Players: 1 (4 online)
Online Trophies:
Cheats Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum:
500+ Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies:
Missable Trophies: 0
Glitches Trophies: 0

[top]Tips & Strategies

-Strength, base for most melee weapons and all strike type attacks, affects axe and staff most
-Dexterity, base for thrust attacks and hit accuracy (not necessary until gr12+ where 100 is recommended), affects bow and spear most
-Agility, base for slashing attacks and increases dodging and blocking incoming attacks, affects longsword and sword most

-Vitality, increases hp and defense, improves spear attacks

-Intelligence, increases magic attack for elemental magic as well as all melee attacks with an element (fire,water,earth,wind)

-Spirit, increases mp, magic defense and divine magic for healing, improves staff attacks

AI characters
During story play you will be able to pick your party of 3, 1 of you and 2 AI. The AI can be pretty lame and you want to keep their command bar simple. Use L3 and R3 as well as their tactics under Combat Setup to make sure they heal when you want them to and go all out when you want. Leonard is usually kept as sword and Caesar as spear, but make sure your friends are able to cast heal.

Action Chips
AC or action chips are blue squares that fill up a bar at the bottom of the screen up to 15AC. AC is used to do certain skills or combos. Longswords, spears and staffs have a skill that allows them to fill up their AC for some mp, otherwise you get AC as you attack or get hit. If you had some AC and switch to a different type of weapon or unequip it you will lose all your AC, so don't do this during a boss fight! You shouldn't use stronger melee attacks that require AC unless you use them in a combo since the damage multiplier is as follows: 100%-100%-120%-110%-110%-130%-140%. For best combo efficiency use 1AC and combos with combo complete. A combo complete is when you get a bonus hit at the end because you have +10 in any strike/slash/thrust/elemental stat. When you make your combo's don't start it with the basic 0ac attack because it will do 70% damage instead of the full 100%. Mages don't really use combos, just use their AC for stronger spells and elemental seeker buffs.

Command Bar
If you want to be able to switch command bar sets for different weapons or you just want to save and load them, press select while editing commands.

If you are not a mage, you need to have 5 different weapons of your type to be most efficient during quests. One will be neutral and the other four need to be enhanced by an element just once since adding 1 element will allow you to do 150% more damage to the elemental weak monster. You don't need to have all of them until about GR10, but while GRinding br1 and br2 you will want a water weapon for the boss. Use inspectacles if you don't know a monster's elemental weakness.
Each class type have their advantages and disadvantages. Ranged attacks can target a body part on a boss to be more efficient. Each class also heals for varying amounts, staffs and bows being strongest. Longswords and spears have better combo damage for dealing damage. The attack speed is in this order; bow, staff, sword, spear, longsword, axe. Elemental magic is best for aoe, but casting can be interrupted with out high agility. Spears and swords are the only ones that can equip shields and can tank with their provoke/threaten skills. Best place to look for class guides and are in online geonet adventure logs you can usually find through the message board. Kokoro(Yuchee. Land) is one of the most useful places to look.

If you want to try and save guilder by not binding and enhancing your gear yet don't want to completely be a terrible player, at least bind new armor when you should. You should use cloth and light armor since it allows you to attack faster. Use heavy gear if your tanking as spear or sword. There's no need to enhance armor really until GR10+ and you typically just need to +5 for armor bonus since you typically cant +10 until next GR.
Use skyblue884. HQ for a list of armor bonus. Here's a simple list that will save you some money yet allow you to get the job done:
gr1-6 try to bind what you can (make sure to keep a set of armor for rebirthing, level 35 max)
gr7 windwalker/breaker set
gr8 magical/earth mail
gr9 (you can skip this or go after aeros/spectral set but its time consuming until later gr)
gr10 tanks mix centurion/generals set, otherwise elemental/ancient/master set pieces
gr11 wyvern/valiant set for tanks, metal hauberk (chest) for all SS/Ls/axe, warlock chest for mage/bow, mix n match metal/warlock/firedragon set
gr12 use Yuchee. Land class guides for which armors you should use

For GR1-6
The game will allow you to join any posted quests that are GR6 and below even if you aren't GR6. Problem is you can't own the quests yet so you need to rely on someone else.

Georama list
Here's a list of georama's to quest in that are fairly popular:
Nightkid315. Island
Yuchee. Land
CopenBlend. World
ni_jal. Ville

For useful information check out Yuchee. Land, NikolaiBlack. Ville, skyblue884. HQ, Maximus_Sirius. Castle
To get to a person's homepage you can press X on a person's comment and visit homepage or add them as a friend (so to get to Yuchee. Land I would type in "Yuchee") and delete the request after you visit their homepage through your friends list on geonet. Make sure to add all of these to your favorites to make it easier.

To find more info use the wkc wiki or gamefaqs sites.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

An awesome list of exploits here


Step 1. Beat the Single Player Story
Play through the story, there are no trophies related to it and there isn't anything you can miss so just play through it. This will take about a day to beat and unlock the whole map. You must unlock all locations in story to be able to do all the quests. Along the way you will be leveling up your characters and on your way to getting the high level accumulative trophies; Item Maniac, Equipment Maniac, Gold Horns and Gold Coin Purse.

Step 2. New Game+(Optional)
Run through New Game+. This option will be available at the title screen after you cleared the story. Everything stays the same between your characters and items. The difficulty stays the same so you'll be able to blow right through it. The only thing that changed and the only reason for doing New Game+ are the items in the treasure chests, GR7 and GR8 equipment. This will give you a little bit more money and you will have equipment ready for GR7/8. Go here for a list of treasure chest locations and items http://whiteknightchronicles.neoseek...ki/New_Game%2B Remember to have all map locations unlocked again if you start new game+ so you can quest in all locations.

Step 3. Questing to GR12
This is the part where the grind starts and the reason this is a 500+ hour plat. In towns like Balandor you are able to purchase quests at your guild rank from a quest shop, so every time you rank up buy more available quests. Your guild rank, GR, increases when you complete a quest and receive points. You can see your GR and points at the combat setup menu and at the end of a quest you can see how much you receive and how much more you need to the next GR. In order to start a quest you can either go to the world map, select a location and choose a quest from the list (solo or multiplayer/automatch but it will be hard to find anyone else automatching) or you can sign on to geonet at a logic stone and quest from a georama using the soldier by the gate (best way to play online with others). While you're GRinding there are three main trophies you should keep in mind; Gold Coin Purse Gold Medal and Phibianacci's Diamond. The rest will come easy. You will want to quest to reach GR12 while trying to save guilder and collecting binding materials. Gold Star should be done as soon as you hit GR10 since the rebirths will leave you much stronger and with the stat ups you will totally own.

Step 4. Clean Up
Once you've reached GR12 you will most likely have a few trophies left over to do, especially Gold Coin Purse and Phibianacci's Diamond. Depending on how much guilder you've saved and how many items you've collected, this could take you an extra 50-100 hours. If you haven't already gotten Perfectionist's Badge by now, you definitely won't have any issues doing the low GR quests as a GR12 as long as your gear is up to par.


Platinum Crown
A crown reserved for the one who is perfect in every regard.

Get every trophy, you get the platinum.

Item Dabbler
Collect 100 different items.

See Item Maniac

Item Collector
Collect 300 different items.

See Item Maniac

Item Maniac
Collect 600 different items.

You can get items by killing field monsters, bosses, harvesting and as rewards after a quest. Any item you may have gotten in your item storage but used up will still count towards the trophy. You can hold as many different items as possible but only 255 of each. You will most likely get this by the time you're GR12.

Under item storage there are consumable items, harvestable items, monster materials and enhance items.

You can get new items as you get higher GR due to the different items monsters drop in tiers GR1-6, GR7-9 and GR10-12. The single player monsters drop GR1-6 items.

While out in a field or inside some online georamas you will find rocks, bushes, trees, plants, etc. that shine or have a butterfly flying around it. These are harvestable spots that will give you an item when you press X at it.

With the addition of DLC quests (the ones you don't have to buy) there are more items and equipment making these trophies not as hard as they used to be. These DLC items/equipment will be at the end of the binding lists and item storage and are marked by a blue icon instead of the neutral colored ones.

Equipment Dabbler
Collect 50 different types of weapons / armor

See Equipment Maniac

Equipment Collector
Collect 200 different types of weapons / armor.

See Equipment Maniac

Equipment Maniac
Collect 500 different types of weapons / armor.

After going for Phibianacci's Diamond and the 450 binds, getting 500 equipment isn't that tough. If you still need a few more, try buying armor and weapons in towns throughout single player until you have enough. Treasure chests also help. You can only have 250 pieces of equipment in your Equipment Storage so you need to make room. You don't actually need 500 on you at once. So if you're not using some of it you can donate it to increase your binding level or sell it for guilder.

Bronze Star
Learn once entire set of Skills.

See Gold Star

Gold Star
Learn eight entire set of Skills.

Every time your avatar levels up you gain 4 skill points. To use them just go to Learn Skills and select a character. The level cap is level 50, leaving you 200 skill points. Within each skill set you learn magic, buffs, debuffs, weapon specific attacks and permanent stat ups, but each set requires 90 skill points to master and with 8 total sets you won't be able to master all of them with out the use of reincarnation or rebirthing. When you master a set you will see a gold star by it.

Rebirthing allows you to reset all your skill points for you to reuse as well as giving you 40 extra points for each rebirth up to 4 rebirths. In order to rebirth you must be level 50 and under the offline world map select The Van Haven Waste and at the bottom of the list select Sinca Reincarnation Pilgrimage. Find the campsite at C3 on the map and The Usher will ask if you want to rebirth. You will delevel to level 35 and you lose all your skills and combos. Your equipment becomes unequipped and you will only be able to use gear at your current level, so keep some armor and weapons around lvl35 around so you can use those. You will have your 35 levels worth of skill points and the extra 40-160 to use. Level back up to 50 and rebirth until you learn all 8 sets, just make sure you keep your skills under one set and not spread them too much.

Most people will tell you to wait until you are GR10 to rebirth since it takes only a few hours to level up from 35 to 50 in sprog cleaning II. It wouldn't hurt to do 1 rebirth as soon as you hit level 50 (around GR8) since you will get there during your big red 2 grinds and you can still do that quest and level up back to 50 again through GR9. In order to level up fast in sprog cleaning II, kill all the spiders in the middle room and the room after that, come back to the logic stone to quit the quest and keep repeating. It's easy if you have aoe elemental magic or attacks.

I highly suggest following this route for your rebirths to make gameplay and rebirthing easier. Always learn heal/heal II.
0 rebirths, chose to master longsword or spear first. Longswords and spears make big red runs easier since they can build AC.
1 rebirths, chose two to master, one should have an aoe attack for faster leveling (axe, longsword or spear).
2 rebirths, master staff, elemental and divine magic. This is the part where you will be playing mage. If you don't like it, luckily mages level up fast.
3 rebirths, right away master the last 2 sets you have and after you have gotten the trophy you can reload the save data if you hadn't saved since you learned your skills.
Choose your favorite classes to play the remainder of the game as. For very in depth class guides look at Yuchee's or NicolaiBlack's adventure logs in the game, they are very helpful.

Bronze Horns
Slay 100 monsters.

See Gold Horns

Silver Horns
Slay 3,000 monsters.

See Gold Horns

Gold Horns
Slay 10,000 monsters.

You will definitely have this by the time you're GR12 so there's no need to worry about it. Just keep killing those field monsters or bosses when you have to in a quest.

Mercenary's Badge
Complete five quests with an S rank.

See Perfectionist's Badge

Professional's Badge
Complete 20 quests with an S rank.

See Perfectionist's Badge

Perfectionist's Badge
Complete 50 quests with an S rank.

Under quest info you can see the quests you have and the grades you've gotten for them. S ranking a quest usually involves some sort of side quests or completion under a certain amount of time. If you need more info on how to do some quests you can try to find it here http://whiteknightchronicles.neoseek...ld_Rank_Quests or ask on the boards in the game. By the time you're GR12, doing 50 S ranks won't be hard at all. With a decent team you can have these done at GR9. Here's a list of the easier quests you can do solo.

Brave Litton's Plight 1,2 and 3
Memorial Servant 1,2 and 3
Boot Camp 1 and 2
The Lost Children 1,2 and 3
A Grave Matter 1,2 and 3
Best Served Cold (big red) 1,2 and 3
Monumental Treasure 1,2 and 3
The Exterminator 1,2 and 3
Ring Leader 1 and 2
Caravan Escort 1 and 2
Only Game in Town 1,2 and 3
Dragon's Heat 1 and 2
The Azure Dragon 1 and 2
Home of the Knave 1 and 2
King of Dragons 1 and 2
All in the Cards 1 and 2
Lumber Support 1 and 2
Troll Treasure 1 and 2
Desperate Defense
The Trials
The Arena
Windwalker Savior
Inspiration Strikes
Station Attendant

Bind 50 different items.

See Phibianacci's Diamond

Anura's Ruby
Bind 200 different items.

See Phibianacci's Diamond

Phibianacci's Diamond
Bind 450 different items.

You will unlock binding in Albana. There are binding posts scattered in towns and one in every georama, just look for the toad. You will be able to bind items, weapons, armors and accessories but you should start by increasing your Member's Rank to 12. In order to do this you need to donate. It would be best to donate items you won't be using or have extras of, like old armor or guardian pearls. After that it's all about collecting the binding materials and materials for weapon enhances to bind. 450 binds is not everything on the list, so do all the accessories and items first. Most of the weapons and armor up to GR10 will get you the rest of the binds. To save guilder for the other trophies, don't start binding until you have 10 million or use a different save data. Different recipes A, B and C for the same items will count, and recipes already used will have a red checkmark by them.

To make this easier for yourself, use THE 450 BINDING GUIDE to keep track of what you need to collect to get the easier binds. It will tell you what you can buy to start off the lower GR binds as well as how many of each item you will need and what weapons you need to enhance. Binding the weapons are painful since you will have to go back and forth to enhance each one. This list will make it a lot easier if you keep track of everything. Anything you bind over GR10, such as the armor and weapons you will be using, will offset anything you can't bind on the list.

After unlocking this trophy you will receive the white knight costume for your PS Home avatar to wear, enjoy!

Bronze Medal
Raise Guild Rank to 4.

See Gold Medal

Silver Medal
Raise Guild Rank to 8.

See Gold Medal

Gold Medal
Raise Guild Rank to 12.

Be ready to commit to this trophy if you really want this platinum. Most people give up around GR9. Reaching GR12 takes 21,670,000 points. A quest will give anywhere from 5,000 to 50,000 points depending on the level of quests you are doing. You should hunt for materials within quests your GR so you can try to do two trophies at once. For strictly GRinding, these are the better quests to do for each GR:

GR1-2 Brave Litton's Plight 1 (BLP) 3,000 points for 8-10 min.
GR3-5/6/7 Best Served Cold 1 (aka Big Red and BR in the game) 5,000 points for 2-4 min.
GR6 Home of the Knave 1 (HOTK) 12,000 points for 5-6 min.
GR7 Brave Litton's Plight 2- 19,000 points
GR8-9/10 Best Served Cold 2- 25,000 points
GR9 Home of the Knave 2- 34,000 points
GR10 Brave Litton's Plight 3- 40,000 points
GR11+ Best Served Cold 3- 49,000 points

Even though leveling experience is split after killing a boss, GR points are not and therefore it is beneficial to GRind with 3 other people just to make this go faster. By the end of this you will probably have 100 of each big red runs and 10s of quests you had to repeat for item collecting since some of them can be pretty rare.

Bornze Coin Purse
Earn 100,000 guilder.

See Gold Coin Purse

Silver Coin Purse
Earn 1,000,000 guilder.

See Gold Coin Purse

Gold Coin Purse
Earn 10,000,000 guilder.

One of the more painful trophies, this one will keep you past GR12 if you aren't careful with your money. You must have 10 million on you at once, but most people will save the game then sell all their items to get to it. You will probably need 6 million before you can sell and get close enough. Pearls and Gems sell for a good amount and will give you a few million to work with. This is easier if you don't buy items, and bind/enhance the minimal throughout your Grind, but don't be too skimpy on your gear since no one will want to quest with you if you're always dying. At GR11, big red 3 is a good source for money, 3 minutes for about 20k in guilder and items. At GR12 the best money quests are Station Attendant 2, 50k for 8min, and King of Dragons 3, 50k for 10min.

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