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Online Trophies:
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies:
Estimated Time to Platinum:
15-20 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 + clean up
Collectible Trophies:
Missable Trophies:
Glitched Trophies:

[top]Tips & Strategies

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

Collectible Cheats
Finding each item in the group will unlock the following:

Skulls- Invulnerability.
Geodes- Shows location of all hidden items that were not found during normal playthrough.
Eggs- Boat can not be damaged during the two chapters featuring the use of the boat.
Houses- When riding Carol you automatically crash through all bushes.
Honeycombs- The Wild Thing creatures will not eat you. DO NOT turn this cheat on.
Turtles- 1 hit melee kills.
Seeds- The various healing lanterns found fully heal you.


Immediately play the game on Hard. The difficulty trophies are stackable and Hard mode is not difficult. The game overall is straight forward. The only problem is finding all of the collectibles. Finding all of the collectibles takes up a majority of the time. I recommend breaking everything in the levels (bushes and wooden boxes). Focus on finding all of Geodes in the levels that have Geodes. Once you have found all of the Geodes go under the cheats and turn on the Geodes cheat which allows you to find all of the other collectibles. There are two types of levels. The first type is your basic Chapter. The second type is the "Village." The "Village" is important because once you collect X amount of any item you find during the course of the adventure you will be able to further interact with other items in the "Village." I would wait until the end of the game (after the final chapter) to attempt to find the rest of the collectibles within the "Village" as a simple circle of finding everything is necessary as opposed to constantly returning and trying to figure out what has unlocked.

There are guides for the collectibles available but since the authors have not returned contact with myself I will not post a link to their materials. But I will detail where to find the guides so that you may access their Intellectual Property without any violation. Google search (where the wild things are+collectibles guide) and click on the link that will send you to a guide found on The user has created a guide in which players having difficulty may find their missing collectibles.


All Trophies Awarded
All Trophies Awarded

The platinum will become available once all other trophies have been collected.

Follow the Bull
Complete Arrival

Welcome to your basic training level. You can work on Wild Rumpus! as the enemies in the chapter are the basic fireflies. Remember to block each attack (the attacking firefly will light up before attacking!) Also, you will receive [color=sienna]Gymnast during the course of the stage because you will swing from the three bars needed for the trophy.

Explore the Island
Complete Road to Nowhere

The second level is a mix of following Carol around the level and the first "Ride Carol" stage. This stage you can repeat to receive Captain. Focus on memorizing when to jump and when to duck. When sliding time is late as Carol will pull up quickly.

Escape the Cave
Complete the Cave

The third level is where you will be introduced to the "Shadow Creatures". The level is a long one as you will learn to use the feathers to fly and also spend a lot of time trying to find the collectibles.

Plug the Rifts
Complete Canyon River

The first river level will also net you the Commodore trophy as long as you do not crash the boat. You may lose tiny chunks throughout the level but once you completely crash you need to repeat the level. Take your time through the river section and you can knock out two birds with one stone.

Rescue Ira
Complete Seasick

Quick level. Great level to get one of the three different Wild Things needed to be consumed by the "Shadow Creatures".

Go To Nowhere
Complete Rebellion

Cue the dramatic Hollywood music. The level is once again straight forward. Dodge the bad Wild Things and finish the level.

Survive the Destruction
Complete the Crumbling Island

Another basic level. Remember to kill all "Shadow Creatures" and also you should start to see more of the bomb Fireflies. It will be easier as you progress through the game to kill 5 fireflies with one bomb. But from this level forward focus on the 5 kills with one bomb.

Find a New Island
Complete The Old Willow

The second and final ride Carol level. If you already have the Captain trophy then play the level relaxed. *Note* to find all of the Stars in this level you will need to replay the stage 2-3 times. The first time take all left paths, second time take all right paths, and if needed change it up to find all of the trophies. Once inside the giant beehive pay attention to the different firefly types. If playing on hard the blue and green fireflies can be annoying. Use your block ability regularly and fight through.

Reach the Ocean
Complete Setting Sail

The first part of the level is your basic run, melee, find collectibles. But the second part is another ship section. If you have the Commodore trophy then sit back and navigate the river. If not take your time and clear the rocks, whirlpools, and "Shadow Creatures".

Find Alexander
Complete Below the Root

Follow Alexander down the cave and defeat the "Shadow Creatures" along with the final Fireflies.

Leap to the Moon
Complete a Trip to the Moon

Last level and it is a bit of a doosy. On your first playthrough you will probably miss a couple of collectibles here so do not worry. This level is also best for allowing different Wild Things to be consumed by the "Shadow Creatures". Once finished enjoy the final movie.

Complete the game on Easy or Higher

Please see King.

Complete the game on Normal or Higher

Please see King.

Complete the game on Hard

The trophy gods have allowed the difficulty trophies to be stackable. Meaning that if you complete the Hard difficulty you also receive the Stranger & Hero trophies. The key to beating Hard is to focus on block and evade. The enemies illuminate when an attack is coming.


Toggle Spoiler

Friend of Alexander
Collect 25 Turtles

Here is a Level Break Down of the Turtles:

"The Cave" has 15
"Below The Roots" has 30
"A Trip to the Moon" has 15

Friend of Ira
Collect 25 Geodes

"Seasick" has 15
"Crumbling Island has 5
"Setting Sail" has 25
"Village" has 15

Friend of Judith
Collect 25 Seeds

"Rebellion" has 30
"Village" has 30

The seeds lead to other plants being grown in the village that leads to new areas where other collectibles can be found. Use the water droplets nearby for help.

Friend of Douglas
Collect 25 Honeycombs

"The Cave" has 15
"Rebellion" has 10
"Crumbling Island" has 10
"The Old Willow" has 20
"Setting Sail" has 5

Friend of the Bull
Collect 25 Skulls

"Arrival" has 30
"The Cave" has 10
"Canyon River" has 5
"A Trip to the Moon" has 15

Friend of KW
Collect 25 Owl Eggs

"Seasick" has 15
"Crumbling Island" has 15
"The Old Willow" has 15
"A Trip to the Moon" has 15

Friend of Carol
Collect 25 Houses

"Road to Nowhere" has 30
"Canyon River" has 15
"A Trip to the Moon" has 15

Collect all Turtles

Once all 60 collectibles are found the trophy is yours.

Collect all Seeds

Once all 60 collectibles are found the trophy is yours.

Collect all Honeycombs

Once all 60 collectibles are found the trophy is yours.

Collect all Skulls

Once all 60 collectibles are found the trophy is yours.

Collect all Owl Eggs

Once all 60 collectibles are found the trophy is yours.

Real Estate Mogul
Collect all Houses

Once all 60 collectibles are found the trophy is yours.

Find 5 Stars

See [color=gray]Universe.

Find 20 Stars

See Universe.

Star Cluster
Find 40 Stars

See [color=gray]Universe.

Find 65 Stars

See Universe.

Find 95 Stars

There are a total of 95 stars found in all 11 Chapters and the "Village". The only problem is in the "The Old Willow" stage. As stated in the level description you are going to replay this level possibly 2-3 times. Focus on finding all Stars on the left first and then on the right. For the other levels the Stars are commonly found along the levels and also are easily accessible.

On Fire
Defeat 250 Fireflies

The Fireflies are your basic enemies. You will earn this trophy with normal playthrough. Also when the Firefly illuminates it is about to attack, block immediately and punish it for bothering you.

Greased Lightning
Defeat 25 Lightning Bugs

The Lightning Bugs are the heavier type beetle enemies. You will need to charge up your melee attack and flip the bug on his back. Once on his back the beetle is vulnerable to damage. You can find 25 of them during normal play or spam the kills in the "Village".

The Cleaner
Defeat 100 Shadow Creatures

The "Shadow Creatures" are the enemies that are entirely black. The enemies are mostly spiders, or spiders with hammers. The "Shadow Creatures" shall become a staple enemy during the latter part of the missions and you will kill more than 100 before the final mission.

Jack of Hearts
Earn 4 Hearts

Hearts are earned by destroying enemies and various objects in the game. From the destroyed objects are tiny white orbs. You must collect these orbs to increase the bar that appears on the left in order to be awarded a new heart. Typically by Chapter 4 you will have 4 hearts of health.

King of Hearts
Earn 7 Hearts

Hearts are earned by destroying enemies and various objects in the game. From the destroyed objects are tiny white orbs. You must collect these orbs to increase the bar that appears on the left in order to be awarded a new heart. Typically by Chapter 7 you will have 7 hearts of health.

Ace of Hearts
Earn 10 Hearts

Hearts are earned by destroying enemies and various objects in the game. From the destroyed objects are tiny white orbs. You must collect these orbs to increase the bar that appears on the left in order to be awarded a new heart. Typically by Chapter 9 you will have 10 hearts of health. If you do not have the required amount of hearts do not fret. You may replay levels to earn the white orbs.

Three Square Meals
Be Eaten by three different Wild Things

While in the "Village" you will see the different Wild Things moving about the area. Walk to any 3 Different Wild Things and begin to attack each one. The Wild Things will retaliate and once your health is low the offended Wild Thing will consume you. Do the act 3 times and the trophy will unlock.

Worst King Ever
Allow three different Wild Things to sink into oblivion

During the last chapters you will be placed in a situation where you must rescue a Wild Thing being consumed into the "Oblivion." Instead of releasing the Wild Thing by attackings its captors simply attack the "Shadow Creatures" and allow the Wild Thing to do. You must do this with 3 Different Wild Things.

Power-swing from three bars in a row

During the first level you will come across three branches you must traverse in order to proceed. Simply jump and grab each one in one sequence and the trophy is yours.

Cause three different Wild Things to sneeze

In the natural course of the game you will be introduced to the concept of grabbing pollen from a plant and throwing it at particular Wild Things in order to advance further. Once again make sure you throw the pollen at 3 Different Wild Things. The best time to make this event happen is in the "Village" after you have collected nearly 30 seeds in the garden past the river.

Defeat five Fireflies with one bomb

A lot of users found this to be difficult but it is not. During the level "Rebellion" and beyond you will see multiple hives connected to one another. Focus on killing one Bomb Bug and take his carcass to the center of the grouping of hives and the other Fireflies will follow you to the hive. If at first you do not suceed there are multiple opportunities for the act to happen. Remember, 5 of any type of Fireflies must be defeated with one shining carcass.

Complete a Ride Carol mission without crashing

The trophy can be easily done in the second part of the second stage. Even if you mess up you must repeat the entire second portion only. It may take a couple of tries but focus on the distance Carol slides. If Carol is stopped at any point then the game will register a crash. Simply restart the entire level and go about it without crashing.

Complete a Sailing missions without crashing

Now for the water levels the ship is allowed a little damage. Crashing is only when the boat sinks into the water. Stay the middle of the course and avoid the whirlpools and "Shadow Creatures" as much as possible.

Glass Houses
Start a Dirt Clod Fight with multiple Wild Things

In the "Village" beyond the river is a small pile of rocks. Allow the Wild Things in the "Village" to follow you beyond the river and when in range begin to throw the rocks at their bodies. Once 2-3 Wild Things are hit they will commence to throw dirt around and at you. The trophy will unlock once the fight begins.

Wild Rumpus!
Defeat 15 enemies in a row in melee without being hit

Done in any level. Remember that blocking does not count against you; when an enemy illuminates it is about to attack. Block in its direction and resume the attack. Defeat the 15 enemies without losing a heart and trophy will unlock.

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