Warriors: Legends of Troy is a hack and slash action game based upon the events of the Trojan War and the tale of the Illiad. Game starts similar to history(or least to the Illiad) with rival nations, Sparta and Troy forming a truce together. Ofcourse, that would suck and make for a not interesting story about a great war if things were that easy sooooo Paris, who was tricked by the gods falls in love with Helen, the most beautiful woman alive and likewise her with him as caused by Aphrodite. So the Trojans return home, Paris bringing Helen who was also the wife of the King of Sparta, Menelaus with them. This doesn't settle well with him so he gets his brother Agamemnon and his army of Greek forces to travel the seas and invade Troy. This begins the tale of the Trojan War and is the setting for Warriors.


Players: 1
Online Trophies: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No. NOTE: Cheats are unlocked by completing every chapter on same difficulty. See Tips section for more detail.
Estimated Time to Platinum: 70+ Hours
Platinum Difficulty: 6/10 (Challenges and Expert difficulty can be rough, but made easier with items unlocked through game; time consuming)
Minimum Playthroughs: 4 (Easy, Normal, Hard, and Expert - Unlock Helen artworks through every difficulty completion on each chapter)
Collectible Trophies: N/A
Missable Trophies: No; Chapter Select
Glitched Trophies: N/A

Additionally, many credits to Bonobo for some tips.
Thanks to Kevinnummer for the Trophy Guide Banner as well.



[top]Tips & Strategies

For starters, the side objections may seem very easy on some levels, while others, you think you completed everything, but upon completion of the level, it still continues to say that you missed something. Check everywhere on each chapter map when you play through. Sometimes all a matter of a group of soldiers or civilians that need to be saved or certain enemies that need to be killed to unlock a new objective to complete.

Also, take your time on harder difficulties and try to map down the timing early on for the perfectly timed attacks, least until you unlock the items that give you "always perfect attacks" and such.

Cheat Codes
There are four unlockable cheats in Warriors: Legends of Troy. Will list briefly what they do if needed and how to unlock them. These will not affect the trophies in any way.

Super Strength: Complete all chapters on Easy difficulty. Simple enough..You get extra strength in all your attacks with this.

Big Head Mode: Complete all chapters on Normal difficulty. Again, self explanatory, all enemies and allies with have big heads. Homage to old games where this was a normality of cheats to be entered just as some fun. No real benefit, but what they hey.

Dead in one Hit-With Double Money: Complete all chapters on Hard difficulty. You'll be killed in on hit, but receive double money for everything. This could be used to help with completing a chapter without taking any damage as extra precaution to keep yourself form playign to end of chapter only to be pissed to get no trophy.

Infinity Ammo: Complete all chapters on Expert difficulty. This lets you keep an enemy's weapon even after throwing it so you can keep throwing same weapons constantly.


First Playthrough, begin the game playing on Easy difficulty and complete all chapters of the story straight through, while achieving as many trophies for specific boss events, collecting all side objectives, killing enemies, etc.

Next Playthrough, you should go through every chapter on Normal completing and clearing up anything else you missed while still trying to perfect all your attacks and gain as much Kleos as possible to buy all items later on.

Third Playthrough, play on Hard to unlock more cheats, kleos, and complete other trophies.

Final Playthrough, set the difficulty to Expert for final playthrough(minus any additional chapter completions). On this playthrough, complete every objective and any bonus events that occur in each level. You need to complete all objectives atleast on Expert for 100% of the additional items to be unlocked.

After this, you will want to clean up any chapter trophies you have left and try to obtain as many Kleos as possible to purchase remaining items. You will need to complete the Challenges as well during this time and made easiest after obtaining items from game completion on Expert difficulty.


Legendary Status
Earn all of the trophies in Warriors: Legends of Troy.

Achieve all other trophies in the game to obtain Legendary Status.

From Paris with Honor
Defeat Menelaos in a duel for the hand of Helen.

Story Related. During the game, you will have to play as Paris on a chapter and duel with Menelaos, the victor obtaining Helen. Simply duel him as you would anyone else and trophy will pop when you have defeated him.

Where Is Your God Now?
Bring down the statue of Apollo.

Story Related. As Achilles, you will be faced with the statue of Apollo brought to life to kill you for desecrating his temple. During the fight you will have to dodge giant statue kicks and swings... along with facing zombie warriors brought back to life as well. Defeat this statue and you will achieve this trophy.

I'm Too Old for This Shi...p.
Escort Agamemnon to the Greek ships.

Story Related. During the game, you will have to start off by escorting Agamemnon back to his ship as he's been injured and surrounded by Trojan forces. Simply kill all the enemies in your path and don't leave Agamemnon behind. Once he's back safe at his ship, you will achieve this trophy.

Cry Me a River!
Escape Skamandros.

Story Related. As Achilles, during the story you will have to escape the Skamandros river basin area. This is simply a walk up a long river bed full of endless zombies. Lots and lots of zombies.

Knock, Knock!
Open the gates of Troy for the Greek army.

Story Related. Nearing the end of the game, when the Greeks trick the Trojans into thinking they fled and left a offering of the Trojan Horse, you will have to play out the sequence of events that lead to the defeat of Troy. Chapter starts with Oddysseus attempting to open the gates of Troy for the army of Greek forces to enter. Simply make your way to the gate near beginning, kill enemies that get in your way and open the gates to achieve this trophy.

Farewell, Troy...
Complete the game on any difficulty.

Story Related. Simply complete all chapters of the game on any difficulty to achieve this trophy.

That Wasn't Too Hard...
Complete the game on Hard or Expert difficulty.

Complete all chapters on Hard or Expert difficulty to achieve this trophy.

I'm Really Good at Action Games.
Complete the game on Expert difficulty.

Complete all chapters on Expert difficulty to achieve this trophy.

Perform a 6-hit combo of Perfectly-Timed Quick Attacks on enemies.

To achieve this trophy, you are going to need to be very careful with a 6 hit combo and make sure every swing connects with an enemy and is perfectly timed. Make sure you notice some hero's attacks leave a kinda glow through the air if they are perfectly time, so watch for that and keep trying on a large group of enemies to ensure you connect with every hit. No other real tips, other than just keep practicing and trying and it will come eventually.

NOTE: As you complete different goals throughout the game, such as completing it on Expert difficulty, you will have access to other items that can help you in achieving perfect swings, unblockable attacks, etc. So keep this in mind if you just simply can't manage to achieve this trophy.

I Love Items!
Buy 10 items.

Simply buy 10 items using the Kleos you get from defeating enemies and completing chapters.

There's No Escape!
Kill a fleeing enemy by throwing a picked-up weapon.

To achieve this trophy, simply pick up a fallen enemies weapon(L2 button next to glimmering items on the ground around dead warriors) and then throw it at an enemy running away. Hold L1 button to lock on and then hit triangle button to throw. Some characters have throwing knives already but you must use a weapon picked up from someone.

They See Me Rollin', They Hatin'
Perform a rolling Quick Attack on an enemy from behind.

To achieve this trophy, roll behind or towards an enemy from behind(R2 button) and attack them with a standard quick attack.

Perform a parry on an enemy's parry in a duel.

This can be a little tricky to achieve right off, but later in the game when you're playing as Hector fighting Achilles... you almost have to do this parry on a parry to win. It even gives you prompts as to when to hit the R1 button to parry the attacks during one point in the duel. Otherwise, if you just can't wait for this point in the story, simply attack an enemy blocking you until he parries and parry back when he goes to swing in at you.. and the trophy is yours.

I'm Just Getting Started...
Kill 1000 enemies.

To achieve this trophy, simply kill over 1,000 enemies throughout playing the game. Definitely will rack this up easily within first few levels if you kill every enemy you come across and don't run like a coward towards end of levels. Managed it from playing Chapter One twice and then Chapter Two once. Just killed every enemy I came across and that was it.

It's over 9000!!!
What! 9000 (kills)? There's no way that can be right! Can it?

Same as with I'm Just Getting Started... only have to kill over 9,000 enemies instead throughout the game to achieve this trophy.

First Action Hero
Defeat an enemy hero.

Story Related. To achieve this trophy, defeat an enemy hero in a chapter. These are the pansies like Achilles and Hector that run about and fuck up everyone's day that you'll end up having to duel during or towards end of specific chapters.

First Blood!
Kill a special enemy.

To achieve this trophy, you have to kill special enemy. A special enemy is just a stronger kind of elite solider so to speak. In first chapter, when you're playing as Achilles.. you will come across an enemy called "The Slasher", which is a soldier with extra health and wields two swords.. Can be a pain to fight on harder difficulties if you don't have your timing and parrying down good... but easily defeated by a simple weapon throw. When you reach your first one by the end of the river you'll be walking up, grab a weapon from the dead and when you see him, just hurl it. One shot kill.

"Twentieth" Blood!
Kill 20 special enemies.

Same as First Blood! just only difference is you must kill 20 special enemies to achieve the trophy. It can honestly be the same guy killed over and over. Play chapter and replay chapter, but you will face plenty different special enemies throughout the game.

No Mercy!
Perform 20 Finishers.

To achieve this trophy, simply perform 20 finishers throughout the game. Finishers are the triangle button presses when prompted on screen to special kill most enemies. Be performed on normal enemies or generals and heros. Just watch for prompts and hit when you can.

I Like Choreography
Perform 3 different Finishers with each hero.

Each hero has different sets of finishers he can use and mostly all based on same things such as enemy stunned, heros fought in duels, enemy with back turned towards you or fleeing, etc. Just look for the Triangle button prompt when you're fighting as each hero and try to perform different moves, which sometimes are random how you will do a certain one.

Hero to Perform Finishers as

A Lot of Blood
Kill 50 enemies while in Fury.

To achieve this trophy, kill 50 enemies throughout the game using your Fury technique. This is Circle Button when your meter is full. Use this to get a power buff and if you get caught surrounded or in a jam.

A Perfect Amount of Blood
Kill 496 enemies while in Fury.

Same as with A Lot of Blood, only have to kill 496 enemies using Fury throughout the game to achieve the trophy. Not sure why 496 is the perfect amount of blood but it works.

Practice Makes Perfect
Perform 100 Perfectly-Timed Attacks on enemies.

Hard to miss this trophy, as will happen even if you're probably trying not to get it. All a matter of atleast peforming 100 perfectly timed attacks on enemies throughout the game.

Remember you can equip some items to help in order to achieve perfect attacks incase you don't achieve this trophy normally.

Now That's Just Mean...
Kill 10 fleeing enemies by throwing picked-up weapons.

Same as with There's No Escape!, only need to kill 10 fleeing pansies to achieve this trophy. Again, grab any shimmering item lying about on the ground, and hurl at your foes as they run away in fear from your might.

No Vacancy
Complete a chapter with enough items equipped to completely fill the largest item grid.

For this trophy, you will need LOTS of Kleos obtain in order to max out your item grid, and then fully decorate it with items. Each upgrade to the grid is about 10,000 more than the last upgrade... and about 4-5 upgrades sooooo yeah. Not hard, just time consuming in order to get the funds to purchase.

Zombie Homicider
Perform a Finisher on an enemy zombie.

Throughout the story, you will have to fight some zombie warriors brought back by the gods in certain battles that are either mad or trying to test your hero. The first, is the battle with Apollo's statue when playing as Achilles. During this battle, zombies are constantly assaulting your hero while a giant statue is also trying to crush you to death. Simply wait for a zombie to start coming up from the ground, run over, and press when prompted to finish it right there. Otherwise, attack and stun a zombie and finish him that way.

What a Waste...
Miss all of your attacks while in fury.

To achieve this trophy, simply activate your Fury technique and swing at nothing until it runs out. Truly a waste and this would probably get you killed later on in the game wasting in such a wasting way.

Epic Failanx
Break the shields of everyone in a phalanx without killing any of them.

Another slightly tricky trophy to achieve. Easiest I've found to play as Paris and snipe the phalanx, one by one, until everyone but the captain in the center is shield-less. Then find a way or weak spot by shuffled side to side to lure certain enemies to attack and break his. This should grant you your trophy, long as you didn't kill anyone which is the hard part. Turning up difficulty and equipping items causing more damage to enemy shields helps as well.

Stop with the Sibling Rivalry!
Do not attack Hippolyte when she comes to haunt you.

During the chapter when Hippolyte comes to haunt you for her accidental death, simply stand there and do nothing. Let her finish you off and you will achieve this trophy.

NOTE: Game will progress to next chapter in doing this so keep in mind.

By the Gods!
Kill 500 Trojans in Plague on Expert difficulty.

Simply enough, just kill over 500 enemy Trojans in the Plague chapter while playing on Expert Difficulty. No real threats early on in the level so can be easy, just keep running towards enemy spots on the map and kill them all until your trophy pops.

10-Second Knockout
Defeat an enemy hero in under 10 seconds.

Simply defeat a random enemy hero in a duel in under 10 seconds. Easiest to do on the beginning hero duels you will be involved in, so try earlier chapters and have items boosting attack damage equipped to ensure success of the trophy.

Getting Kicked Down There...
Get 5 enemy zombies kicked by the statue of Apollo.

During the fight with Apollo, let the zombies in near you as Apollo is stomping around and goud him into attack you with them nearby. They'll get kicked and smacked around and once 5 are kicked away, you will achieve this trophy.

7 of Clubs
Get 7 enemy soldiers killed by the Cyclops.

During the battle with the Cyclops, cause the deaths of 7 poor little soldiers that are trying to kill you at the club of the mighty beast before you kill it. Same as with Getting Kicked Down There... just cause the enemies to get close to you and the boss, and as he attacks you, they'll be hit instead(or as well in some cases, but counts regardless)

Hard Target
Defeat the Griffin without getting hit by any sand pillar attacks.

While playing as Paris, you will have to fight a Griffin at one point. This trophy, unlike other boss trophies before, doesn't ask you to get other enemies hit and killed by the boss, but rather that you avoid a certain attack yourself. Throughout the battle, the Griffin will summon up pillars of sand from the ground. To achieve this trophy, avoid them the best you can and if you are hit, restart checkpoint and try again. It will pop when Griffin is defeated and you avoided them all.

This Is a Non-Smoking Section
Get 3 enemy zombies hit simultaneously by Lyssa's ground smoke attack.

During the Madness chapter when Ajax thinks he's killing all his friends and is losing his mind, you'll have to face Lyssa, some shade bitch who copies herself and throws weird smoke grenade attacks constantly... along with trying to slash out your eyes from your decapitated head. Again, you will have zombies join the fight and try to kill you as well so just avoid her attacks and move around the zombies, or lure them in so her attacks hit them. Trophy will pop once 3 have been hit in a row by her smoke attacks.

Efficient Killer
Perform a Finisher on each of the 6 special enemy types.

For this trophy, you will need to kill atleast one of the 6 different special enemy types using a finisher of any kind. Simply as you fight them, try and stun one as it's near death and kill with a finisher.

List of Special Enemies
1. Slashers - enemies that dual wield the two swords and attack almost relentlessly.
2. Hunters - Enemies that dual wield the two spears normally.
3. Slayers - Huge enemies wield larger weapons. Very few throughout game so keep eye out when facing to make sure you get the finisher in
4. Guardians - Huge enemy wielding different weapons and a large shield.
5. Brutes - Huge enemy wielding clubs and a spiked shield.
6. Crushers - Huge enemy wielding a large spiked club.

Too Fast to Furious
Completely fill the maximum fury meter in under 2 minutes without using items that generate fury.

To achieve this trophy, have all your items equipped that increase your Fury meter so that it is maxed out and play a chapter with tons of enemies, almost non stop coming at you. Perform perfectly time attacks and focused attacks on them as quick as possible to fill your meter in 2 minute time allotted. Not hard, just gotta set up for it and remember that you can't use and items that help to generate the Fury faster.

The Underdog
Win a duel after entering it with critical health.

To achieve this trophy, you must defeat an enemy in a duel and enter with critical health.
Simply enter a random duel having critical health with anyone(doesn't have to be a hero) and defeat them. Can be done on Chapter One with the general directly after arrow volley. Simply get attacked enough to be brought down into red critical health, enter the battle and defeat him to achieve this trophy.

Time Extension!
Maintain your Kleos for 3 minutes during a chapter.

To achieve this trophy, you will need to maintain your Kleos rating for at least 3 full minutes during a game chapter. Play a level with endless enemies and never stop attacking them. Also, equip items that help to cause successful attacks and that stop the Kleos from going away if you are attacked and you will achieve trophy easily. Just keep moving towards enemies until you have maintained for the 3 minutes.

Miss Kleos
Achieve 350 Kleos with Penthesilea during a chapter.

Similar to Time Extension! only, you need to achieve 350 kleos while playing as Penthesilea in a chapter. Could complete both together to make easiest time for achieving trophies. Otherwise, play as her and maintain the kleos to atleast 350 and you will obtain your trophy.

Bless You
Collect a Blessing.

To achieve this trophy, simply wander about until you see a glowing floating about light sitting in the battlefield and collect it. These are blessings and fully restore your health while also giving you several bonus Kleos. Try to get them as often as possible on harder difficulties, where as you'll probably be at lower health more of the time.

Without a Scratch
Complete a chapter without being damaged on Hard or Expert difficulty.

To achieve this trophy, you must complete a chapter without taking any damage on the Hard or Expert difficulty setting. Easiest to play Chapter One and don't waste time trying to fight off every enemy you see. Try to run for ending in a way while blocking the arrow volley and mastering the duels that you'll have to encounter. Remember to block and dodge throughout and try to not get hit. Restart from a checkpoint if you get hit and just keep trying.

Are You Tough Enough?
Complete a chapter without equipping any items on Hard or Expert difficulty.

To achieve this trophy, complete a chapter without equipping any items and have difficulty set to Hard or Expert. Easy enough to do this right from get go on Chapter One when playing as Achilles landing on the shore. Short, straightforward chapter without much to worry about and no need for items really. Just run straight through level if need be.

Gordie Howe Hat Trick
Complete the Arena, Rampage and Bloodlust challenges.

Complete the Arena, Rampage, and Bloodlust Challenges to achieve this trophy.
The only real help here for the challenges is to wait if you are struggling until you have completed the game on Expert difficulty for the items that unlock this way that make attacks always perfect and also unblockable.. along with just having more Kleos for other item upgrades.

Arena Challenge is a one on one duel with different enemies.

Rampage Challenge is simply trying to maintain as high a Kleos count as possible.

Bloodlust Challenge is trying to survive until the end of the battle with your health continually decreasing from the plague.

Here Comes A New Challenger
Reach Hektor in the Epic Bloodlust challenge within 10 minutes.

During the Epic Bloodlust Challenge, reach Hektor in under 10 minutes to achieve this trophy. Just complete this the same way you would the challenge and utilize any items that you need. Also remember the cheats if they help you for more strength or infinite items.

Epic Success
Complete the Epic Arena, Epic Rampage and Epic Bloodlust challenges.

Simply complete the Epic versions of the Arena, Rampage and Bloodlust challenges to achieve this trophy. These are simply the same challenges, just set on Expert difficulty.

Life is a Blessing
Collect all Blessings in a chapter.

For this trophy, simply get every blessing in one chapter. Try going around the map entirely almost, collecting every blessing you see.. and take every little path you come across as well. Easiest to achieve in Chapter One, as same with most other trophies, as smaller level and very straightforward. Just don't forget to turn around at the beginning of some chapters(including One) to find a blessing right at start of level.

A Lot of Time on Your Hands
Complete all secondary objectives on any difficulty.

To achieve this trophy, simply complete all secondary objectives throughout the game. You can skip around and do a few from some chapters and do others in the same chapter later, just as long as you eventually complete them all, the game will keep track of it.

NOTE: In some chapters, there are hidden side objectives so be on the look out for that. If you keep completing a level but still missing one, go back and search every inch of the level for it.. most of the time, they have different things like kill this guy here or save these people over here and you will get a new objective when you either get to a certain point in the level or get so close to them.

Face That Launched 1000 Ships
Unlock all of Helen's concept art.

You must unlock all of Helen's artwork to achieve this trophy. You achieve this by completing every chapter on every difficulty.
You do get one piece from completing the game once, then another once you fully complete every chapter again on a different difficulty from first time. Then the final piece you get from completing each chapter in the game on all four difficulties.

Items Make Games Awesome
Buy all of the items.

Simply buy every item there is on the game to achieve this trophy. Quite a few items are opened right from the beginning and some unlock from completing different chapters. Most will come from completing all the side objectives on expert. Get some items simply from completing all side objectives on any difficulty.

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