Players: 1
Online Play: Yes
Online Trophies: 0
Cheat Codes: No
Cheats Affect Trophies: No, there are no cheats.
Trophy Difficulty: 9/10
Time to Platinum: 5-10 hours
Min. # of Playthroughs: 1


Hey guys, Aqua here again with another trophy guide! This time it's the latest content for the hardest PSN title out there WipEout HD! The Fury Pack comes with 13 new trophies, sadly all are bronze, and aren't nothing to sneeze at. The Fury trophies are not as hard as the base trophies but can still be difficult so without further or do here it is the WipEout HD Fury Trophy Guide.

Let me first say that the Detonator trophies are the most difficult because the event acts like Zone events except that you have to dodge mines and bombs. But you do have weapons to clear away mines so it isn't too hectic.
I recommend doing the Detonator trophies on the track Syncopia since it has less sharp turns and is more wide open than most tracks.


Hold Your Fire
Reach stage 10 without firing on any track, in any Detonator event.

For this trophy you can not use either the cannon or the EMP or you will have to start all over again so make sure your fingers are no where close to (EMP) and (Cannon). New mines don't appear as much when they aren't destroyed so you pretty much will only have to dodge the mines from stage 1. If you hit a mine or two don't panic because when you pass the start line you regain 10 ship energy points but even so be careful out there.

Score a hit with every round in an entire cannon clip in any Detonator event.

Quite possibly the easiest trophy in all of WipEout HD. Don't go crazy with the cannon, just fire one round at a time at 15 mines and you will get it easy peasy.

Da Bomb
Destroy all 14 bombs in any Detonator event.

Prepare to lose some hair over this trophy because it is very difficult to get all 14 bombs. There are 14 stages, one bomb for each. If you hit a mine it will knock off 10 ship energy points meaning hitting 10 mines means your session ends. Like I said Detonator events act like Zone events in which your speed increases after each stage so evading mines becomes tricky. Pay attention to the computerized voice because she tells you if a bomb is ahead so be prepared to take it out. If you miss don't restart, you can turn around for a few seconds and you won't lose energy but if you face the wrong way for too long you will lose energy and fast. You can lose all of your energy in less than ten seconds so be careful when backtracking to a bomb. Utilize both weapons to clear mines away when things get a little crowded. Just stay focused and avoid as many mines as possible and you will get this trophy.

Zone Battle Legend
Win a single player, Racebox, Zone Battle event with a target of 40 on Talons Junction (Forward).

Very easy to do, just start a Zone Battle event in Racebox and set the target to 40 zones and win. just remember to get your zone boost all the way to 8 and press to zone boost.

Just Passing Through
Pass through 15 Zone Barriers in any Zone Battle event.

This one confused me at first, I thought that you had to hit 15 Zone Barriers, they are those black hexagons that appear on the track, but I was wrong. When see a Zone Barrier press to make a shield with and zone boost you picked up to pass through said barrier. Make sure you do this on Racebox and set the Zone Target all the way to 55 and set the Racer AI to Elite since Elite racers zone boost more.

Zen Evasion
Win any single player Zone Battle event with a minimum target of 25 without absorbing.

Sounds intimidating but don't be fooled, getting to Zone Target 25 is very easy since you still can use zone boost. Remember not to press because that is how you absorb zone boost. Make sure the Racer AI is set to Novice so it is easier.

Eliminate 18 opponents in a single player Eliminator event.

I know what you're thinking, you're thinking how do you kill 18 opponents in an Eliminator event? Simple, first go to Racebox and set the score limit all the way to 600 points and make sure the Racer AI is set to Novice. Next select a track that you can fall off of like Sol2 or Anulpha Pass. Eliminate opponents like normal but make sure you look at your score, if it is close to 600 points keep piloting your ship off the track until your points drop 100 or 200 points. Once done you can eliminate opponents like before but remember to suicide so the event doesn't end before you unlock the trophy.

Cannon and on
Hit 5 different opponents with rounds from the same Cannon clip in a single player Eliminator event.

Easy to do, once you have the Cannon weapon fire one round at an opponent, then repeat 4 more times. Easy enough huh, just make sure you aim correctly at the opponent you are trying to hit. If you have trouble just get up close to the opponents.

Stay on Target
Stay locked onto an opponent with a Missile or a Leech Beam for 30 seconds in a single player Eliminator event.

Believe it or not this one is hard even on Novice due to the fact that everyone is constantly firing weapons. If you lose the lock just lock on to a new opponent and try to lock on to the opponent in the rear of the pack. Remember that they can flip their ships also so avoid any attacks from the opponent you are locked onto and make sure to slow down or stop so you don't pass him.

The Pure Four
Obtain 50,000 points on each of the following tracks in Zone Mode - Pro Tozo, Mallavol, Corridon 12 and Syncopia.

First off Syncopia is the easiest track to do this on, you can pretty much get 50,000 points in one go. The others will take a couple of tries to do before you reach 50,000 points. One tip I have for you is make perfect zones and laps, you get 2,000 points for each perfect lap and perfect zones.

Stats Life
Attain and view every stat in the game.

Under Options on the main menu there is a new area called Extras. Under Extras you will find Statistics which is what you need to view to get this trophy. To obtain all of the stats you must race on every track, yes all 24 tracks, and fire and absorb every weapon. You will notice that is shows your progress on Arcade Perfect on the first page, don't worry you don't have to earn Arcade Perfect to get Stats Life.
UPDATE: You must do a split screen race on any track as well. If you don't have two controllers you can use either a Guitar Hero guitar or your PS3 DVD remote, just set the remote to controller 2.
Thanks to BadWolf2142 for this info as I had already done a split screen race and didn't realize it was part of this trophy.

Amphi-scenic Route
Successfully perform a barrel roll whilst navigating the Amphiseum (Reverse) shortcut in any event.

This is the trickiest one of them all and is hard to explain. The shortcut is towards the end of the track and you have to launch through a hologram. This can only be done on Phantom class and I recommend doing it on a Speed Lap session since there are no other ships to interfere. now there is a hilly section that is magnetic, there is only one magnetic area on the reverse on the Amphiseum, and you have to launch off of the hill at the end of the magnetic strip. Make sure to pull the joystick back, or Sixaxis depending on if you have the motion controls on or not, and aim left towards a blue hologram in the wall. Don't forget to barrel roll before you land. He's a video of it in action.

Very thorough video, helped me find the shortcut.

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Fury Campaign Legend
Obtain a medal in every cell in the Fury Campaign.

Easy to do until you reach Aftermath since all of the races are on Phantom class. Luckily there are not as many races in here as Meltdown on the HD Campaign and there are only a couple single player races and one tournament so it won't be too hard. Just remember that you don't need gold medals to unlock the trophy, bronze or silver medals are just fine.

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