Players: 1-4 offline
Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: There’s no cheats in this game, but check the “Tips & Strategies” section.
Obtain 100 % - difficulty: With google: 0.5/10, Without google: 5/10
Estimated Time to Platinum: With Google: 45-90 minutes, Without Google: 3-6 hours depending on knowledge skills.
Minimum Playthroughs: 4 + clean up (Check Roadmap)
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: No
Glitched Trophies: No glitched trophies reported so far.

[top]Tips & Strategies

This is a really easy 100%. The only time where you are presented for a timeline is in the "Fastest Finger First" round. Therefore you have all the time you need to look up the right answers using every "lifeline" you can imagine. Google, Yahoo and other search engines, or simply just a dictionary or a book. Besides these "Real life lifelines" you can also use the in-game lifelines which are located to the left of the screen:

Ask the Audience The fictional Audience members designate what they believe the correct answer is. The percentage of the audience choosing each specific option is what you see on your screen at the upper right corner. The audience seems to be pretty reliable in most situations, but after the 32.000 dollar safe haven the percentage seems to be more and more equal which makes it harder to decide.

50/50 The computer eliminates two incorrect answers, "... leaving the correct answer and one incorrect answer." This way your chances are now 1/2 instead of 1/4

Phone-a-Friend When you phone a friend he will not speak. Instead your friend will mumble while the clock counts down. The clock (in the upper right) will, after your friend says "ah hah", be replaced by what your friend think is the correct answer.

Remember to be thorough in your internet search since some homepages could contain more than one of your options

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits


First playthrough:
In the first playthrough you'll go for All too Easy!!
Remember to do the Lightning Reactions... first.
After the "Fastest Finger First" round you go for the Breaking the Ice trophy and afterwards Not going home empty handed!. Then after the 14th question you'll get The million dollar question and after answering the 15th question without using any lifelines throughout the game you'll get You're a Millionaire!! and right after All too Easy!! as well.

Second playthrough:
If you didn't get Lightning Reactions... in your first playthrough try to do it again in this.
This playthrough you will go for ...and yet so far!. Use minimum one lifeline on your way towards the 15th question and you'll get rewarded with That's what they are there for

Third playthrough:
If you didn't get Lightning Reactions... in your first or second playthrough try to do it again in this.
This time you'll only get So Close!

Fourth playthrough:
If you didn't get Lightning Reactions... in your first, second or third playthrough try to do it again in this.
Again only one trophy is rewarded for your efforts: You're a brave contestant!

Clean up!:
If you didn't get Lightning Reactions... in any of your playthroughs follow the description for that particulary trophy.
Now get rid of Fall at the first post... and the It's easy when you know... trophies.

You just got 100% in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Special Editions


Lightning Reactions...
Win "Fastest Finger First" Round in under 4 seconds (single player game)

With the extremely short amount of time I must conclude that this is almost impossible to do legit.
But even though it seems hard at first glance it's doable. Not by answering, but by choosing the right combo. Simply just stick to one combo such as A,D,B,C or another and in a few tries this should be the right combo.
I've played the game a lot and this combo: A,D,B,C appeared to be the right one 3/10 times. Eventually it'll come regardless of your choice.

If you didn't get this through your 4 playthroughs or the cleanup rounds, then just start a new game and play "Fastest Finger First" and quit afterwards. Rinse and repeat.

Breaking the Ice
Answer the first question correctly (single player game)

Simply just answer the first question correctly after you finished the "Fastest Finger First" round. If you don't answer this question correctly you can take comfort in the thought that you will get the Fall at the first post... trophy instead

That's what they are there for
Use a lifeline (single player game)

This trophy is self-explanatory. Simply just use one of the lifelines and right after the trophy will pop. You don't have to answer the question either.

Fall at the first post...
Get the first question wrong (single player game)

This is maybe one of the greatest fears for most contestants when they are placed in the "hot seat": Failing at the first question.
Never the less this had occurred before and now it will happen for you to.
All you have to do is start a new game and answer the first question incorrectly. Only in rare occasions the first question will be hard and therefore choosing the wrong answer will be easy.

It's easy when you know...
"Walk Away" with nothing (single player game)

This trophy is basically meaningless. It require you to walk away empty handed. Now who would do that?
Just as Fall at the first post... you can do this at the very first question. Simply click the exit button with the green man, located above your lifelines, and you earned yourself a really easy trophy.

Not going home empty handed!
Reach 1000 (single player game)

The trophy discription says it all. Simply get to the first safe haven at 1000 dollars and this trophy will pop.
You'll get this automatically during your first playthrough. Check All too EASY!!

You're a brave contestant!
Choose to "Walk Away" between 32,000 and 250,000 (single player game)

This is your fourth and last playthrough. After reaching the safe haven at 32.000 dollars you will be presented for the 11th question. Simply press the exit button located above your lifelines and the trophy is yours.

So Close!
Choose to "Walk Away" with 500,000 (single player game)

This will be your third playthrough.
Simply answer the 14th question correctly and at the 15th question you will choose to walk away. Above the lifelines to the left on the screen you'll see the option to "walk away". Simply press it and confirm. Pling!

...and yet so far!
Fail to answer the Million - dropping to 32,000 (single player game)

You'll get this on your second playthrough. When you reach the 15th and final question you'll choose to answer the question incorrectly which will drop you to 32.000 dollars. I was too lazy to look up the final answer and since my failure chances only were at 25% i just picked a random answer. Unfortunately I got the correct answer. I had to play the whole thing again. So look this up as well!

The million dollar question!
Get to the Million Question - Tier 15 (single player game)

When you have answered the 14th question correctly this trophy will unlock since you'll get to the final 15th question which is the million dollar question.
Be sure to check the roadmap and All too EASY!!

All too EASY!!
Win 1,000,000 with all three lifelines remaining (single player game)

If you followed my instructions in the roadmap you should get this during your first playthrough. To unlock this trophy you can't use any lifelines at all. Some answers can be very difficult and if you look them up, then be sure to find the correct answer since you, especially in the final questions, will be presented for two or even three of the alternatives in your search. The most important advice I can give you is TAKE YOUR TIME. It's only in "Fastest Finger First" you'll be presented for a timeline. Therefore take your time. This cannot be stressed enough.

If you choose not to use google or any search engine at all, this will surely be a pain in the ***. My record without lifelines was 250.000 and that's in 24 tries. There's not really any tips i can share with you since you basically have to know everything about everything which makes this trophy one of the hardest I've ever seen.

You're a Millionaire!!
Win 1,000,000 (single player game)

You just won a million!
If you followed my instructions in the roadmap you should get this during your first playthrough. Check All too EASY!!

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