Players: 1-3 offline or online. (ONLY PLAYER ONE EARNS TROPHIES)
Online Trophies: Yes (2)
Online Pass Required: No.
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 15-20 hours (could be much longer for the luck based trophies)
Minimum Playthroughs: 50 rounds
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: No although some are luck based.
Glitched Trophies: Online server issues

[top]Tips & Strategies

If you're having problems figuring out any puzzles this word matcher tool is pretty helpful. Click Here It gives you a list of all the possible solutions to each individual word by using underscores where the blanks go. Unfortunately you can't do full phrases with the tool but I didn't have any trouble figuring them out.

Some quick generic Wheel of Fortune tips.

1. Remember RSTLNE. These are the most commonly used letters in the english language.
2. For the category "What are you doing?" almost every puzzle has a word ending in "ING" so you might want to start with those.
3. Proper names can be names like "Sean Penn" but can also be sports teams like "Houston Astros" so keep that in mind.
4. Rhyme Time are common 2 word phrases that the first word rhymes with the second such as "Fat Cat."

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

WARNING- The online connections absolutely hate it if you access your XMB during the matches. My opponent and I both had the same puzzles but I was finished with the 3rd one before he was done with the 1st. The computer will just take auto turns for your opponent and it will look like they are still playing but the game will eventually freeze on you and you'll have to reset, so no messaging or anything while trying to play this online.


There isn't necessarily any particular order in which you should try for the plat as a lot of the trophies will come naturally on the way to 50 games so I'll give the method to get the most trophies quickly.

***Note-Always be paying close attention to the puzzles and trying to get I've Got a Good Feeling About This and True Bonus.

1. First change your avatars clothes in the contestant creator. Then start your first game. Turn Minigames on, AI opponents off and set the difficult to Hard. Start a 2 player game with you against a 2nd controller. Solve all puzzles with player 1. Use the method described in the JACKPOT! trophy to win the Jackpot once it's valued at $35,000. Win all 3 minigames and solve the remaining puzzles. By the end of the first show you should have at a minimum:
  • 3 silvers: Jackpot, A 35k Round! and A Hard Act To Follow
  • 14 bronzes: A 25k Round!, A 10K Round!, A 5k Round!, A 2K Round!, Dress for Success, A Talented Medium, Taking it Easy, I Like Minigames, The Minigame Champ, Ultimate Minigame Champ, It's a Toss Up!, Toss up Pro!, My First Puzzle!, We Have a Winner!,

2. Go for Fashonista and On Location! by continuing to play 2 players against the controller and winning minigames until you unlock all the clothing, logos, sets, and props. (Along the way try to get the "1/2 car" tags, the mystery wedge wins, and try to get the Million Dollar wedge to the final round as often as possible.)
3. Once you've got the sets, props, logos and clothes, turn off minigames and continue trying for Instant Millionaire!, Wheels on the Wheel, and Fortune Flipped.
4. Play and win one game online.
5. If you have everything unlocked and aren't yet to 50 wins switch to Solo/Hard mode and speed through your remaining shows.


Wheel Fanatic
Obtain all trophies

Complete all other trophies to unlock. Same as every other game with a platinum trophy.

My First Puzzle!
Solve a puzzle!

You will get this the first non-Toss Up puzzle you answer successfully.

Perform a gesture

You can perform a gesture by pushing R1 or L1 most of the time that you aren't selecting letters, including while the other contestants are taking their turns. Just keep tapping the buttons during a round until the trophy pops.

Itís a Toss Up!
Win a Toss Up

Toss Ups are the 2 puzzles at the beginning of the show worth $1,000 and $2,000 and a $3,000 one between puzzles 3 and 4. The game will start filling in letters one at a time. Tap the X button when you know the answer and fill in the blanks correctly to get this trophy.

Dress For Success
Change Clothes in the Contestant Creator

From the main menu select the Contestant Creator and change any aspect of your avatar to get this to unlock. There are several choices at the start but you will unlock more as you play through the game.

We Have A Winner!
Win your first game

The game considers you the winner if you are selected to go to the bonus round by finishing with a higher total than all of your opponents. This trophy will pop before you even see the bonus puzzle so solving it or not solving it has no bearing on this trophy popping.

Taking It Easy
Win a game on Easy difficulty

Just make it to the bonus round with the difficulty set on easy. I'm fairly certain the difficulty trophies stack so you will get this if you start by playing on Hard.

Taking on the World
Finish an online game

Just like it says, complete one online game from start to finish. (as mentioned above, don't use your XMB to message or anything like that during online play as it really messes up the sync between players}

We Still Have A Winner!
Win five games

See Wheel Master!

A $2K Round!
Win $2,000 in one round

See A $35K Round!

We Really Have A Winner!
Win 10 games

See Wheel Master!

What Should I Pick?
Look at the Used Letter Board

During any of your turns press up on the D-pad and highlight "Used Letters" and push the X button. Hitting X again will close the list and let you spin or solve, etc.

Some Wheel Competition
Win an online game

Just make the bonus round in an online match. You do not need to solve the final puzzle to get this trophy.

Iíd Like to Solve the Puzzle
Solve the puzzle without guessing letters on your turn

Simple enough. When you know the solution to a puzzle wait until your opponents either guess wrong or hit the "Lose a Turn" or "Bankrupt" and then choose to solve the puzzle without spinning or buying a vowel. Then solve the puzzle correctly.

Iíll Spin
Spin the wheel five times in a row

For this one you have to choose "Spin the Wheel" and then pick a correct letter 4 times in a row without landing on "Lose a Turn" or "Bankrupt." Then just spin again and the trophy will pop before the wheel even stops.

A $5K Round!
Win $5,000 in one round

See A $35K Round!

The Minigame Champ!
Become a Minigame Champ

Minigames only occur when you are playing online or with at least 2 players. Turn off AI opponents and just play against player 2 on another controller. Simply have player one win more of the 3 minigames than any other player and you will be crowned minigame champion.

Get Out Of There!
Lose a prize wedge or tag by Bankrupt

Land on any prize, including the 1/2 car tags and guess a correct letter. Then land on a "Bankrupt" before solving the puzzle losing your prize. This will absolutly happen naturally through normal play.

I Like Minigames
Play every minigame

If you play through one entire show in 2 player or online with the minigames turned on you will get to play all 3 minigames between normal puzzles. The games are "High/Low," "2nd Guess" and "Most Frequent." If player 1 isn't the first to guess on "High/Low" or "Most Frequent" then just have them solve the puzzle incorrectly or let the timer expire.

Guess Again
Guess five letters in a row

This can be any combination of spinning and guessing correct consonents or buying correct vowels. Get 5 right in a row and the trophy will pop.

Iíd Like to Buy Them All
Buy every vowel during a puzzle

This does not mean that you need a puzzle that has all 5 vowels in it and it doesn't even mean that you, yourself have to buy them all. You just need to be the one that buys the last vowel available in the puzzle. An alarm will sound and Pat will say that there are no more vowels left.

Not My Day
Land on Bankrupt twice in a row

Luck based. Just hit "Bankrupt" and wait for your next turn, spin and hit "Bankrupt" again. I'm not sure if the Mystery wedge bankrupt counts for the first half of this or not.

Wheel Pro!
Win 25 games

See Wheel Master!

A $10K Round!
Win $10,000 in one round

See A $35K Round!

A Small Fortune!
Win $100,000 total

See What a Fortune.

Everything In Its Right Place
Own all props for one set

There are 10 sets total and 3 props per set. You can win props by solving the puzzle while holding the "Gift" tag, winning some minigames and buy choosing them as your prize at the end of each show provided you have enough money to get to that prize level ($40,000 I believe). Once you have the set unlocked and all 3 props for the same set you'll get this trophy. This will come naturally while going for On Location!

Toss Up Pro!
Win all Toss Ups in a single game

There are 3 toss up puzzles per show: 2 before the first puzzle and 1 between puzzles 3 and 4. Solve all 3 correctly in the same show for this trophy. If you are having problems with this turn off AI opponents and play a game solo. Wait for the whole puzzle to be filled in except for one letter and then buzz in and solve.

Win a Jackpot

Luck based (sort of) The Jackpot round is the first puzzle after the 2 toss ups. In order to get this trophy you must land on the blinking Jackpot wedge, then guess a correct consonent and solve the puzzle in the same round you landed on the wedge.

Taking the luck out of it.
1. play a 2 player game with AI opponents turned off.
2. player 2 does nothing but select "Solve" and then hit's Triangle or lets time expire.
3. player 1 just spin until you have the answer and leave at least one consonent open in the puzzle.
4. continue to spin until you land on the jackpot and select the last consonent, then solve the puzzle. If you don't land on the Jackpot pick wrong consonents to make the rounds go quicker. If you run out of wrong consonents to pick you can let the timer expire without picking a letter. This will also cost you your turn and let you spin again next turn.
(using this method is also a great way to get A 35K round. Just let the jackpot total in the upper left hand corner get to $35,000 before picking the last consonent and solving)

Fortune Flipped!
Win $10,000 from a Mystery Wedge

Luck based- Round 2 is the mystery round. In order to get this trophy you must land on the mystery wedge and pick a correct consonent. If you do this you can either choose to stay and get $1,000 per letter or flip the wedge to see if it has the $10,000 prize on the back. Choose the flip option. If the $10,000 comes up you will take possession of the wedge(if "Bankrupt" comes up you cannot get the trophy). With possession of the wedge, solve the puzzle correctly before landing on a "Bankrupt" and the trophy is yours.

You can take the luck part of landing on the wedge out it by using the same method as described in Jackpot.

Wheel Watcher
Solve 10 Puzzles

Just solve 10 non-Toss up/non-minigame puzzles.

Ultimate Minigame Champ
Win every minigame

For this one you have to win all 3 minigames in the same show. Minigames only show up when turned on and playing online or 2 player.

A Talented Medium
Win a game on Medium Difficulty

Just make it to the bonus round with the difficulty set on medium. I'm fairly certain the difficulty trophies stack so you will get this if you start by playing on Hard.

True Bonus
Win a bonus round without guessing any letters correctly

In the Bonus Round you will be given the letters RSTLN and E. Look over the puzzle carefully and try to figure it out before guessing any additional letters, then guess incorrectly all 3 of your consonents, and your extra vowel and then solve the puzzle. If you're having problems try using the word finder mentioned in the tips/tricks section and the tips described below in I've Got a Good Geeling About This!

A New Car!
Win a Vehicle!

You can win a car one of two ways.

1. Solve a puzzle correctly while holding two "1/2 Car" tags.
2. Solve the puzzle in the bonus round and have a car revealed as your mystery prize. (luck based)

Acquire all contestant clothes and logos

Clothing and logos can be unlocked 2 ways.

1. Solving minigames in multiplayer rounds will net prizes from several of the categories and solving all 3 almost always nets you both 1 article of clothing and 1 logo.
2. You get to unlock one item at the end of each show after the results screen. A thermometer will show up and if you get above $50,000 for the show you can unlock anything. Clothing is the 2nd one from the bottom and you will even have enough to unlock a logo or piece of clothing even if you don't win the show.

Once you unlock all articles of clothing and logos the trophy will pop.

A $25K Round!
Win $25,000 in one round

See A $35K Round!

A Growing Fortune!
Win $250,000 total

See What a Fortune.

A $35K Round!
Win $35,000 in one round

A round is considered 1 of the main puzzles during the show. They are the Jackpot round, the Mystery Round, the Prize Puzzle and the Final puzzle that Pat does the final spin in. The bonus round does not count.

There are 2 ways to go about this.

1. Hope for Pat to land on the $5,000 dollar wedge for the final spin and have enough letters remaining to get your total up above $35,000 before solving.

2. Use the method described in Jackpot and wait for the Jackpot total to get above $35,000 before landing on it and solving.

A Hard Act to Follow
Win a game on Hard Difficulty

Just make it to the bonus round with the difficulty set on hard. If you are having problems beating the CPU on hard, go to the game settings menu and turn off AI opponents. This will have you playing by yourself and while you'll be given a limited number of screw ups per puzzle you will automatically make the bonus round and will get this trophy even if you have no money up to that point.

What A Fortune!
Win $1M total

Every puzzle you solve and every prize you win has a cash value. You will get this trophy when your lifetime money total reaches $1,000,000. You should have no problem getting to this total before you reach the 50 games and if you're going for the platinum trophy you will automatically get this when you unlock Instant Millionaire as well. Both online and offline winnings count towards this total.

A Massive Fortune!
Win $500,000 total

See What a Fortune.

On Location!
Unlock all sets and their props

For this trophy you need to unlock all 10 sets and the 30 props that go with them. These items can be unlocked 2 ways.

The sets can be purchased at the conclusion of rounds in which you top $50,000 dollars and can also be won as your mystery prize during the Bonus Round.

Props can be purchased for $40,000 at the end, won by solving a puzzle while holding the "Gift" card and by winning minigames in multiplayer.

Wheel Master!
Win 50 Games

Any game in which you participate in the bonus round is considered a win with regards to this trophy.

To boost the number of wins use the following method and each game will take about 6-8 minutes.

1. Turn off AI opponents.
2. Start a game with the difficulty set to hard with only player 1 active.
3. Do not guess at either toss up puzzle.
4. Spin the wheel and guess a letter that isn't very common.
5. Select Solve and immediately hit triangle.
6. Repeat step 5 until you run out of turns.
7. Repeat steps 4-6 for the next 2 puzzles.
8. Repeat step 3
9. Repeat steps 4-6 for the final puzzle (you should be able to skip Pat's final spin this way although if you guess a correct letter on step 4 you may have a turn left when he spins)
10. Give up on the bonus round. (congrats no puzzles solved* and still a win for you)

*If you still have items to unlock but want to speed up the process, just win the toss ups with one letter left and you'll get $6,000 per episode. If you still have bigger prizes to unlock try to solve only the bonus round as there are some 50k+ prizes to let you pick the bigger items.

Wheels on the Wheel
Win a car by getting both Ĺ car tags

To get this trophy you have to solve a puzzle while holding two "1/2 car" tags.

To get the tags you have to land on them, and guess a correct letter. You will keep the tags from puzzle to puzzle as long as you don't hit a "bankrupt." In order to get the car you need to be in possession of two tags and solve any puzzle. It does not need to be the puzzle in which you picked them up in.

If you manage to get 2 in your possession you can automatically get the car by using the method for solving I described in Jackpot with the only change being this: Have controller 2 do all the work until you figure out the puzzle answer. This removes the possibilty of player 1 hitting the "Bankrupt."

Instant Millionaire!
Win the $1M Prize

Luck based- In order to get this trophy you need to land on the center of the Million Dollar Wedge, pick a correct letter and solve the puzzle in which you picked it up in. Then you need to go through the remainder of the game without hitting a "Bankrupt" and finish in first place. This will add the million dollar envelope to the prize wheel for the bonus round. Solve the bonus round correctly and then there is a 1 in 24 chance you will have selected the correct envelope. Honestly I think the game is a little more forgiving than truly 1 in 24 as I got mine on the 4th or 5th try at it.

You can guarantee you get the tile to the bonus round by being patient and using the following method.

1. Start a 2 player game with a 2nd controller
2. Win both toss ups.
3. Play through the 1st and 2nd puzzles and win them both. (if you land on the tile and gain possession of it skip to the next step)
4. In the third puzzle, use the Jackpot method until you get possession of the tile and then only use player 1 on solve attempts.
5. Have controller 2 win the 3rd toss up (this keeps player 1 from having to spin and risk hitting the "Bankrupt")
6. Cross your fingers and solve the bonus round.

Iíve Got a Good Feeling About This!
Solve a puzzle with only one letter revealed

This trophy is unlocked by solving a puzzle after the first correct consonent has been turned and no vowels have been entered. There are a couple of ways to go about this. Feel free to google a list of solutions that have been discovered but the lists I saw were highly unorganized and nowhere near complete as there are literally thousands of puzzles.

If you're going for the platinum trophy you are going to have at a minimum 150 chances at this. Don't try to specifically go for this trophy. Instead give every puzzle some thought before you take your second turn. Pay attention to the categories. The more specific the category, the easier a google search can help you.

Examples that I solved in my playthrough
Category: Landmark
Letter: N
Puzzle: --N--- ---- --N---N-
Given the category I figured out the last word was Monument. Google search and I found one that fit. "Bunker Hill Monument"

Category: What are you doing?
Letter: N
Puzzle: ---NN-N- - -----N-
Knowing the "ING" trick for this category and the word puzzle tool I listed in the opening tips section I solved this one "Planning a Wedding"

Category: Proper Name
Letter: S
Puzzle: S-- ------S-- -----S
Got San Francisco as the city and went through their sports teams and came up with "San Francisco Giants"

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