[top]The Book of Spells: A Magical Introduction

The Book of Spells is the first title for Sony's new peripheral "The Wonderbook" that together with the PS Move creates books you can browse through and interact with. The book comes to life through the television, and everybody can now experience an immersive world through electronic books. The Book of Spells is developed through J. K. Rowling's famous franchise Harry Potter. The game connects with the internet experience Pottermore and has now taken the next step to the PlayStation.

You control a young student who has acquired the prestigious book "The Book of Spells". You go through a variety of different spells and clear many different tasks to learn how to become a great wizard or witch. Join me on this marvelous journey through this magical adventure.

The game's trailer:


Players: 1
Online Trophies: Zero
Online Pass Required: How about no?
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: What cheatcodes?
Estimated Time to Platinum: 3 - 5 hours (depending if you're going for the full experience or just the trophy requirements)
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: YES!! ZERO!!!
Missable Trophies: Zero, since you can always turn back to that page.
Glitched Trophies: I haven't seen any.

[top]Tips & Strategies

What are required to be done:
  • You can actually skip a lot of the game, but still get the platinum trophy.
  • Those looooooong theater stories? You don't need to do them.
  • You need to learn AND practise every spell possible (not all spells have practise segments).
  • The chapter tests are required.
  • None of the notes or student scribbles are necessary.
  • The conundrum puzzle is not necessary.

Things to note:

  • You have to pick some words in the play. It doesn't matter if you get it right or wrong, you get as many chances you want.
  • These are skippable. Just press skip at the beginning.
Spell learning:
  • There are two steps for spells. Incantation and gesture.
    • The incantation is just you saying the spells name out loud. You can actually just make any sort of noise and it will recognize it as the correct sound.
    • The gesture is the wand movement. Press and hold the Move button and move the wand as shown on the screen.

  • These are required for trophies.
  • Small games that tests your skill in the just learned spells.
  • They are not very hard. It's usually just flicking your wand in the right direction.
  • Required to do, but scoring doesn't matter for the plat.
Chapter exam:
  • A longer Mini-game segment where you have to use all the four spells you learned in that chapter.
  • These are a bit harder, and it can be tough to remember all of the spells gestures.
  • Required to do, but scoring doesn't matter for the plat.
Student Scribbles:
  • A funny side-quirk where you experiment a bit further with the charms.
  • Not required for the plat.
Remember to look at the "Spells" section for a full list of all the spells.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

"I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good".... yes... bring me the stuff.

Dagnabbit! It doesn't work. I knew I shouldn't have bought one of these bad Japanese ports... you're on your own, kid.


The book is pretty linear and since you're just required to read through the whole book once, there is really not that much to say.

Going through the first chapter gives you these trophies in this order:
"Swish and Flick"
"Budding Herbologist"
"Light relief"
"Teach us something please"

Going through the second chapter gives you these trophies in this order:
"Fight fire with fire"
"Feathered friends"
"Extra pumpkin pie"
"Pick on someone your own size"
"If you've a ready mind"

Going through the third chapter gives you these trophies in this order:
"Buried Treasure"
"No need for Spellotape"
"Practical Household Magic"
"Unafraid of toil"

Going through the fourth chapter gives you these trophies in this order:
"Stop right there!"
"Hard knocks"
"On Solid Ground"
"By any means..."

Going through the fifth chapter gives you these trophies in this order:
"Expecto Patronum!"
"True Patronus"
"Pure nerve"

And then.... "First Edition "!


First Edition
Display the virtues required to master the 'Book of Spells'

Ah, you see... to achieve this award of awards you have to learn all of the spells, master all of the tests and read through the entire book, this will grant you all of those lovely awards and this as your final price.

Swish and Flick
Successfully cast the Levitation Charm

This will be your first spell to cast young padowan... err, I mean wizard. To get here you first need to go through the long setup progress. You may notice that I don't use an enchanting way of telling you this... it's because it's rather boring. After that magnificent feat of epic proportions, you will need to choose house and wand. Now you can learn the basics of the book. You will learn how to dust off things, then how to select a chapter and browsing through the book. After a few tales told you will learn how to do the spell "Wingardium Leviosa". First you need to whimsically say the name correctly... or if you don't want to do that, just say something or clap your hands or something... it consider everything as the right pronunciation. Now to learn how to wave your wand. You need to hold down the T button and make the same "J" shape as on the screen. And congratulations you can now levitate objects. You will earn the trophy right about now, but you will then have to lift a vase and put it down safely. If you drop it too hard it cracks and reveals the gross eyeballs they contain.

Budding Herbologist
Re-pot the Mandrakes in the Levitation Charm practice

Continuing from "Swish and Flick ".
You got all of that? Now let's practice that Wingardium Leviosa spell. You get to this part where the professor asks you to do this test. Now you suddenly appear in this magical botanical classroom. See those spires? These are actually loudmouthed Mandrakes. They have terrible screams and can be quite annoying if it weren't for the professor who cast a silencing spell on them. Your job now is to pick up these Mandrakes using the newly learned Wingardium Leviosa, and place them in the pots that fits their size. Since this is a task for young wizards and witches the Board of Wizardry Education does not wish to make this the hardest of challenges. There is only four different Mandrakes and four different pots. After you've assorted these blasted screeching roots into their right pots you get house points... these do not actually tamper with the magical trophies, but they do give you good self esteem, don't they?

Successfully cast the Water-Making Spell

Continuing from "Budding Herbologist ".
Alright... Enough levitation for now, says I. I think it's time to outspew some water from your wand before you get thirsty and die... okay? The next spell we're going to learn is Aguamenti. When you get to the first page, you can learn about the spell, and try the Bubble-Head charm, where you have to sit still so you can dive underwater. The next page has the actual spell. First "say" the spells name just like with the previous and then move your wand correctly. This time you have to wave the wand like it was a tipped over "S" (or one half of the infinity symbol). To use it press the T button and just point it in different direction. Point it at the book so it gets cleansed and then release the T button to let it dry off. This lovely trophy is awarded when you first activate the spell.

Successfully cast the Unlocking Charm

Continuing from "Aguamenti! ".
Shall we "unlock" the next spell? I love my humor... it's nice to at least have one person that does. Anyway the next spell is Alohomora. If you turn to the next page you will learn a bit about the history of Alohomora, having another theater styled story told is quite neat indeed (remember to pull the sliders to progress the story). The next page will teach you this ingenious spell. First say the word as always. It's like saying hi to a Hawaiian guy named Mora. Next the wand movements. This one is so similar to drawing a "4" that even the professor says it. Now you can flick your wand at things and unlock (except for women's hearts... unfortunately). Now let's try it out. Activate the spell and try to unlock these various things. There is a chest (with a collectable inside), a hatch, a cupboard and a door. You achieve this... magnificent trophy when you first activate the spell.

Successfully cast the Wand-Lighting Charm

Continuing from "Alohomora! ".
One last spell for chapter 1. This one lights things up. Great for darkness and.... other stuff. The next page isn't THAT exciting, there is a bit of backstory to the spell, but not in a cool theater style way. The next page again teaches you the spell. Note that there is a hole in your book. Hold up the book so you can look down the hole. Now say the spell name, and get ready to make the hand movement. Do you remember the annoying loops on your local minigolf course? Yeah, draw one like that from the side. A straight line that loops and end out in a straight line again. Now that the spell is learned, you get this trophy... now let's practise.

Light relief
Fend off the Devil's Snare in the Wand -Lighting Charm practice

Continuing from "Lumos! ".
You will soon be transported into a devil snare's lair... not the best situation to be in. Use your newly learned Lumos spell to fend them off. Don't let them get to the book. When you see a snare getting close light on it with your wand with Lumos equipped. There will be around 7-9 attacks at the book. The unintelligent plant is pretty easy to defeat, it just requires basic reflexes. For best result shine on the small exploding areas at the tip of the snare.

Teach us something please
Pass Chapter 1 test and prove you know the first set of wizard values

Continuing from "Light relief ".
It's time to show, what you've learned. It's time for a test. On the next page you will be getting a test. Read the text and a magical fountain will pop up. Use Aguamenti to fill it up and release the Kelpie. Chase it. Use Alohomora to open the lock on the gate. The use Wingardium Leviosa on the gears to lift them and place them correctly after size. Now use Alohomora on the chests. One will release Devil Snare. Use your Lumos practise to good use by shining light on these annoying plants. After a while the Devil Snare will throw a bridle close to the nearby loch. You will go to pick it up, but the Kelpie is here too. Use Wingardium Leviosa to place the bridle on the Kelpie. You'll have to wait till the Kelpie tires out first though. It's going to jump around a bit, and then stay stationary but shake a lot. After it has shaken some it will tire out and stand still. This is your chance. Once the bridle is on, the test ends.

Successfully cast the Fire-Making Spell

The first thing we're going to do, is setting things on fire! The first page contains some background information. A note and a theater story should suffice, don't you think? You can also see what the scribble vandal is up to and pull a paper dragon out of the book. It quickly sets the book on fire so use aguamenti to extinguish it, then wipe the black marks off. The next page contains the spell. It's called Incendio. First use Alohomora to unlock the gates, then hold up the book to get the incantation. Say it aloud as always and get ready to learn it. This one is shaped like a "Z". So do the famous Zorro move and you will get this award. Now it's time for a test.

Fight fire with fire
Defeat the dragon in the Fire-Making Spell practice

Continuing from "Incendio! ".
Argh Geez! The paper dragon i´has begun flying around the room and he has brought some friends. First activate the spell. First slay the beetles they need two hits each. The thing about casting is that it first cast a spell after you flick it and then do a complet halt. There around 4-5 bugs. Next some butterflies. These are annoying but only takes on hit each. There are around 5-6. Lastly the bloody dragon. Then it get close to you flick the charm at it. It takes 4-5 hits to defeat the dragon. You are done after killing the paper dragon. See how you did and go to the next page.

Feathered friends
Successfully cast the Bird-Conjuring Charm

Continuing from "Fight fire with fire ".
So now that you can conjure fire, water, light and gravity what is the next logical step? Birds of course. After learning a bit about the bird spell you can go to the next page. The Incantation is "Avis". Say it loud, say it proud. The gesture is very fitting, since it's the same way you used to draw birds in kindergarten. Two continous arches and done. You'll get the trophy here, but the vandal has done something new. You can for a limited time use the birds to chase a poor cat. First do the arches and flick your wand in the cat's direction. Continue to do that until the cat rushes out of the room... probably scared to death you cruel bastard. Let's move along. Close the book and pick the second part.

Successfully cast the Revealing Charm

Continuing from "Feathered friends ".
Next up, reveling secret messages. First learn a little about the spell. There is a theater story and an author note. Next page shows you to cast the spell. The spell is called Aparecium... a real pain to pronounce but try your best. The gesture looks like a fish or the alpha symbol or the breast cancer awareness ribbon just tilted to the side. Just diagonally left and down then do a half circle and move diagonally right and down. Use the spell to reveal the secret text on the bottom of the book. Then go to the next page.

Extra pumpkin pie
Successfully cast the Engorgement Charm and Shrinking Charm

Continuing from "Aparecium! ".
Two new charms. One makes things bigger one makes things smaller. There is a short description for them. The names are "Engorgio" and "Reducio". Say that at the incantations. The gestures are similar. For engorgio make an upwards pointing arrow or a roof, if you will. For Reducio it's mirrored. Draw a downwards pointing arrow or a "v", if ou will that too. Now you can first shrink a pumpkin and then try to enlarge a pumpkin afterwards. First use reducio and hold T button while beaming it. Then activate engorgio and hold T button while beaming over the the pumpkin. Now turn the page, there is a test to be done. The trophy should have popped up after learning the gestures.

Pick on someone your own size
Help the Knarls teach the Gnomes a lesson in the Engorgement Charm and Shrinking Charm practice

Continuing from "Extra pumpkin pie ".
Go to the next page to practise the resizing charms. We're going back to the botanical gardens, where you will have to use egorgio to enlargen these hedgehog like creature first (it's called a Knarl). The Knarl will then chase the gnome. Next use reducio to shrink the gnome so the knarl will chase after it. The last part of the test gives you two overly large Gnomes and two shrunken Knarls. Use engorgio on the Knarls and reducio on the gnomes to make the Knarls chase the gnomes. Now you get awarded the trophy. Turn to the next page for the chapter test.

If you've a ready mind
Pass Chapter 2 test and prove you know the second set of wizard values

Continuing from "Pick on someone your own size ".
Another chapter test. You're up against a Sphinx this time. Use Aparecium to reveal the clue on the Sphinx. Now you have to complete three trials. In the first one summon birds with Avis and wait for them to settle. In the second test cast Incendio to light up the torches. In the third one use engorgio to enlargen the small scorpion... and... and... it was a trap. Use Incendio to light up the torches, so you can see what you're doing. Get ready to use Reducio because here comes the scorpion. Shrink them! Now the big scorpion is back. Shrink him too, and then finish him with fire from the Incendio charm. Back at the Sphinx there are three more challenges for you. First light up the fire under the pyramid with Incendio, then use Reducio to shrink the upper part of the next pyramid. Lastly use Aparecium to reveal some text under the Sphinx. You now to answer a riddle. What did you use more than your spells and charms? Your head or your heart? Choose the head to complete the test.

Successfully cast the Gouging Spell

Chapter 3!
There is an introduction page with a single text. Next page gives you an introduction to the next spell. The next page contains the description for the Gouging Spell. It digs up things. There is a text about the spell and a student scribble. This scribble contains the doubling charm. Try it out on the jewelry on the book. Next page teaches you the spell. The Incantation is Defodio. Yell it out loudly and learn the gesture. This gesture is the hardest to make the game recognize. It goes down, then left, then down again, like a badly drawn lightning bolt. Now that you've learned it you get the trophy.

Buried Treasure
Find some treasure buried by the Nifflers in the Gouging Spell practice

Continuing from "Defodio! ".
Okay, now to practise the very useless Gouging Spell. Nifflers (these aardvark looking creatures) is going to bury gold coins into the ground. Activate the gouging spell and remember where the Nifflers buried the coins, so you can use Defodio to dig 'em up again. There will be around a total of 20 coins to dig up, and there will be 4 Nifflers hiding coins at the same time so be observant. After completing the mini-game you will get this trophy.

No need for Spellotape
Successfully cast the Mending Spell

Continuing from "Buried Treasure ".
Next spell, next page. Learn about the mending spell on this page. There is an introduction text and a theater story. It's a spell that repairs things. On the next page you can learn to do the spell. It's called Reparo so yell that incantation (you're probably getting the hang of the pattern by now). The gesture is just making a square starting from the bottom left corner and going counter-clockwise. When you learn the spell you get the trophy. You then have to fix a clock by flicking the charm at it... and it looks pretty damn cool.

Practical Household Magic
Successfully cast the Scouring Charm

Continuing from "No need for Spellotape ".
Next page! This one has a bit of text for the next spell and a spell that makes bats appear and... spew goo at you... eww. On the next page you learn the incantation and gesture of the spell. The incantation is scourgify. The gesture is exactly like an "S". You even need to do it from top to bottom. This spell cleans up. Flick your wand at the screen to clear up this... disgusting goo.

Successfully cast the Shield Charm

Continuing from "Practical Household Magic ".
Next page, please. The last spell is a shield charm. On this page is some info about it. An author text (as usual) and a theater story. When you're done go to the next page. Now we have to, yup you guessed it, learn the incantation and gesture of the spell. The spell is called "Protego" so yell that. The gesture couldn't be simpler. Simply draw a straight line from bottom to top to do this spell. You get the trophy when you learn the spell. Now you can practise it a bit. Flick your wand in the right direction that the professor says to do this correctly.

Now normally there would be a trophy for doing the practise parts of the book, but this one is chained together with a later practise in the game (see "Duellist "). The basics of this practise is, that a lot of wizards are going to throw some spells at you. Having the shield charm activated you need to flick your wand in the right direction to block the wizards attack. You can see that a wizards attacks by the white glow coming out of their wand. There are 3 waves of wizards each containing 7-10 wizards each. It's a bit tricky but not a all.

Unafraid of toil
Pass Chapter 3 test and prove you know the third set of wizard values

Continuing from "Protego! ".
Turn the page for this exam. In this test you will go against the most vicious, fearinducing, angry and dangerous foe yet... A GNOME! This guy start out by kicking the potted plants, so they break. Use Redocto to fix them. Now the coldblooded gnome trie to attack you. Use protego to block the gnomes path, so he doesn't intrude. After getting his path blocked enough times the poor sod bumps into a carnivourus plant. Flick your wand around to clean up. It's time for a boss battle. You're up against the plant. Use the shield charm to block the plants wine attacks. When the plant shakes the green house its roots expose. Use the gouging spell to pull up the roots. You have to repeat this step 3-4 times. Now that the flower has been defeated, you only need to cast Reducto to fix this greenhouse. Once the test is done you will be awarded another trophy.

Successfully cast the Summoning Charm!

Alright, next chapter!
After the introduction page ther is a page that introduces you to the chapters first spell. The Summoning charm which allows you to "fetch" items. There is an author note and a theater story. The next page learns you how to do the spell. The incantation is Accio (Pronounced Axio). The gesture is an upwards pointing arch you draw from right to left. It's pretty easy. Now that you have learned the spell the trophy is yours.

Summon the wizard chess pieces in the Summoning Charm practice

Continuing from "Accio! ".
Turn the page to get probably the easiest of the practises. You actually just have to activate the spell, hover over the chess pieces, and then press and hold the T button. Do that twice more and boom trophy. You can't actually steer the chess pieces so don't worry about them hutting the borders of the chairs or tables. Upon completing the mini-game you get the trophy and an extra author note.

Successfully cast the Severing Charm

Continuing from "Checkmate ".
Next page will teach you about Diffindo the severing charm. There is an author text and a theater story here. Two theater stories in a row can get quite boring, but remember that you are allowed to skip them since they are not a part of the trophy requirements. The next page contains the spell requirements (as soon as you brush off those leaves). The incantation is Diffindo as mentioned before. The gesture is exactly like an "N" also drawn from left to right. Upon completing the spell you get the trophy. You now have to cut off some branches off a small tree. Flick your wand at the treebranches to cut 'em off.

Successfully cast the Impediment Jinx

Continuing from "Diffindo! ".
Next page shows you some background information of the Impediment Jinx which makes creatures freeze in place. There is just a single note, so move on. The next page teaches you to do the Jinx. This is the hardest to pronounce spell. Impendimenta, say it loud in stereo, dude. The gesture however is very easy. Just a simple horizontal line from right to left. When you've learned the spell you get the trophy.

Stop right there!
Stop the Gnome in the Impediment Jinx practice

Continuing from "Impendimenta! ".
Right after you've learned the spell a gnome appears. Activate the spell and flick the wand when the gnome is doing a silly pose. If he just rocks back and forth doing nothing, you wont progress if you freeze him. Freeze him in a silly pose three times to get this very easy torphy.

Hard knocks
Successfully cast the Hardening Charm

Continuing from "Stop right there! ".
The last charm in this chapter is the hardening charm. Turn to the next page to read about it. There is an author note and a student scribble, that uses the tickle charm on a pixie. As always, the next page will explain how to do the spell. The incantation is "Duro". Say it now. The gesture is a "D" starting from the bottom left corner, then going straight up and then do the arch back again. Once you get the gesture down, the trophy appears and a lot of paper planes comes flying in. Flick your wand at the planes to turn them to stone.

On Solid Ground
Foil the Nifflers in the Hardening Charm practice

Continuing from "Hard knocks ".
Going from the two easiest mini-games to probably the hardest in the game. A lot of Nifflers is going to dig in the ground of the gardens. This is kinda annoying, so it would be really neat if you would help us out here. Activate the spell and cast it on the Niffler while it's digging in the ground, so it would stop. What makes this difficult is there is around 5 Nifflers going at it at once keeping it hard to manage. I suggest getting the ones furthest away first. Give it your best shot, it's not like the house points matter for the trophies anyway.

By any means...
Pass Chapter 4 tests and prove you know the fourth set of wizard values

Continuing from "On Solid Ground ".
Are you ready for the chapter test? No? Well, too bad because we're doing it anyways. This time is a bit different though. There is no magical creature to defeat, but a magical creature to protect. You start out with branches in your way. Use Diffindo for this. This will reveal that your book has turned into a nest, that some pixies destroy. A nest for what? Well... you see that egg sinking in the mud over there, it's moth- oh no, the egg is sinking in the mud! Use the hardening charm to harden the mud. Now use Diffindo to sever the branches above, and then use Accio to get all of the branches for the nest. Though keep an eye on the egg, the mud is not hard all the time... it eventually becomes soft and the egg will start to sink again, so remember to use the hardening charm every once in a while. After all of the branches has been collected use Accio on the egg. Here it comes, heeeere it cooom- oh shoot. The pixies is at it again. They drop the egg in the mud again. Use Duro yet again to harden the mud, and then use Impendimenta to knock out all of the pixies. Now use Accio on the egg again to put it down safely inside the nest again. Fighting a dragon wouldn't have been the best idea to begin with.

Successfully cast the Disarming Charm

Are you ready for the final chapter?
After the usual introduction page, you will get an introduction to the disarming charm Expelliarmus. There is an author note, and a theater story. Go to the next page to learn how to cast it. The incantation is Expelliarmus. The gesture is simple. A straight horizontal line from left to right. When you've learned to do that you get the trophy. Try flicking your wand around to please the professor. There is a mini-game afterwards that forces you to use the spell on Nifflers so they drop a gold coin. There is like 50 of them, so it will take a bit of time.

The trophies are a bit out of order for the next few trophies. Be aware.

Successfully cast the Reductor Curse

Continuing from "Duellist ".
On the next page there is a small backstory behind the next spell. It's the Reductor Curse which vaporises items. There is an author note and a student scribble that gives you a hideous swelled up face. The next page learns you the spell. The incantation is "Reducto", say it loud and clear. The gesture is basically this shape: ">". Like an arrow pointing to the right. You should get the trophy by now. You get a mini practise where you're going to destroy a lot of boulders. A LOT of boulders. Just flick your wand.

Successfully cast the Stunning Spell

Continuing from "Reducto! ".
Turn to the next page to get to the next spell. There is just an author note. Nothing special. On the next page is the spell itself. It's a stunning spell... that... well... stun things. The incantation is "Stupefy". Say it now. The gesture is a simple straight vertical line from top to bottom. Trophy will be unlocked then the gesture is learned (as always). You now have to use the spell against some pixies. When they stop up, blast 'em with the spell.

Defeat the wizards using the duelling spells in the practices for Shield Charm and Disarming Charm

Continuing from "Expelliarmus! ".
Remember the shield charm practise? Yeah, if you haven't done that, do it now (see "Protego! "). There is another very similar practise on the next page. A lot of wizards approaches you and instead of casting a shield in front of them, you shoot them with expelliarmus. There are 3 waves of wizards each wave being around 10-15 wizards. Just flick your wand in the wizards direction and the spell will automatically hit the wizard. Be aware that some wizards just wants to distract while some wizards wands glow. Hit those first. When the mini-game is over the trophy is awarded.

Expecto Patronum!
Successfully cast the Patronus Charm

Continuing from "Stupefy! ".
The last spell, huh? On the next page is there some backstory for the last spell. It's Expecto Patronum; the patronous charm. There is author note and a theater story. When you're done let's learn the spell on the next page. Incantation is, as said, "Expecto Patronum". Say something loud... for the last time. The gesture is different than all of the last gestures. Press and hold the Move button down and then do a circle, but instead of letting go keep spinning the wand around in circles until the spell automatically activates. You get the the trophy afterwards and also receives an extra note.

True Patronus
Make your Patronus appear in the safety of the classroom

Continuing from "Expecto Patronum! ".
Okay, this is an easy mini-game. You basically have to trigger the spell three times... that's it! No flicking at anything, no precise aim, no bloody pixies anywhere. Just do the motion three times and keep the circular motion as long as possible three times. You get the trophy afterwards.

Pure nerve
Pass Chapter 5 test and prove you know the final set of wizard values

Continuing from "True Patronus ".
The final test... this is it. The final stretch. What is the final test? DEMENTORS!!!
You start out with a werewolf attack. Wait weren't we fighting dementors? Later? Okay, use Stupefy on the werewolves. They keep coming so keep it up. After the werewolves, there are... more werewolves. They hide behind objects, those sneaky bastards. Use Reducto on the objects to destroy it, so the werewolves flee. Are the dementors coming now? No, first another plant attack! It grabs you and lifts you up in the air. It also lifts other wizards. Use expelliarmus to make the plant release your fellow wizards. Now... Bring on the dementors. The dementors near you and the plant retreats. This is it. You know what to do. Cast that Expecto Patronum. Your patronous animal will hunt the dementors like a... fox... yeah.. This ends the final test and gives you this trophy and the plat. Congratulations young wizard. You passed the test. Even though the platinum is yours now, check out the conundrum chapter for a nice outro. And that's the end of the book, the game, the journey.


Chapter 1

Spell: Wingardium Leviosa
What it does:
It can levitate objects and even small creatures.
Useful for:
Dueling, housecleaning and lifting heavy objects.

Spell: Aguamenti
What it does:
Spews out water from the tip of the wand.
Useful for:
Dinner, hardcore survival and extinguishing fire.

Spell: Alohomora
What it does: Unlocks lockes. Very basic spell and easy to make anti-alohomora locks.
Useful for: Thieving and getting in your house when you've forgotten your keys.

Spell: Lumos
What it does: Makes the tip of your wand glow.
Useful for: Going through dark caves, looking for something in a dark room, ambiance for a slow song in a concert.

Chapter 2

Spell: Incendio
What it does: Shoots fire.
Useful for: Dueling and heating up things.

Spell: Avis
What it does: Makes birds appear.
Useful for: ...uhm... Novelty muggle magic tricks?

Spell: Aparecium
What it does: Makes hidden text appears.
Useful for: Communicating silently... could be a spy letter or a love letter.

Spell: Engorgio
What it does: Enlargens objects.
Useful for: Farming/crop growing.

Spell: Reducio
What it does: Reduces the size of objects.
Useful for: Making dangerous animals smaller and hiding things.

Chapter 3

Spell: Defodio
What it does: Digs up objects.
Useful for: Harvesting and collecting booty.

Spell: Reparo
What it does: It repairs broken objects.
Useful for: To repair object... NOT PEOPLE!

Spell: Scourgify
What it does: It cleans up spill and mess
Useful for: Housecleaning mostly.

Spell: Protego
What it does: It creates a temporal shield.
Useful for: Dueling and protecting yourself against traps.

Chapter 4

Spell: Accio
What it does: Makes items come to you.
Useful for: Getting an object out of your reach and being lazy.

Spell: Diffindo
What it does: It cuts things in half.
Useful for: Gardening, sewing and carving.

Spell: Impendimenta
What it does: It freezes smaller creatures in place.
Useful for: Fighting against small critters.

Spell: Duro
What it does: It solifies and hardens objects.
Useful for: Protection of personal items.

Chapter 5

Spell: Expelliarmus
What it does: It flicks the wand out of another wizards hand.
Useful for: Dueling.

Spell: Reducto
What it does: It smashes things to bitsy pieces.
Useful for: ...well... smashing stuff.

Spell: Stupefy
What it does: It stuns humans as well as large creatures.
Useful for: Dueling and fighting beasts.

Spell: Expecto Patronum
What it does: Projects your happiest memory until a creature made by light, sugar and rainbows.
Useful for: Fighting Dementors.

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