Players: 1(offline) 1-6(online)
Online Trophies: 5* (technically there are 5 online trophies per say. But the stark reality is, while you can get most of these trophies offline, doing so is near impossible, and highly not recommended [unless you enjoy your solitude and never seeing daylight again.] )
Online Pass Required: Yes, PSN Pass is needed to access GeoNet and online play
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: none
Estimated Time to Platinum: 500-1000 hours
Minimum Playthroughs:1 is only needed 2 is recommended if you never played the previous title White Knight Chronicles
Collectible Trophies: 7
Missable Trophies:none
Glitched Trophies: none


From the Japanese Studio that brought you Dragon Quest, Level-5 is back with the second installment to the White Knight Chronicles Series. WKCII takes place roughly a year after the previous title. Leonard, Eldore, Yulie and yourself return to help the Kingdom of Balandor, Faria and save the world.
WKC2 comes with a few changes over the last installment. Older fans will welcome the changes, while newer fans will be drawn in. The most visible changes to WKC2 is a faster turn-based battle system, the ability to have a 6 member party during online play, and a higher degree of difficulty comapered to the previous titles.
For those who have yet to play the original WKC, you are in luck. WKCII does come with the fist games single player story, just not the trophy list. But not having the trophy list may sound disappointing. Playing the first story on this disk does have some advatanges. As all your items and inventory are transferable to the second story.
Obtaining the for this game, will not be a relatively difficult path. But it will be a long and time consuming one. You will be spendin the next 500+ hours or so, becoming very familar with the world of WKC. A bulk of your time will be spent on the MMO-like aspects of this game. Which is how the online play of this game feels, and is quit fun. So settle in for a long haul, a lot of grinding, item farming, heaps of online play and replaying of quests. Everything that makes a JRPG, well a JRPG!

[top]Tips & Strategies

For those who have never played the first White Knight Chronicles. You are in luck, just do not become overjoyed just yet. While WKCII does come with the original games story. What it does not come with is the original WKC trophies. My suggestion to anyone who has never played the first game. Go out and get it, especially if you are looking to Plat this one. Having a save file from the original will significantly save you on time.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

Cheats: none

Glitches: none

Exploits: none


Step 1: Offline
There are essentially three paths towards the Platinum Crown, neither are relatively short or easy. And all will require a significant amount of time in getting there, roughly close to 500 hours minimum.

The short path to thePlatinum Crown, involves having a save file from the previous White Knight Chronicles, preferably one with 450+ binds already completed. Because you will need 800 binds for the Phibianacci Diamond trophy.

The second path will be for those who do not have, or never played the previous game, and you have two options. Before choosing which option to take. The very first thing you must do is create an Avatar. While it's not the most in-depth character creation out there. It is still pretty decent in the fact that you can create an Avatar that can be considered unique enough once you are playing online. There is no strategic advantage of one sex over the other in WKCII, you will find items along the way that do favor one over the other. But none give an overwhelming advantage over the other sex.

Option 1: Start off by playing the first story, which is essentially WKC 1. Doing this will accomplish a few things. It will familiarize you with the story of the series so far and the gameplay aspects of it. But most importantly, you will be able to transfer all of your inventory and binds over to the second story. While this doesn't seem like much on the surface. It does help you out quite a bit, considering all of/ most of the best weapons in the game you make by binding them. Which serves two purposes, one better weapons, two the binds count toward the 800 total you need in order to plat this game.
Option 2: For those who care little about the story of the original, or simply just do not want to play it. And alternatively have a lot of free time on their hands. Can just jump into story two right off the bat. In doing so, you will start off at level 35, you are also going to have to do everything from scratch. Which is going to push your playing time to the 1000 hour mark. Which will also include a lot of grinding on Geonet.

Step 2
: Online
Welcome to Geonet! This is where you will be spending the bulk of your WKCII gaming experience at. Geonet is the Hub of WKC/II, this is where you can maintain your friends list, visit towns, build your own town and most importantly of all, Questing, a lot of Questing. Now before you start off on quests. There are a few things you should know if you are new to the series. Quests are ranked in difficulty by Guild Rank or GR. So choose to do quests that are appropriate for you current GR. This will make transitioning into online play a lot smoother and far more enjoyable.

The main function of the Geonet is to do as many quests as possible for your current GR. Now in order to play any quests you first have to purchase the quest. These can be bought at any Adventures Guild in the game or in towns in the Georoma. The main reason in playing the single player, in terms as it pertains to online play, is to unlock every location in the game. Thus making all quests for your current GR, are also made available to you.

As you complete quests you will gain experience much like you did during the single player, which helps advance your character in whatever class you choose to be playing as. What you are also doing is earning Guilda (money), equipment and advancing your GR, which are edging you closer to earning trophies.

Now I will not tell you how to play online, but my strongest advice would be to do one of two things. Either A) join an online guild, which will assign quests to be purchased by you and other members of the same GR to complete. Which helps you in completing All Quests and it also helps in completing 100 Quests with an S Ranking. Or B) you can make friends online and set up times when you all can go questing together. Those two options for me just seem more efficient than playing with randoms all the time. And also as some quests are not as opnely avaiible at all times, for the pick up and play method, to be considered a viable solution in terms of trophy hunting.


Platinum Crown
A crown reserved for one who is perfect in every regard.Rumoured to have once been worn by an ancient king.

Obtain all other trophies in the game.

Bronze Satchel
Spend a total of 100,000 guilder. The money may be gone, but it's been replaced with hope.

Even if you are starting from scratch. Spending a 100,000 guilder should not be a major problem. It's quit easy in fact, since you will be earning guilder from Quests, Bounties, Resident Quests and selling off junk if you need to. Usually the most expensive items can be bought in the most well- established Georomas. Which will make earning this trophy completely painless.

Gold Satchel
Spend a total of 10,000,000 guilder.Who says money can't buy happiness?

Unlike WKC where you had to horde 10,000,000 guilder all at one time. You merely have to spend that much this time around. Which is a lot simpler to do, if you sell off all of your excess inventory and buy items for your Georoma. You are limited to 50 pages of equipment and an item count of 255 max per item. So selling off all of your excess should not be hard to do, if you are completing a lot of Quests.

Letter of Thanks
Rid 1 person of their worries.Their gratitude is heartfelt.

While playing the game you will encounter NPCs with an "!" point over their heads, or if you use R2 you will see them designated on your map. These NPCs have what are called Resident Quests. Which mainly consist of fetch quest, talking to another NPC, or retuning an item. After completing your first one, you will receive this trophy.

Royal Certificate of Appreciation
Rid 150 people of their worries.The adoration of the world washes over you.

After completing Letter of Thanks, you now only have 149 more Resident Quests to complete. There is no limit to how many Resident Quests you can take on at a time. And keeping track of them and what is needed for any quests to be completed is relatively easy, with the Travelogue. Now as you progress in these quests, you will start to notice that some quests will become dependent on rare items/drops and other quests.

Two such Quests Gotthard's "Final Duty" and Carinne's "Faster Caster" have some of the rarest item drops needed to complete the quests.

For Gotthard's "Final Duty"
Item: Flemron 108
Location: Balandor Secret Passage
The secrete passage is located inside Blandor Castle. For those who played WKCI or the first story. This is essentially where Leonard receives The White Knight. What you want to do is travel all the way to the last save crystal located in-front of the Vault. Save the game, then turn around and head back up the stairs and start farming for the Efreet. That with luck should appear on one of the landings, if you're unlucky and the most common thing to happen is, one Efreet do not spawn at all, or two the ones that do spawn are the 2nd-teir ones that drop Flemron 208. In either case, reload the save and try again.

Quest: Enemy Mines I
This quest is a GR-15 quests and should be unlocked if you completed the story and once you are GR-15 or higher. The quest is essentially a Gauntlet of Troll and King Troll killing for the next 15 minutes or so. It is also a no death quest as well, any party member dies equals quest failed. The reward for surving? The off chance you receive Flemron 108!

Carinne's "Faster Caster"
Item: Transparent Husk
Location 1: Under Balandor Castle
Once you have cleared the area in the story. The two previous rooms that were locked (West and East Rooms) will spawn 1st tier Wraiths which drop Transparent Husks.
Location 2: Redhorn Isle
After defeating the Boos in story mode each of the circular rooms will spawn Skeletons and Wraiths. Your best chance and easier grinding method, will be to use the room on the North East side near the save crystal. That way if you do not get the drop. Just reload from that save point and continue.

With a Giants stat of 60 you can purchase it from the Georoma for 110K guilder at a shop.

For a complete list of Resident Quests and requirements for completion, visit GameFaqs
Resident Quest Guide

Bronze Plaque
Proof of completing 1 monster-slaying quest.A special award bestowed by the Guild.

See Gold Plaque

Silver Plaque
Proof of completing 20 monster-slaying quests.A special award bestowed by the Guild.

See Gold Plaque

Gold Plaque
Proof of completing 40 monster-slaying quests.A special award bestowed by the Guild.

Unlike Resident Quests which has no limit on how many you can take on at a time. Bounties can only be done one at a time, and are available at Adventure's Guild Merchants in all the towns. There are 41 Bounties total. You will not be able to do all 41 or 40 that is required for the trophy. Until after you have completed the second story.
Two tips for you. I would wait until you are around level 70 or so to even attempt the final Bounties. As they are pretty tough. And I would save the Bounty: The Annihilator for last, simply for farming the 3rd tier Netherwurm for it's drops. Simply attack, recieve the drop and leave the area. There are other bounties that have Netherwurms, but this is the only one that can be done solo. As since you only need to complete 40 of the 41 available bounties. You can leave this one as open for as long as you need, and still receive the this trophy.

Bronze Star
Learn 1 entire set of skills.Its bronze light shines from the soul of the wearer.

Obtain 100% in any one skill tree, this only effects your Avatar. You will get this with a some (not to difficult) effort on your part. The main advice I can give you, is while you are leveling your character. Do not spend points in multiple skill trees. Concentrate on one or two at at time. Secondly just dumping points in a skill tree will not earn you this trophy. It is also compliant with unlocks with Resident Quests completion parameters.

for a complete list of Skill Tree Parameters, visit GameFaqs

Skill Tree Guide

Gold Star
Learn 8 entire sets of skills.Its gold light shines with the power of every technique.

Now you have to earn a Gold Star (100%) for each skill tree for your Avatar. Since it is inherently impossible to master all skill trees at one time, this brings on the introduction of the process known as "Re-Birthing".
Re-Birthing is the process of resetting your skill trees. Once you have a GR of 22 you can start climbing your way to level 80 and the Re-Birthing process. Re-Birthing takes place in Sinca Village. Once you've cleared the second story, the location will appear in Van Haven Waste on the World Map. You will have a conversation on reincarnation with a NPC. Once you agree to the process, you will be reverted back to level 60, and refunded 400 skill points. The perks to Re-Birthing is, every time you are reborn you are given 40 extra skill points per Re-Birth, up to the 4th one. Which will give you a maxed Avatar at level 80 with 760 skill points, granting you a lot of flexibility. If you master different skill tress during each Re-Birth you should receive this trophy on your 3rd one. Re-Birthing as early as possible will speed things along as well. As there is really no benefit in not Re-Birthing until you've gotten this trophy and all of the available 'free' skill points.

Rare Dabbler
Collect 1 rare piece of equipment.A bronze ornament in the shape of a sword and shield.

The first thing that should be noted is, what exactly is considered "rare" for this trophy. Obtaining items/equipment that are listed as unknown or has to be appraised by a merchant are NOT I repeat NOT Rare. What is classified as rare for this trophy is GR26 level Armor that have to be mainly bound in order to be obtained. So while this isn't technically a Binding Trophy, it's a binding trophy in the sense that the GR26 Armor is mainly obtained that way. The only other way to obtain this Armor is buy purchising it with Dahlia through the an adventurer’s guild merchant Upon getting/binding your first piece this trophy will pop.

Rare Collector
Collect 20 rare pieces of equipment.A silver ornament in the shape of a sword and shield.

Bind and/or purchase with Dahlia, 20 GR26+ Armor/Equipment. Now obtaining the materials to create GR26 items. Will be mostly be found in completing GR26+ quests. Playing and stock piling your drops is your best way at obtaining these materials. In order to create and upgrade your GR26 equipment. You will need to take complete and full advantage at harvesting as much as you can, all the time if possible.

Rare Maniac
Collect 50 rare pieces of equipment.A gold ornament in the shape of a sword and shield.

To bridge the gap from 20 to 50. You need to continue to gather whatever materials you need to bind, or collect enough Dahlia currency to buy what remaining GR26+ items you still need. So continue playing the quests you need to farm your remaining materials.

Stone presented to beginner binders.Fashioned by the Don's underlings.

This is your first official Binding Trophy. Binding quit simply is taking two or more items, combining them to make a new item. You will be introduced to binding during the single player. In order to bind items you will need a recipe, items required, a binding shop to preform the bind and guilder to pay for. You can only bind items for your current rank or below. Binding and Donating items to the shops will increase your rank. You will receive this trophy after your first bind. One down 799 to go.

Anura's Ruby
Gemstone presented to competent binders.Made by Anura herself.

You will receive this trophy after 300 different binds are completed. For every first bind of an item that is completed, there will be a red check mark by that item. You can bind any item as many times as you want. But it will only count the first bind of said item for trophy purposes. So while you are progressing through the story. Keep in mind the binds, and bind as much as you can during story mode. That way you will not have to back track or replay the story for lower level bind item drops.

Phibianacci's Diamond
Stone presented to outstanding binders.Created by Don Phibianacci himself.

For those who imported a save from WKC with 450+ binds. This trophy will come a lot faster for you. As there are 500+/- binds in that game alone. A few tips to help you out.

Binded up every UNID weapon you find during your travels through Vellgander quest sections and treasure hunting the rifts. Rather you use the weapons or not, U & G class weapons are equal to +10 upgrade. Not only will this save you a lot of time, you get some decent weapons too.

Unlike WKC you can bind harvestibles in WKCII. So save up on Dahlia as most of the catalyst will require the use of Dahlia in order to buy them. Others will require rare drops and even rarer codes. Now if you are close to this trophy but do not want to part with your rare items. You can make a separate save. Make the necessary binds to attain this trophy, then reload the original save file.

Thirdly when in Greede,head to the Merchant Shop and buy 6 of every Black Glasses offered. You can use this to bind up the glasses in the accessory binds, netting you 60+ binds.

Bronze Medal
Medal presented to rookie adventurers.A small prize from the Guild.

Upon reaching Guild Rank (GR) 2 you will receive this trophy. To progress through the Guild Ranks, you will need to complete Bounties, Online Quests and certain Resident Quest. Advancing your Guild Rank is essential to WKCII. As your Guild Rank is the limiting factor in items you can buy, weapons you can own and Binds available.

Silver Medal
Medal presented to seasoned adventurers.A respectful award from the Guild.

Upon reaching Guild Rank 17 you will receive this trophy. So keep completing those Bounties and Quests. At GR20 the Bounties and Quests start becoming more fun and way more worthwhile to do.

Gold Medal
Medal presented to legendary adventurers.A high honour from the Guild.

Welcome to the most time consuming trophy in the game. Reaching GR30 which is the highest level in Guild Ranking. Is a long and daunting task, simply because quests cap off at GR26. So you will be replaying a lot of Bounties to progress these last four Guild Ranks. This is probably be the last trophy you earn before Platinum.

Mercenary's Badge
Complete 1 quest with an S rank.A badge presented by your clients.

S Ranking (which is the highest ranking a quest can be completed in) will net you this trophy. Obtaining an S Ranking will be dependent on the objectives/preameters for the quest you are starting. Which will be listed in the quest screen. Typically completing all sub-quest, objectives in the fastest time possible. Will net you an S ranking. For the lower level quests, you must complete all sub-quests in order to obtain an S Ranking for that quest. So it's a good general rule and practice to get use to doing them anyway.

Professional's Badge
Complete 50 quests with an S rank.A badge presented by your clients.

If you keep track of the S Ranking requirements for a quest. You should have little to no problem obtaining 20 S Rankings. A lot of the lower level quest can be done solo and still be S ranked. But the middle and higher level quests, will require a full party to S rank. Simply because of the time restraints and coordination that is involved in obtaining the S ranking parameters.

Perfectionist's Badge
Complete 100 quests with an S rank.A badge presented by the Adventurer's Guild.

S Ranking 100 out of the 150+ Quests in this game. Will come a lot easier and less stressful, if you join an online guild. Playing with randoms will make S ranking 100 quests a lot harder than it has to be.

Fortunaitely Youtube is your friend in this one. For a complete walkthrough in S ranking every quest.

WKCII Quest-line Tutorials

White Knight Chronicles™
Ancient stone tablet, recovered from a ruin.The surface is etched in a language lost to time.

This is story related and cannot be missed. Simply complete Story One (WKC) and this trophy will pop. Now you can do that by either completing the first story included on the disk, import a WKC save or very cheaply by starting story two without playing WKC/Story One. However you start the second story this will be the first trophy you earn.

YucheeEL has a video walkthrough for WKC2
It is a speed walkthrough meaning most of the random fights have been cut. But it's very helpful if you become stuck with no idea how to proceed.
WKCII- First Story Walkthrough

White Knight Chronicles™ II
Mark of those who defy their fate.

This is story related and cannot be missed. You get this after completing the second story.

Again YucheeEL has a video walkthrough for WKC2
It is a speed walkthrough meaning most of the random fights have been cut. But it's very helpful if you become stuck with no idea how to proceed.
WKCII- Second Story Walkthrough

Soul of Evil
Proof of having destroyed the God of Destruction.

After completing the Vellgander Section 9 and 10 quests. You will receive the quest to kill Emperor Madoras in the GR26 quest, Vellgander: Upper Apex. There is a good news bad news sitution for this particular quest. The Good News is, you do not have to get an S ranking for this quest, to receive this trophy. The Bad News is, it's seldom played online. Just because of the shear amount of resources and coordination that is involved in beating this quest.

First you will need a full party of 6 players, each with their assigned role, damage dealing, healing/support and transforming. During the first stage of this two part battle. You and your party will want to concentrate on dealing as much damage as you can to Emperor Madoras, while staying alive. Be on the lookout for his void spell that will revert anyone who is transformed and reset your statuses. He will cast a physical barrier when his health is low. Remove this as quickly as possible, your party will receive zero action chips while this is up. To remove it quickly have your mages cast spells and have a Hammer equipped Transformer to help speed up this process. Failing to do both of these, will greatly extend the length of this battle.

The second phase of this battle is a lot of the same. Keep dealing as much damage as possible, while keeping your party alive. And supporting whomever is in Knight form as much as possible. Remember you do not have to S rank this battle. You just have to survive it, which in most cases is still asking a lot. Once the battle is over, enjoy your much earned .

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