Players: 4
Online Play: Yes
Online Trophies: All except for Going Solo can be obtained online
Cheat Codes: N/A
Cheats Affect Trophies: N/A
Trophy Difficulty: 5/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 1(single player)
Suggested Playthroughs: 1
Time to Platinum/100%: 10-15 hours (depending on how good you are and how lucky you get)
Most Difficult Trophies: Going Solo and Mine All Mine!
Glitched Trophies: Mine Gott! and Mine All Mine!

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • If you are serious about platting this game, then you may want to do some boosting. The trophies in this game are fairly simple to get if you boost them, but are a LOT harder if you don't. But, if you are a Worms veteran, then getting this platinum without boosting shouldn't be too hard of a task.
  • Some of these trophies can be obtained in Single Player, so I recommend playing through Single Player first and then going through the multiplayer trophies, but it's up to you.
  • All of the online trophies are boostable, but some of them require you to be in a Ranked match. In order to boost in a ranked match, you and a friend should each enter a custom game at around the same time and then keep trying until you both appear in the same match. If someone else joins your game then try again.
  • Many trophies can be quickly obtained in the Firing Range, which is found in the Training menu(where the Tutorials are). The Firing Range gives you unlimited ammo for every weapon in the game and allows you to drop in others worms that you can beat up .
  • A lot of the Ranked Match trophies can and should be done in a game mode called Crazy Crates, in Crazy Crates around 5 crates drop after every turn and they sometimes contain artillery that you'll need for some of the trophies.

    Boosting Thread:

Fire Starter and Oldest Swinger in Town can not be obtained in the way described, unless the game remains unpatched. Patch 1.01 stops these methods from working.



Worms Elite
Easy, just unlock all the other trophies!

Just like any other platinum trophy, you have to get all the other trophies.

Any way up
Cause 69 damage to an enemy Worm.

When they say cause 69 damage, they literally mean cause exactly 69 damage. This trophy is basically luck, but you will most likely get it completely random while trying to get the other trophies. I would just let this trophy come naturally and not even worry about getting it.

Six Pest
Kill 6 enemy worms in a single turn.

This can be done in a variety of ways. It's simple enough, just kill 6 enemy worms in one turn. This doesn't have to be any specific type of game, it can be single or multiplayer and it doesn't have to be ranked[/CENTER]

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Prod for Victory
Win a game by using the Prod.

This is pretty easy. It can be any type of game and you have to win by just using the Prod to kill the last enemy. Just get the opponent to stand at the edge of a cliff, or just by the water, and Prod him into the water. Simple as that.

I'll Try Anything Once
Use every weapon and utility in the game once.

This is a great trophy to earn early because it helps you learn what each weapon does. Start a game in the Firing Range and just test out all the weapons to earn this easy trophy.

Drop Your Load
Kill a worm in a Ranked Match by dropping a weapon from the Jet-Pack or Ninja Rope.

A very easy trophy. This is actually a very useful move once you get the hang of doing it. I recommend equipping a jetpack and fly by pressing and drop a stick of dynamite on an enemy worm by pressing while flying over an him. They won't always die, though, so it may take a couple of tries.

Happy Shopper
Collect more than 10 Weapon Crates in a single Ranked Match.

If you haven't read my tip above for boosting ranked matches, I suggest you do. There is a fun little match called Crazy Crates. In this match, around 5 crates drop after every turn, so this trophy becomes very easy. You can either join a random Ranked Match or boost this with a friend where you both just get as many crates as you can. You should also try to get Six Dollar Worm while getting this.

Six Dollar Worm
We can rebuild him! Collect 6 Health Crates with one worm during a Ranked Match.

This is just like Happy Shopper, except that you should go for health crates instead of ammo crates. I recommend going into a ranked Crazy Crates(preferably with a friend) game and having one worm on your team who picks up all the health crates and have all the rest of the worms collecting the weapons crates, so that you can get two trophies in one game!

Martyn's Missus
Spend more than 2000 cash unlocking items in the shop.

This basically means to buy everything that's in the store. 2000 cash is what you'll receive after completing the Campaign(so basically the cash you get after every mission equals up to 2000). So, once you beat the Campaign, just buy everything!

Teacher's Pet
Complete all tutorials.

This should be the second trophy that you obtain. When you start up the game, it will ask you to make a team. After you make a team, it will ask if you want to do the tutorial. Say yes and do 3 very easy tutorial levels and there's your trophy. If you ended up not doing the tutorial at the start, then you can access it at the Single Player menu and it's under Training.

Name and Fame
Name a team and choose hats, speech-banks, gravestones and victory dances for them.

This should be the first trophy that you get. When you start up the game, it will ask you to make a team. Make a cool team(must change what is specified in the description) and there's your trophy. If you ended up not making your team at the start, then you can always make one by going to Help and Options and then to Customize.

Mine Gott!
Detonate at least 3 Mines during one turn in a Ranked Match.

*Gliitched*: The trophy says three mines, but it's actually 4. Just start a ranked match with a friend, if you can, and go into the area with the most mines. Go over there(without detonating any mines!) and have you and your friend plant some mines until you get at least 4 in one area. Then set off a mine and have them all blow up in one turn. NOTE: I recommend playing on Crazy Crates, so that you can get some mines from the crates. You should also try to go for Mine All Mine! while going for this.

Get Your Lob On
Win a Playstation Network game using just the Grenade.

The trophy description is misleading. I tried getting this in custom match, but it wouldn't pop. So this is another one that you should get in a ranked match. You can either join an actual ranked game or you can get into one with a friend and all you have to do is win by using only grenades.

NOTE: You may be able to get this by using transport equipment(jetpack, ninja rope etc.), but it's not confirmed.

In Your Own Time
Win a Ranked Match by being the last surviving worm not killed by the rising water in Sudden Death.

This is best done boosting in a ranked match with a friend because it's pretty hard to make a match last long enough to even go into Sudden Death in an actual ranked match. You and your friend can just mess around, but make sure that the match doesn't end. When Sudden Death starts(it'll take a few minutes), the water will start to rise, so just make sure that you are at a higher altitude than your friend and he will end up getting killed by the water.

Cheeky Flocker
Deploy 25 Sheep in any ranked games.

Very easy. Just whenever you are playing a ranked match, make sure you use your sheep and you'll get this in no time . Crazy Crates is a great place to get this fast(as long as you get a few crates with sheep in them).

Oldest Swinger in Town
Use the ninja rope 1000 times.[

This number scared me when I first saw it, but it isn't too bad if you use the right methods. Ninja rope is a great weapon to help you get out of bad situations fast. If you don't have a jetpack, use a ninja rope. Ninja ropes are a bit hard to control. Just make sure to reel yourself into it and rope as far away from water as you can, because it will usually end up with you falling in it. Use the ninja rope smartly and often and you'll get this...but there are some other methods that you can use:

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Wind Assisted
Win a Ranked Match using only the Bazookas.

See Get Your Lob On above for the method on how to do this. It's the same method as that one, but with using bazookas instead of grenades.

NOTE: You may be able to get this by using transport equipment(jetpack, ninja rope etc.), but it's not confirmed.

Fire Starter
Use the fire weapons 200 times.

This trophy also seemed very scary to me. There are a few different fire weapons that you can use in Worms 2 and you can usually tell that they are fire weapons because they release a bunch of fire that enemies can step on and get burned(I'm not sure if barrels count). Fire weapons can come in handy a lot, so it's good to use them as often as you can...

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Dead-Eye Dick
Inflict maximum damage on an enemy worm with a weapon during a Ranked Match.

Maximum damage means the maximum amount of damage a weapon can do. So how do you get maximum damage? Well, you got to hit the enemy dead on with the weapon of choice and you usually inflict its maximum damage. This has to be a Ranked Match.

Mine's a Drink
Knock an enemy worm into the water using only a Mine in a Ranked Match.

An easy trophy, but I still recommend boosting it. If you're boosting, then have your friend standing at the edge by the water and use a jetpack to fly over him and drop a mine. If you don't know how to do this: equip mines, then equip jetpack. Fly the jetpack with and you should see a picture of a mine by you, so just fly over the enemy worm and press to drop the mine.

Going Solo
Complete the Single Player Campaign.

Definitely the hardest trophy in the game. There are some very frustrating levels that require either skill or luck or both. The first 20 missions are pretty easy, but do require some logical thinking. If you have trouble on any of those, please let me know and I'll put it in the guide. The levels consist of Deathmatch where you fight another team whose A.I. gets progressively harder, but in the first few missions it's a complete joke. And then it consists of Puzzle, which just require logical thinking, but get very hard in later levels.
After around Level 20, the levels get really hard and the A.I. increases to almost impossibly accurate. There's no way to make a guide for Deathmatches because the A.I. is unpredictable, but just be smart with your tactics. Always use cover! It will sometimes save you from even the smartest opponents. Always think out your attacks and anticipate all the possible outcomes of your actions. Again, if you are stuck on any level let me know and I will try my best to help and possibly include it in the guide. NOTE: I am planning on maybe making a few videos for the more difficult levels, but for now I have a few youtube videos that helped me out, but they are for the 360 version so be warned that there are a few differences.
Also, for this trophy you need to beat 5 levels that are purchased from the store. These levels are HARD and require much luck and skill.
Here is the Single Player guide:

This is for all the Puzzle levels in the Campaign:

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This is for the 5 bonus levels:

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Mine All Mine!
Detonate at least 5 Mines during one turn in a Ranked Match.

*Glitched*: You also need one more mine than it says in this trophy, so make sure to detonate 6 instead of 5 See Mine Gott!. This trophy is very annoying and it will take a few tries, but just use the same method as the trophy mentioned and you should be able to get it.

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Collateral Damage
Inflict more than 150 damage on a single enemy worm by detonating at least one barrel.

This one is very weird, but I think I know the easiest way to do it. I tried many methods, but none of them would work. Then, I tried having an enemy player stand by a barrel while I unleashed the Armageddon and the trophy popped for me. If you have any other methods, please let me know. Also, I think that the enemy worm has to have 150 or more health for this to work. This does not have to be ranked. NOTE: You can also get this in Mission 30 if you hadn't gotten it up to that point.

Ranked Master
Achieve 17 wins in each of the following ranked game modes: Standard, Pro, Crazy Crates and Fort.

This is frustrating. There isn't any really fast way to do this and no way to check your stats, so I definitely recommend keeping track of all your ranked wins. I didn't at first and I regretted it.

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One Good Turn...
Inflict maximum damage on an enemy worm the turn after they've inflicted maximum damage on one of your worms during a Ranked Match.

As stated in Ded-Eye Dick, maximum damage is the maximum amount of damage that a weapon can inflict. You will most likely get this while trying to get the other trophies for Ranked Matches, so don't worry about it too much. If you want to actually try and get this, then just have a friend hit you dead on with a weapon and retaliate by doing the same(doesn't have to be the same weapon).

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Armageddon Good At This!
Win a Ranked Match by being the last worm standing after deploying Armageddon.

This one can be a bit frustrating if you keep using Armageddon and at least one person on the other team survives. Again, I recommend playing a ranked Crazy Crates match with a friend and continuously get the crates until you get Armageddon. Then take your team to places that look safe and deploy it and hopefully it kills all the enemy worms. I recommend having only one enemy worm standing once you deploy Armageddon, so you have a better chance.

Donkey Dodger
Survive the enemy deploying a Concrete Donkey in a Ranked Match and go on to win the round.

This is another trophy that you should boost, and it has to be a ranked match. Play Crazy Crates and have your opponent get all the crates until he gets a Concrete Donkey. Now the Concrete Donkey is definitely one of the most powerful weapons in the game, so make sure that your opponent unleashes it away from your team, then just go on to win the round. NOTE: You may have to have someone get hit by the donkey, so put one worm in the area that the donkey is falling.

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