Players: 1-8

Online Play: Yes
Online Trophies: Yes
Cheat Codes: No
Trophy Difficulty: 7.5 with DLC, 8.0 without
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Suggested Playthroughs: 2
Missable Trophies: No
Number of Controllers Required: 1
Time to Platinum: 50+ Hours, but is strongly dependent on skill.

1 5 7 25


Step 1: Campaign

You can either play the Campaign on Elite difficulty or start off on an easier difficulty. If you begin on Elite you will save some time but it will make things a lot tougher if you're inexperienced with WipEout games. I suggest going through the game on Novice so you can get used to the gameplay. Use Pilot Assist for the first couple of races to familiarize yourself with some of the tracks and ship handling. You can switch the difficulty at any time so if you start on Novice and think that you're ready to step up to Elite, just change it and you won't lose any progress. At any rate, focus on obtaining as many gold medals as you can, and obtaining medals in all 87 events. Work on mastering the barrel roll which will help greatly in later parts of the campaign.

Along the way you'll be gaining loyalty points for your ships; make sure to not exceed 8,000 points for any ship or else you'll be wasting time. After you beat the campaign, replay it on Elite (assuming you started on a different difficulty) and obtain gold medals in all events.

Trophies that should be obtained in this step are:

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Step 2: Zone Mode

If you have the Fury Pack DLC, then the Zone-specific trophies will be made easier by the inclusion of Syncopia, a very simple track with no sharp turns. If you don't have the DLC, then you'll want to get these on Anulpha Pass forward. The easiest Zone trophy involves having 20 consecutive perfect zones (a zone in which you don't lose any ship energy). From there you'll want to practice your airbraking abilities until you unlock Airbraker. Then you'll have one Zone trophy left- Zone Zeus. You can get this through legitimate means which may possibly take hours of practice, or you can opt for the "glitch" method- the choice is yours.

Trophies that should be obtained in this step are:

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Step 3: Racebox and Beat Zico

Some of the following trophies you may have unlocked in the campaign without trying. You must eliminate two enemies in a race (although this can be done online when getting 50 kills), perform a barrel roll on Moa Therma, win a race using motion control, and be eliminated on a Novice race.

After that, win an 8-race Skilled tournament (to make it easier, set it to weapons off on any tracks of your choosing) and then begin working on Arcade Perfect. Win all 16 races via the splitscreen method to make progress in your 20 splitscreen races. You'll have to do 4 more splitscreen races after receiving Arcade Perfect in order to get Gemini. Throughout all these races, chances are likely you have absorbed enough items to unlock Sponge.

Your next major hurdle will be Beat Zico. In your attempt for this trophy, you'll most likely finish off your 100 barrel rolls for Keep Rollin' and receive Lapped Out for completing a 99 lap Speed Lap session.

Trophies that should be obtained in this step are:

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Step 4: Online

While all the following trophies can be done without boosting (with maybe one exception), it will save you a lot of time to simply partner up with someone. Feel free to use this thread to help you find a partner.

What I would recommend doing is setting up a tournament, and allowing one player to win 10 times. After they receive Connected 2, alternate and allow the other player to win 10 times. You can then spend around 20 minutes trading kills for AG Assassin.

After those, all that remains is one more online trophy- Bling Brigade. You'll definitely need to boost this one because it's nearly impossible to receive this through normal means.

Trophies that should be obtained in this step are:

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Step 5: Cleaning Up and Grinding for Loyalty Points

You should by now have around 10K points with one team, and if that's the case then swap out your HUD in the options menu and win a race with each of the two unlockable HUDs for Thanks For the Memory.

Now all you must do is simply grind your way to 100K loyalty points with one team and 8K with all the rest. This should net you your final two trophies- WipEout Disciple and Livery Liberation. Assuming you have been following the road map up to this point, your Platinum Trophy, Transcendence, will now unlock.

Congratulations on your hard earned Platinum!

Trophies that should be obtained in this step are:

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Earn all the trophies in the game.

Like any other PS3 game, this will automatically unlock once all other trophies have been unlocked. You DO NOT need the Fury DLC trophies to get this.

Obtain a medal for every cell in Uplift.

There are 6 events in Uplift:
  1. Time Trial (Anulpha Pass)
  2. Single Race (Vineta K)
  3. Single Race (Anulpha Pass)
  4. Zone Mode (Vineta K)
  5. Speed Lap (Vineta K)
  6. Speed Lap (Anulpha Pass)

Obtain a medal for every cell in Warped.

There are 8 events in Warped:
  1. Time Trial (Vineta K)
  2. Time Trial (Moa Therma)
  3. Single Race (Moa Therma)
  4. Single Race (Anulpha Pass)
  5. Single Race (Chenghou Project)
  6. Zone Mode (Anulpha Pass)
  7. Speed Lap (Moa Therma)
  8. Speed Lap (Chenghou Project)

Obtain a medal for every cell in Frenzy.

There are 10 events in Frenzy:
  1. Time Trial (Chenghou Project)
  2. Time Trial (Metropia)
  3. Time Trial (Sebenco Climb)
  4. Single Race (Moa Therma)
  5. Single Race (Metropia)
  6. Single Race (Sebenco Climb)
  7. Zone Mode (Moa Therma)
  8. Speed Lap (Metropia)
  9. Speed Lap (Chenghou Project)
  10. Tournament (Vineta K, Anulpha Pass, Moa Therma, Chenghou Project)

Obtain a medal for every cell in Vertigo.

There are 10 events in Vertigo:
  1. Time Trial (Vineta K)
  2. Time Trial (Ubermall)
  3. Single Race (Moa Therma)
  4. Single Race (Ubermall)
  5. Single Race (Sebenco Climb)
  6. Zone Mode (Chenghou Project)
  7. Speed Lap (Metropia)
  8. Speed Lap (Sebenco Climb)
  9. Speed Lap (Ubermall)
  10. Tournament (Vineta K, Moa Therma, Metrop)

Obtain a medal for every cell in Headrush.

There are 10 events in Headrush:
  1. Time Trial (Anulpha Pass)
  2. Time Trial (Ubermall)
  3. Time Trial (Chenghou Project)
  4. Single Race (Sol 2)
  5. Single Race (Sol 2)
  6. Zone Mode (Metropia)
  7. Speed Lap (Vineta K)
  8. Speed Lap (Sol 2)
  9. Speed Lap (Ubermall)
  10. Tournament (Metropia, Sebenco Climb, Ubermall, Sol 2)

Speed Freak
Obtain a medal for every cell in Speed Freak.

There are 12 events in Speed Freak:
  1. Time Trial (Vineta K)
  2. Time Trial (Moa Therma)
  3. Time Trial (Sol 2)
  4. Single Race (Chenghou Project)
  5. Single Race (Metropia)
  6. Single Race (Sol 2)
  7. Single Race (Metropia)
  8. Zone Mode (Sebenco Climb)
  9. Speed Lap (Anulpha Pass)
  10. Speed Lap (Sebenco Climb)
  11. Speed Lap (Ubermall)
  12. Tournament (Vineta K, Anulpha Pass, Moa Therma, Chenghou Project, Metropia, Sebenco Climb, Ubermall, Sol 2)

Obtain a medal for every cell in Dropzone.

There are 13 events in Dropzone:
  1. Time Trial (Anulpha Pass)
  2. Time Trial (Metropia)
  3. Time Trial (Sebenco Climb)
  4. Time Trial (Sol 2)
  5. Single Race (Chenghou Project)
  6. Single Race (Sebenco Climb)
  7. Single Race (Ubermall)
  8. Zone Mode (Ubermall)
  9. Speed Lap (Moa Therma)
  10. Speed Lap (Sol 2)
  11. Speed Lap (Chenghou Project)
  12. Tournament (Anulpha Pass, Chenghou Project, Sebenco Climb, Sol 2)
  13. Tournament (Vineta K, Anulpha Pass, Moa Therma, Chenghou Project, Metropia, Sebenco Climb, Ubermall, Sol 2)

Obtain a medal for every cell in Meltdown.

There are 17 events in Meltdown:
  1. Time Trial (Moa Therma)
  2. Time Trial (Metropia)
  3. Time Trial (Ubermall)
  4. Time Trial (Vineta K)
  5. Single Race (Vineta K)
  6. Single Race (Chenghou Project)
  7. Single Race (Sebenco Climb)
  8. Single Race (Sol 2)
  9. Single Race (Moa Therma)
  10. Single Race (Ubermall)
  11. Single Race (Anulpha Pass)
  12. Single Race (Metropia)
  13. Speed Lap (Anulpha Pass)
  14. Speed Lap (Chenghou Project)
  15. Speed Lap (Sebenco Climb)
  16. Speed Lap (Sol 2)
  17. Tournament (Vineta K, Anulpha Pass, Moa Therma, Chenghou Project, Metropia, Sebenco Climb, Ubermall, Sol 2)

Campaign Legend
Obtain a gold medal for every cell in Race Campaign.

You can do this on any difficulty you want, but if you want to save time I suggest you start off on Elite difficulty so you don't have to do 2 playthroughs. At any rate, you must obtain a gold medal in all 87 events. Some general advice would be to learn all 8 tracks well, memorize all the speed-pad layouts, and know the good locations to barrel roll.

Elite Campaign Legend
Obtain a gold medal for every cell in Race Campaign on Elite difficulty.

Similar to the trophy above, only it must be done on Elite. Out of the 5 different game modes, 2 stand out as being particularly hard on Elite- single races and tournaments. The reason is that the AI is pretty unforgivable, and winning races often times boils down to pure luck. Tournaments are slightly more forgiving- for the most part you can get a gold medal simply by staying consistent; getting 2nd and 3rd place in every stage of the tournament should be enough to net you the gold medal. Single races are a different story, however. Don't expect to win them on your first try- you just have to get lucky with the AI. The hardest map for me to win on personally was Chenghou Project. Above all, you need to know the speed-pad layouts, as this will grant you a huge advantage. Master the airbrakes to help you turn tight corners. And always stay alert because the AI is relentless at attacking you; in the later stages you'll be absorbing items a lot more to stay alive.

Zone, Time Trials, and Speed Laps are all quite simple, and most of them you can do within 1 or 2 tries. It's mainly just the races that makes this trophy so hard. But with enough determination you'll prevail through all 87 events.

Deadly Momentum
Get eliminated in a race on Novice difficulty.

A very easy trophy to get. Set up a race on Novice difficulty, and scrape against the walls until you're at low health. Then just wait in the middle of the track until your opponents drive by. If one of the crashed into you or fires a weapon at you, you're ship will be destroyed and this trophy will unlock.

Smile Please
Use Photo Mode to take a photo.

During a race, press and scroll down to 'Photo Mode'. Press to save the photo and unlock the trophy.

Rookie Reward
Win any race with Pilot Assist on.

To turn Pilot Assist on, press during a race; it's the second option down. Once you have it turned on, win a race with it. Pilot Assist will help steer you away from walls and can be helpful when you're starting out. Once you get better at the game I suggest turning it off so you can turn corners better.

1 Gold Medal won, 86 to go...
Obtain your first gold medal.

You're almost guaranteed to get this without even trying. If for some reason you can't get it, start an event on Uplift and change the difficulty to Novice. Personally, the Speed Lap and Zone events are the easiest, so give those a try.

Happy Accident?
Execute your first successful barrel roll.

Make Peppy Hare proud and do a barrel roll- to execute one simply press OR in the air. Doing so will take 15 away from your ship's shield and will also give you a speed boost. If you want to do well on races and other events I suggest you master the barrel roll maneuver.

Thanks for the Memory
Win a Campaign, Racebox or Online race using each HUD style variation.

There are 2 unlockable HUD styles in the game: WipEout 2097 HUD and Wip3out HUD. The former unlocks at 6,000 loyalty points for a ship, and the latter unlocks at 10,000 loyalty points.

Once they are unlocked, you can toggle them via the Game Options.

Motion Master
Win a Campaign or Racebox race with the motion sensor option set to 'pitch and steering'. Directional buttons, Left Stick and Pilot Assist cannot be used to obtain this trophy.

Go to the Options menu and change the motion sensor option and make sure Pilot Assist is off. You'll now have to control the ship using Sixaxis by tilting the controller, which may take some practice getting used to. Make sure you don't accidentally hit the analog stick or d-pad, as you'll have to restart the race.

Obviously for an easier win you'll want to set the AI to Novice. You should get this one without much issue.

Flatland Flyer
Execute and land a successful barrel roll on Moa Therma.

There is only one location on Moa Therma where a barrel roll is possible. Towards the end of the course, you'll approach a bank with a speed-pad. You must angle yourself to hit the speed-pad and get enough air to barrel roll (). It's easier to perform on higher speed classes since you'll get more airtime.

Toggle Spoiler

Own the Zone
Get 20 consecutive perfect zones in a single Zone Mode event.

This can be a somewhat difficult trophy until you become more experienced with Zone mode. If you have the Fury DLC pack, you can do this quite easily on Syncopia. If not, Anulpha Pass forward is rather easy to obtain this on.

Double Kill
Eliminate at least two opponents in any race.

This can be obtained either offline or online. If you do it against the AI, set the difficulty to Novice to make it easier. If you're boosting AG Assassin in an online match, you'll get this trophy at the same time. Consult the boosting thread here if you need a partner.

Reach Zone 50 (Subsonic) in Zone Mode on any track using only airbrakes and side shift. Motion sensor controls must be turned off.

This is much easier than it may sound. Similar to Zone Zeus, you'll want to attempt this one on Syncopia if you have the DLC, and Anulpha Pass forward if you don't. (As with other Zone events, your choice of Team does not matter since they all have the same stats, so just choose a team you need more loyalty points with.)

Airbrakes are used with the and buttons, with controlling left movements and controlling right movements. The goal here is to only and ONLY use those two buttons to reach zone 50. There are two ways to use airbrakes- you can hold them down for a smooth turn, or you can double tap the button to shift left or right. You'll want to practice this a bit before attempting this trophy but once you have the general movements down it really isn't all that difficult. The only troublesome part of the track I found was before you reach the overpass, there is a turn that can be quite trick to pull off. Make sure you are careful when approaching speed-boosts because they can often send your vehicle careening into a wall. As with other Zone events you regain ship energy for perfect Zones (a zone in which you take no damage), but if you find yourself only 20 zones in and at low health you might want to consider restarting.

Tournament Ace
Win every race of an 8 stage Racebox tournament on Skilled or Elite difficulty.

An easy way to get this is to change the settings to the following:

Speed class: Venom
Weapons Off
AI: Skilled
Then set 8 tracks all the same and choose the track Anulpha Pass. (or any track you want, Anulpha Pass is the easiest for me).

With these settings you should have no problem winning all 8 races.

Zone Zeus
In Zone Mode, reach Zone 75 on any track.

Often regarded as the hardest trophy in the game, Zone Zeus requires a balance of concentration, skill, and determination, if you choose to obtain this the “normal” way. The trophy can be done two ways: legitimately, or through a glitch that essentially turns this into one of the easiest trophies in the game. I will discuss both methods and feel free to make your decision on that.

The Normal Method:

First off, if you have the DLC for the game then the trophy will be slightly easier for you. That is because the track Syncopia, one of 8 new tracks from the Fury pack, is the best course to attempt Zone Zeus on. If you don't have the DLC, Anulpha Pass forward is your best option. You want to try and get to Zone 40 or 50 at 100% ship health. Once you hit Zone 50 you enter Subsonic speed, and that's when the track starts to get very tough. The main issue is that when you collide with a wall, it's extremely hard to recover without colliding several more times. You can easily lose 50% of your ship energy on one of the later zones because you brushed against a wall and couldn't recover. The best thing you can do is practice- try and improve your turning so you aren't relying too heavily on airbrakes. Speaking of airbrakes, you'll need to be familiar with those in order to complete many of the turns at high-speed. Another thing that makes Zone Zeus so tough is the background colors; it can be extremely hard to concentrate while the track is flashing bright colors. You just need to remain calm and focused. Just remember that you're never really wasting time through failed attempts, as you still need the loyalty points for other trophies. With that said, Zone Zeus may take you 20 minutes to 10 hours, it's all dependent on your skill level. I included a video below for reference, good luck!

Toggle Spoiler

The Glitch Method:

As of patch 2.0, you can no longer do this glitch. However, you can bypass this by doing the following:

1) Delete the WipEout game data
2) Re-download the game
3) Start the game while offline so you bypass the update

Once you have done this, you can now glitch the trophy. It's quite hard to explain it in words, so watch the following video: (the glitch is done on Anulpha Pass)

Toggle Spoiler

Here's the video description:

“Alright when the road splits in 2, take the top right path (0:32) . When you go through the mini tunnel and out you'll want to fall to the right, so that you respawn exactly in the middle of the tunnel. I did it wrong the first time I fell. When you do it right like I did at (0:40). IMMEDIATELY hold down the left button. Keep holding it down till you get to zone 75, and voila. You can use either the analog stick or D-pad, I preferred the D-pad. But keep in mind you'll be holding the left button for around 12 minutes, So your thumb will probably hurt a bit. “

Arcade Perfect
Finish 1st on all 16 tracks in Phantom class Racebox races on Elite difficulty.

You can either get this trophy the easy way or the hard way. The hard way involves you racing the AI on all 16 tracks yourself. If you choose this method, here are some tips that may help you: use all speed pads, use airbrakes often, and always remain defensive.

The easy way can be done with 1 or 2 controllers. Set the race settings to Single Race, Phantom, Weapons On or Off (doesn't matter), Elite AI Difficulty, and 2 players. For the ship selection for Player 1, choose a ship with a low shield such as Icarus. If you're using 2 controllers then switch to Player 2 and choose a ship you're good at racing with. If you're only using 1 controller then hold down , and change to Player 2 via 'controller settings'. When the race begins, keep using Player 2 and you'll quickly take the lead. Leave Player 1 motionless at the start. By the end of the race Player 2 will be well ahead of the AI and will win first place no problem. Once you win the race, you must destroy Player 1's vehicle to end the race (you could also finish the race as Player 1 but that would take longer). Once you have done so, repeat this method for the other 15 tracks. You must do all 8 courses and all 8 reverse courses. Here is a video displaying the exploit:

Toggle Spoiler

Beat Zico
Equal or beat the lap time of 30.82 seconds on Anulpha Pass (Forward), Speed Lap, Venom using the Piranha.

This is arguably the second-hardest trophy in the game (in my opinion, Zone Zeus is just a little bit tougher). Do not attempt this until you have a grasp of the game mechanics, especially barrel rolls. If you have the Fury DLC, this trophy will be slightly more doable because you have access to an improved Piranha ship. Either way it's still not a simple trophy, and it may take you hours of practice to pull off. There are five main parts to the course that you must perfect:
  1. Effective use of boost – At the end of each alternate lap, right before you cross the line, use your turbo so you start the next lap at top speed. This will save a couple seconds off your time and is essential to get the trophy.
  2. Speed Pads at the start – You must hit 3 speed pads on the incline at the start. Hit the central speed pad and the following 2 located at the right hand side of the track. You'll need to use your left airbrake to line up correctly with the second speed pad.
  3. Turbo and consecutive barrel rolls – After the three speed pads, you'll approach a dip in the track. As soon as you hit the bottom-most part of this incline, use your turbo and pull off a barrel roll. As you land, you'll want to angle your line of approach so that you hit the apex of the hill in front of you. If done correctly you'll have enough air to pull off another barrel roll. Now, if you manage to land on the speed-pad on the left side of the track, you can pull off ANOTHER barrel roll. However, this roll isn't required for you to beat the time, but try it if you can as it will definitely help you.
  4. Barrel roll onto overpass – Here is where most people have trouble. Personally, I didn't find it to be as hard as step #3, but it is difficult all the same. You'll want to approach the overpass from as far right as possible and pull back on the analog stick right before you launch off the ramp. If done correctly, you'll have just enough time to quickly perform a barrel roll.
  5. Barrel roll off overpass – After hitting the last speed pad on the upper route, you'll want to barrel roll off the platform and land so that you can hit the inside speed-pad on the lower platform.

Keep in mind that during the lap, you need to hit all possible speed pads and have a solid racing-line. By that I mean that you need to take turns as tight as you can without crashing so you can shave off some time. Also, you can invalidate your current lap and gain another boost by holding L1 (Default) for 3 seconds(Thanks to
yeldar2097 for this tip). This trophy is by no means easy and don't expect to even get it your first 99 laps.

Here is a video I found helpful and it shows step-by-step what you need to do:

Toggle Spoiler

Get at least 500 loyalty points for each team.

You'll first need to unlock all the different teams before you can get this, so just play through the campaign in order to have them all unlocked. There are 12 teams in total: AG Systems, Assegai, Auricom, EG-X, Feisar, Goteki 45, Harimau, Icarus, Mirage, Piranha, Qirex, and Triakis. Once they are unlocked, it will only take a couple of races using each ship to get to 500 points. Don't worry too much about this one, as it will surely come through natural progression.

Keep Rollin'
Execute 100 successful barrel rolls.

As previously mentioned, a barrel roll is initiated by pressing + + or + + in quick succession. If you don't already have this by the time you're done with all campaign trophies, you'll definitely get it when going for Beat Zico.

Complete 20 two-player, split-screen races.

If you use the trick method for Arcade Perfect, you'll have 16 splitscreen races already completed. Then it's just a matter of finishing four more quick matches. (Or, if you did not use that method for Arcade Perfect, you can instead complete 20.) You DO NOT need two controllers to get this trophy; you can simply hold down and change your controller number.

Absorb 500 items.

You should get this through normal gameplay, to absorb an item press . Absorbing an item will restore some of your ship's health, and is quite essential in most races if you want to stay alive.

Finish an online 12 race tournament.

I recommend boosting the 10 online wins in a tournament so you can get this one at the same time. Consult the boosting thread here if you need a partner.

Connected 1
Finish 10 online races.

This is similar to Connected 2, but you are not required to win the races.

Bling Brigade
Finish an eight player online race with all players using ships that are displaying Campaign Skins.

This is probably the most annoying online trophy in the game, simply because it's outside of your control. Campaign Skins are unlocked by obtaining medals on all campaign events (the difficulty doesn't make a difference). Luckily, the Fury DLC pack includes new sets of skins for the ships and those skins also work for the trophy. So you just need to be with 7 other people who have either gotten all gold medals or have the DLC pack.

Edit: It has come to my attention that not all Fury DLC skins will work for this trophy. You need to equip a Fury Chrome Skin, which is obtained through DLC campaign progression (i.e. obtain a medal in all Fury events). My apologies if the prior information misled anyone.

Make sure that all 8 people FINISH THE RACE and that they all have DIFFERENT ships to ensure that your get the trophy (this might not be mandatory, however I had a friend who didn't get the trophy until these precautions were made so your mileage may vary on this).

You may need to boost this one as it's very unlikely to receive this in an online match; here is a link to the official WipEout boosting thread.

Connected 2
Win 10 online races

If you boost this trophy you can obtain this one along with Connected 1 and Endurance (although for Endurance you'll have to complete 2 more races at the end). Consult the boosting thread here if you need a partner.

Lapped Out
Complete 99 laps in a single Racebox, Speed Lap session.

You'll most likely get this without even trying when you're going for Beat Zico. There's not much to it, really. It will take about an hour or two, depending on the speed class you choose (if you're going for Beat Zico you'll be on Venom).

Additionally, if you follow my "rubberband trick" for the loyalty point trophies, you'll get this trophy at the same time.

AG Assassin
Eliminate 50 online opponents.

Without boosting, this might take awhile- but it is possible to do through normal online play. However, I highly advise that you boost this one- simply start a private race with another player and take turns destroying each other. A good track for this is Sol 2 because there is a portion of the track with item pickups and no guardrails, so you can keep depleting your health through flying off the course in order to bring your health down low. If you boost this trophy you will also unlock Double Kill. Consult the boosting thread here if you need a partner.

WipEout® Disciple
Obtain 100,000 loyalty points for any team.

This trophy is easy but takes quite a bit of time. I chose Piranha as the team to get 100K for since I got several thousand points just from attempting Beat Zico. With that said, you can choose any ship you want- I recommend going for the one you have the most loyalty points in. There are several methods that will help you get this trophy as painless as possible:

"The Lazy Method" - Set a phantom-speed Speed Lap session on Anulpha Pass with Pilot Assist turned on. Then take a rubberband or a piece of tape so that you can have your acceleration button held down. I changed my acceleration button to for the purpose of rubberbanding it, since it's much easier to hold that down rather than . If done correctly, your ship will move automatically and Pilot Assist will help steer it away from walls. It takes around 40 minutes for each session, after which you'll have to press twice to start a new session (if you have taped down it won't register the button press on the menu so you'll have to do it manually"

Or, if you have a turbo-controller (such as the Street Fighter IV Arcade Stick), then you can set a turbo function to so you'll never have to lift a finger. The turbo function goes fast enough for the ship to accelerate normally, and it also registers on the menu afterward, so it automatically starts a new session. You can leave the PS3 on overnight while this is running and you'll have around 40-50K when you wake up.

"The Eliminator Method" - This requires the Fury DLC pack. Set up an Eliminator match via Racebox and set it to the fastest speed and highest score. Then just win the match eliminating as many opponents as you can. (Credit goes to Kevinnummer1 for this method)

"Zone Battle Method" - The fastest way to get loyalty points if you have the Fury DLC is Zone Battle on Elite difficulty- 55 Zone target to make things more efficient. (Credit goes to yeldar2097 for this method)

"The Race Method" - Single Race, Phantom Speed, Elite Difficulty, No Weapons. Hang back and get 5 perfect laps. 15 x 5 for the laps, 25 x 5 for the perfect laps, and everything times 4 due to Elite Difficulty equals 800 points a race. Each race takes 2:30 about (including loading), which is about 19,200 an hour. (Credit goes to Pie for this method)

Livery Liberation
Unlock every ship skin in the game.

For this trophy you need 8,000 loyalty points on all 12 teams (to unlock all the teams you must fully complete the campaign). Refer to WipEout Disciple for methods of obtaining loyalty points.

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