1 - 2 with local co-op.
Online Trophies: None.
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No cheats known as of yet.
Estimated Time to 100%: 3 - 6 Hours.
Minimum Playthroughs: One and then using chapter select for cleanup.
Collectible Trophies: Collector
Missable Trophies: None, all of the levels can be replayed.
Glitched Trophies: None.


World Gone Sour is a 2D side scrolling adventure game, and latest from Playbrains, developers of Sideway: New York which is narrated by Creed Bratton from NBC’s “The Office”. It tells the story of how two different pieces of Sour Patch Kid candy got separated and follows you, a green Sour Patch Kid on your journey to reunite with the lost red Sour Patch Kid.

Each Sour Patch Kid is born with the ultimate goal of ending up inside someones stomach. However, before being shipped out from the factory, the red Sour Patch Kid falls off of the delivery truck and gets lost. Due to this, he turns evil and its your job to find him and put an end to his reign.

Finally, be sure to check out the cross promotional World Gone Sour video by Wu-Tang’s own Method Man in the spoiler below:

Toggle Spoiler

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Trophies are listed in XMB order.
  • Click on the trophy name in the roadmap to jump to that specific section.
  • Tap the button to get unstuck from gum.
  • Press the button to Jump and press it again to perform a double jump while in the air.
  • Press the button to roll a Sour Patch Kid. If you are bigger, hold to perform a charged roll attack.
  • Hold the button to grapple on the hooks and slide down the straws in certain levels.
  • Press and hold to grow bigger if you have enough Sour Patch Kid followers to do so.
  • Press and hold to shrink down to a smaller size if you have previously grown using
  • Throw a Sour Patch Kid by aiming with the right analog stick and pressing the button.
  • Press down on the left analog stick while in the air to perform a ground pound move.
  • Press the button to bring up a screen showing you how many secrets, followers, and sacrifices you've found or discovered.
  • You can absorb your Sour Patch Kid followers two times to grow bigger.
  • When you have many followers, try to absorb them and grow bigger whenever possible. Doing so will allow you to get hit more than once. If you get hit while going around in your smallest form, you will automatically die and lose a life. However, if you get hit while being in a bigger form, you will shrink back down one size and not lose a life.


Step - 1: Main Playthrough (Start a new game)
  • Work through the various levels and bosses.
  • Look for and find all of the secrets in every level.
  • Try not to die in one of the non-boss levels.
  • Perform the eight different sacrifices in at least one of the levels.
  • Earn a score greater than 50,000 in single level.
  • Earn a campagin score greater than 300,000.

Doing so will net you the following trophies: Into the Light, If the Show Fits..., Crybaby, Eviction Notice, Destiny, Collector, Candy Skillz, It's a Sour life, Sugar Addict, and I'm Alive!.

Step - 2: Cleanup and Co-op (Using level select)
  • Using a second controller press the button and join one of the levels near the very end.
  • Sacrifice 1,000 Sour Patch Kid followers by rolling or throwing them to their death.
  • Go for any other trophy you may have missed earlier.

Doing so will net you the Grim Reaper and BFF trophies.


Into the Light
Escape the garbage can

This trophy is story related and cannot be missed.

This will be the very first trophy you unlock. During the first level of the game, you'll eventually make your way down towards a switch on the wall. Just throw a Sour Patch Kid at it and you'll unlock the party popper cannon. Jump into it and you'll be blasted outside of the garbage can giving you the trophy.

If the Shoe Fits...
Beat Semi-Squished

This trophy is story related and cannot be missed.

You'll earn this trophy after defeating the first boss in the game, "Semi-Squished", a blue Sour Patch Kid who fell down into an old sneaker after being dropped in the cinema. He is found after the third level of the cinema and in order to beat him, you'll need to hit him three separate times when he pops out from the sneaker.

His starts off by climbing the wall and then ceiling and will pace back and forth. After doing so, he'll drop down three separate gum enemies which easily can be killed by jumping on them. A little while after that, he'll fall back down to the ground and will attempt to charge over you. After this, he'll spit out three pieces of gum which will cause you to get stuck unless you free yourself by pressing the button. Shortly after this, he'll finally stick his head out which will be your opportunity to hit him by trowing some of your Sour Patch Kids at him by aiming with the right analog stick and pressing .

Simply follow this pattern two more times until he is defeated and the trophy is yours. However, it should be noted that after each successful hit, the gum enemies he drops will become tougher. After the first hit he'll start to drop gum enemies with bottle caps for helmets that can still be killed in one hit by doing a ground pound by pressing down on the left analog stick while over them provided you used some of your Sour Patch Kids to grow bigger. Finally, after the second successful hit, the gum enemies he drops will be wearing spike helmets. To defeat them, first make sure you use your Sour Patch Kids to grow bigger by pressing the button and then use a charged up roll attack by pressing the button to hit them and knock off their spiked helmet. By doing so, you'll then be able to jump on their heads to kill them or simply hit them with another roll attack from one of your Sour Patch Kids.

Beat Dolly-Doll

This trophy is story related and cannot be missed.

Dolly-Doll is the second boss you'll fight in the game when you get to level eight. A Yellow Sour Patch Kid wasn't lucky enough to make it into the stomach of the little girl who was throwing a tea party or to her dog, but was instead fed to her doll. Because of this, he went mad and took control of the doll.

She starts off the battle by throwing out little purple bouncing balls at you which you can avoid by either wall jumping off of the dresser and over them, or running underneath them. After this, the bottom drawer on both dressers will slide out and the doll will charge at you. When she does, jump onto one of the drawers and then jump over her which will result in her being stunned when she collides with the drawer.

After this, you'll be prompted to grab the pull string sticking out of her back by pressing the button and then pull on it by pressing the button. Doing so will cause her to cry. After she stops crying, she'll throw several more of the little purple balls at you and then start to charge at you again. Once she does, jump onto one of the drawers again and jump over her and grab her pull string when she is stunned. She will start to cry after this again and will lose her first piece of health.

When she stops crying, she will jump to the back of the room to the toy box and will start throwing out toys above your head. Simply watch for them as they approach you and move out of their way to avoid being hit. When she stops, she'll jump back to where you are and attempt to charge at you again. Just repeat the same process as before until you make her cry once again. After this, she'll go back to the toy box and perform the same attacks again. Simply repeat the process you've been doing so far until she loses her second piece of health.

After this, she'll start to perform her final attack which is trying to squash you by jumping on you. Just run underneath her until she stops jumping and tries to charge over you again. Then simply avoid her and pull on her string two more times when shes stunned to defeat her and unlock the trophy.

Eviction Notice
Beat Pump-Kind

This trophy is story related and cannot be missed.

Pump-Kind is the third boss you fight in the game and is located in level twelve. One Halloween night, a blue Sour Patch Kid who had fallen inside a pumpkin watched as all his fellow Sour Patch Kid friends were eaten by kids while they were out trick or treating. Because of this, he too went mad and met some fireflies and magically joined with the pumpkin.

Pump-Kind starts off the battle by hovering around and firing out several sets of three pumpkin seed fireballs at a time. You can avoid them by running in between each wave if you time it correctly. After doing this twice, he'll then start to randomly perform ground pounds which results in him firing off a magic missile type attack along the bottom of the floor. Continue to run underneath him and avoid being squashed when he performs the ground pound attack and then jump over the magic missile. After he does this twice, he'll then open his mouth and you'll be prompted to hit him. To do so, throw one of your Sour Patch Kid followers into his mouth three times and he'll lose a piece of health.

After losing his first piece of health, he'll then start to float around and will throw up directly in front of himself. You can easily avoid this by running to the left or right. After he dos this a few times, he'll resort back to performing the ground pounds and shooting out the magic missile. After awhile, he'll once again open his mouth and you'll be prompted to hit him by throwing in another Sour Patch Kid follower. However this time, after each successful hit, he'll float from one side of the screen to the other and will dip down in the middle and hit you if you're int he way. Avoid him after each successful hit and once you hit him three times again, he'll lose his second piece of health.

Finally, after losing his second piece of health, he'll then stay on the ground and charge towards you while spinning. Simply double jump or perform a wall jump over him to avoid this. After that, he'll then start floating again and will follow after you randomly performing ground pound attacks. Like before, avoid him by running to either the left or right of him and then jump over the magic missile attack until you're once again prompted to hit him. Successfully hit him three more times and you will defeat him and unlock the trophy.

Beat the Game

This trophy is story related and cannot be missed.

This is the fourth and final boss of the game which is located in level thirteen. You've already encountered him several times throughout the campaign and were even warned about him by the narrator when you started the game. When you were leaving the factory, this red Sour Patch Kid was quite unlucky and fell from the delivery truck and never got a chance to fulfill his dream of ending up in someones stomach.

In this final showdown, he is using a tank made from various candy boxes, straws, Popsicle sticks and other random items. He starts off by trying to run you over which can easily be avoided by jumping over him. After making two passes, he'll then go to the back of the screen and will fire off a volley of missiles at you. Look for their shadow on the ground and get in between them to avoid being hit. After this, he'll then drive to either the right or left side of the screen. Whichever side he drives to, hit that corresponding button on the wall which will result in launching him to the front of the level again, which stuns him. He will then pop his head out of the tank, prompting you to strike him by jumping on top of the tank and will cause him to lose his first piece of health.

After this, he'll then return to the back of the screen and will fire a missile that knocks out a piece of the floor and opens up a spike pit. He'll then return to the front and try to run you over two more times before returning to the back and firing another two volleys of missiles at you. Again, look for their shadow on the ground to avoid them. After this, wait and see what side of the screen he goes to and hit the corresponding switch once more to launch him to the front and stun hm. Giving you another chance to jump on top of the tank and take away his second piece of health.

Finally, once he is down to his last piece of health, he'll return to the back of the screen again and will launch two more missiles taking out two more pieces of the floor resulting in additional spike pits. After this, he'll then return to try and run you down two more times before returning to the back of the screen again. When he does, he'll finally launch a few more volleys of missiles before going in either direction. When he does, hit the corresponding switch one more time to launch him to the front again and jump on top of the tank to defeat him and unlock the trophy.

Grim Reaper
Sacrifice 1000 followers

You should get this trophy towards the end of the game if you've been sacrificing a lot of your Sour Patch Kid followers. However, if you want to speed it up, simply sacrifice them over and over in one level until it unlocks. The easiest way to do this is to wait until the end of a level when you've found most, if not all 25 of the followers and then sit by one of the levels hazards. Then continually throw or roll them to their deaths and repeat once they respawn.

Collect all the Secrets in the game

In World Gone Sour, there are a total of 45 secrets. Each area contains three separate levels, and each level will have five hidden secrets. In the spoiler, I'll break down each specific level and the location of all 45 secrets.

Cinema (levels 1, 2, 3)

Toggle Spoiler

Girl's Room (levels 5, 6, 7)

Toggle Spoiler

The Shed (levels 9, 10, 11)

Toggle Spoiler

Complete a level in co-op

For this trophy, you'll need two controllers. However, the good news is that you won't need the second payer to join the level until the very end so getting the trophy is very easy. Just play through any level right until you get to the end. Then hit the button on the second controller and end the level earning you a nice new bronze trophy.

Candy Skillz
Complete a non-boss level without dying

Like the trophy description says, all you have to do is complete a level without dying. However, you can still sacrifice your Sour Patch Kid followers and unlock the trophy. You just have to make sure you don't die yourself. I suggest going for this trophy on the very first level of the game as there are very few enemies which means you should have little trouble getting it.

Its worth mentioning though, that after you escape from the garbage can, there is a short scene where you're stuck in some gum and are prompted to push the button to free yourself before being attacked by an enemy. This is unavoidable and always results in getting killed. Don't worry though, this will not affect the trophy as long as you continue to finish the rest of the level without dying, the trophy will unlock.

Here is a tip from animuson when going for the trophy:

Quote Originally Posted by animuson View Post
When going for the Candy Skillz trophy, you should try and kill the enemies by throwing your Sour Patch Followers at it from afar (R2) rather than trying to jump on top of them. You have no idea how many times I had to restart the level because I would land either directly in front of or behind the enemy and instantly die. Then I remembered you can throw your followers and it was a breeze.

It's a Sour life
See 8 different Sour Sacrifices in a single level

The eight different Sour Sacrifices are:
  • Sliced
  • Drowned
  • Exploded
  • Burnt
  • Flung
  • Melted
  • Skewered
  • Squashed

I won't describe how to achieve every sacrifice for all of the levels as they are easy to find. However, I will explain the locations of where you can perform all eight sacrifices in the first level giving you the trophy in the spoiler below:

Toggle Spoiler

Sugar Addict
Earn a Campaign Score greater than 300,000

Just like the I'm Alive trophy, you should have no trouble reaching the 300,000 points required. In fact, if you're thorough enough while exploring each level, you'll earn this trophy after finishing the second level. However, if you don't, you'll get in eventually so don't worry.

I'm Alive!
Earn a score greater than 50,000 in a single level

This trophy should come easily on the first level. Finding all five (5) secrets, all twenty five (25) followers, and performing all eight (8) sacrifices will earn you 25000, 25000, and 40000 points respectively. This alone will give you more than enough points (90,000) to unlock the trophy. However, provided you don't accomplish either of these tasks, there will still be enough points throughout the level to easily reach the 50,000 mark along the way so don't worry if you haven't found everything in the level.

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