x32 , x13 , x2 , x1

Players: 1 player
Online Play: 8 players
Online Trophies: 7 , 5 , 1
Cheat Codes: None
Cheats Affect Trophies: None
Trophy Difficulty: 3/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Suggested Playthroughs: 1
Time to Platinum/100%: 25 - 30 hours


1- Win over 15 events at 1st place by winning in Volusia Track x4 , The Dirt track x4 , Skagit x3 & Silver Dollar x4 those are the easiest tracks then try to win all challenges in any of them to get Local Star & Win 6 events in a row to get Half Dozen, to win with 155 PTS you need to come first in Time Trial , Heat 1 , Dash & A Feature .

2- Destroy your vehicle ( Disqualified ) in all other tracks that I didn't mention here in their A Feature that means you need to win Time Trial , Heat 1 & Dash then in A Feature once you start the race U-Turn and go the wrong way until you hit an opponent hard and destroy your car , that will give you 107 PTS which you need to do in 25 events ( If you get less then redo the event and try again anytime ) .

3- You can Tune your car at what preferences you like , just start any event and when in the Race Day Menu press to enter the TUNE CAR option , I always put the Gear Ratio at Max and I had no problems .

4- Win all Challenges to get all car upgrades , if you're having trouble winning on any challenge try again later when you get some good upgrades from other challenges you can win , win at least 75% of head 2 head races cause they may unlock new challenges .

5- While Doing the steps I mentioned try to use 40 Tear offs total in any track it will count all the events you used tear offs in in that track , try to pick a sponsor from the garage by pressing while in the career map to bring up the car options then keep winning the 15 events I mentioned and you will unlock Cashing In.

Once you complete all the instructions I made you will get Veteran , Big Earner , Fully Tricked and all other complete all track events trophies .


Go to arcade in the main menu and select Race Day with rookie opponents and Arcade damage or simulation then start the race day , skip Time Trial and start Heat 4 then lose it after that start B-Main and win 4th then start A-Feature and win it without using Tear Off but try to damage your car until you get 2 parts of your vehicle at dark yellow near red then win the race 1st to get Hard Charger , Handle with care , Running Blind & Skin of your teeth

If you're having trouble with Skin of your teeth trophy redo the event and try to at least complete the event not winning it with 2 very dark yellowed parts on your car.

All trophies can be earned in career exept for Handle with care which is arcade only .


For this mode you will need 1 booster or it will be so hard to get all of the trophies , Create a private match and invite your friend then :

1- Select bomb tag then put the track to be storage with 30 seconds to finish then start the game , crash into your booster then tap into him to crash to him rapidly and exchange the bombs fast to get See Ya! then win without getting the bomb to get Home Run! after that win this mode 10 times to get Discombombulated & Mud Eater .

2- Select Tags in any track then crash into your opponent rapidly until you get the star from him 30 times to get Tag Sale .

3- Select Hot Spot Delivery and put it to 10 delivers then deliver 10 hot spots to get On Fire! .

4- Select Hot Spot then collect 5 hot spots in a row to get The need for speed & Red Hot .

5- Select the track storage in any mode except race then try to hit the big ramp on the back of the stage with big speed to get AirTime after that you will find 2 small ramps , try to time your jump with your booster to hit each other in the air to get Fender Bender .

When you create a match you will get Come on in and when you join someone else's match you will get Just Visiting.


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