
  • Third option will increase all officers by a larger amount(90)
  • The final option, also the cheapest at 3,000 gems, increases one officer to your current character by 150 points. 2 bond increases and then play a level with the character/complete a mission for them and it will increase to the next level. Repeat for the next level and once more afterward for the Max Bond level.

Firm Bonds
Raised the bonds of one pair of officers to its maximum.

For this trophy, you will need to max level your bonds between any two characters. There are three levels of bonds you can increase your officers and it will change the relationship they have between one another resulting in different conversations and sometimes gifts at higher levels. Simply max all three levels and they will have the max bond between one another.

Bonds can be raised in several ways: Parties, Stage Missions, & by using both officers during a battle. Simply when at the camp, go to the Tea Party NPC and pay to hold one of the several types of parties listed. These parties will cost a portion of your gems and as you progress through the story, you will gain more options that will result in higher bond increases. Keep in mind that the higher the party costs, the more it will increase the bonds of your officers, but it will only increase them for the character you have chosen to be in the camp at that time. All bonds with that officer will increase by the same amount, ie. 25, 50, or 90 dependent on the cost of party as mentioned. Also, take mind of you must play as the officers in a battle to progress past the threshold of each level of bond and parties will only raise to the limit of the level. After you play a battle or achieve missions for the individual, you can again raise the bond level to the next level through parties .

Taking missions during stages for officers will raise your bond with them as the characters you are using on a team as well. So keep in mind for bonds you want made, to play stages where those officers are in case they offer you a mission so you can raise them much quicker and cheaper than paying for parties constantly. Whoever your team consists of will also have slight raises in bonds the more you play together during stages so try to mix them up to increase many bonds at once.

Certain stages for unlocking characters will also only be obtained through bonding between certain characters so keep eye for these as they unlock from talking with officers at the camp. Simply after battles, speak to any officers standing near each other in camp and most often a battle can be unlocked this way. You only need to increase the bonds between the sets of officers for the stages to the first level. Use parties or any method you find easiest and then play a battle with them. On the stage select screen it will provide you the information needed for unlocking the levels so check there periodically.

List of Stages Unlocked & Bonds Required
  • Battle of Guan Zong - Bonds between Sima Yi and Masamune Date

  • Battle of Jie Ting - Bonds between Xing Cai & Keiji Maeda
  • Battle of Mt Xingshi - Bonds between Ginchhiyo Tachibana, Xiao Qiao, & Sun Shangxiang
  • Battle of Taoshui - Bonds between Goemon Isikawa and Hideoyoshi Toyotomi

  • Battle of Jiange - Bonds between Jia Xu and Motonari Mori
  • Battle of Mikatagahara - Bonds between Lianshi, Lu Meng, & Masanori Fukushima
  • Chaos at Tetorigawa - Bonds between Zuo Ci, Benkei, & Xu Huang
  • Purge of Nan Zhong - Bonds between Zhu Rong Meng Huo and Zhang He
  • Battle of Liang Province - Bonds between Liu Shan & Guan Suo

Experienced Controller
Used all mountable siege weapons.

To acquire this trophy, you simply need to use each of the five siege weapons located in the game. For several of the battles, you will need to use them anyways, however no mission requires use of the "juggernaut" weapon so you may pass this trophy by. As you play simply use a weapon when you see it even if you don't have to and then when you reach the last battle of Chapter Two, Battle of Luo Yang, you will use a cannon called the Yashio'ori. Man it and you should have this trophy. If you don't, then replay some of the battles listed below to find which one you may have missed. In the Battle of Tetorigawa, you will encounter most of the siege weapons, minus the normal cannon and the Yashio'ori laser cannon.
  • Arbalest - Found during Prologue stage (Must use during Hydra fight), Chapter One: Battle of Tetorigawa
  • Catapult Weapon (Fixed/Mobile versions)- Found during Chapter One: Battle of Tetorigawa (Must use to destroy locked gate) & Battle of Yi Ling REDUX
  • Juggernaut (Optional for all Battles)- Found during Chapter One: Battle of Tetorigawa
  • Cannon - Found during Chapter Three: Battle of Osaka Castle(Have to use it to destroy section of wall)
  • Yashio'ori Cannon (Story Weapon) - Found during Chapter Three: Battle of Luo Yang & Battle of Hu Lao Gate, Chapter Four: Slaying of the Hydra

Musou Fighter
Achieved 1000 K.O.s.

During a battle, simply kill over 1,000 enemies to achieve this trophy. Keep an eye on the KO count as you fight and once you kill this amount, another general will commend you and your character should say some special tag line like "I'm a True Warrior of the Three Kingdoms". You will probably achieve this on most every level you play as long as you go for most of the enemy soldiers and generals throughout. Even on the Prologue level, it's possible to achieve this as the enemies will never stop coming after you but try it on any level through the game, story, free mode, or battlefields as it will count regardless.

Blinding Speed
Cleared a stage in under 5 minutes.

Simply finish a battle in under 5 minutes to acquire this trophy. This is easier said than done, however, as most stages require you help allies and have locked gates to the enemy commander until you've lured away enemies or accomplished some extra feet. Most levels even done quickly will run about 8-10 minutes alone, but with co-op can be taken down faster even killing all enemies before completing the battle. You can also edit any battlefields throughout Musou Battlefield mode and edit a level to take far less time and the enemies much less challenge if you are finding difficulty in accomplishing this trophy.

Easiest level for this is Chapter Three, Battle of Tong Gate. You have plenty of time to run simply for Cao Pi, the commander, and defeat him before any main allies are put in danger and on easy difficulty is a breeze. Simply play as some more leveled characters on your team and maybe Hanzo or Kunoichi for a speed character and run straight for him, taking down some generals for the missions if you want, but keep an eye on the timer to not get too side tracked.

Dancing of the Blade
Successfully performed a combo of 1000 or more.

Simply perform a combo of 1,000 hits or more. For this trophy, choose a battle where there are many enemies and generals around and choose normal difficulty so they will have some more life and defense. Also, equip items like the "Shield of Sacrifice" which will raise your defense, however, lowers attack so they will survive a bit longer. Use a team consisting of a wide area attack and some ranged spread attacks to have some extra hits aside from the enemy you may be facing. A good battle to try this on is Battle of Tong Gate as plenty of enemies and they constantly are bunched together for good chains, especially near the main enemy camp.

Go to a large mass of enemies, possibly nearby a gate so they will continually stream out if you don't kill too many too fast and start the combo. Using a team of Keiji Meada(+ combo attack), Ayane(for stationary Musou that continually hits all enemies surrounding), & anyone else you like their combos with(used Ryu or Kunoichi just to switch attack into and then musuo for Kunoichi). Ayane's Musou alone is often enough for me without even trying to get into the several hundred combos with ease, but when mixed with a Musou max for ten seconds temp item, you can reach several thousand no problem especially if have a chain of combos already going before you hit it.

Also, if you want the enemies less aggressive, after you complete so many story battles and obtain the Level attribute for soldiers, Enemies Aggression Down, you can make and edit a level through Musou Battlefields and change the enemies to all be archers or any other type and set them so they won't be so aggressive.

Your character will be able to constantly chain attacks, even through getting hit as long as you aren't knocked away or down so keep in mind. As you near the 1,000 combo, try to use your True Triple Attack move or a Musou that may have a wide area if you're sure you can take it down as many of these will result in a few hundred hit combo if in a large enough crowd. Also, make use of the character switch attack with & .

Overwhelming Victory
Obtained over 10,000 EXP in a single battle.

You will obtain this trophy most likely through normal play as even on easy difficulties 10,000 EXP is normal if you go after many enemy foot soldiers and most of the generals. Many times in levels it's required for you to save your allies as they will be surrounded forcing you to fight extra enemies instead of running for the enemy commander for the win.

Blinding Light
Used a True Triple Attack.

To acquire this trophy, you will need to use a True Triple Attack move, by first filling up the blue bar underneath and to the side of the characters' health bar. This bar is filled normally through attacks and switch attack combos with your three member teams. As you land hits, simply select either or to change your character and continue attacking to further this chain. The team will switch characters and stay in constant motion as long as you continually tap or for attacks.

After you have filled the bar up which will happen through normal play of the game, simply select BOTH & buttons simultaneously to perform the Triple Attack move. They will all three begin attack enemies together and you can switch between them for more combos here as time slows and damage dealt to enemies is greater. Also, you will become invincible as the moves lasts until the bar is finished. Where they will do a short cutscene animation of attacking all enemies you struck during the triple move and then a blast will shoot up in between eradicating all life most times. Very powerful move used most effectively when surrounded by soldiers and generals alike or in case you are nearly killed and need a get away or some extra damage to neutralize an enemy.

Successfully completed a mission.

You will achieve this trophy by completing any mission throughout a level and then finishes the battle. On the battle information screen where you can set up your team's weapons and items, view allied/enemy army information, etc, you will have an option to "Accept Mission". Select this and choose any missions listed here from your allied officers to complete during the battle. Simply during the first Battle of Yi Ling during the story play, accept and complete any missions granted to you and finally finish the mission to achieve the trophy.

Different stages will also have a variety of missions available throughout the game. These will range from defeat 3 officers to defeat 600+ enemies but will vary dependent on the stage and difficulty or by which characters you have selected on your team. As if Kunoichi were an ally, she may grant a mission to kill 3 officers within the first ten minutes of battle, BUT if you have her on your team, then you will not be granted this mission at the time. Simply keep in mind if one mission seems different upon replaying a stage.

Perfect Partner
Raised compatibility of a weapon to maximum.

For this trophy, you will need to select a weapon with a character and raise the compatibility meter to MAX. This is accomplished with time through simple battling with the character and weapon. However, if you upgrade anything, make sure the weapon your are trying to raise it's compatibility is the base weapon your are keeping as if you created a new weapon, this meter will use the other weapon instead and the compatibility will NOT transfer over as slots and attributes will if you chose them.

Grand Purchase
Purchased a weapon that cost over 10,000 gems.

Simply talk to the Weapon's Dealer and buy a weapon that has a cost greater than 10,000 gems to acquire this trophy. Most weapons will be far under this amount, however, all Big Star weapons near the bottom of the list will cost between 20,000-30,000 gems. Just as you play, look out for them and when you have the opportunity buy one for a character. You'll note that most will have a much lower attack than the characters' third and fourth weapons, but this is made up in the attack bonus as it goes up more than normal weapons to even out this.

You will also need crystals to purchase all of these, so play through battles until you have acquired the amount you need as they are obtained randomly through defeating generals. For more information on crystals, read Reaching Beyond.


  • Many thanks to Tecmo-Koei for releasing this game outside of Japan for all of their fans to play and enjoy. Much appreciated for all their works in other games as well.
  • Epic thanks ThunderStick as well for the awesome banner created for this trophy guide .
  • Additionally, I would like to throw a thanks out to Bodigard for his various input and conversations pertaining to this game and for playing it alongside me.

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