Players: 1 Player
Online Trophies: Yes, (Word Wide Warrior)
Estimated Time to Platinum: About 60+ hours (depending on skill and using the guides [night crawl, way of light], maybe 48 hours)
Minimum Playthroughs: Multiple (the least amount of playthroughs is 20)
Collectible Trophies: Yes (Food collecting, fishing, collecting moves, swords, night companions and clothing)
Missable Trophies: None, can always get it on the next playthrough.
Glitched Trophies: None yet.

[top]Tips & Strategies

1. Weapon

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2. Shortcut buttons

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3. Tips on fighting:

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4. Items help:

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5. Play differently each playthrough:

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6. Mini game tips: Night crawl, fishing, and collecting items

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7. General Tips

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[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

Exploit: Ways to make money!

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Exploit: Free items and services

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[top]Tips on obtaining style skills

In each style, there is "move list", which explains how to unlock certain attacks. These skills unlock by completing certain requirements after upgrading your style level to fit the requirments. Here I will try to list the requirements that are harder to unlock, and give tips on the best situation to unlock them.

Remember that the style doesn't have to be at level 5 to master it! Keep an eye on this, so you don't train a style you mastered already (a waste of time). Certain moves have a requirement for that style to be a certain level, so pay attention to that as well

Lose ___ amount of health or more:

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Block a _____ attack:

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Eat or drink something during battle:

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Kill an enemy on the ground:

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Kill __ amount during a spring harvest / Get __ combo hits during a spring harvest:

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Lose all vitality:

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Hit an enemy with a base hit with 250 health:

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Do ___ amount of damage with a weapon:

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Last resort:
This is time consuming, but helps on those moves you just cant get.

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Step 1: Earning easy trophies on your first playthrough

Play through this game following what ever path you like. Make sure to catch a fish, flirt, night crawl, kill a person, strengthen your sword, and kill all story characters you can to collect their sword.

Step 2: Create a sword and a different story ending

At this point, you will have some money saved from the last playthrough, as well as weapons and items. Now is the time to create a weapon! You should have some rare swords, and all you need to do is dismantle them and pick the parts you want for your custom sword. Take the time to make a sword with 3 life and death charms.

This playthrough change Dojima's destiny and Sensei's destiny. Also make sure to change fighting styles, in an attempt to level them up. Choose a separate path, in order to get different enemies, different weapons, a different story ending, and hopefully a different title.

Step 3: 3rd playthrough and beyond

Play over and over again aiming down a different path. Do all the side missions available to you (these dont progress the time of day) and just keep killing enemies to help level up your fighting styles and add kills to your weapon (and keep working towards making your weapon unbreakable). You can get lots of money from story missions.

Step 4: The way of light playthrough

You could have done this playthrough earlier if you like, but the game is much easier with a really strong weapon. Follow the correct path, and get the way of light ending.

Step 5: Clean up

Keep playing the game to grind out trophies you dont have yet, sleeping with all the story characters, and just using your money to upgrade your sword. Make sure to try hard to get different story endings and different titles. You will still probably be grinding on the mastering of different styles.

[top]Trophies (Translated from Japanese)

Platinum trophy
I won all the trophies

Collect all other trophies in this game to obtain this .

see the ending of the light of hope

English title: Happy ending
Description: Watched the "light of hope ending"

First, you need the following:

The Hospital must be OPEN.
The Casino must be CLOSED
The Language School must be OPEN.

In order to start the True/Hidden Ending Path (Light of Hope), Approach the Crowd on Day 1 with your sword drawn (this is the faster method, you can go in without your sword drawn and still get the right path)

With your sword drawn, it wil initiate a cutscene where a large explosion occurs in the crowd of people. This was the only way I could ever get on the true ending path.

> Eliminate the first wave of enemies. Speed is a non-issue here.
> You will get the cutscene where Akagi takes Laura hostage. Approach him, and when he asks what you're doing, either hit him with your sword of tell him to 'release her.' He will send 4 Parajna Members at you.

You must defeat the Parajna members within the time limit. If Akagi attacks you afterwards - you have completed it successfully! If he says you're not worth his time, you'ver failed it.

Once Akagi attacks you, do not kill him immediately! Instead, Hold R2 to free-run, and attack the two Parajna members manning the cannon. The canon is located behind you (center, facing out toward the sea, across from where the photographer/ save foreigner)

Speed does matter! Although you have a good cushion of time, dont take your time. However, once they're both dead, defeat Akagi. After you will fight the constable, then Melissa (the foreign female knight). You will then have to fight the Three Sisters.

You are now on the True Ending path.

Follow the events until Akagi Gets shot. Once akagi is shot, you need to choose the dialogue option that states Let's take him to a British hospital.

This is the only way to get the True Ending path.

Follow the events again, until Kogure says he will Kill Moro.

You will have an Event at the language school. When you get the option to talk, talk to Kogure and say, 'Let's not be hasty.' You should now be fighting Kogure instead of Moro. Attack him with only Blunt attacks, and once you have depleted him stamina, talk to him and say he is beaten.

Once again, you will follow events as-normal. Do this until you meet with J.J. on the Black Ship.

For J.J., tell him the reason he's bored is because he is staying in doors all the time. He will begin to follow you. Lead him back to the Harbor, and take him to the Sushi-Ya. Tell him it is a stimulating place.

Once you see these events, I do not believe there is any way to screw up the True-Ending path.

Final play
to play the ending

English name of this trophy: Normal Ending
Description: Played through to the ending.

This is a trophy for completing the first playthrough. As long as you didn't take the boat and run away or die, you will get a story ending and this trophy naturally.

Samurai ten thousand point
winning total score 10000 points

English title: 10,000 Points Samurai
Description: Acqured 10,000 samurai points

This will take a bit of time, but again you shouldnt worry about this and just play naturally. Each action you do gives you samurai points, which isnt visible during play so there is no real way to guage where you are. The only time you can view this number is before or after the game (after loading the game or after getting a story ending)

It might be visible in your Journal, but there is no "best" way to grind for this.

Everything you do (kill enemies, fish, complete missions, and night crawl) gives you a amount of samurai points. I believe you get better amounts of points by acting like a "honorable samurai", so try to not kick the dead, break stuff, murder the innocent, and avoid stealing.

King title
I won the title of all

English title: Title King
Description: Acquired all titles

This is one of many trophies that are a pain to obtain. The titles they are talking about are given when you complete a playthrough. Depending on your actions and choices, you will be graded on how honorable you lived. The best (and hardest) title to get is "Samurai Lord", in which you were good in everything you did, while the worst title (and another hard one) is "Heartless" in which you was a monster. There are titles in between these two, but they will come naturally.

There are 15 titles in all, and after you load your game save, you can go into records to look at the titles you already have, and the requirements to what you still need to obtain.

Should you have any questions, feel free to email

Jack up
the weapon I trained for the first time

English title: While it's hot
Description: Strengthen sword for the first time

This trophy is another easy one, as all you need is a sword and enough money.

At the blacksmith, after choosing the forge option, you will be given many choices. Go to refine, and select the sword you would like to make stronger. After picking that sword, you will be asked if you want to make it stronger (add attack power) , make it harder (more durable), or polish (fix and renew sword).

Just make it stronger and the trophy will pop.

I melted 100 pieces total weapons

English title: AlchemistDescription: Melted 100 weapons total

Melted = Extracted

At the blacksmith, located in Town, take any weapons your not using, and get them smelted into scrap metal

Talk to the blacksmith, choose forge, go down the list to extract, and choose a weapon you dont need. The smelting process can be skipped, although this will be annoying as you have to choose each weapon individually.

The best way to get this is to do the Death to Yakuza mission (get it from a constable located in the magistrate location, near the entrance of the main building (located within the walls).

This mission requires you to go to town, by the japanese gambling den. Talk to that yakuza man and let him know that the "assassin has arrived". From this point, more will spawn as you kill them. Usually the max will be 75, although i heard that depending on the crime rate, there will be less or more. After you kill them all, pick up what you can, go to the black smith to extract, then go back and pick up the rest.

As you can only hold 10 weapons in the sack (and 3 equipted) i just dismantled everything i picked up, and extracted what ever i didnt do that to.

This is good prep work for the "create your own sword". The reason is that all the dismantled parts will be able to be put together for that trophy.

My sword
I created the original sword

English title: My weapon, my way
Description: Forged an original weapon

This trophy is really easy to get. So easy, in fact, that after you start the game (get off the boat and to the dock), you can get this. After you fight through the xenophobes, pick up everything you can. Next go to the blacksmith and sell it all (except your main weapon). Next, dismantle that weapon (a baal sword) and then go to the blacksmith and get him to rebuild the sword. Using the 3 baal parts, create that sword. It will ask you to name it and stuff, but just skip past that all and the trophy will pop shortly.

You could also wait till you have a big collection of parts, then put together a sword that looks great and *possibly* has 3 life and death charms

My school
I have created a school

English title: My very own style
Description: Created a new fighting style

Once you own the dojo, you need to have alot of students and a blank booklet (buy it from the casino). After you got these items, go talk to the old man in the dojo. He will let you create your own style, using the moves you mastered from other styles. So the other styles that you previously used (and earned points) are what you have to pick from.

Put together all the parts of your style and when you finish, the trophy will pop (and a bonus is you get a custom made fighting style)

Disciple of my
disciple for the first time to obtain a

English title: First disciple
Description: Enlisted a new disciple for the first time

In town, located near the photographer/ saving person, is a building you can enter (if your near the blacksmith, your going too far). In this building (called the dojo) is a old man. Go ahead and talk to him, and he will give you a free dojo! Once you obtain your own dojo, the next step is to recruite a student. You can pretty much go to any character (except story characters), beat them up with the reverse side of your weapon (sword, spear, or hand). Once they kneil down, talk to them and choose (I will make you my student).

Back up incase they reject that offer. Now once they stand up, they will either bow (they accept) or they will kick in your direction (rejected). If they reject, move in and do a kick (R1 and square). This will make them kneil and you can try again. In some cases, they never accept and after a certain amount of time they will run away.

After you get a student to accept, you will get this trophy.

Own head
defeat Dojoyaburi

English title: Bested challenger
Description: Defeat a dojo challenger

Once you own the dojo, and have at least a single student, you will get challengers coming to challenge your dojo. Just kill them and this trophy is yours. Most of the challengers are easy, and with the right weapon it gets easier.

Try to use the Tokyo fighting style, as challengers are the only way to level up this specific style.

Tips on beating these challengers:
  • you can use the reverse side to take out their stamina so they don't heal
  • more students = more help
  • a weapon with 3 life and death seals can heal you if you need to run to a corner

Mystery of the resurrection
master swordsmanship Tokyu flow

English title: Undying style
Description: Mastered the Tokyo fighting style

Once you obtain the dojo, the old man will give you this free Tokyo fight style. Next, gather students. After you get a few, people will come to challenge your dojo. Once you get inside, you will fight and kill that challenger. If you use your Tokyo style to fight these challengers, you will unlock moves (as long as you fulfill the requirement).

Go into your menu and check the requirments for those moves. Anyway, you can only unlock these moves while fighting a challenger in a dojo.

My friends said that this one would take a while, but if you use this style for most of your first playthrough, you will be able to level it up to the 5th level, where each time you fight a challenger the moves will be unlock quickly.

After you collect all the moves, this trophy will pop

Learning for the first time
I have mastered the technique for the first time

English title: Cherry move
Description: Mastered a new move for the first time

This one will be really easy. Each style (sword, spear, and hand to hand) has moves that can be unlocked depending on the level of that style, and the requirments that unlock the moves.

If you would like to check the requirments, go into the menu () and go into style/moves. Pick the style (this is also where you equip and switch between styles) and press (:triangle: )

Just fulfill the requirment for a move, and once it unlocks you will get this trophy.

His acquisition of 100
100 total I learned the trick

English title: 100th Move
Description: Mastered 100 moves total

This one will take some time, and some grinding. As mentioned before, you gain moves of a certain style by having that style equipted and fulfilling their requirments. Although you can obtain some without looking, for a majority you will need to find out what is needed.

For me, my fighting stlye is a full on attack, so moves that require you to eat something or block something, although easy, are not something i would unlock.

Since your also going for masturing all types of styles (lai, shinobi, etc), you should rotate the styles you have equipted. Also note that if you have a style at level 5, or mastured, you should switch it, because you can level up another style. I usually leave some styles at level 5, and go back to it later.

Arm boasts
9999 total points earned skill points

English title: Skillful
Description: Acquire 9999 skill points

Skill points are different from Samurai points. Skill points are gained by your fights (when you win a fight, the fighting style you used will gain skill points. After a few, it will level up.

The highest level a style can be is level 5. At this point move onto another style to level that up to 5 as well (unless you master it before then)

This will come natrually since fighting is comon in this game. After you get 9,999 collectivly, this will pop. If not, then it needs to be all in one style. I will confirm this later.

I got 100 different weapons

English title: Collector
Description: Acquire 100 different weapons

To obtain this, you will have to play on normal or hard difficulty. Playing on easy first, you will obtain at least 20 different types of weapons (each story character has a specific weapon, and other randoms could have 1 of a few options. On higher difficulties, the enemies have different weapons.

A way to obtain better weapons is to break the enemies weapon. After it breaks, they possibly could whip out another weapon. This next weapon could be a rarer weapon. Check out the Weapon breaker trophy

Skilled workers
collect 50 different inventory flow, except that I have created

English title: Artist
Description: Acquire 50 styles, not including My Style

This trophy pretty much asks you to obtain a whole bunch of fighting styles (any weapon, and kind). I am pretty sure there is more than 50 styles, so you can afford to miss a few (although you will want to collect them all for the other trophies.)

My Style is a style you can create. Although it cannot count toward this trophy, there is a trophy for creating your own style

The upper virtuoso
I was ready to learn all the tricks of the upper

English title: Jo-dan master
Description: Learned all moves associated with the high-ready position.

Sadaha: Kill Akagi on any difficulty
Kudoi: Kill Kotobuki (magistrate)
Hassu: Dropped from a bounty while on a shogunate mission
Kyoji: Kill Kotobuki
Asahi Noir: During the first magistrate mission. Kill the criminal in question
Ayade: Kill Kenzaki during the Prajna event "A Deceptive Price". Kill this dude by yourself, not needing assistance. Also, to master this style you need the Aleshaft (weapon) to master. Jubei has this, in the Amihama eight on normal or higher
Yato: Amihama Invaders. But easier from the bandit chief first round independant tournament path
Hoodlum: Random Yakuza/Thugs/Underlings.
Impentra: Random Yakuza/Thugs/Underlings.

Virtuoso middle
I was ready to learn all the skills of middle

English title: Chu-dan master
Description: Learned all moves associated with the mid ready position

Goshi: Jubie Amihama eight
Jackson: Kotetsu Amihama eight
Mushin: Starting style
Zabi: Gambling den Mistress, Amihama eight. Wait for everyone to clear out.
Gan: Sensei (needs New World to master. Sensei has this on Hard difficulty.)
Shamei: Mayu Eldest Kinugawa sister.
Kudoi: Kotobuki (Chu-dan/Jo-dan)
Invinciba: Random Yakuza

Lower virtuoso
I was ready to learn all the skills of lower

English title: Ge-dan master
Description: Learned all moves associated with the low ready position

Tsubo: Kobato Amihama eight.
Osha: Bodhislaughtva during the Yakuza mission "Annoying Task". Or Clean Samurai.
Nightly Delights: Random Yakuza
Bokunen: Suzume, Amihama eight
Tenshin: Gunjin Dojima (needs Black Mark't, Bamboozler or Shady Deal to master. Dojima can have any of these. Shady deal on hard or higher.)
Kuki: Random invader during the Amihama eight
Sekoi: Random Yakuza/Thugs/Underlings.
Cantgetmi: Random Yakuza/Thugs/Underlings.

Master of one hand
I was ready to learn all the skills of one hand

English title: One handed master
Description: Learned all moves associated with the one hand ready style

Torikata: Random Theif-takers or Clean Samurai
Wisdom: New Commander, kill Melinda. New Commander should pop up.
Senba: Hosakawa, Tournament Magistrate path
Ulster: J.J.
Kyoji: Invader Amihama eight. Or Kinugawa's double, during Fevered Spirits ending.
(Needs Tailbwnd to master. Invaders can have this on any difficulty. The fake
Kinugawa will also carry this.)
South Range: Clean Samurai. Homeless jobs
Goyo: Random Theif-taker Or "Plea Bargain."

Virtuoso side
I was ready to learn all the tricks of the side

English title: Waki master
Description: Learned all moves associated with the side ready style

Flannel: Shingeru Moro drops this during "Shineru Moro, Swordsman"
Tokyu: Given when you take over the dojo. (Can only be leveled during the dojo
Bugyo: Commander, Amihama eight. (Needs Haruyuki to master. Shigeru Moro has this
most commonly on Normal. "Shigeru Moro, Swordsman" Randoms can carry this
on hard or higher.)
Windsor: Melinda Megamelon
Kinugawa: Kinugawa (Waki/Chu-dan/One-Handed)
Isobe: Random Constables, Clean Samurai
Hanima: Consulate and Demonscales
Noble: Clean Samurai, A Bounty for the Magistrates.
Common: Blondie Knights at the consulate.

Master of spear
I was ready to learn all the skills of spear

English title: Spear master
Description: Learned all moves associated with the spear style

Blossom: Hyouka Amihama eight.
Aido: Yuri Youngest Kinugawa sister.
Fukuo: Random Prajna or casino guard spear wielder.
Masuo: Spear wielding tounament opponent. Foreigner path.
Scripturist: Casino guards.
Kongo: Spear wielding tounament opponent. Foreigner path.
Daido: Kill the daughter in the yakuza mission "The Players" Or drops from a spear
bandit during the "Hooray! The Hospital's Grand Opening" event.
Gekisho: Starting style.

Virtuoso achirous
I was ready to learn all the skills of the hand-free

English title: Hand to hand master
Description: Learned all moves associated to hand to hand combat

Adamantine: Casino guards. Or the Body Guard on the Black Ship.

Cachinko: Tournament martial artist Name coming. Foreigner path.
Shoji: Old Smithy, pre-Dojima taking over. (Needs Tiger Claw to master. The second
tournament opponent [foreigner path] has this on hard.)
Casual: Starting Stlye
Yubari: Shingeru Moro
Nightly Pleasure: Dojo challenger, five star, must have all female students.
Asasho: Thief mission with the sumo wrestlers. Or the Old Man in the Homeless
mission "Grandpa's Memories".Or the man pigs in the "Rescuing J.J." Event.
(Needs Dragon Claw to master. The second tournament opponent [foreigner
path] has this on harikiri.)

Iai virtuoso
I was ready to learn all the skills of Iai

English title: Lai master
Description: Learned all moves associated with the quick draw style

Sa-Muraitto: Blind Samurai Tournament oppenent. (needs Lost Prayer to master. Sensei
commonly has this on normal difficulty.)
Hanza: Invaders, Amihama Eight. Or Gambling den Book Keeper.
Jochaku: Constable, theif mission "Last Heist"
Kasshin: Kogure.
Sexua: Yellow Samurai Yakuza Mission "Name Coming".
Kinen: Clean Samurai "Protest"
Victorious: Consulate event "funding the hospital".
Perfect: Body Guards "Favored Child of the Times".

Shinobi virtuoso
I was ready to learn all the skills of a ninja

English title: Shinobi master
Description: Learned all moves associated with the shinobi style.
  1. Asuka: Gotten from Ororochi (one of the samurai lords)
  2. Saiga: Random black mask after dropping out of the tournament OR from bikini shinobi dojo challenger
  3. Fumo: Yakuza mission "Amihma's Womanizer" dropped by Kunoichi
  4. Oniwa: Dropped by clean samurai during the homeless mission "Protest"
  5. Toho: From a shinobi stance foreigner during the Anihama 8 mission OR 5 star dojo challenger (blue kimono and straw hat)
  6. Urahara: From the ninja girl at the end of the tournament as a government affiliate on easy
  7. Genba: Kill the murderer in the cematary during the homeless mission "the players"
  8. Climactic: Yakuza mission "Amihma's Womanizer" dropped by Kunoichi

Virtuoso of the two swords
I was ready to learn all the skills of the two swords

English title: Dual arms master
Description: Learned all moves associated with the dual arms style

Harmonious: Demonscale Commander (Tourney opponent. Kill Megamelons before the tournament.) Or Manmaru Amihama eight.
Haten: Manmaru Amihama eight.
Katetsu: Tournament opponent. Prajna path. Kill megamelons before the tourney.
Gokon: Chika Middle Kinugawa sister.
Dual Manifest: Demonscale Gate Keeper Prajnas path. Or unlocked from the menu.

Ninja sword master of two
I was ready to learn all the skills of two ninja sword

English title: Shinobi dual arms master
Description: Learned all moves associated with the shinobi duel arms style.

First off, you need to unlock dual arms. You need to kill 1000 people, then from the title screen (after you load the your profile) buy/unlock the dual arms using your samurai points. Once this is unlocked, you can collect and use these styles.

Next, to switch to dual weild stance, press :L1: and .

Junky Swordfighting: Dropped off of bikini duo (dojo challengers).
Haten Swordfighting:
Manmaru (yakuza quartet, during invasion sidequest)
Mosu Sword fighting:
Can be obtained from either female bikini shinobi duo (dojo challengers) OR killing Ekubo during yakuza mission "the empress needs no competition"
Kogara Sword fighting: Ekubo, yakuza mission "Empress needs no competition"
Hara Sword fighting: Toguro or unlocked from the menu

*All Shinobi Styles seems to drop from Ekubo and the Ninja gals.With the exception of Hara*

Virtuoso of the gun
I was ready to learn all the tricks of the gun and long gun stance

English title: Gunslinger
Description: Learned all moves associated with the gun wielding style

In order to use pistols, you need to beat J.J. This unlocks the Gun licence which you purchase with samurai points.

In order to use rifles, you need to beat Charles (on hard). This unlocks the rifles licence which you purchase with samurai points.

he promise of the night crawling

English title: Midnight meeting
Description: Made a night crawl appointment

This trophy is some naughty fun. You get this for "flirting" with a random on the street (both boys and girls). First, talk to a girl, and out of the three options, you will see at the very bottom (i think i am in love).

Now you will be given options to persuade this girl to "sleep" with you.

The logic behind your answers:
First will depend on what time your in (day, sunset, night). So sunset is for sunset time and moon is for night.
Next is random. Choose any option other than "nice ass"
Lastly, choose open your borders (not sure if other answers work, so feel free to experiment)

It is random, but majority of the time you will get a date. Just get that date and this trophy will pop

Samurai of the night
I have achieved a night crawling

English title: King of the night
Description: Successfully completed you first night crawl

This trophy is slightly misleading, as your character can be male or female for this trophy (being female requires a bit of prep work)

To set a date, look to the Meet trophy.

After you have a date, move the time to night. At this time, you can go into menu, journal, and then night crawl. This will give you info like the persons name, where to meet, etc. At the location (town, harbor, magistrate) you can look in the map and it will show the marker of a pink and blue heart.

Save before entering!

This will start a stealth mini game, where your creeping around trying to knock out the guards and get to the bed of the right person. Creep behind the guards to knock them out (R1 and triangle) and use the turtle in the lower left corner to show that your getting warmer. After doing these a few times, you will get used to the amount of rooms, where the guards or doors are, and where the people your targeting are. Each mini game is pretty consistant, as the target is usually in the same spot.

Reminder that you can pull the sheets off the wrong bed and still win this game. Same with being caught, as the guard still has to run to alert the cops. Never give up!

Once you pull the right sheets, the girl will stand there and take you to the inn. In this private room, your objective is to tire down the person. Using square, you hit her suggestivly, or you can press R1 and Triangle to grab her and throw her on the bed. Once you tire her down completely or throw her on the bed, the screen goes black, you hear some sound effects, and the trophy will pop.

Also note that once its the next morning, you can pick up an item, a token of "your love"

Kill hundreds of the night
to night crawling total 100 people

English title: 100 girls and running
Description: Successfully completed 100 night crawls

This trophy is slightly misleading, as you can night crawl (also known as "sleep with...") 100 different people. Both males and females count (although for males there are some steps needed to be taken first).

Anyway, charm your way into a date with a stranger on the street, and successfully "night crawl" that person. This will take a while to grind, as you need to progress to night time (so a minimum of 100 nights).

Story character night crawls count toward this trophy, although they are slightly more complicated then just charming them. Still not sure if its just 100 night crawls or 100 DIFFERENT people night crawling.

Because this asks for 100, its going to be very hard to test which is correct. In order to find the number you are currently at, go into journal to the section labeled "night crawl"

to endure torture

English title: Happy pains
Description: Survive the torture game

depending on the crime rate of your playthrough, when you get arrested you will get 1 of 3 possible torture games. Stay alive during the torture and you will get this trophy. Each mini game has a short explaination. Really easy to understand.

In order to night crawl with 1 of the 3 princesses, you need to get 3 blocks in a row.

To change your crime rate, either do the "kill yakuza" mission (to make it better)
Or do the "kill constables" mission (to make worse). To make the crime rate worse, you can also kick (or kill) innocent people, buy items and then dont pay (dine or dash in restaurants), or break items.

Working thanks
I had a successful livelihood for the first time

English title: Labor union
Description: Successfully completed a job mission for the first time

A easy trophy. Keep talking to strangers on the street till one offers a mission. Do the mission and once its complete you will earn this trophy.

If you want to check what the mission was or where it is located, go into your journal and it will give you the details.

Insect work
was successful 100 times the total livelihood

English title: Busy bee
Description: Successfully completed 100 job missions

Walking around throughout the game, you will be able to talk to randoms on the street, or certain characters (thief, homeless king, constable), and some will give you easy tasks. Completing their task will get you some money. This is a good way to earn money (although story missions pay better)

Jobs range from killing a person, destroying private property, delivering a object or message, etc. This will take a while, but again these missions don't progress the time of day, so you can grind this out if you want it sooner than later.

If you want to remember what the mission was or where it is located, go into your journal and it will have info on the mission(s). You are able to have multiple active missions.

Note that a story mission has priority. So if the mission isnt doable at the current time of the day, move the time of day up and try again.

I killed the enemy for the first time

English title: First kill
Description: Killed an enemy for the first time

Probably the first trophy you obtain.

Using your weapon (sword, spear, or hand to hand) kill a person. The green bar will show the enemies health, which is what your trying to deplete in order to kill them. In this game you will kill thousands of people, so this one isn't missable

Mr. stylish
appearance unset all

English title: Fashionista
Description: Unlocked all fashion items

From what i understand about this trophy, you dont need to buy every thing. You only need to unlock everything. A majority of things you will unlock just from beating a character (usually a story character), killing a certain amount of a type of enemy (kill 100 masked ninja inorder to unlock their mask), or night crawling a certain story character (examples are night crawling the guard captain Melissa)

After i unlock everything, i might list them all here in the guide. Most of these items are easy to unlock, so i might just post the hard ones, and if what your looking for isnt listed, you need to contact me.

or the first time I caught a fish

English title: Fish on
Description: Caught a fish for the first time

Fishing is a mini game that will be accessable to you at any point of the game. All you need to do is get some bait, run up to any body of water, and press X to start this mini game. When it starts, your character will pull out a collapsable fishing rod and wait patiently until something bites.

You need to then press X when prompted. If the X symbol is grey and faded, it is a false alarm. Pulling on the line at this point will net you no fish (but you dont lose the bait). Once you get the full color X, mash that button to pull the fish up.

There is a maximum of 2 false alarms (meaning after those 2, its mashing time). Should you not press the X enough, you will pull up air, and lose the bait you had on it.

Bait can be bought from the merchant cart in town, and as you catch more fish, newer bait will be available to you. You an also go around bushes and find earth worms. These free items respawn each new game (when your character arives on the dock).

Fishing locations are:

NOTE: Fish only count for this trophy. Should you bring up a items, this trophy will not pop.

Good catch
fish total 100 animals

English title: Great angler
Description: Caught a total of 100 fish

Catch 100 fish! This trophy will take a bit of time (and patience if your trying to get the legendary fish).

The good thing about this mini game is that it wont progress the time of the day your in, so you can fish all 100 on the first day if you like. Having the bait item selected, move up to a body of water and a will be displayed on screen. This is the fishing mini game, in which you wait patiently and press when prompted. pay attention as there can be up to 2 false calls. You can tell by the pale color of the X, and it will disappear.

Once the X shows, spam the X button and you will either catch the fish or not.

If you press too early, you will not lose the bait, but if you get the X prompt and didn't press enough, you will lose the bait. Also note that you can hold up to 10 of the same bait. It will only take up 1 item spot.

You can either find worms in bushes (they respawn per playthrough) or you can buy bait (vendor in town closest to water)

Legendary fish
caught a legendary fish

English title: Fishing legend
Description: Caught the legendary fish

The legendary fish is a random catch you will get while fishing. It is best to not even try for this trophy unless you already have caught 100 fish.

Although it is random, it is believed that if you fish in the blacksmiths bucket, you have better chances of catching this fish (you will get weapons parts or junk as a consolation prize). The blacksmith's bucket only has water at night.

I will narrow it down, but just try different baits.

Zan achieved 100 consecutive

English title: Swift killer
Description: Completed 100 combo strikes

The best place for this is during the "kill 75 yakuza" mission. Get a good amount of hits, keeping the combo alive, then use your spring harvest to get the rest.

One thing you need to be careful of is that you take the enemies out too quickly. They require a little time to respawn, so if you kill them all you will need to quickly run up to another to keep the combo alive. Also, spring harvest keeps killed enemies standing, which means new ones don't spawn till after your out of spring harvest.

Destruction shop
destroyed enemy weapons 10 times

English title: Weapon breaker
Description: Destroyed 10 enemy weapons

2) Using your hand to hand fighting, block a enemy with a sword. After a bit of time, their stamina goes down and the weapon breaks shortly afterward. Styles to use is Moro's hand to hand or the blacksmith's hand to hand. Tried but still didnt pop yet.

Moro's Hand to Hand: Back R1 + :triangle:
Blacksmith's Hand to Hand: Either back or forward R1 + :triangle:

Try your luck
at gambling win 10 times

English title: Lucky Streak
Description: Won 10 times at gambling

This can be gotten at either the Japanese gambling den or the Foreign gambling den (casino). I found the casino easier, even though i know how to play both games.

Just play these mini games and win 10 times. There are no tips i can give, as its by luck.

One thing i can suggest is you avoid doubling down. It will double your money, and it is possible to get a lot of money using this, but you have to be lucky. Doubling down means the AI will flip a card and give you 5 other cards as options. The game is "high or low", and your goal is to pick a card higher than the AI's card. 2 is the lowest, and King is the highest (Ace is a automatic win). You could be lucky and the AI has all low cards, or be unlucky and the AI has a really high card. Its your gamble

I'll have violently
15 victories around the world journey

English title: World Wide Warrior
Description: Defeated 15 invading duelists

This is the only online trophy, and really up to luck to earn it. Once you beat the game while being online, your character will invade others that are also online (check your options, this could be off). Hopefully your character is equipped well, or invades a unskilled gamer's world.

Either way, it will take a while unless your lucky. My friend had 7 wins in a hour, but is stuck at that number for about a month

I saw a guy somewhere
defeat the hero of the previous

English title: You look familiar
Description: Defeated your character from a previous playthrough

Once you beat the game once, you will see a clone of your character walking around random places. When you see this character, get a jump on them and kill them. Depending on your style and weapon, this clone should drop quickly.

Once you beat your own character, the trophy will pop. Sometimes the clone will drop a good weapon, but for the most part they are weak and dont drop anything important. Be careful as if you bump the clone (or walk to closely) they will attack.

won the food places to eat

English title: Foodie
Description: Ate all the food from restaurants and food venders.

Below is a list of the locations, and the items from that location. Please note that its easier to just stash up alot of money and pay for each food item, in one single playthrough. This is because the items are cheap, YOU NEED TO HAVE A EXCELLENT CRIME RATE, and its easier to just go to each location, and buy everything one time.

Town- Toasty Bar
hot sake
cold sake
willow leaf fish
sashimi assortment
stewed taro
tea rice
Akemiís stewed potatoes (hidden- Have excellent crime rating and visit during day 1 midday)
Special hot sake (hidden- Have excellent crime rating and visit during day 1 midday)

Town- Eatery
Eel bowl
Tempura bowl (hidden- Have excellent crime rating on day 2)
Tuna bowl

Town- western noodle house
Spicy stir-fried soba
hot sake
cold sake

Town- Bait & Grub
Grilled sweetfish

Backroads- Teahouse
3 flavor dango
Sweet bean mochi
Steamed bun cake

Main plaza- Restaurant
Big steak
Haunch of meat

Harbor- Sushi-ya
Sea eel
Cooked Egg

Harbor- Soba-ya
hot soba
kitsune soba
Tanuki soba
Egg soba
Hot udon
kitsune udon
tanuki udon
Egg udon

Eight Samurai
I last had a successful livelihood

English title: Eight samurai
Description: Successfully completed the final job mission

The fate of the teacher
to change the fate of the teacher

English title: Sensei's Destiny
Description: Changed Sensei's Destiny

From here on out, i will call this character sensei (means teacher). She is a young skilled female swordsman that has lost her nemesis and is unsure what to do with her life. You will find her by going to the cemetary and heading into the backroads. Here, you turn to the left and in a small clearing, where you will see the dead man and this woman.

Talk to her, and persuade her to work at the clothing store. After, teleport to town and head to the main plaza. To the left, is a enterable building where you can buy clothes, hairstyles, and items. She will be standing in the corner.

Talk to her again and offer her a position in working at a sushi bar. Go to the dock, near where you started the game. To the left (facing the casino) is the sushi place, where she is working as a guard. Talk her into working at the Japanese Gambling den.

Head into town again, to the top right corner (it is the Japanese Gambling den) .Talk to her and she will say she fits this job, but it still feels empty. Talk her into working with children, and head to town.

If you progressed the story to keep the english language school, she will be inside talking to the kids (only in the sunset time period), if you dont have it or destoryed it, you will find her outside. (language school is behind the black smith). Again talk to her until she mentions a desire for a different job. Now you get to persuade her to become a teacher at your dojo. (If you are at the school and don't see her, try coming back another time of the day)

Once she enters your dojo, talk to her and she will be willing to help.The trophy should pop. If you would like to "night crawl" this woman, you will need to see my night crawl guide for the next few steps.

Fate of Dojima
change the fate of Dojima

English title: Dojima's Redemption
Description: Changed Dojima's Destiny

Dojima, is a depressed samurai that you can find moping around throughout the story. If you fail to "change his destiny", you will find yourself fighting against him in the near future. Your objective to get this trophy is to persuade him to be a

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In town there is a blacksmith that will be helpful with repairing and making weapons (swords, spears, hand weapons). After talking with him, he will let you know that he will retire, which will leave you without such a helpful service. After picking what ever option, he will inform you that he had a apprentice before, Dojima, whom he would leave the blacksmith shop to.

You can find Dojima in the cemetary (press select and just teleport there). talk with Dojima and choose what ever you like. After some persuading, you figure out he wont change his mind. Go back to the blacksmith and talk to him. He will shed some light onto the situation, then go back to Dojima

Talk with Dojima again, and he will still be stubborn. Go talk to the blacksmith and talk to him once more. After new information, go back to Dojima and persuade him to fight you. If you win, he goes back to being a blacksmith. After you win, he will be all moppey and let him know that his friend's dream was to "fight in the land with a Dojima blade". This will give him motivation to go to the blacksmith.

Next time you go there, the blacksmith will just stand around and Dojima is the man to talk to. From here on out, Dojima will be the blacksmith (if you finish a story and start a new + (with the same character). The only way to reverse this is to kill Dojima, and the next playthrough he will respawn, letting you redo this all over again.

Note that Dojima has 2 weapons to acquire, and a style. You will want to kill Ronin (masterless) Dojima for his style and sword, and kill Blacksmith Dojima for his blacksmith hammer. Only ever played on Easy, so he might have even more swords and styles...

Samurai difficult
in hard difficulty clear

English title: Hardened Samurai
Description: Finish the game in Hard mode.

Play the game in Hard difficulty. The enemies will have better equipment, more health, and deal more damage. With the right sword, you will be able to barely stay alive.

I suggest that you skip the first event, sleep the rest of the days till the tournament, win the tournament, and then stay on the podium . When the story ending pops up, you will get this trophy

Samurai super
super hard difficulty cleared

English title: Master Samurai
Description: Finish the game in Harakiri mode.

This mode is unlocked through using samurai points. This mode is hard mode plus everyone can 1-hit kill you. The easiest thing to do is skip the first event (by teleporting) and sleeping through all days. Once it comes to the tournament, save and then do your best to stay on the offensive. Get through it and stay up there on the podium. You will either

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Just to mention it I suppose, theres another way to make Harakiri easy. Just get a gun, make it unbreakable and have 500 atk and just make sure you kept your strength boosted and play keep away shooting everyone. Specifically Ulster Gunfighting, you can just hit <-- + R1 + Triangle all day long. No enemy would ever get close. Good thing to, because there's no Toughen so you'd probably die in one hit if anyone did.

This trophy should pop (needs to be a story finish, leaving through boat doesnt count)

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