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This is my first trophy guide, constructive criticism gladly accepted.

First just let me say, this is an extremely entertaining game. I probably would have overlooked it, but I played it a whole lot on the PC a few years back and just couldn’t pass this up. Definitely worth the $12 in my opinion.

Though there aren’t many silver or gold trophies, and the ones that are there are really hard to get, they are fun to shoot for.

[top]Tips & Strategies



Barrel Buster
Shoot 100 barrels.

Simple enough. As you’re playing, there are flammable ‘barrels’ (green with an orange flame painted on the front) scattered across each map. If you blow these up while near an opponent, it will do a good chunk of damage to that enemy. Destroy one hundred of these using any of your own weapons to unlock this trophy.

Body Count
Send a cumulative total of 100 worms to meet their maker and win this award!

This needs to be done in single player. Just defeat 100 enemy worms as you’re playing through the game. I started with the 20 single player challenges and got this trophy in the middle of challenge 19. You can also just choose the ‘Play Quick Game’ option under single player and play until you unlock this trophy. I recommend playing on the 'Beginning' difficulty, as the enemy worms are much less strategic, and therefore much easier to kill.

Bronze Damage
Deal 10,000 points cumulative damage to win this award!

As you’re playing you deal certain amounts of damage to each enemy worm that you attack. Each worm has 100 health by default (it can go higher through the gathering of health packs). You can’t really ‘try’ for this trophy, just keep going for other trophies and you will achieve it at some point. This trophy is accumulated through single and multiplayer modes. Damage to your own worms does not count. You need to finish a round in order to add the damage from that round to your total.

Complete all twenty single player challenges.

This one can be quite annoying in the later challenges. They get progressively harder as you go on (more enemy worms, smarter AI, enemy worms get more health).

I’d post guides to the beating of each level, but the enemy moves are extremely random. Because of that, your experience will differ from mine. They aren’t so hard to the point where I was ‘frustrated’, per se, just annoyed on certain later levels.

Get a Lob On
Win any PlayStation®Network game using just the Grenade.

This one can be very hard. There isn’t much to it, however. Just join an online multiplayer game, use nothing but the standard grenade and hope that the player you’re against sucks. Remember to press triangle to adjust the countdown time for the grenade’s explosion (5 seconds max). If you know someone with the game, you can create a game, have them join it, and then have them let you beat them with only grenades. It’s always an option, but not really the… ‘honorable’ way to do it.

Greedy Worm
Collect a cumulative total of 50 crates and this Trophy is yours!

As you are playing, weapon crates and toolboxes drop from the sky, carrying various weapons. Collect 50 of these throughout the game to unlock this trophy. They’re not hard to find, easy to grab, and this trophy should be a snap.

Happy Four Play
Play a four player PlayStation®Network game.

Join an online four player game and play through the whole thing. You need not win. Use these specs to find the right games with the most ease:

Match Type – Anyone
Game Style – Any
Team – (Doesn’t matter)
Number of Players – 4

Hot Foot
Detonate a cumulative total of 25 mines and you'll 'trigger' this award!

This just means that a total of 25 mines need to be detonated during your many turns. You can...
  • Drop mines on enemies
  • Push enemies into mines
  • Step on mines

Mines will not blow up if you shoot them.
This is cumulative through all modes, single/multiplayer.

Kill a cumulative total of 15 worms using just the sheep for this award...baaa-gain!

The sheep is a very good weapon to use, but you can generally only use one per game. Just press to release it, it’ll jump around for awhile, press again when it’s explosion will be beneficial to your team. Just defeat 15 total enemy worms using this weapon. Challenge 15 of the 20 single player challenges is an all-around good level for sheep kills.

Three Bagger
Kill three worms with just one shot to bag this award, (includes damage from oil drums and mines)!

There are a few certain weapons that dominate this trophy 75% of the time. Such as the famed banana bomb, the Monty Python holy hand grenade, and the sheep. The banana bomb is utterly destructive. You throw it, it blows up in a MASSIVE explosion that releases 6-7 smaller bananas which then explode on contact with anything, doing major damage. This weapon is better in open-roofed maps so the smaller bananas fall on the enemy, rather than blowing up on contact with the roof.

The holy hand grenade creates one huge explosion, doing loads of damage and creating a massive crater. Getting three kills with one grenade is best done without relying on damage, so much as blowing all the way through the floor so three enemy worms fall into it and drown.

I personally got this trophy using the sheep on challenge 15 out of 20. To the right of your starting location is a jack-o-lantern with five enemy worms in a line on top of/to the right of it. Backflip onto the pumpkin’s right eye (closest to you). Throw the sheep toward the line of enemy worms, and detonate it (using ) when it’s right in between enemies #2 and #3 in the line. This will work best if the sheep is on something, rather than in mid-jump when you detonate it. This will get you three kills every time, most likely four.

Complete all the tutorial challenges.

Go to single player in the main menu, then choose “Play a Training Mission”. There are only three, and the game babies you through them. Just follow the instructions they give you and you’ll have yourself another easy bronze.

Fast, Pink and Hard Award
Win a Ranked PlayStation®Network game in under 3 minutes.

This one is extremely hard, and there’s not much I can tell you to help you get it. Make sure it’s only a 2-player match, and try your hardest. Again, you can cheat (refer to trophy ‘Get a Lob On’). For my sake, try at least a few times to get this legitimately before boosting for it. Keep in mind, the game needs to be ranked, which is a seperate option when searching for a game. That messed me up multiple times until I found that out.

Silver Damage
Deal 25,000 points cumulative damage to win this award!

Refer to the trophy “Bronze Damage”. You may not have this much damage accumulated by the time you have every other trophy in this game, in which case you just need to keep playing your favorite mode until you’ve racked up enough damage.

Gold Damage
Deal 50,000 points cumulative damage to win this award!

Refer to the trophy “Bronze Damage”. You most likely will not have this much damage accumulated by the time you have every other trophy in this game, in which case you just need to keep playing your favorite mode until you’ve racked up enough damage. This one will take quite awhile, but the game’s fun enough to the point where you shouldn’t start getting annoyed until you’re quite close.

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